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As I write this, I have spent almost my entire Sunday going through the Earth Temple and unearthing the Lanayru Mining Facility. My wiimote's batteries have run down twice since I got up this morning. I am pretty impressed with the game's ability to keep me a) interested, and b) thinking when I am not interested, so I can c) come back for more after I've puzzled along by myself for a while.

The major new feature this time around is the magic of dowsing, in which you wave your sword around aimlessly and follow the trail of bleeps. Dowsing makes it super easy to follow the trail that the game wants you to follow, but it's also very easy to get fixated on the little ticky boxes that you're dowsing for. I've actually more or less stopped using this feature unless I'm stuck; it doesn't feel natural to me, and it doesn't let me wander around picking out the corners of the map I haven't visited yet. True, this generally puts me in situations I'm not yet equipped for, but quite a number of times I've found ways around that. (Hint: Spamming + Skyward Strike = I'll just buff my fingernails over here.) I think dowsing may actually have been a method of allowing the designers to reuse the same areas without needing to design a visually clear path for players at various points in the game, and, hey, I'm okay with that. For some reason, though, having something actually orient you along certain paths, rather than just badgering you "vaguely" about sinking to the bottom of a lake, just doesn't feel very Zelda to me.

The items are tricky to describe all of a piece. I'm not quite satisfied with them as a whole - perhaps because I now need to collect shit to repair or upgrade my shield, and upgrade a whole host of other items, including potions. I'm sure none of it is actually necessary, but I prefer my sidequests with a little more substance than 'get new shiny'. :\

The special items are surprisingly kick-ass, though. When the trailer first appeared at E3, I saw the beetle and I thought, "Oh, god. What have they done?" I was certain it was going to be a disaster. Instead, the beetle has turned out to be one of my favourite special items, and one of the items best-justified by the history of the world, as it turns out. It's insanely useful in a variety of situations, especially now I have the pincer upgrade (the lack of which I had spent steadily cursing my way across the desert until I ran into the chap who gives it to you).

I'm still trying to figure out how exactly it fits into the overarching timeline -- the creators say it's pre-Ocarina, and before I got too far into the game, that made a decent bit of sense according to the split-timeline theory. Delving further, though, unless a) Impa reproduces via parthenogenesis, or b) the Sheikah are not a clan in the blood sense, but in the knowledge sense, or even c) the fuckers can just travel through time even though that's generally frowned upon and you will like it, shut up about your quantum.

So, plot-wise, it's confusing me. Game wise, I may be enjoying it more than Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Liking the graphics much more than I did in Twilight Princess, too, because it's not quite so full of freaking light bloom. It could still use some refinement, especially in the Lanayru region, but it doesn't go out of its way to make things difficult.

The first boss was no boss at all, but the second (in the Earth Temple) was the most fun I have had in ages. It was just so awesome. Impossible to fail at, unless you have not yet grasped that bombs plus fire equals bad for you, but it's not immediately obvious that knocking things down does not necessarily mean they have lost health, so I did waste a bit of time in there. It was damn fun, though. You're basically battling on a giant slide. I know.

I need to go to bed. It is probably worth noting that I have been playing so long that I have the Lanayru Desert theme stuck in my head, and I don't even know it enough to tell you what the melody is. It's just there. Perpetuating.
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It is really annoying to have a kitten who KEEPS EATING YOUR CAT'S FOOD while you are on the phone with the bank and expecting a grocery delivery I AM JUST SAYING. I must have been flagged as insane by the insurance guy; there is no way he thought I was normal.

In other news, it's been a really long time since I updated this so I thought I should sit down and write a damn journal entry like an adult.

The last two weeks have been pretty good because a) I have had something to do every day when I came into the office and b) most days I wasn't actually in the office because we had public holidays everywhere and it was glorious. :D

Darrin and I spent most of Easter weekend playing (and by playing, I of course really mean watching) the Portal 2 single-player campaign, which was really awesome. The new A.I. makes me happy in my heart place, especially when it attempts to be GLaDOS (FATTY FATTY NO-PARENTS). Then last weekend we snaffled an extra PS3 controller off a bloke at work (PSN issues and credit card fraud make Raven something something) and sat down to play the co-op missions, which was just as awesome. We saved science! Gave the controller back today, but I might try to play through the single-player myself. Great game. Well worth it. <3

I've also spent the last few weeks rereading the Animorphs series by K A Applegate, which did not end as badly as I was told it did, although I am still kinda sad at it. Ax is still awesome, although kinda a douche. Tobias is still a sweetheart. Rachel was Rachel, through and through, and I like that she never tried to pull any punches keeping with that.

Work on F&F has resumed, although admittedly it's coming along very slowly. This is what happens when you simultaneously vow to exercise and write and cook better and raise a kitten. I should know better, but work is so slow and boring at the moment I am making my real life more hectic just to wake myself up in the morning. Surely a happy medium exists...
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Well, today was, uh. Eventful without actually being eventful.

By which I mean we did buggerall but somehow had excitement anyway because the hose fell off the washing machine again, flooding most of the lower level of the house. Fun times. At least the floor is pretty much mopped now. =_=

Tomorrow I am going to have a massage in the morning! I hope I have a good body day. I will need to set myself up for one properly. Preferably with breakfast before I leave the house. I probably could have set myself up better if I'd, um, actually done some more washing this afternoon, but no matter. I totally have clothing available to me. Totally. Er.

In other news, Mildmay is really hard to draw, and Portal 2 is really interesting. Loving the new AI character, and wishing the Playstation Network weren't dead so I could play some goddamn co-op. Really enjoying some of the new mechanics, too, which is awesome.
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Mostly because... well, we broke the TV today, and I am much better at coping when there is something to cope about. Go figure. D was pretty upset, purely because expensive shit shouldn't break like that, dammit (especially when it is my expensive shit that he was fiddling with, so he was worried). I'll get on to the company when everyone opens again and I'm sure we'll be fine. Just. Gah. Fucking firmware upgrades. Televisions should be televisions, not computers in disguise.

Spent most of the evening playing FFXIII on the other television, and am getting to like the paradigm system. Having said that, the star system makes little to no sense to me. Oh well. I am just fighting Monster Truck Bulbasaur (or Protoflorian or whatever its actual name is), so not doing too badly for the equivalent of about eight hours' play. I'm running out of nodes in the Crystarium, anyway.

Dunno what I'm up to for the rest of this week - washing, culling, and finishing off people's Christmas gifts, I suppose. Right now, it is time for bed - with The Thousand and One Nights, and my spectacles, because the print is too damn small in my most grimy and ancient hardcover.

Someone make me write some more F&F tomorrow if it's not sunny enough to go to Garden City.
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im in ur forums, yelling at the tards because they are in our forums posting stupid entitled shit that in no way helps solve the problem. Jesus Christ. I would like this bug fixed, too, people, but since I actually have a modicum of sense, I am trying to be HELPFUL. TRY TO BE HELPFUL. IT ISN'T HARD.

In the meantime, I'm going to go play Dragon Age. Because I do have a life outside ACB. (Hard to believe, I know.)

In other news, planning is still going well. Had a meeting with Josh this morning and he seems pretty pleased with the level of detail and clarity of my planning, which is good, but not altogether surprising because previously EAP planning has been about as clear as the Mist Moors. Still, I came out of that meeting feeling like, yes, I really do have EAP6 under control.

And for the moment, I do. But that's mostly because I don't actually require any INPUT yet. XD
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Throat doesn't feel any better today, but I think it looks a little less angry, which is a relief. (What is not a relief is that Darrin had a headache when he left, so I hope he isn't coming down with this. *frets*)

Spent last night fiddling with trigonometry and chatting; most of today was spent on Assassin's Creed II. I've just gotten to the end of Memory Sequence 11, so... now I need to go find all the codex pages I'm missing. XD I have 16/30. (I follow the story first, and my OCD second, okay?)

James spent most of this morning wandering in, making fun of my button mashing, and wandering out again. I probably wouldn't be annoyed by this except that he made several value judgements based on Darrin being male and an XBox owner in the process; I freely admit that I'm not great at video games, but it's not because I'm female or because I own a PS3. Daft little fucker.

Fiddled about in Photoshop this afternoon. Tah-dah~! )

Trying to work out what to do with my evening. I don't really feel like writing, but I sort of feel that I should. Will probably watch the rest of Being Human and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. (Yes, at last!) Then I can get back to New Amsterdam. :D
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So I... may have spent the last hour and a half trying to master manual steering in MKWii. >_>; I just. Other people can do it. I have to be able to do it. Even if I hate the fuck out of it. I just need to get used to the physics, that's all. Manual, then wheel.

Hey, it never hurts to have goals, right? >_>;

Just for the hell of it, I think I'm going to try to master Birdo. Because Birdo is kind of a bitch to drive, and I may as well get all my challenges out of the way at once.
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In this case, my first impression of today was, fuck. No. And, really, it would have been sensible to stick with that and stay in bed.

I am probably going to regret my passive-aggression toward the dev team, for one thing.

On the bright side, everything that went horribly wrong today was righted by the time I left. Which, uh, was two hours late when I'd already started forty minutes early, but this is not the point at all. *cough* The point is that, pending fixes to ridiculous tables that should never have been brought into existence, everything I need uploaded can be uploaded tomorrow. All hail the power of educated guessing making shit up.

Also, I don't have to be up at half five tomorrow. And I have noodles. Mmm, noodles.

Lenghty conversation about gaming before I made my way to the bus stop means that I'm now considering pulling out either VS or FFXII again... but I really shouldn't fuck up my hands just before NaNo.

Speaking of which - games, not NaNo - I jumped in Mario Kart today and landed perfectly on the corner of the next part of the track... and stayed there, hovering over the lava, until I purposefully reversed into the lava, because otherwise I'd have been stuck there all race.

There have been quite a few bugs in that game, actually, which I've only been subjected to at work. Clearly it is the environment getting to it.
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I feel like someone's gone in and removed my brain. But I found a dress for my cousin's wedding in about an hour this evening, thanks to the lovely [personal profile] alleyne. It is vermilion and navy and taupe, and by Regatta. If I could show you pictures, I would, but I cannot. I may need to go bra shopping to wear it; I definitely need to go shoe shopping. But it's cute, and I like it, and also? I only had to pay $4.96 in real money because of the vouchers work gave me for being awesome. So, in essence? Fuck yeah.

Loads of people for Mario Kart this afternoon. It was fantastic. Apparently it is my goal to involve everyone on the floor, one week at a time. XD We played a few rounds of Brawl, too, which was UM, EMBARRASSING, but I blame the use of Pit and Meta Knight.

Mind is gone. Gone, gone. Eaten by a doggy, you might say, or burned alive. Such a difficult girl, right, Father Renaldo?
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- waited forever (and I mean forever) at the cultural center to get a bus out to Bellbowrie
- played FFVII on the bus and accidentally dropped a correct barrel, as usual. BLOODY AERIS, WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO NOT-SAVE. D:
- got off at the wrong STOP dslkjfas
- spent like five hours doing a puzzle with Kyla and telling the children to go away and play quietly mummy and Laura were busy DON'TTOUCHTHAT
- became addicted to new game called Dynamic Systems on T_T damn you, physics, why must you lure me?
- read very little of HBP because of aforementioned puzzle and game. :(
- argued with Dad over Gneil's (and fantasy's) literary merit

[EDIT] Also, Hiru has been walking around naked in my head for several hours now, possibly in an attempt to remedy that last point. He should not do this while I am trying to read HBP, because holy god, what the HELL, mixed messages.
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Today is Red Hat Culture Day, on which people with cameras will come into the office and say, "What does Red Hat Culture mean to you?" A day on which I will say, "Ummmmmmmmmmm. D:" Spontaneous thought-sharing on film: and you thought university tutorials were bad.

Still, slept pretty well for the last three hours of the night, so I feel at least vaguely rested. This is totally a product of FFVII, right? That's what I thought. :3 I do have vague memories of sleeping well after video games; perhaps when I have better hands I will test this hypothesis.

I do not actually have my red hat. :( Sadness.
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Bought a new memstick today, so FFVII is halfway downloaded, and my hands are killing me. At least it doesn't require much button mashing. I wonder if we can use the control stick instead of the d-pad...? sdjfds, so excited to have it. XD; (Crowley tells me I am at 53% with 1190/1326 MB downloaded. Crowley is really good at math.)

Today was pretty good, I gotta say. I'm already more than halfway through the work I'd assigned myself for tomorrow, so, uh, ahead of my behind-schedule schedule? Yes.

May just stone and watch Supernatural tonight. My mind is broken. XD;

My scar is healing up pretty well! Bruising is fading nicely, and the scab is starting to crisp up and fall off, so I just have a shiny line and a lump where the underlying stitches are. It's all still pretty swollen, though - my wrist has maybe an extra 20-25% of its usual girth, so hopefully that calms down pretty soon.
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Firstly: This kid who has his WoW account cancelled and proceeds to shriek like a pony about it, who is really going to hate his brother when he finds out about this. XD

Secondly: Work today was pretty good, except for discovering that there is a MarioKart contest on Friday afternoon which I clearly cannot kick ass in because I lack the correct opposable thumb. ;A; HOW WILL I PROVE MY SUPREMACY NOW.

Thirdly: YESSSSS FF7 AVAILABLE FOR PSP DOWNLOADDDDDDDDFUCKYEAHHHHHH guess what I am doing for the rest of the night, guys. GUESS.
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This game looks AWESOME. I'm totally d/ling a demo. 8D

I thought I'd set my alarm to half eight, but after I'd turned it off and lazed around for an indeterminate length of time it was only twenty-five past, so. Uh. No idea.

I know I have to do things today but I don't really feel like moving, let alone being productive. Also, I'm ... well, not scared of starting work tomorrow, but aware that it's there and determinedly not thinking too hard about it.

In other news, I have... well, five days, actually, to hit 105 on [ profile] stepstepjump. I am currently at 73. The math here is not good. Which means I should try to draw a fuckload today, but I kind of want to write. Then again, every time I sit down to do so I feel paralysed and have to go do something else, so I suspect it is one of those things that I have to sidle up to, write down a sentence as if it has no connection to anything else, and then come back ten minutes later and write a different one. Because apparently I can't take the pressure of putting these things together any more. What if they do not fit. Etc. The only way to fix this is by drabbling with greater frequency, but my hands aren't really strong enough and I'm sodding useless with prompts at the moment, although Swinburne is slowly helping me with that. I really liked the one I gave to [ profile] ignite last night.

For the time being, I should decide on clothes, I suppose. And have a shower. Meh.



Dec. 28th, 2008 02:34 pm
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Rage and James are playing WoW and... and they are converting me. Rapidly. But it could be the sexiness of their computers. XD

Trying to write, but distracted by Epic! Battoru!!!!1one.
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I think I may need a Rock Band icon. >_>

Also, I am convinced that Ciorrnaich and I play better together than Xolotl and I do. XD This could be because I usually play with Ciorrnaich last, and am all warmed up/dying by then.

God, I am SO FREAKING FASCINATED by the goings on in Honeydew Syndrome. :| :| :| WHY IS IT ONLY UPDATED ONCE A WEEK.

So, like, tomorrow I work 9.5h and then come back to talk to Rosie about the website, which will probably take at least an hour and a half, and then Tuesday is a 12.5h day and then Wednesday I work 9h and RUN RUN RUN to make it to the first half of Christmas. XD

So I guess I should wrap the presents that I have right now, then.


Dec. 19th, 2008 06:12 pm
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(Translation: No time for lunch breaks today + extra hours tomorrow + not whining like Alan a little bitch = GOING THE FUCK HOME EARLY DESU YO.)


I dropped in on Rosie on my way home and she can't think about anything until Monday apparently, so whatever, I DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT UNTIL THEN EITHER. So, on that note:

- make bed (yes, after work. DON'T ASK.)
- wash dark load
- hang dark load up to dry
- whine until mum lets me play rock band (yes, I am 21, and yet I apparently have no TV privileges WHATSOEVER) beacuse COME ON I DID NOT EVEN GET TO PLAY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET WHAT GIVES

You are The Hermit

Prudence, Caution, Deliberation.

The Hermit points to all things hidden, such as knowledge and inspiration,hidden enemies. The illumination is from within, and retirement from participation in current events.

The Hermit is a card of introspection, analysis and, well, virginity. You do not desire to socialize; the card indicates, instead, a desire for peace and solitude. You prefer to take the time to think, organize, ruminate, take stock. There may be feelings of frustration and discontent but these feelings eventually lead to enlightenment, illumination, clarity.

The Hermit represents a wise, inspirational person, friend, teacher, therapist. This a person who can shine a light on things that were previously mysterious and confusing.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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Why would you make it necessary to download a full shiny service pack over the internet just to sign up for your fucking PS Network? Seriously, guys. SERIOUSLY. Fuck off, eh? I just want to play some fucking Rock Band, and this update is going to take fucking DAYS. >:|

On the bright side, have discovered that there is NO PROBLEM, it was just that Wyrren spent long enough creating her avatar that the controller thought I wasn't playing any more and turned itself off. XD PHEW. (She didn't even take that long, wtf, srsly. XD)

(Feeling much better since kicking ass on 'Creep' on Medium, just so you know. I really will be That Girl before long and then I will be absolutely no fun at parties.)

I guess this is the part where I call my father but... whatever. XD; Cannot be buggered doing anything at the moment. Maybe I'll make dinner. BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE NOT.

Someone needs to remind me that I have dinner with dad at Mecca Bah at 6.30 Saturday night, or I am going to just get home and flop and get a call while I am in my pajamas saying wtf where are you? >_>; Whyyyyajksdfhshfs.

I really need to stop associating songs with fandoms. It makes me like things. Like Paramore. I DID NOT LIKE THIS SONG BEFORE I ASSOCIATED IT WITH HAVEMERCY. Or at least, I did not like it nearly as much. XD

This is another song I love entirely too much, probably because every time I hear it I think of the Corps and the direct quote: SO HE CAN GO ALL NIGHT LONG. )

I think it is because I want to put the lines on a t-shirt and support them mindlessly and that is what the song is about, so, yeah, Bad Religion are amazing. Just sayin'.

[EDIT] Om nom nom, curry. There is just no way to fuck curry up. It tastes fan-fucking-tastic no matter what you do with it. Even Lean Cuisine curry tastes fucking amazing. God, curry, love. WHY DON'T I EAT THIS MORE OFTEN. <3

[EDIT] I am becoming increasingly convinced there is something wrong that my mother isn't telling me about. It is not NORMAL to be this grumpy all the goddamn time. And it's not that she's grumpy or I'm grumpy necessarily, it's just that we are clashing like mad crazy whoa, and it's quite a frustrating thing to be party to. Either that or she objects to my relaxing. Ever. As in, having done everything I needed to do tonight, she got annoyed at me the second she walked in the door from a night out with friends because I was playing a video game. I don't get it, and she won't explain it to me. WHAT IS THE DEAL.
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It was SO DAMN BUSY TODAY I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Everyone got their rebate today so it was straight to the TVs for most of them. XD But we certainly got our fair share of Christmas shoppers in Smalls! It was madness. XD Like, I did a third of my monthly quota TODAY-style madness. (Which is awesome. Because it means I only have to sell, like, $3k of stuff every day I work until the end of the month to get my $400 spiff. :D!)


- get up at 7am
- shower; CLEAN SHOWER
- breakfast
- strip bed; wash sheets
- dry sheets
- wash bath mats and towels
- clean room
- 3PM: Get off work and buy the actual Rock Band game, not just the peripherals. STUPID NEW KID IN COMPUTERS. *SHAKES FIST*

- go home and code damn website
- dry bathmats and towels
- ask Wyrren wtf we are doing on Sunday idk my bff panic????

- 9PM: flop as you have never flopped before
- clean moar
- search YouTube like an IDIOT for the last episode of Merlin, lol jk it will not even have aired yet :'(
- sleep

Also I am working eleven out of the next sixteen days. Which is not really so bad now that I think of it. XD Particularly when you think about the fact that if I do things correctly I will pretty much be earning $3k over the next two weeks. :3 But still. At this time of year it is SUPREMELY FRUSTRATING. XD

Also, I have a question for those of you who do work in retail (i.e. [ profile] teacupscientist.) When you call up other stores to check for price matches, do you say Hello-I-am-from or do you lie to them viciously and pretend that you are a prospective customer. BECAUSE I FEEL WEIRD ABOUT THE LATTER AND YET FEEL KIND OF RETARDED ABOUT THE FORMER. Because if someone called up and did it to me I'd be like YEAH WE DO THEM FOR FIVE MILLION DOLLARS LOLBAI. >_>;;; IS THERE PROTOCOL THAT I HAVE MISSED???

[ profile] alleyne I WILL BRING YOU HAVEMERCY ON TUESDAY FOR SRS. WE CAN HAS LUNCH EVERY DAY!!!!!!! ([ profile] teacupscientist, this also applies to you, only more along the lines of: if you are in town and you do not come have lunch with me I may NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN JUST SAYING.)

Also: [ profile] narnizzle: Movie? Tuesday? Post-6pm??? Yes???
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Yo, dudes! :D I found my friend code. It's 5327-4270-8609 for Mario Kart Wii. Haven't checked Brawl yet, but I'll let you know when I do. We should race together sometime!

Also, one of my latest hatchlings grew its wings... another girl. XD I named her Jikokuten. Incidentally, I am way too in love with Hardin. I suspect this is no surprise.

Trying to decide what I should put on the header for this layout. (By which I mean, I cannot decide whether to do people from Crystal Coast, retarded Xolotl/Ciorrnaich retardery, or other things.) Suggestions welcome.

Must stop having hilariously retarded Xolotl/Ciorrnaich mental images. They must make me look insane.


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