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I'm really struggling to write a scene in F&F because I find it hard to write Death Gigas and Hellmasker; Galian and Chaos are both much more natural for me.

As such, I started reviving my knowledge of the visual inspirations for the demons — Jason Voorhees and Frankenstein's creature — and thought I'd share the results of my demon head canon.

Galian Beast represents Vincent's most basic nature; it is the desire for feeding, running, fucking, pack. It loves a fight, loves food, loves sleep, loves sex and companionship, and needs societal order. It doesn't care who's in charge as long as *someone* is. Galian Beast is, essentially, Vincent's yearning for simplicity, and developed out of his refusal to just let things be simple.

Death Gigas is steeped in the waters of Vincent's childhood (a Wutaian in Midgar), seasoned with yearning for something that is dead and gone — something he was never going to have. It is also the most stable of Vincent's demons.

Hellmasker is, essentially, Vincent's denial and his desire to bury things. It's grown from the deep sense that he (and Lucrecia) were unfairly wronged; it is childish and hates to acknowledge hard truths.

Chaos, or Da Cha O, is the one thing Vincent struggles with above all: change. It is constantly shifting, impossible to pin down, adaptable. Vincent is versatile in battle situations, but frequently refuses to adapt to changes in his life. The fear of the unknown, the changing, is what makes Chaos a demon to Vincent, rather than a god.

The only thing that the demons have in common is loneliness and a desire for companionship.

I'd love to hear others' thoughts.

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I'm a long time lurker/fan of Faith and Feather... I should probably comment more on your stuff because it's amazing and gorgeous and one of the few living aspects of the Final Fantasy VII fandom, but I'm kinda internet shy. Anyways, choose to disregard this as you want, but on Death Gigas, because he is based off of Frankenstein's monster, I have a few suggestions.

Death Gigas could be based in Vincent's fear of rejection, of being a monster, of never being quite human. Frankenstein's monster waas rejected as soon as it was "born" (for lack of a better word), by the very man who created it, because Frankenstein was disgusted by it. Then, later on, it is rejected by a family that the blind father at first accepted him once the rest of the family sees what he truly is. Basically, Vincent is afraid people will see him as he thinks he is (a monster) and will reject him.

This can also correlate with what you said about Vincent's childhood as a Wutaian in Midgar, as he was not accepted for who he was there either.


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