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Spent a little time painting, then and today, so I count myself satisfied with events. Also finished reading A Clash of Kings, so now I get to start on A Storm of Swords, in which I imagine I will continue to be sad that Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane have not made any babies.

39083 / 100000 words. 39% done!

I am now at the end of my detailed notes and need to begin re-structuring on the fly again. Drat, drat, and double-drat.

Non-F&F writing things discovered today: Signourney is basically a giant spider with a human torso as a hat. That is all.
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I have spent more time working from home in underwear and a sarong this month than I have spent in a sarong at any other point in my existence. It's just more comfortable. True, I can't answer the door, but at least I'm nice and cool when I'm sprawling on the couch.

I am a little behind on NaNoWriMo, but I have finished the opening at approx. 11k on Saturday or Sunday night (I forget), so presumably all the things that make it a zombie novel are about to happen. Some day this week, I probably ought to write a bit more of it. So far, Our Heroine has met:
- the cute Asian DJ,
- the slightly pathetic groomsman her mother is trying to set her up with, and
- the Islander dude who is probably going to save them all if he ever makes it back into the story.

In other news, this is probably the most racially diverse thing I have written so far that does not involve races that do not actually exist. Hurrah!

I have spent probably the last week procrastinating on drawing, which may be one reason NaNo was progressing so well. I am still procrastinating on drawing as I type. On the bright side, if Harriet Potter and Ronalda Weasley were not the best thing about the internet this last week, it is only because this afternoon I discovered both Verka Serduchka and genderswapped Weasley Twins, Frida and Georgia, who are perhaps the hottest thing ever in the world.

My anxiety is higher than it was a few months ago. It seems like I am anxious with my pills, and sad without them. I can't say I approve, but I'm going to chat with the doctor about it next week, so we'll see how we go. I've also been sleeping worse as the weather warms up, which kinda sucks. Mum has suggested dark cellophane on the windows. I am seriously considering it, but I think I just need to get used to sleeping with a mask on.
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Went to see Oomee again today; her colour was better, and the nurses are now saying she may last weeks rather than days (although how she is going to manage this without any food or water is beyond me). I spoke to Dad this morning and he said something that Oopee later echoed; you get the feeling if it were a ten year old in there dying there would be a lot more racing around. That it didn't seem like they were trying to save her. She's only on very low doses of morphine apparently, and I understand Oopee's frustration at the lack of food/water she's getting. I'd like to think they know best, but that's a hard thing to trust to complete strangers.

I've been exhausted for the last two, three weeks -- haven't been exercising because I just feel like I need to sleep whenever I get the chance to sit down, and crying over Oomee whenever I think about it hasn't helped with that.

NaNo is in a week, and F&F is nowhere near finished; not much past where it was a month ago, in fact, because I just haven't felt like it. I'm bored of it again. I want to finish it, but I'm bored. I've solved all its problems, I've figured out its plot, and now there are no enjoyable puzzles left to solve during the writing, I can't be stuffed writing it. Story of my life. Hoping that outlining and writing a bit of Lesbian Zombie Wedding will help.

Hoping I will still have something to celebrate on Wednesday, but if not, I have a date with the QI crowd on October 31 which I am very much looking forward to.
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Last time I updated was... apparently Thursday. Which was an okay day, as was Friday, aside from being busy. Which today was also. I did get myself a bit worked up with sheer frustration this morning before work, but that abated for most of the day and is only really coming back to hit me now because I tempted fate with Dollhouse.

I had a really good weekend, though. Saturday was mostly lazy - we shopped, and did laundry, and then (way later in the day than intended, lol) cleaned out the spare room. We totally kicked its ass, too. \o/ Sunday was... uh... again, mostly lazy. But we gave the steenky feline a bath, and I got all the way to the end of F&F in my plot-reworking. I still have to go back and add details, but I have a tighter structure worked out which is fine even though I have to take out all my cool battle scenes, oh god, oh god.

Which is why today is a Sephiroth icon day. Because nothing says oh god oh god like the General.
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Still upsets me to think about it all, but she was really good today. She laughed and everything. (Mostly at Mum telling Oopee to do something rude in Dutch. XD) Oopee insisted I take the photo of Mum's wedding dress, so I need to find somewhere to, er, actually put it so it comes to no harm. I don't really have much to do with photos. I need some kind of special box.

This afternoon:
- write down the brainwave I just had thirty seconds ago about summer/winter politics aaaaarhghjsdhf
- finish Scrivener tutorial
- drag one of Mum's sidetables downstairs to see how it looks
- dry sheets
- put on dark load
- go to Howard's Storage about a bedside table (before 4pm)
- if it will not suit, head to Urban Sofa for same (before 4pm)
- put dinner in the oven
- hang dark load
- play some video games

My god, AtM is so heavily environmentalist it is sometimes alarming. I didn't actually intend this to be so. I guess that's just a product of what an enviro kid I was, though - I was up there with Fern Gully and Croc Hunter and David Attenborough. My agenda is so sekrit sometimes I don't even realise what it is.
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The weekend has been really relaxing. ^^ I think it helps that I've been starting my weekends on Friday nights instead of halfway through Saturday after the cleaning. Finally saw The Long Kiss Goodnight (which was AWESOME by the way) and thought thinky thoughts about AtM on Saturday morning.

I think it's actually time I set AtM aside and worked on stuff that actually... y'know... has a point. The characters are still my babies, obviously, but I feel like they need to have more to them, or something. Might be a 'verse morph, might be a shift in focus, but something's niggling and unsatisfactory at the moment and until I'm sure what it is, there's really nothing for it but to let the whole thing stew. I think it's to do with pacing. The whole thing is too slow. I need more subplots. *rattles her character bag* C'mon, guys; if that's not asking for trouble, I don't know what is.

In the meantime, I'll catch up on my novel reading and cram on research material for Conductor, which has been popping up in my head reasonably frequently of late. I saw folk on the bus platform on Saturday who looked exactly like Owen and Yuuri, I swear. It was weird as hell. XD

Shopped for fabric with Rage and Xanthe today; didn't find what we were after, but found a few half-options, I guess. Will be hunting further in the coming weeks.

Anyway, have just been informed that Darrin's mum is coming to Brisbane in a few weeks, so I have to go over here and hyperventilate a little bit and then go to bed because goddamn I am beat.
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Had a dream last night that I was discovered by the publishing equivalent of Miranda Priestly, played by some strange and wonderful mishmash of Sigourney Weaver and Meryl Streep. I was trying to choose between four short stories for a publication I'd never heard of and trying not to admit that I knew precisely buggerall about whatever she was talking about regarding the submissions.

I believe her sullen assistant was played by Neil Patrick Harris, and he was very sullen.

She was operating out of Dad's old house at Ashgrove, and apparently couldn't stand insects, so instead of selecting a story I spent the dream chasing a fly and a mosquito out of the room.

I only got to look at the first three short stories because she whacked the fourth down on her desk and then got distracted by the fly, but they looked to be about twenty to thirty pages each, and none of them were anything I recognised - which is obvious enough, since I've never managed to write more than three short stories of any quality ever.

Perhaps this is a good sign. XD


Oct. 15th, 2009 07:24 am
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This is interesting, although not terribly accurate. When I write men, I write like a man; when I write women, I write like a woman. Which is a good thing, I guess, for realism, but not so much for subversion. Hrmmmph. *immediately sets about deconstructing her writing*

(It's pretty close to androgynous most of the time, mind you, but... well, I'm not sure I agree with their word choices.)
Stolen from Maddie:

Post the first line of a story here, and I'll write the next five.

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I'm not sure how many of you have seen Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creative genius, but I saw it a while back and didn't comment, and one of the guys at work brought it to my attention again tonight on Twitter, so I guess I want to hash out my own thoughts on it and find out what you all think, since most of you are my first port of call when it comes to writing feedback and assistance.

I will cut this, though, because I think I've ranted at incorrigible public length enough for one evening. I DO NOT IMAGINE THAT I NEED TO TELL YOU THIS IS ALL OPINION, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF AVOIDING SNOOTY COMMENTS: IMHO. )

So that's the rant. I'd appreciate slightly saner commentary, since we all know how I get when I'm excited. I want to know what your creativity-inducing triggers are.

MUSIC → Must be regular of beat, remain within a certain pitch range, and connect in some way with the tone of what I am writing. This is why my playlist for The Conductor is more successful in getting me to work than any other playlist — it's very flat and straightforward, which fits Ash's mentality very well.
SOLITUDE → If pressed, I can write with people around, but particularly for story-writing, I have to be in a corner where I can see everyone and no one can be reading over my shoulder. Music comes in here, too, since it helps isolate my brain from whatever is going on around me.
NIGHT → No matter what I try to do with my schedule, I always write my best between 10pm and 2am. I have done, and am doing, my best to alter this, but my head works better at night, probably because at night I feel like I'm just dicking about with words and there's no pressure.
PRESSURE → Conversely, pressure helps because it means that the writing (or other creative endeavour) is the most important thing around. Nothing tops it, therefore nothing has the right to encroach on your focus upon it.
COLD FEET → No, seriously. I find it difficult to write when I have warm feet. They give me an uncomfortableness.
TEA → Not that I can't write without it, but that I have made tea a ritual that lets me focus on my work: I make it, bring it back to my desk, and get in a good five or ten minutes of intense concentration before it's of a drinkable temperature. (And then, if I'm lucky, forget all about it because I'm concentrating too hard on what I'm doing to be concerned with things like tea. Pfah!)

That's all I can think of at present. Come and chatter with me, o flist, and yea, also you lurkers of the night. I am less aggressive than the rant would have you believe, especially now that it is 11.22pm and I am kind of tired and cold and ranted out.
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Coming down with something, as is my wont when I have been around the children. Glands are up, tonsils aching faintly, but with any luck the multi-vitamin and a decent night's sleep will see me at work tomorrow. Tonsilitis is not something I care to have in my adult life, do you hear me, little fleshsacs. My ears are iffy, too, but that's possibly just a sign I ought not to spend so much time with headphones in.

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale arrived this morning. Well, technically Friday. It's decent so far, and not as trashy as I was expecting, which is a relief.

I am, of course, supposed to be writing in order to fulfill my self-set fic-finishing deadlines so that I can clear out the fic list and write Real Things but to be honest at the moment I feel like sentences are falling out the back of my nose.

I was talking to Tina last night about methods of novel writing and how, in particular, Book!verse, CC!verse and Rocfall seem to like me to ricochet wildly between them. Conductor is also pretty sharing and caring, although shyer about it than the rest, which just figures, given its protagonists. AtM seems to be the live-in, since it coexists peacefully right up until the wild fits of novel jealousy that involve flinging fistfuls of the story on the floor and making sure it all goes back in upside-down.

Yeah, so maybe I should go to bed. >_>; Yeesh.


Aug. 15th, 2009 11:23 am
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Saturday! Day of Doing Things So You Do Not Have To Do Them Later! Today:
- clean bathroom
- tidy desk
- wash sheets
- dry sheets

- vacuum
- fix whatever James did to the last pot when he washed the heavy dishes, sigh. (This is the real reason having sore hands sucks.)
- check that you did not bork /docs
Did not bork! Huzzah! This is about the extent of my technical ability, sigh.
- work out whether or not you could really hypothetically write a full draft of AtM by the end of the year, even while working full time
- do your tax
- figure out scening for Debt?
- write until Tina stops hitting you over the internet, ow
- finish lining Hiru
- line Auberon

Additionally: Hal Duncan FTW.
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Right. Okay. 2k+ from an evening of Tina threatening to take away things she is going to draw/write for me. I can finally throw away this sheaf of notes, which is so old and abused that the paper feels like cotton. And I am feeling fabulous.

Unfortunately I am not feeling sleepy.

We should do this more often, Tina, darling. That was only, what, two hours' writing? We only did about twelve ten minute sessions, I think. In any case: feeling productive = kicking the oh god I suck bawwww in the stomach and dumping it in the river while it tries to get its breath back.

...can you tell I wrote Rook for most of the evening? XD

Now, to bed. Or at least, to reading before bed, since I am distinctly unexhausted.
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So despite having buckets of coke yesterday, I slept really, really well last night. I think because just before I passed out, I wrote, and really felt like I was writing rather than just... putting words down. It was good. I was too tired to keep it up for long, but I wanted to keep going. Paper in front of the keyboard for... probably half an hour, then climbed into bed to continue and couldn't keep my eyes open, though my mind was rearing to go. (I reached for my clipboard about five minutes after I turned the light off, and scribbled wildly. I think it was something about Thom but I can't remember what at the moment. Bless that clipboard.)

And... it's Thursday again! o.0 How does this keep happening?
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By which I mean "fucking phone fucking ringing when I'm still in fucking bed" but I only dragged myself upright for the second call, so while I missed it, and I'm up, I also did not have to talk to anyone. Score!

EK has moved all the "A Year in Waiting" strips to their own sub-domain so you should check them out! The service industry is thankless, but I liked it for a lot of the same reasons she did.

[community profile] porn_battle is on again this weekend... I should write for that. None of the prompts are really pinging me, though. What is the world coming to when people cannot give me intriguing jumping-off points for hot hot sex? Honestly.

Things I am Trying to Do/Have Had an Eye Toward Doing This Weekend:
- reorganise Raph-Is's music, video, and art directories
- ... in preparation for pumping everything into Aziraphale and starting again in a nice, logical order. Possibly chronologically, because that's a good proof of productivity, right?
- Oh hell, write those things I said I'd write or I'm going to have to give MM to Wyrren! (I'm not convinced I ever told her about this. XD; Um. Surprise?)
- So, uh, do not write anything for [community profile] porn_battle until those things are done. Or at least one of those things are done. Oh, hell. Damn you, [profile] stepstepjump!
- clean the bedroom
- clean the bathroom
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- vacuum
- BSG pre-series special thing
- xsltproc again jdsfjahs
- Medieval Faire at the coast tomorrow with uni kids!

I was talking to mum about blogging the other day and why I make use of it. She keeps getting hung up on the privacy issue. "Why would you want to put it all out there for people to see?"

ME: Well, you don't have to. I mean, I could make mine friends-only, or locked just to me. But it's sort of a universal way of keeping in contact.
MUM: People don't need to know what you're doing every day. :\
ME: No, but I do. :\

And it's true. I really use this more for my own benefit than yours. I have a memory like a steel wossname, and I need this, because if I don't write it down, it's lost in an anachronistic haze. And as a fiction archive it's a good measure of when I've been most productive. Also, tagging is better than sorting things into boxes.

That train of thought derailed itself, but I did have a point when I started! See, I should have written it down and then dissembled. I don't have the memory for reverse-pyramid articles any more. ;)
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So, I just realised that I had a working writing process. For years. And then I forgot about it. Now I'm going to write it down so I never do anything so fucking stupid ever again.

1) On Day One, write stuff on paper. Preferably somewhere you have no computer access.
2) On Day Two (which should directly follow Day One), type Day One's handwritten stuff up. This reminds you of where you are going, and lets you sentence-tweak.
3) Also on Day Two, having reminded yourself of what happened yesterday, write more stuff on paper!
4) Continue!

Note to self: try to give yourself a brief break (perhaps with plotting) between typing stuff up and writing more stuff, because otherwise your hands will die on you.

I don't know why this took me so long to realise. This is how EVERYTHING I HAVE FINISHED has been written. Grey Sky Morning. Uh. Other stu-- okay, everything I wrote to a SCHEDULE THAT I FOLLOWED has been written like this. I knew there had to be a reason for the proliferation of notebooks! Aside from my lack of self-control. I am pretty sure F&F fell apart when I stopped following this process AND NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY.

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You heard me! :D Frost on my window! How exciting!

This is more face-mashy than exciting, but y'know. Kind of nice that they want to burn the book for its derogatory content rather than its homosexual content, I guess.

This would be one reason to actually have a child of my own. Not that I am the best rhetorical role model, since I frequently resort to jgdhfshjg and YOUR FACE when I can no longer be bothered arguing properly, but whatever. XD

Less groggy today, but not much more sleep. Wondering whether to just take the bandages off and have done with it. Don't want to hurt myself with enthusiasm, though.

Actually have no real idea what to do today. :\ Don't want to read the last Imriel book. (That thing where I stop reading and forget I care? Yeah.) Did plan a Balfour/Adamo thing last night, but enh.
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So I have written a total of 412 words on AtM in the last four days.

I thought I was doing REALLY WELL until I knew that.

I suppose this is the ultimate moment of quality vs. quantity.




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