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I want this table and six of these chairs, three in mint, three in ash grey. Your job is to tell me this would look awful, guys. Because I think that and a colour-combo centerpiece would look effing great.
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Went to check out a place ten minutes from Lawton Station this morning; going to check out a little townhouse ten minutes from Petrie Station tomorrow at 10am. I am really really hoping for this one omg. Air con, pet's allowed, nice kitchen. It's not close to town, and it's not big, but I can deal with that. I am building it up in my head so that I can go and be disappointed with it tomorrow instead of going in there with sparkles in my eyes.

I also have to return a pair of shorts tomorrow, because the lady at the counter said they were the same cut as the other pair I bought, but alas, they were not. :( They are about three inches shorter.

If I were able to wear shorts three inches shorter, dear readers, I would not be buying size 16.

But I have a nice olivey colour that the tag calls "sage" and hopefully I can find the same pair in charcoal at some point in the near future, because these are the perfect length: the length that a) does not reveal most of my cellulite, and b) does not make me look like a shortass. I approve of these qualities in a pair of shorts.

Also have to go put a deposit on a Dyson tomorrow. (Blame [personal profile] eclectify! She goaded me into it! >_> Also I managed to get it for $490 instead of $650, including a 4-year warranty.)

So essentially: in the "spending" phase.

Hope with me for this house tomorrow. I really, really want this place, and I haven't even seen it in person yet.


Sep. 17th, 2010 08:57 pm
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Sorted out most of my part in the HornetQ disaster, found shoes that we are reasonably happy with for Rage's wedding, also found REALLY EFFING CUTE PUMPS THAT REMIND ME OF MINNIE MOUSE and I cannot decide on a colour for, organised a time to get my mattress from mum's, and lunch with Dad and the rest of my folks next weekend. So, I have things arranged. :D

This weekend I need to:
- go to garden city to buy those shoes omgomgomg they are so beautiful
- do the laundry
- cook butter chicken so my fridge does not explode
- fill in my psych stuff

Aside from that... probably I need to do more research for novels! But we'll see how that goes.
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...from debt!

In honour of the occasion, five things that made me happy today:

1) BEING TWO GRAND UP ON MY UNI BILL FUCK YEAHHHHHH. It is now paid and printed and I never have to look at it again except maybe on my tax return.

2) Getting a tea stalk floating upright in my first cup of tea at Valley Corner tonight. (This is good luck in Japan shut up I know I was in a Chinese restaurant.)

3) Sleeping so deeply last night that I woke up this morning wondering what that annoying sound was, instead of jerking upright and slapping at my alarm instantaneously. My new doona is awesome.

4) Big cuddles with Darrin when everyone from work came to meet me for lunch. ♥ ^^ It was cold, and hugs were therefore lovely.

5) Making plans to draw tonight with [personal profile] kuchibue. ([personal profile] eclectify, you should join us if you are up to it!)

Because I am having a Good Night, dammit, and hell if I am not going to take gleeful advantage of that.
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Didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, and realised that I will only have about two weeks to work on the next major project myself. At about the same time, read an email about engineering wanting to include a whole 'nother component in that major project, the documentation for which is currently in a Wiki. HAH, I say, and HAH, and also FUCK OFF.

I have decided, therefore, that there will be no HornetQ documentation until EAP 5.1, and further that since that new component would be a tech preview, it gets no documentation until EAP 6.0.

If I could stop feeling bad about being unable to perform to impossible demands, that would be something swell.

On the bright side, I just paid off the last bit of this computer that I owe Myers. Which is something. We will ignore for the moment that the only commitments I manage successfully are financial and stomp the living fuck out of this moodcrash before it takes proper hold.

I have a bathroom to clean.

I have such a fucking problem saying 'no' to people. I have no idea why this is. Probably because saying 'no' to things has always resulted in guilt trips and being called selfish. I wish I could get rid of it, but it FEELS selfish not to be constantly helping people, doing as they ask, even if that's obviously stupid. I wish I could get rid of that.
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Prepping my iPod for the events coming up - namely Avenue Q and Amanda Palmer. This basically means I'll be humming It Sucks to Be Me for the next few days. Managed to book Darrin a ticket directly behind the rest of us, so at least he gets to come see it with us on Friday. Am satisfied with my wielding of the interwebs for the evening.

Also ordered a nice dress and a nice top from F21. I BLAME SONYA. I'M JUST SAYING.

Unfortunately, the click wheel on Jormungand is dying a slow death, so I'm going to have to pick up a new iPod at some point. This time I will take the hint and name the damn thing after an angel so it lives longer than fifteen months.

(Actually, I wonder if it really was a year ago? Probably more than that, but I know I had issues with Jormungand so I'll have some entertaining tags with which to check the purchase date so I don't have to go dig out my receipt.) Yup. Exactly 15 months. I AM SENSING A PATTERN, STEVE. IF I DIDN'T LIKE THEM SO MUCH IN GENERAL, I'D FEEL PRETTY RIPPED-OFF AFTER IPOD NUMBER FOUR. I'M JUST SAYING.

Says the girl considering an iPhone. Sigh.

Speaking of which, have to get started working out the most logical way to put apps together. Secret money-making plots have been hatched. I just need to get to work actually defining the demographic and the pane flow. XD; Product fail.

And now... I should really go eat something. :| This is why we do not snack.
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So AFP and Gneil are getting married and I probably shouldn't care this much but I totally do. X3 Eeeee. That is one celebrity relationship I can see working wonderfully forever. Kind of irrationally happy for them both.

We got out of the off-site meeting a little early yesterday, so Darrin and I went to grab something to eat and then caught the first half of Batman. The original. With C is for Catwoman. :') It was awesome. Came home, played Rock Band, utterly failed to sleep, and headed off to the book fair today~! Books purchased:

- Battle Axe by Sara Douglass
- Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, v1-3
- Five Plays by Anton Chekhov
- Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
- The Father Brown Stories by G K Chesterton
- The Thousand and One Nights, trans. E W Lane
- The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas
- Folklore and Fable, a compilation of Aesop, Grimm and Andersen
- English Critical Essays from C16-18, ed. Edmund D Jones
- The Approach to Latin Writing by Paterson & MacNaughton
- The Birthday of the World by Ursula Le Guin
- Foundation by Isaac Asimov
- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

Played a little more Assassin's Creed II with Darrin this afternoon, and now I'm just about ready to go to sleep again. Should put these books in some kind of order before I do, though, or I am going to be sorry later.
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So, that movie was great fun. GREAT FUN. Nice blend of art styles, fabulous jazz, and utter, utter dorks. Naveen is such a ridiculous, adorable 'tard. His completely inadvertent bopping to the music? Ffffffnsdfhsdfjdhj. Tiana was wonderful, and her voice was so rich and lovely and sjdfhdj. X3 Not the most fantastic score a Disney film ever had, but still beautiful. Will probably see again, and will definitely purchase.

Mood-wise, today has been pretty high all 'round. I did start feeling acidic in the early afternoon, which I am tempted to blame on the bread I bought from Brumbies. Realised I was completely exhausted as soon as I sat down in Wyrr's car later on, but we'd been wandering in the heat for a little bit at that stage, which could pretty easily account for it atop last night's sleep, which wasn't fabulous.

Picked up the Da Vinci notebooks, Mother Tongue, the Koran, and All the Windwracked Stars from Borders, mostly with my Christmas vouchers. Should probably add those to my reading list before I forget, actually.

Have done a little weeny bit of work on AtM, but I mean it when I say weeny. Oh well. It's work. That's what counts.
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I have to update this more. I've actually had a really good few days. A few minor moodcrashes - though nothing looks like a serious moodcrash when you're not in the middle of one, I have to say. But I have to update this more often, even when I don't feel like it, so that I have a clearer picture of what my days are doing. My memory is really terrible for this sort of thing, and I know that the moods never seem as severe when I'm not in them, so it'll be best to get it all down while I'm feeling it, so to speak.

Spent Boxing Day shopping with Wyrren and then came home and played Mario Kart, all of which was good fun except that my shoes were full of pain. |D; Stupid flats. I did find a lovely bright watermelon pink handbag, which was good, although we did not have much luck with the rest of my list. Wyrren found what she was looking for, I believe, which is a nice change for us both. XD Hurrah, shopping win! I was in a really good mood for most of the day, with a few hours of coming down on the end of it, which was disappointing but not unexpected.

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and putting in my new light fitting and working on this consistency exercise, which I finished off tonight. Yesterday I started going downhill at about two, and picked up again in the evening, which was when I started work on the exercise.

Neither Saturday's nor Sunday's moods really got into misery, just apathy, which is... good? I'm going with good. :S Is a frequent relief to be out of them, anyway, and I've definitely been doing better for the past few weeks, though I had a brief nosedive week before last - hence the utter lack of entries.

Today was pretty good, though not exactly on the high side of up. I did some cleaning, and Wyrr came over for 32-track Mario Kart tournament, which was good fun. My new controller apparently does not like being used as a wheel, though, as it would not let me turn when I tried to use it as such. XD Much hilarity ensued as I drove into walls and lava over and over again, and Wyrren tried to line me up so that she could ram me in the right direction, to little avail.

Have spent the evening finishing the exercise, as linked above, and musing over partitions. In a pretty good mood, but still pretty... floaty. My mind just feels like it's skating over the top of things lately, which is not great. I suspect I need to read more, but I haven't been reading very well, either. Just. Bleh. Maybe I need to eat better. There's not really a reason for this, and it frustrates me. Particularly since it means I can't freaking focus on anything long enough to do anything constructive. It's a miracle I managed to finish that exercise at all.
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1) Tickets to New Moon. (No, I'm kidding, it was actually kind of okay. Except that NO ONE HAS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Actually, I take that back: Edward has more facial expressions than everyone else. I CANNOT HELP BUT FEEL THAT THIS SAYS SOMETHING.)

2) Cute Underwear. (But who feels guilty for that? It is so cute.)

3) Assassin's Creed II and Dragon Age: Origins. (.... I got nothin'.)

It was great to wander around with Neek again, although far too bloody hot for it. XD Damn summer!

Currently trying to convince myself that I should NaNo instead of playing video games. Since I have, y'know, this week to catch up. >_> And I'm still not halfway. Sigh.
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- Broke my Java again, and the fix is probably to rip out FOP and start again. Sigh.
- Dad is trying to borrow money from me to finish his house. Any money I lend to my father, I would not expect see again, ever, from past experience on the matter. But the guilt, kids. The guilt will try to get me every time. Despite one notable PRO, I am far from debt-free, so this is never ever going to happen. But the fact that I am not helping when I have been asked for help kind of goes stabbystabbystabstab.
- Was just made violently angry by people being, well, people.

- There is currently one task awaiting my attention for this project. ONE. Everything else is someone else's problem for the week. My happiness and relief know no bounds.
- Half my bonus payment for getting Tom hired came in tonight. Because of this, my savings have just passed the ten grand mark. All of this is going to my HECS debt, mind. But this means I am well on track to affording other, more important things. Like houses, and cats to put in them. As I planned. My lack of social life is paying off! :D
- I am still really happy with the last thing I wrote. It was fic, and it was het, and I am happy with it, for all that I never write het any more. This is a minor miracle.
- I had a really awesome lunch with Neek and Luke today, which I was expecting to be a little awful, actually. I'd clearly forgotten how much I love talking to them both.
- I have a long weekend ahead of me, on which I need do nothing more complex than:
       a) figure out how to get to Josh's kirtan concert thing tomorrow afternoon
       b) have dinner with my immediate family on Sunday night
       c) spend Monday lazing and drawing and writing on the internets with [personal profile] ignite and presumably [personal profile] kuchibue
       d) play Pokémon Snap, which I totally downloaded from the Wii Store last night DON'T JUDGE

So all in all, a really good day today. A good end to the week. But a few of the cons are sitting heavily in my head at the moment, so I feel pretty even.
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I feel like someone's gone in and removed my brain. But I found a dress for my cousin's wedding in about an hour this evening, thanks to the lovely [personal profile] alleyne. It is vermilion and navy and taupe, and by Regatta. If I could show you pictures, I would, but I cannot. I may need to go bra shopping to wear it; I definitely need to go shoe shopping. But it's cute, and I like it, and also? I only had to pay $4.96 in real money because of the vouchers work gave me for being awesome. So, in essence? Fuck yeah.

Loads of people for Mario Kart this afternoon. It was fantastic. Apparently it is my goal to involve everyone on the floor, one week at a time. XD We played a few rounds of Brawl, too, which was UM, EMBARRASSING, but I blame the use of Pit and Meta Knight.

Mind is gone. Gone, gone. Eaten by a doggy, you might say, or burned alive. Such a difficult girl, right, Father Renaldo?


Aug. 21st, 2009 11:27 pm
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Just finishing the third box set of the Granada series, and I have to say, there may actually be nothing better than Watson pistol-whipping folk.

Unless it is Mrs Hudson. Because that woman. She is so much love.

I just want to say: until the mood crash, today was really pretty excellent. Afterward, it all skidded pretty rapidly downhill, but I'm feeling in much better spirits after a bath and a long night on my own, in my own space.

I bought far too many things today. But now that I reflect on my purchases with a little more sanity, I think they will all be worth it.

(Particularly the Holmes soundtrack that will be in the post to me by the end of August.)

[EDIT] And also, just so we're clear on the kind of sdfjah today held: it was fabulous, it really was, I was soaring, I was watching Chira draw commissions, and then she started on Sanga and I lost all coherence, which was fine.

Then I accidentally copy-pasted an explanation of Sanga into the work social channel.

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Writing complete first drafts is like saving money. Saving money is like writing complete first drafts.

Fuuuuuuuuck. XD;
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I did do things today, and I did them pretty quickly, but really, I was distracted for a lot of it. XD There were a lot of interesting conversations! Also, there was MarioKart. (I did not win, but nor did the NPCs beat me, which is always good when you are playing without feeling in half your hand.)

Picked up my mattress protector, ate dinner with Rage, and bought four books for the price of three! They were even books I have really wanted for a long time. (I AM GETTING BETTER.)
- The Dark Lord of Derkholme by Diana Wynne Jones
- Christopher Chant III & IV by Diana Wynne Jones (they are on my shelves already and I cannot be bothered remembering their titles just now I am tired and my train of thought may not arrive again for hours)
- The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner

I am not allowed into a bookstore again for at least a month, mind you, because four-technically-five novels in a week is a bit ridiculous when one actually intends to SAVE one's money. *facemash*

Anyway, now I am going to bed, because my bed! It will be here in twelve hours or fewer! I am very excited about this!
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Several things were sorted out this weekend, all of which pretty desperately required sorting.

Wyrren and I talked, and we're trying out a happy medium. Which may just default back to what we had yesterday, but, well, we couldn't think of a more satisfactory solution. We'll see how this goes.

I also bought a bed and mattress today~! (Tra-la!) I am very excited about being able to sleep properly again. XD It'll arrive on Saturday, so before then I have to, um, get rid of my other bed somehow, and vacuum like a demon. WE SHALL SEE. Also need to work on getting my physical activity back up this week so I stop feeling like I need to hibernate after two hours out on the town.

[profile] teacupscientist - and those of you who do not follow me on Twitter - may wish to watch this awesome Buffy/Twilight combination video as a fan-fucking-tastic example of transformative storytelling. *grin* I LOL'D.
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I slept fantastically. Woke up half an hour before my alarm, so probably only got about 6.5 hours, but god, if I woke up feeling that comfortably alert every morning, my life would be awesome.

Also, guys! THE BOOK. IT IS HERE. And I've purchased it already so I can tell you about it without fear of my copy being lost. XD

Also, Tina is awesome, but you knew that, right?
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"You smell rather like a whore," is one of them.

Today I am in the market for:
- a handbag
- office shoes
- office pants/skirts
- jeans
- table bookings at O'Malley's

Although from the looks of things outside, I might need to be in the market for a raincoat, too. XD Hello, Autumn. The squalling, chilly weather that means I can't actually open my windows has returned. XD Which is awesome, but probably means I ought to hunt more winter clothing today, too.

Other things to do:
- take more rubbish down
- draw more stuff (preferably to #66)
- set up WiiFit
- write more stuff. you like that, remember?
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No, no, no! Basses, you're singing, *simpers* dooo you love meee? And SOPRANOS. You're singing, Nooo, we dooon't.... *brightens* But your moooother doooes!
ENTIRE CHOIR: *pisses self laughing*

The actual lyrics there are 'occuli omnium (inte sperant)' for the record. XD And for the rest of the song I started associating the Bass/Tenor with Felix and the Alto/Soprano with Mildmay and fuck me sideways this will NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY.

Today was actually pretty hideous. I royally fucked my arm trying to climb shelving to pull down a box, which you would think I'd have learned not to do by now, and spent about half an hour fighting the urge to curl up and cry at my own stupidity, but the show did eventually go on, in a wobbly and fake way.

I really need to stop just smiling harder whenever I'm in any kind of pain. It's probably not a good habit.

In other news, I bought a 32" LCD television today. I have yet to name it, but rest assured: it will be awesome. ...I have no idea where to put it.
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....and I would want this shirt more if I felt it were punctuated correctly.

I've ordered a few, anyway. XD I need more shirts, seriously, I've run horribly low on things I'll wear out of the house. I ended up picking up a denim skirt and a pair of sort of, uhhhh, charcoal-plaid pants with red accents? Which would have been a better choice if I still, you know. Owned as much red as I used to. Oi vey.

Called mum to ask where exactly the jackets she wanted me to look at were, and I must have sounded a bit weirder than I usually do on the phone, because she asked me what was wrong. |D; I've been really bad with her on the phone lately, and I'm not sure why. Mostly because she's been calling more often, and there's often little purpose to her calls, I suppose.

FUCK YEAHHHH I just got a final test email for Red Hat, which says that they think I'm going to enjoy the job but just to be sure to take a few hours to do sort of a work sample thingie for them, to make sure I don't hate it.


Seriously. I feel like I could explode. ^_____^ Yayayayayayayay!!!!!!


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