Nov. 8th, 2008


Nov. 8th, 2008 12:22 am
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Directions: Pick 10 characters from a certain fandom, arrange or write their names down in random order, then answer the questions. No peeking at the questions first, okay?

Unseelie CourtSeelie Court
1. Liquor
2. Sanga
3. Kondekir
4. Ciorrnaich
5. Aundin
6. Lovelily
7. Landre
8. Xolotl
9. Hiru
10. Risette
1. Hiru
2. Loganaich
3. Kagami
4. Skeff
5. Bess (Bespoke)
6. Auberon
7. Eodranaich
8. Titania
9. Ciorrnaich
10. Mother Fa

Questions. )

Sorry to [ profile] ignite and [ profile] howl_for_words - my net has been flipflopping strangely, and since I'm about to go to bed I figured I'd just sign off.

[EDIT] Things that happen in my head just before sleep happens:

HIRU: You know...
ME: msdfhdhdjs, what? What?
HIRU: Lovelily is a flower.
ME: Yes? So? What's your. Oh. Oh. ....ohhhhhhhh....
HIRU: Mmm.
ME: Well, that's interesting.
HIRU: I thought so.
ME:'re kind of a whore now, huh.
HIRU: I learned from the best.
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I begin sketching in an attempt to wake up my mind. I end up with Sanga, curled up in a ball, furious and grieving, and I have no idea how he got that way.

"BABY," I shriek. "BABY, WHAT IS WRONG."

I panic at Tina in chat. I fling myself at Sanga trying to work out what is wrong. Hiru flings himself at Sanga trying to figure out what is wrong. Sanga remains distressingly unhappy, and when I wail that this is hardly the time, Hiru just looks at me like I should take myself on a long walk off the nearest short pier.

About fifteen minutes later I work out he is crying over Risette. He starts looking happy despite himself. I work out that he is crying over the day Risette faded so far that she couldn't speak.

He cheers up immediately, and just gives me this look. "Where's the trust?" says the look. "When am I ever not helpful?"

And I really have to agree. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love my baby. I love my baby so much. He gives me logical characterisation directions in pantomime. XD Now there is more tension to his interactions with Tol! My baby is a genius. ♥
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  • [ profile] feather_qwill: you can change your layout if you create a whole new layer, like you did when you brought in Flexible Squares. Then go paste in your CSS as usual - the problem is probably that the system hasn't stored the layout source code where it's meant to be stored for easy editing. Whether this is because of IJ's random deletion (so until random deletion sets in, editing is easy) or because of bad design (so editing is impossible) I cannot tell. [EDIT]Looks like it's the former, which is encouraging.[/EDIT]
  • Samurai!verse is, in fact, set in the vampire state. Which is part of AtM!verse. Which means that Malus gets a katana. Ohhhhyeah. Sweet, sweet Vampirese steel, forged with the bones of loyal human servants or something. I don't even know what I'm saying but it works in my head.
  • Whenever I am going well with writing anything, I blog about going well until I have well and truly interrupted my own flow and can no longer write well at all.
  • I really like blues and greys. No wonder I am so fond of school uniforms.

[EDIT] It's true. I write best between 4pm and dinnertime; then from 11pm until sleep overcomes me. The hours in between are spent procrastinating on the writing itself and considering what else I could be doing were I only finished writing.... then doing those things anyway. It's ludicrous. I would be more disciplined about NaNo. :( I'm sort of running out of university-applicable discipline.
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Yo, dudes! :D I found my friend code. It's 5327-4270-8609 for Mario Kart Wii. Haven't checked Brawl yet, but I'll let you know when I do. We should race together sometime!

Also, one of my latest hatchlings grew its wings... another girl. XD I named her Jikokuten. Incidentally, I am way too in love with Hardin. I suspect this is no surprise.

Trying to decide what I should put on the header for this layout. (By which I mean, I cannot decide whether to do people from Crystal Coast, retarded Xolotl/Ciorrnaich retardery, or other things.) Suggestions welcome.

Must stop having hilariously retarded Xolotl/Ciorrnaich mental images. They must make me look insane.

what else?

Nov. 8th, 2008 11:24 pm
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My right shoulder is hurting me in pretty epic ways. I am rather too tired to think about writing. Probably writing would solve this, but the headache is dissuading me from trying. I still have two and a half scenes before I'm done with the narrative arc I wanted to have done. It won't take long once I actually do it because these are actually some of my favourite parts, plot-wise.

Naturally this is the time for an icon meme. )


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