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I've been pondering wardrobes lately, and how many goddamn things I have in mine. I've been seriously thinking about tossing out my entire wardrobe and starting again from scratch. To that end, a few days ago, I ordered five white polo shirts, two cardigans, and three pairs of jeans, which should see me through winter if I round them out a little.

Today, I stumbled across this:

So I assembled a list. I'm going to come back to this a few times in the next week or so, because the polo shirts and jeans haven't actually been delivered yet. But I want to see if I can do this, when they do arrive.

So I'm going to leave this here and review it until things do arrive. Then I want to try running with this wardrobe for a few weeks.

Hopefully this will let me toss out the things I don't wear to death, thus saving myself a whole lot of washing and folding!

(I'm adding two formal dresses to this list, though, because formal dresses are hard to come by and I've currently got two completely gorgeous ones: a black cocktail dress, and a violet mermaid dress. And I refuse to get rid of either.)

Not Counted:
* black and nude underwear (10)
* 10 pairs of socks
* two white sports bras
* black sports bra
* decorative bra
* two workout pants
* two workout shirts
* workout bra?

33 Items:
1. Rinsewash jeans
2. Rinsewash jeans
3. Rinsewash jeans
4. Taupe shorts
5. Taupe shorts
6. White polo shirt
7. White polo shirt
8. White polo shirt
9. White polo shirt
10. White polo shirt
11. Purple and white stripe shirt
12. Navy and white stripe shirt
13. Apricot and white stripe shirt
14. Navy cardigan
15. Grey cardigan
16. Red leather jacket
17. Red wool dress
18. Black striped dress
19. Red scarf
20. Navy and white tasselled scarf
21. Black boots
22. Back flats
23. Teal flats
24. Green Planet shoes
25. Red and white heels
26. Silver ankh necklace
27. Black spanner earrings
28. Yellow wood earrings
29. Silver knot earrings
30. Blue bead earrings
31. Kalliphorne bracelet
32. Silver band ring
33. Silver watch

* violet mermaid dress
* purple faux pearl necklace
* purple faux pearl earrings
* Dream of the Garden bracelet
* Choirboy bracelet
* white pearl necklace
* white pearl earrings
* black cocktail dress
* black patent wedges
* green ankle boots
* dark stockings


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