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This song should not be so fucking perfect for Rook and Thom asdhjfjasdfjads whyyyyyyyfjsdfhasjdfhsjdfsfashsda sj.

This entire FST should not be so good for Rook and Thom. It should not be so goddamn good to WRITE TO when none of the songs apply to what I'm writing at ALL.

1. Crushcrushcrush by Paramore
2. There's a A Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered, Honey (You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet) by Panic! At the Disco
3. I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
4. Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects
5. Figured You Out by Nickelback
6. Bite to Break Skin by Senses Fail
7. Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Gos
8. Brink of Disaster by Mae
9. Going Down in Flames by Three Doors Down
10. I Don't Know Why I Love You by Ivy
11. The Empire Strikes First by Bad Religion
12. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
13. Big Brother by The Scooters (THIS IS JUST MY SONG OF LATE, Y/Y)

And then the inimitable RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES by WAGNER because it was WAY TOO FUNNY NOT TO ADD. XDDDD I am witty, okay, even if you do not see it.

FFFdsjfhajsdhfjashdfjasdhfjffffffffffffffffffffff. ♥ ♥ ♥

After this week, I am porning Rook and Thom so hard. SO HARD. LIKE A TRUCK, BERSERRRKERRR.


(I may be going slightly mad.)


Right. The good news is, I have 6100 words. The bad news is, I'm not finished this scene yet, and also I cannot fit Scene By a Brook in this. No faerie UST for Craig. I'm sure he'll be so disappointed. Finishing this before bed, and then tomorrow I can:
- get up at 7.30 This was before I stayed up until 1.30 trying to round off what I had.
- scan everything
- upload everything scanned
- burn everything that isn't printed
- edit this quickly again
- email everything to Craig
- run away to assignment minder with the printed copy
- dance and rejoice for many moons
- make kanji cards
- continue to dance and rejoice, for I will have one thing left and that thing will be a reading/writing exam, which I am good at


on 2008-11-09 04:33 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] (from

PS; Your fic is amazing. *A* Blame that for my presence.

Re: /stalk?!

on 2008-11-09 04:58 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Um, um, er, hello? XD Thankyou? Excellent. XD;;; I'm sorry, you have me a bit flustered. ♥ Which fic, if you don't mind my asking? I... haven't really written much for Havemercy yet. XD;;

*restalks* city_thiev rings a bell! But I do not know which bell. It has been a while since I have had time to look at my bell collection. When my internet works for more than thirty seconds at a time I will figure it out.

(Of course, you could just put me out of my misery. XD Hello, please call me Rave and do not be afraid of delurking?)

Re: /stalk?!

on 2008-11-10 12:00 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] (from
A-ah, sorry! I didn't mean fic for Havemercy, I meant your xxxHOLiC fic collection. I think I commented on one of your fics back at buttonsandblows? The one called Acts of Charity. I think that's probably the only one I commented on because I suck at coherency.

(ahaha, I'll keep that in mind. Sorry for the confusion!)

Re: /stalk?!

on 2008-11-10 12:07 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Ah, yes! And I believe I have several of your icons squirrelled away somewhere, too. ^^ Fear not re. coherence; I am incoherent at all times. :D; Welcome to the madhouse?


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