Aug. 15th, 2009 11:23 am
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Saturday! Day of Doing Things So You Do Not Have To Do Them Later! Today:
- clean bathroom
- tidy desk
- wash sheets
- dry sheets

- vacuum
- fix whatever James did to the last pot when he washed the heavy dishes, sigh. (This is the real reason having sore hands sucks.)
- check that you did not bork /docs
Did not bork! Huzzah! This is about the extent of my technical ability, sigh.
- work out whether or not you could really hypothetically write a full draft of AtM by the end of the year, even while working full time
- do your tax
- figure out scening for Debt?
- write until Tina stops hitting you over the internet, ow
- finish lining Hiru
- line Auberon

Additionally: Hal Duncan FTW.
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This week, there was a storm of protest online when Robert Downey Jr. suggested his onscreen Sherlock Holmes—scheduled to hit theater screens on Christmas—might have had a gay fling with Watson (Jude Law). Gawker described the "full blown gay panic" from conservative film critic Michael Medved. "Who is going to watch Downey Jr. and Law make out?" he asked. "I don't think it would be appealing to women. Straight men don't want to see it."
- What if G.I. Joe Were Gay?

Actually, I'm pretty sure I'd pay good money for that. But not in a Sherlock Holmes movie. XD That's not the point, guys.

The sad part is So maybe it's just a matter of time before we see our first openly gay action hero. Um, guys? THERE ARE LOADS OF THEM. It's not our fault you're blind to nuance.

End of the article linked above is worth reading, though. :3 Awww. You go, little old lady.

That wasn't actually what I wanted to talk about, it just caught my interest as I was browsing LJ.

Because Mum just walked back in.


So now I am off to ignore my cleaning and read about the aftermath of metal dragons in the Empire. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! *runs*
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Lt. Dan Choi will shortly be on trial for being gay in the military. Sign the petition, please.

In other, less-infuriating news, I has a bed!

I am resisting the urge to just collapse into it for the whole weekend. <3 I was wrong last night: I do have self-control, just not over books.

The rest of the day will be spent cleaning and rearranging things such that I can fit all this stuff in my room in a convenient manner. Alas, I will not have a bedside table for a while. :
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This is ridiculous.

There's nothing else to say except that I might go throw up now.
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Dear Pope: How about you fuck off and stop turning your entire congregation against those who do not agree with you.

Also: now you know why I love gender theory, and you know what? Now I support it even fucking more.

sdjhfsjdhfhjsdjhfsafhadjsfhjf SEX HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER. klj kdlsa kajkjl klj a. *beats head against keybaord in frustration*


Dec. 15th, 2008 09:46 pm
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LOOK AT MY BABY HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL EEEEE. And Fujikujaku is all growed up now, too, as is Feucoronne, whose egg (if there is a god) should yield another male two-headed dragon or I will have to come up with uhhh magical feminine names for the thing I was planning to call some strange combination like Harrowgate Foxe. I may just call it Tabby Joline or something equally dashing. XD; UHHH.


Stared a little bit at my NaNo beforehand before deciding that Rook and Thom were probably a better idea, all things being equal, because it is one thing to write gay porn when your father is on the other side of the room and quite another to write wild sexings of the inter-species variety, even if the species is technically lumped under 'FAE'.

Also, work tomorrow. :( Sob. (But then Twilight. LOLOLOLOL, MAYBE I SHOULD BRING A BOOK.)
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Dear California:

Fuck you and your Proposition 8. You'll vote no to looking at alternative and renewable energies, but hell, go ahead and vote yes to crushing gay rights underfoot once again. Sure. Why the fuck not. After the wonderful day in politics, you could have done something a little more progressive, guys.

No love,

A Snippet.

Oct. 26th, 2008 10:24 pm
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It won't be done for a while, but here is a Thom/Rook snippet. And yes, those names are the right way around. )

Because surely no one can have objections to Professor Awesome being on top? I think I am in love with Thom for being a quiet, mild-mannered professor type with big manly hands, help, help.

[EDIT] sjhfhdjhdfjdjsdjhsdjhsfs IS IT NANO YET OH MY GOD WHY NOT SERIOUSLY T__________________T I want to write, like, EIGHT MILLION THINGS RIGHT NOW-- which means it really is exam time. XD This only happens when I'm working hard on things that have nothing to do with writing.

Things I Want to Write Concurrently During NaNo:
- Faith and Feather
- White!verse
- Crystal Coast
- Epic Incest Fic of Epic Incest Angst Threesome Crossover Epic Epicness Epic Epic

Which is only, what, five hundred thousand words? APPARENTLY IT IS POSSIBLE. There was that crazy woman on the interview panel a few weeks back who wrot like 425k during NaNo last year. That's, like. That's more than 16k every day. EVERY. DAY. Holy fucking shit. XD There's no chance of my doing anything like that, but holy fuck. ONE DAY? XD Am I that crazy?

(Hint: Yes.)
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Was talking with Karen and Lauryn last week while I wrote my essay, and I just have to repost this little gem, extrapolated by [ profile] howl_for_words from the title of one of my resources:

"Lessons in becoming a straight man: do not wear pink, and do not put your penis in a boy."

I know I'd publish that thesis. XD ♥ ILU, Karen. <3 <3 <3

And since we are after class now, you are looking at me on a newly set up wireless network! 8D This is particularly hilarious because I can see all the other wireless networks in the building, and they are called, like, GAYBOY_MANSION, and such. :'D Oh, Valley.

Of course, the signal is not exactly grand, but this is not the point. >_>;

[EDIT] Also, this afternoon I offered my website-construction skills to Jim Frenkel. Life is hereby awesome, and full of what-the-fuck.
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It is always nice to think, "Well, that's probably a good solid 250 words," and discover that actually it's a good solid 500 words. This means I'm probably going to run out of words before I'm done ranting about masculine homophobia, but I'm sure Viv will understand. She's a good sort.

(I need to get either her or Sharon to be my supervisors when I do my thesis/exegesis. Viv appreciates a man in stockings, and Sharon was responsible for the whole... Brokeback Australia thing that happened during Wonderlands. I feel that we can all get behind a thesis about gay porn.

No, I do not plan to do my thesis on gay porn, [ profile] alleyne.

Well, not entirely on gay porn.

It'll be justifiably literary, anyway.)
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[ profile] cheloya: *sneezes again* AUGH.
[ profile] kuchibue: arwww
*hands you tissue*
[ profile] cheloya: *blows nose* <3
my nose is getting damn sore XD
[ profile] kuchibue:
*and vaseline*
oh god
[ profile] cheloya: XD SDGFJHDSFGHJSF
[ profile] kuchibue: that was the wrong place to add that
[ profile] cheloya: XD XD XD No, no. It was the best.
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I think Squeaker and I have made a personal goal to make as much food-related innuendo in a two-person chat as possible. XD

...and now Lauryn has joined in. XD

Oh, Sunday.


Jul. 31st, 2008 01:38 am
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The end of the book left me stone cold furious, and then I read the acknowledgments and discovered that Alasdair and Chad are/were partners and just about had a fucking coronary. (They are both tutors. I did not know this. I feel like I should know this. Except that I heard stuff about Chad breaking up with whoever last year or the year before and this was published two years ago and, anyway, this isn't important.)

What is actually important is that I spent the whole book dreading the ending for a reason and that the ending was pretty much exactly what I expected and exactly what I did not fucking want, and underlined pretty much every single fucking reason that I hate people. Well done, Alasdair. You know what you're talking about.

...doesn't make me any less pissed off, though.

Spoilers, not that anyone will care. )

I really don't think I'm going to be coherent for that tutorial. Really. I should probably just not go. At this point, with this reaction level, I am liable to wind up in tears in the classroom, and that never goes down well in enlightened discussion.
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(It is terrible that this made me so happy I had to link it.)


Oh god, this is like, the most painful book in the history of the world. And now there is this kid who inexplicably reminds me of Roxas so I am all but shaking the main character and screaming HAVE A MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP and of course I have no actual hope of this because Emma has already told me that nothing changes in this book and I am full of cry. I mean that.

I really am going to be the weird third-year next week, because about all I have to offer on this book so far is augh.

(Seriously, this Kristian [Aside: With a K? Really? Does anyone do that to their child?] kid has obviously been in love with the main character - older brother's best friend - for, like, ever. The fact that the main character is a total fucking jerkface is not helping me at all, here. I meant it about the denial and the augh and oh god why do they make me read books like this. It is infuriating. ALL I WANT IS A HAPPY ENDING TO THIS SOAP OPERA BULLSHIT. WHERE IS MY FEELGOOD, THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH OF THIS DENIAL AND DRAMA THAT I CAN TAKE.)

I am really chatty this evening. It is because I am freezing my ass off and reading LOL DRAMA and mum's still out with the work guys because they all had an exam for the project management course they're taking. XD I'm just like, MUM'S NOT HOME; IT CAN'T BE THAT LATE. And of course, it definitely is.
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Just got up. Exhausted. Whyyyyyyy. What happened to the sleeping? The sleeping was good. It lasted like two whole days...

On the bright side, I did have a dream about being Papa D. That was kind of awesome. And by 'kind of awesome' I mean 'I was living with Count D and he was not deathly afraid of me so it was wildly AU and we wandered around the house together and it was FUCKING AWESOME YO.' I/He got a hug. It was kind of epic. As in, in the back of my head I could hear myself going OH MY GOD THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AND YET YOU/WE ARE ACTING LIKE THIS IS NORMAL, THIS AU IS SO. COOL. :'D I have no idea where Sofu was and at this point I DON'T CARE because Leon was in the house and I/Papa wasn't trying to kill him and it was lame and AWESOME.

C-can we tell PSOH is sort of on my mind at this point? :3 I am waiting eagerly for my email. Even though it's definitely not in until Thursday, like Crisis Core. Eee hee hee hee hee hee hee. ♥ Although I'm actually having difficulty deciding which I should tackle first (PSOH is the logical answer, but hear me out) purely because I am going to spend a lot of time yelling at both of them. PSOH is guaranteed to be a shorter stab of pain, but I think I can safely say that for the last year or so I've been more into PSOH, so I will probably rant for comparatively longer. XD Although since I definitely won't be finishing Crisis Core inside a day, I suppose I'll be breaking it up into short, manageable chunks of impotent rage.

Anyway. Fandom talk having woken me up a little more, I'm going to shower and then go study in the living room or something. Somewhere I am far away from Hoshi no Yakata because otherwise I will download and read it all today and that would be bad.

For the record, Hoshi no Yakata is a gay BDSM manga, which I discovered through... hmm... fandom secrets, I think. There is a character who is the most smoking male I think I have ever seen and is essentially D only more muscular and in leather. Do not ask me why I find this attractive. Not my thing at all. But this character? Is the only character that I have ever stopped and gone WHOA HOT at based on image alone. XD So naturally I had to research the fandom! Find the series! It has taken me months, but I got it. 8DDD And since I started reading it I have actually begun to flail a little over the rest of the characters, too. Sumiya = ♥. Angry, sadistic ♥. :3

In any case, you can download it from Game Over or Continue? if you are interested. :D It's under Projects > Completed > Hoshi no Yakata.

[EDIT] *criiiiiiiies* Barbara-senseeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisjjhfakjfhsj

;_______; Sh-she allocated me to the Tuesday class.

So now I have one thing really early Monday morning....... and then nothing for the rest of the day. Wryyyyyyyyyyysa,mdfhadfasdjfsdfkasldf. T_T;;;; I knew I should have sent a specific request email.
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So, guess who just found Hoshi no Yakata scanlations.

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In which Rave links products that she wants out of sheer procrastination. )

And now for a link that is actually important: because anyone who's anyone like making fun of Xemnas and a nerd joke at the same time, right? I mean, it's not a really nerdy joke, but it was still mildly amusing. ...or I could be held in thrall by the way this chick draws expressions. >_> Any of those things, really. I'm still wondering how in hell one gets to that spelling from the way that one pronounces dorsocephalic, but anyway...

Tina is officially an honourary member of Meat Bamboo Brigade, you guys. Ignore the icon babbling, that was incidental. XD )

And then, the kicker:

Tin says:
a grandfather named... *dundundun* ... D!


(Don't ask me why this is different to imagining any D having sex with anyone. I cannot explain. XD)
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Someone. Anyone. Quickly.

Tell me I shouldn't write for this.

I could get paid. And published. In a crappy little magazine with no quality control I'm sure but this is sort of not the point. It would totally count as experience, and having been published. >_> SOMEONE PREVENT ME FROM DOING THIS OR AT LEAST HELP ME THINK OF A PSEUDONYM.


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