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Oh, Watanuki, please stop, you are breaking my heart it will be okay / Oh god Maru Moro come here babies I will make it better / Doumeki-kun is looking so manly this chapter!

Yes, those are all of my thoughts.

Also, Hook? Is the best movie ever. And still makes me sob. AND THE CHILDREN WERE SCREAMINGGG. THE CHILDREN... WERE SCREAMMMINNNGFGHFJH.
ME: *chokes back tears*

Other memorable moments:

And now that I'm back... well, going to try to teach myself that coding trick before Monday! Because it's only language, dammit — how hard can it be?


Apr. 19th, 2009 10:09 am
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Watanuki makes me so happy when he smiles like that. :)

[EDIT] Bored out of my skull. Hands too sore to do anything really and don't feel like reading. BAH, I SAY.
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...also, Ulquiorra should probably stop being so awesome.
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I need to stop being angry at work for not paying me properly because I do not think an ulcer of rage is going to help things. It is difficult to stop being angry at this point, which possibly alerts you to my stress levels, as I usually get angry immediately and am over it fifteen seconds later.

On the bright side, I can go pick up Sarah Monette's The Bone Key from Pulp Fiction in my lunch break tomorrow. :DDDDDDD (I would not be picking it up if I had not ordered it specially and sworn to the nice man that I would pick it up come hell or high water because he was very dubious about ordering it in for me. XD Poor guy. I hope people don't abandon him with strange books often.)

Class today was fun - we talked and I drew and I did my presentation in a way not unlike vomiting, and then we all went up to the guild bar and played Upwords for upwards of two hours. XD It was good fun. I probably should have come home straight afterward, but fuck that. I like those people.

I just wish that socialising did not leave me so tired in my everywhere. |D; This is already the way to tremendous fail. I'm exhausted. I... I really can't do people. I really do need to hire someone to pretend to be me at conventions or I will probably pass out in the middle of proceedings.

Want to... do something. Tonight. Other than sleep. Not sure what, yet, but it'll come to me, and it is not video games, no matter what my headspace thinks. My left hand is still half-numb from the shot yesterday, so I don't think games would go down so well.

[EDIT] I forgot the HOLiC raw was out! jhdfajs! )
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Apparently Luke has booked himself into hospital and is making rather more serious funeral arrangements this time. He has also added "For Good" to his funeral playlist, which means that I, at very least, will be sobbing hopelessly into my hands. Which I would pretty much be doing anyway, because Luke is a jerk but he is a fun and loveable jerk, and I always enjoy spending time with him, even though we were always just working.

..... *has a cry*

Work today was pretty good. We had a metric fuck-tonne of stock, but we dealt with most of it. Apparently Azra is on long-service leave and no one else can pay me my god damn first week's wage, which is frustrating, but that's okay. [ profile] alleyne is gone to see Wicked again tonight. XD I wish I could afford to/take the time to go see it again.

Also, John is beginning to annoy me. "You didn't sell a Dyson today! What are you doing out there!? D:"
ME: Two guys are going to bring in their wives TOMORROW MORNING and I talked one guy up to an eight hundred dollar upright from a hundred dollar HANDHELD. :|
JOHN: Oh. ... :D Nevermind.
Yeah, buddy, that's what I thought. XD

Also I went to Suzanne Grae during my lunch hour and bought two cute little tops in different colours for summer. :D They are very nice, and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them. ^^ Good buys. Also, woo hoo, I still fit into mediums. Uber boobs are not so epically uber!

Bleach 330; HOLiC 167. )

I think I'm going to give writing a shot for the evening, possibly on paper. Since paper seems to make me slightly less concerned with... stuff. I don't know. Whenever I think about AtM I seem to think ohgodohgodohgod immediately afterward, so I'd say it's safe to assume I'm still entirely fucked.

Thankyou for all your comments today, guys. <3 <3 <3 I love you all dearly and despite the Luke thing and the persistent writer's block, I'm feeling much better now. *smooch* Have good weekends.
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very tired now so no self censoring and certainly no puctuatuin wahey but will read some petshop before bed because PETSHOP BITCHES I CAN HAS IT and also I want to cut out all the muscles along my spine and have thjem replaced with robitics just saying and i have work tomrorow as well but at least i will not have alan who uis a lazy fucker hdjf ahjs jshddhj i had a massage tiday and it did not help anything much really

aslo a lady called to complain about josh not because he is a sleaze but because he didn
t shave today.


[EDIT] Tsubasa 201 = oh my god ;______________________;

[EDIT] Also, re. Shin Petshop v6: Omg, Wu Fei + Riyokuen = OTPPPPPPpppjhgfsfghsfg and I love Femto more than any other cat srsltyjhdfsjahfjshd. <3
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HOLiC with spoilers to 164. )

I was given a survey to complete by students at QUT!GP. It's about body image perceptions. It asks questions such as my ideal height/weight for ongoing prospective partner.

I don't think I have ever been so fucking insulted in my life.
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Today went really quickly. I think there were a few dragging hours there in the middle, after my lunchbreak, but then I discovered that I also had a dinner break and I got back from that about an hour before close, so that was kind of fabulous. XD Didn't get to have lunch with Rage today because a) we were busy with stocktake and b) she was having her nails done, but I did get to talk to... uhhh... Some Guy, who is also studying language and hoping to teach English overseas, which was kind of lovely. He is lovely, anyway.

There is a new Bleach chapter and holy fucking shit Yumichika you are AWESOME. AWESOME. I AM JUST SAYING. ajksdhflasdkjfhasdkfjlhaskdjfh. ♥ ♥ ♥ I mean, I thought you were awesome before this. BUT, WOW. AWESOME. He's. He's just so. *_* GAH. ♥ Wow. (But, um. I thought Ikkaku knew his secret? Or have I not been paying enough attention to canon and reading too much fic?)

APPARENTLY THERE IS A NEW HOLIC CHAPTER WHAT HOW DID I MISS THIS WHY. HARUKA SPLASH PAAAAGE. HOLiC 163. ) I wish I had something to say about the new Tsubasa chapter, but I so rarely do any more. XD; I just don't care as much about that series when neither Kurogane nor Fai is in a chapter.

Anyway, I should probably start trying to wind completely down, since I have to leave for work at about eight, and therefore need to be up in a little over eight hours... which is totally not happening if I don't manage to get to sleep. I'm beginning to suspect that sleeping on a Friday night will actually be a bit of a lost cause, having been on the go all day - I should probably set myself up to stay awake all night and then just crash as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon.

That will probably kill me. Maybe I'll just stick with 'sleeping badly on a Friday night'.

[EDIT] *facemash* Oh my god, guys, seriously - you have a room, yes, but I need you to get an entirely separate APARTMENT. -_- DO NOT WANT.
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CREDIT CARD POWER IS GO! Also, I am buggered. |D; I had grand plans of assignment work tonight, but I think I'm crawling into bed in about an hour.

...and then I discovered that HOLiC 162 was out and it has Haruka, and life is exciting again! ) I have such a love/hate relationship with CLAMP. :(

(And fangirls of CLAMP. Yes, I know I am one, but I don't make fucking posts on the comm. whining that Watanuki/Doumeki hasn't happened yet. GGHghhghhg the entire point is the subtext, you fool. It wouldn't be nearly as awesome if it just fucking happened. :\)

Also, LFG for the win. ;_; OH, RICHARD. WB. I HAVE MISSED YOU. And I love that Richard's return immediately turns Cale's sadface into :'DDDDDD. (Richard's O_O; at that moment is nice, too.)

Also, got a call during Project re. Havemercy arriving at Coaldrakes, proving once and for all that Borders is a bastard, since I ordered it two weeks ago at most. In any case, wasn't going to make it before they closed, so I called work to see if anyone could run across with cash and grab it for me, and had the following conversation:

ME: Could you get it for me? ;_;
SEB:'s not that Twilight book, is it? Because I swear if I hear about it one more time--

The conversations I have at bus stops with other uni students edging slowly away from me, seriously. In any case, Havemercy pickup in the morning. :D! I might even be awake! ...I should probably do this after I've gotten some assignment work done.
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So, for the record, Wicked is amazing. I cried for at least forty-five minutes, not all of them consecutive, and glee'd at real live Wizard of Oz references, and Elphaba was amazing - her character and the woman who played her - and Glinda, while apparently receiving the short end of the characterisation stick, made me happy. :D

...and the rest. )

...goddammit, you go away for two days and they change devART on you. o.0; I don't really like this version, either, but oh well.

Character Meme stolen from Flamika. )

And there's a new HOLiC chapter~! *_* 161. )
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Okay so IT'S RAINING and this is awesome because IT'S RAINING and I slept really well last night because IT WAS RAINING despite waking up like fifty million times it was all very restful because IT WAS RAINING and it's all overcast and grey and drizzly and I LOVE YOU, LEVIATHAN, NEVER STOP. :D

I woke up at 7.30 this morning and just sort of lay there listening to the rain FOR THREE HOURS. I am not joking. ♥ It was awesome. It continues to be awesome. Today is awesome.

Except that I am still mibbling over which bag/s to take to Melbourne and staring mournfully at my closet. Because surely one should wear something vaguely impressive to a musical. Or something. I don't even know. :(

And then I discovered that HOLiC 159 and 160 were up at OneManga. )

Anyway, I am meeting Rage for lunch and to hand over my resume and ingratiate myself with the manager/s, so I should probably scoot. Or at least straighten my hair or something.

[EDIT] And of course, Luke just called to ask if I wanted to work tonight. |D; Oh, well. I am losing a shift this week; I may as well.
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Things we have established about HOLiC:
- Dreaming at random is a confusing way to live.
- Watanuki is a good boy.
- Haruka-san is mysterious!
- Watanuki is such a good boy.
- Doumeki's hand on Kohane-chan's head = insta-squee.
- Sanga likes sherbet? ........... -_-;;
- WATANUKI IS SUCH A GOOD BOYYyyaksfhsakdhfaks. ;_______;

Work was pretty good. I like Hannah, but I wish she would freaking do something. I think I told her five times to fill the drink fridges, and they weren't even faced by close. =_= Kill. Other than that, I think I did fairly well.

There's not enough time to do anything, even on the holidays. Why must life get in the way?
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Okay, so, I have seen some TW S2 spoilers and, um, they are kind of adorable. And kind of worrying. But there are moments that involve me going asdjhfadsgfahjs. XD And kind of just hilarious, such as Jack, Ianto and Tosh singing to "Bohemian Rhapsody". XD XD XD Love.

Also, HOLiC 142 will never cease to amuse me. A webbed hand comes out of nowhere and steals the food Watanuki made... and the thermos is returned filled with flowers. Am I the only one who can imagine an AtM related side-story to this? XD

Also, as [ profile] leviathanmirror said: This must be shared with as many people as possible.
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Okay, so, lame as the ending to Inuyasha is, it fits the series. Also, Rin. :D ) Also, have a song, because this is a song I associate with Rin and Sesshoumaru: Alanis Morissette's "Princes Familiar" - [download]


ANYWAY, HOLiC 158. :D ) But oh, man, why would you stop the chapter there! D: Come on, 159 translation! I know you're out there! Come to me!

Also, there's a new chapter of The Shape of His Heart, which is beyond awesome. :DDD I need to reread the whole thing again, of course, but at least I'll never forget that Leviathan is a pretty, pretty princess. |D; Yes, that is all I get out of this fic. Shhh.

And back to Inuyasha again. :D; My commentary is very erratic, though. My apologies. )

Officially going to have "Four Seasons" in my head for EVER. ♥ [ profile] teacupscientist, that's another song I've lost. |D; Do you have it? Why does it seem like I'm asking you this all the time...?

Anyway, that only took like FIVE HOURS GOD, and I'm going to work tonight, so I'd better go do something mildly productive now. ......or reread The Shape of His Heart. >_> Lalala.

[EDIT] The final word on Rin/Sesshoumaru. )
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XD; Okay, so I was just browsing a website when it started playing music at me, except it fit really scarily well with the VS track I was listening to with iTunes so I had a minute of WHOA WHAT THE FUCK LEA MONDE SINGS WHAT THE FUCK before I realised what was happening. |D;

In other news, okay, so if we already have 'spoilers' for HOLiC 159, then where in fuck is HOLiC 158. What has happened to the scans, guys! D: (Also, in the spoilers for 159, APPARENTLY WE GET WATANUKI AND DOUMEKI MEETING BACKSTORY THIS IS ME HYPERVENTILATING AND TEARING UP LIKE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT, AGDYFHS. Also omgomgomg MORE DADDY!DOUMEKI THIS IS SO ADORABLE GAH. I should be shot. |D;;;;)

Study is over; it is time for ZELDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. :D

(Vote now for your favourite thing and you, too, could win a thing! ...except Black Books doesn't work on my laptop. D: Srsly, Tetsu, how crappy are you.)


Except I never made it away from the desk. XD; I started drawing and I think I know what Sanga's human glamour looks like now. :D Once I know Hiru's, all will be awesome.
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Here's that music I promised. ^_^ Plus some Yoko Kanno songs, because she's amazing and must be shared at all times. Asterisks mark the songs that must be downloaded at all costs.

When Water Comes to Life // CLOUD CULT (*)
and when they burn your body
all that's left is sand crystals
two tiny handfuls
all the rest is water, water, water

Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide // CLOUD CULT
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I will laugh my way through hurricanes and fire.
That's why you don't want to bring me down.

Grounds for Divorce // ELBOW (*)
There's a hole in my neighbourhood,
down which of late I cannot help but fall.
(Mondays is for drinking to the seldom-seen kid.)

Grace Under Pressure // ELBOW
We still believe in love,
so fuck you.

Buttons and Zips // ELBOW
Will I ever get your song off my lips, is what you said.
We were at each other's buttons and zips, in each other's bed...

Station Approach // ELBOW (*)
You know, you drive me up the wall.
I need to see your face, that's all.
You little sod, I love your eyes -
Be everything to me tonight.
I never know what I want, but I know when I'm low that I,
I need to be in the town where they know what I'm like and don't mind.

Lithium Flower // YOKO KANNO
She's so good, she's so good,
she's a goddess
Lithium flower
Subsonic waves

Want It All Back // YOKO KANNO (*)
I couldn't take you to Miami
I took you to the ocean and we
had some Blue Hawaiis on the beach

Blue // YOKO KANNO (*)
Everything is clearer now.
Life is just a dream, y'know,
it's never-ending.
I am ascending.
(There's something about blue.)

Diggin' // YOKO KANNO (*)

And just so everyone knows, that last one? BEST SONG EVER, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY.

(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, CLAMP. JUNE 2ND? ARE YOU SERIOUS. AIUGDTYFUSDJMFCNDSBGVFS. ...well, I suppose this chapter isn't a cliffhanger, but... but... oh, god, it made me squeak with happy. XD Heeeeee. All right, I guess I can wait another month.)

Also, for the record? I bought Apple and Cinnamon Pop Tarts today and they are fucking expensive just like I remember them: sweet and warm and pastryish. :3 If only they weren't so terribly, terribly bad for me. XD
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Feeling much better this morning, thank god, although I slept quite terribly and had a fever for most of it, I think. =_= Couldn't get to sleep for at least an hour because I was too hot, then woke up two or three times because I was too cold/hot (depending on the time and how I'd adjusted the blankets previously), then woke up at about five-thirty this morning from a dream about trying to defend the Gap house against velociraptors, or zombies, or both. (ZOMBIE VELOCIRAPTORS. THINK ABOUT IT.) I seem to have those dreams when I'm stressed, which is partially fitting and partially hilarious because I know what to do in the event of velociraptor/zombie attack. XD So it's either a coping mechanism to make me think, "If I can deal with raptors/zombies, I can deal with anything!" or it's a response to my mental state of SHIT SHIT SHIT and I'm not sure which. XD

In any case, studied kanji and read for an hour or two and, uh... now I'm up, and there's a new HOLiC chapter. Which I cannot read in its entirety, but I'll update this when the translation comes through.

HOLiC 157. )

*_____* Y-yeah, okay, so I actually cried with happiness at the third-to-last page. XD SH-SHUT UP. IT WAS ONLY A LITTLE BIT.

Anyway, today I'm going to go to Japanese, take that exam, hopefully make it back in time to have lunch with Rage, and then this afternoon I'm going to try to sort out what exactly has to happen with this proposal, and maybe go into some level design, since apparently we have to go into actual level design. In a proposal. This is unheard of. XD But, anyway, I'd better go and have a hot shower and wash my hair so that I don't have to ooze my way into Japanese rather than just walking.

(Now I want icons of Howl expressing himself with green slime...)
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Japanese was pretty good; I pretty much learned the kanji for 'hundred' and traded practice introductions with Adeline, whose mother is Japanese and who uses interesting sentence structures that help me get round-eyed and confused before my brain catches up with my ears. XD Also discovered that we have to talk about how often we do stuff, so I figure I'll spend the afternoon working out what I should say in the introduction, and then concentrate on getting to fiddle with that and make my sentences a little more complex... even though it doesn't take much to say 'de' or '...masu ga', I'm wary of getting too relaxed. XD

Also, I have been called for Jury Duty as of May 6th, so that will make life interesting in the assignment stakes. XD At least I'd already planned to get a move on this week, so this shouldn't affect me too much, except where both my kanji tests are concerned - but in that case, I can just call the court and get out of it for those days. I just need to make sure that my proposal for Interactive Writing is done beforetime so I can get it in the night before, in case.

xxxHOLiC: Kei, 02, since the third didn't work. )

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Episode One. ) the point of the ending 'Mokona is amazing' or what? XD
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God, I've been out of the house for like six hours and they're still going with the goddamned whippersnipper! DDDDDDD: At least I don't have to sleep this afternoon. Just, you know, concentrate. :|

Had a sort of birthday lunch for Danielle in the Gardens after the Japanese exam - it took about two minutes :D; then Barbara-sensei gave me a katakana worksheet to stop me staring into space - which I know that I left at about one... but somehow I didn't make it home until two-thirty... I'm still not sure how that happened. In any case, once again feeling the slight frission of assignment panic. Supanova never fails to be at the worst time ever.

Also, something I just noticed about the xxxHOLiC: KEI posters - what the hell? The string around Watanuki's pinky doesn't attach to Doumeki at all? D: Doumeki is holding onto that string, but it doesn't look like it's around his finger. That's... interesting in itself, really.

(Also, it looks like there is an omake. In which Watanuki is Alice. As in Wonderland. ...I always knew doujinshi told the future.)

I think I'm going to have to basically shut myself away for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in order to finish anything at all. Getting very, very worried. Naturally, Luke has put me on Tuesday night, too, rather than Thursday. Seriously. He can just fuck off. ajkdshfaskjdhfadhsf. Assignments are the devil. *sob*

[EDIT] Oooooookay, these contacts are not happening any more. *weeps a lot* I have kept them as clean as I possibly can, but I don't think it's enough. I shall simply be blue-eyed. The second generation of combination Dee/Vesca reincarnation, Y/Y.


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