Nov. 27th, 2010 10:40 am
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Wrist is seriously damaged. The joint of my right thumb is painful when I stretch the back of my wrist, which makes me think that's not the only cyst. Pain in the ass. >_< Oh well. We'll see how we go. Really can't afford to be without my right hand for four months or whatever the hell it'll take to heal, so.

Blueberry muffins in the oven! I should have added peach to them, it would have been awesome. At least now I can make savoury muffins if I want to. :) Zucchini, capsicum, paprika and cheese, anyone?
Totally missed the fact that it was home time at five-thirty. XD Whoops! But I finished another book today, and that is all that matters. Muwahahaha. Tomorrow, meetings, meetings, and more meetings! By which I mean two meetings, one very early in the morning. XD

Had a wonderful weekend, I have to say. Torchwood: Children of Earth was unsurprising but, well, Torchwood, which made me happy, and I got Daisy on MKWii for Wyrren, which made her happy. XD

My arms have been numb for most of today and most of Saturday night, which is just bizarre. Going to hope that posture and exercise improves it, since I'm not seeing the doctor again for another month.

And now, to implement my new writing schedule, because fuck my arms. ;)
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Word of the Day: Ow.

Hands. Ovaries. Gym with Rage. Listing components for epic doom projects. First two shitty; last two awesome. Watching SPN now because fuck off I cannot type any more.
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[personal profile] kuchibue, whatever that yoghurt thing is, it cannot compare to salt and pepper calamari, okay, JUST SAYING. *dies of culinary awesome and is revived in time for wontons*

Tonight, I am attempting to clean my room before kickoff, because tomorrow night I will be flailing at Transformers, and the following night is the night following an afternoon during which I will kill my hands to prove my MarioKart supremacy, and also the night before my bed is delivered. SCREAM. :D

I'm going to take a short lunch and try to get to work early tomorrow so I can get out of there fast and eat before I hit the movie. Remind me to wear sneakers in the morning, because there's no way I'm doing that dash in anything resembling heels.

Now to howl along to Patrick Wolf while I clean frantically and haul shit around with one arm.

(I could not actually curl my left hand around a Subway sandwich today. |D; This was embarrassing, but it was okay because I had walked in on the sandwich artists chowing down on cookies and they all fell over themselves laughing/trying to keep a straight face and a polite, attentive expression with bulging cheeks. Hilarity.)
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Bought a new memstick today, so FFVII is halfway downloaded, and my hands are killing me. At least it doesn't require much button mashing. I wonder if we can use the control stick instead of the d-pad...? sdjfds, so excited to have it. XD; (Crowley tells me I am at 53% with 1190/1326 MB downloaded. Crowley is really good at math.)

Today was pretty good, I gotta say. I'm already more than halfway through the work I'd assigned myself for tomorrow, so, uh, ahead of my behind-schedule schedule? Yes.

May just stone and watch Supernatural tonight. My mind is broken. XD;

My scar is healing up pretty well! Bruising is fading nicely, and the scab is starting to crisp up and fall off, so I just have a shiny line and a lump where the underlying stitches are. It's all still pretty swollen, though - my wrist has maybe an extra 20-25% of its usual girth, so hopefully that calms down pretty soon.
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Today I am wearing jeans.

You do not understand the triumph of this because you have never tried and failed to put jeans on with one hand, BUT KNOW THIS: I am wearing jeans because my left hand can now grip things for in excess of three seconds and exert a small amount of force if I tense all the muscles in my wrist and don't try to make my fingers do anything tricky. PANTS, I TELL YOU! I sympathise completely with the cast of Vagrant Story.

Also, Wyrren is coming today. :DDD We are watching stuff! And, er, probably going out for lunch, because let's face it, I have buggerall here, and even less that I can prepare myself. XD Despite pants, it is still really hard to cut Turkish bread.
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This was fun. And some of these are really nice.

This is a shitty thing for anyone, and you can help them here.

Had so many weird dreams lately. Two nights ago, I was with Felix and Mildmay on a dock, and Felix was watching them load cargo. Last night I dreamed I was a fox running from a bear and trying to squeeze myself under cars, which now that I think of it could also have been DoL-related, haha.

Both of my hands are about equally painful right now, by which I mean ow, so I'll stay off the computer after the doctor's I think. Wish me luck! I still don't know how I'm getting there and I have to leave in half an hour. XD
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You heard me! :D Frost on my window! How exciting!

This is more face-mashy than exciting, but y'know. Kind of nice that they want to burn the book for its derogatory content rather than its homosexual content, I guess.

This would be one reason to actually have a child of my own. Not that I am the best rhetorical role model, since I frequently resort to jgdhfshjg and YOUR FACE when I can no longer be bothered arguing properly, but whatever. XD

Less groggy today, but not much more sleep. Wondering whether to just take the bandages off and have done with it. Don't want to hurt myself with enthusiasm, though.

Actually have no real idea what to do today. :\ Don't want to read the last Imriel book. (That thing where I stop reading and forget I care? Yeah.) Did plan a Balfour/Adamo thing last night, but enh.
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Today's theme seems to be racism; I sort of woke up with it in my head, and have encountered it several times this morning in my travails of the intertubes. And what it is making me think is, I have so much work to do on AtM. AtM has so much work to do on itself. I mean, just about every race in my novel despises or discounts others entirely whether out of fear or the extremely simple belief that the other race is meant to be food. I need to do more about working that into the novel and working that into the structure of the world. I have all these places with people that interact with each other in certain ways, but don't really have a set way that these places interact with each other yet, and I should.

Or I could find out as I go along.

But I think five drafts into the novel is probably too late for that. XD

Less woozy this morning, but not much - using on-screen keyboard not helping much. Pretty sure it is having to watch the one-handed typing dance that is making me so dizzy here, so may go off and read awhile.
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Today I:
- watched Tin Man Pt II & III
- watched about ten minutes of the Care Bear movie before deciding that there was clearly not going to be any No-Heart and I didn't love Grumpy Bear that much
- watched Igor instead
- drew Hiru/Auberon
- drew Hiru/Sanga in retaliation against myself???
- drew Tol looking manly
- laughed a lot
- continued feeling woozy
- failed to draw Skeff's nose

I need to develop my style to include big flat snub noses, because Skeff's is weird and squarish despite his having southern fae blood or something, who knows, and cannot be properly drawn.

I am not woozy when I concentrate on drawing on paper, but that is about it so far. Sigh.
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Showering and breakfast are still too much to undertake in one trip away from the bed. I should start getting mum to get me breakfast before I start moving of a morning, perhaps. I'm just... quite bleary. I'm wondering if it's the pressure of the sling on the back of my neck, actually. ...nope. Anyway, I suppose I'm... back to bed to watch movies and stuff. Can you tell I am desperately bored yet? sdfghjkjhgf.
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I love Simon Pegg, especially in kilts at Star Trek premieres, and I love that this movie has Patrick Wolf playing in it and I really do not love that these meds make me funny enough in the head to have to post about this in a long broken sentence.

[EDIT] Okay, enough is enough - these painkillers do nothing but make me dizzy. >:\ Last dose was two hours or so ago; no pain relief, and my thumb is probably worse, actually. Grrgh. At least lying still and watching the movie made me feel slightly less drunk. (See, pain is fine, pain is excellent, it is just the persistent feeling that I am made of lukewarm water that is frustrating to me.)
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Well, have not yet taken my painkillers this morning, and am still in less pain than has occurred naturally over the last two years. SO AMUSED. See, guys, I really could have stabbed my hand with no ill-effects. XD; How embarrassing! I don't know why I shouldn't be able to go to work like this, mind you, but whatever. I will listen for this week, at least, and avoid public transport.

Will tell you all about it, darlings, when I am out of bed and have contrived to put a bra on. THIS COULD TAKE SOME TIME.

[EDIT] Do what you can, guys.


Jun. 11th, 2009 07:16 pm
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home hearty and mostly hale; just took painkiller and ate and now feel v sleepy, so as soon as i have hit the bathroom it is bedtime. <3 nighty-night, everyone. thanks for all the fretting on my behalf; unnecessary, i assure you.
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Today was long and vaguely painful. Felt for most of it as if I were getting nothing done, but I finished two .xml docs, which took me to about thirty pages for the day, so I had to be doing something right. The morning was a haze of exhaustion and neck pain; the afternoon was better, but I only really perked up at about 4pm, which figures.

Exciting times are happening in Kushiel's Scion. I am still seeing things coming a good distance away, and there are still occasional portions of blah, but I care about more people in this series, so it's okay. XD

The specialist's office apparently decided I had no private health cover, wtf, so have to call them tomorrow and sort out more shit. Sigh.

Eight days until I get to see Tina. Fifteen days until my hand is stabbittied. About twenty minutes until I go the fuck to bed, because god damn.

Ash is in my head, for some unknown reason, but he's just standing around without actually doing anything. This is cool. I like Ash. But I'm a little confused.

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So far today I have slept, and read. Apparently it was raining this morning. I had no idea because I was sleeping. But I was still awake when it started to rain this morning, so I feel that I have an excuse. James is still sleeping, anyway, and he went to bed long before I did.

Today I have to:
- read all my surgery info, and then
- call Medibank before 12pm,
- call the Ruddbucks hotline to work out what the shit is going on,
<-- Curses, I didn't pay tax last year... but I paid tax the year before, typically, and I'll pay this year. You would pick the year I cut my work hours to give free money to taxpayers, Rudd. Oh, well. I guess I got more than the Ruddbucks back, anyway, but... mrrrr.
- see if my anaesthetist is available on a Saturday, which she probably won't be,
- work out how to pay for all of this,
- clean my room,
- wash my sheets,
- dry my sheets,
- clean the bathroom,
- decide what to wear to the engagement party,
- pack bag for Rage's place,

- go to the bloody engagement party,
- go back to Rage's place,
- read more Kushiel's Scion, and
- write more AtM

I keep thinking I need to sit down and define Hiru's voice more, but Hiru's voice while he lolls in agony (and shortly horror) should probably not be counted as indicative. Also, shit can be added and rearranged and made more suspenseful later. I need someone sitting behind me and telling me this. Possibly by belting me with things every time I stop typing for too long. (Maybe I should get that Write or Die program after all...)

[EDIT] Basically I am fucked at both ends as far as paying for things goes. Thank all gods I've been saving.

Also, will not be allowed tea the morning of the surgery. Cue tears.


May. 17th, 2009 09:17 am
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Okay, today is an off-computer day; my forearms are killing me. This is more carpal tunnel than cyst-related, though, feels like. -_- Ggghhgghgh.

[EDIT] Oh, and [ profile] ignite, [ profile] howl_for_words: Ciorrnaich spent some time a few days back trying to touch his nose with his tongue. He's kind of disappointed in his tongue at this point.


May. 14th, 2009 06:52 am
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I am not allowed to have a bad wrist and stomach from the moment I wake up. Not at the same time. That's cheating. And cruel. And.

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The Scarlet Manuka approves. (Virtual cookies to whoever gets that.)

So it's me and the Chinese translator trying to bluff each other out of the signed hardcovers of Doctrine of Labyrinths, apparently. XD; I just felt my geek go up.

- breakfast
- shower
- clean bathroom

- dust shelves
- vacuum
- organise AT LEAST jewelry
- read more Virtu

- actually draw more Hiru before he starts sending you nightmares again
- write more plot snake
- possibly start catalogue of what clothing you need to buy, smartish
- actually think about the possibility of stopping trying to sleep past 5.30am and the possible benefits of, you know, just expecting to sleep less than the average bear
- contact WD re. warranty claim

Pretty chipper right at the minute, but my left hand is a little full of glass shards again, so boo.


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