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Structural analyses can suck on my imaginary penis. Today I went knocking on the cruel wooden doors of badly-written paragraphs, asking them to participate in a brief survey, which went like this:
1) Describe yourself in a sentence.
2) What is your function in the story?
3) What is the function of the things mentioned explicitly?
4) What is the function of the things mentioned implicitly?

Rinse and fucking repeat, and this is fucking bullshit, Craig. Fucking. Bullshit. If you haven't picked up structure by the time you get to university IN A WRITING DEGREE, then you are never going to fucking pick up structure. IT IS INTUITIVE. THIS IS LIKE LABELING AREAS OF SKIN. OR STRANDS OF HAIR. Like you don't know which bit is on your fucking palm or attached to your head or not. Rassafrassin' asdhfjsafa jsdfhasjdf.


I hope it storms tonight.

Lauryn and Squeaker pretty much saved my headspace today by letting me occasionally think about design. By which I mean putting Ambrose and Atychos in dresses, and waking up Hiru-the-amateur-seamstress-no-not-that-kind-of-seamstress.

As you can see, though, I have not been saved quite enough and I have a further, oh, twelve thousand fucking words to read through and analyse tonight so that I do not fail this fucking subject. THIS FUCKING SUBJECT. It has been nothing but a fucking nightmare. At least Sam got us to look at the structure of things that WERE DEFINITELY STRUCTURED IN AN INTENTIONAL WAY. Not the halfass scribblings of other people who are burned out and desperately trying not to fail the fucking subject.

[EDIT] Squeaks, for a character made entirely of ass and sex appeal, Ambrose is surprisingly difficult to draw in a dress. XD It might help if I draw him normally first.
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