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Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes,
don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture
with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

Yes, it is six o' clock at night and I still have not made my bed. I am as ashamed as you think I ought to be, I assure you.

As it turns out, Dell is even more fabulous than I had previously suspected, and their laptop is more or less identical with the added bonus of having Win XP and not Win Motherfucking Vista, for $50 cheaper than I can get the laptop at cost price at HN. So I'm going to look into that again over the weekend and see whether it'd be worth it to go with Vista aside from the obvious which is that sooner or later programs will no longer run on XP.

Dad's looking for his customer number, anyway.

.......also, is it me or is Cale exceptionally hot in the third-to-last panel of today's Looking for Group? Because I can smell an icon coming on. That boy should kill people more often. I hope Richard noticed. :3

Finally had my consult with Craig today. Our conclusions were:
1) Aundin is awesome. (Seriously, this is the only conclusion to be drawn from AtM. XD Blah blah faeries blah blah men blah blah OH MY GOD THE FAERIE QUEEN IS AWESOME. XD He also seemed to like that I'm going back to the roots of the Faerie consort problem, and that I'm thinking about fiddling with fae and space/time a la Torchwood, only not like Torchwood at all.)
2) The twins, while interesting, are unimportant to the plot. Their presence is especially useless if you cannot work in a mention of a stepladder. (Okay, so that was my conclusion.)
3) I can start from the beginning of Faerie rather than the beginning of Tol's story, and I probably don't need a Hiru!prologue. (Although I personally suspect it will help to have a Hiru!prologue. We shall see. I guess you'll get enough of an impression as to the anger of Auberon through Hiru while he's in Faerie, esp. since he's really trying not to step on anyone's toes.)

And now, cooking and cleaning in preparation for sitting down and essay-churning. Because I feel a lot like working on AtM after the babble that went on this afternoon. XD Ultimate proof that your novel is your baby? It gets slammed, and you can see what's wrong with it, and you understand how much improvement it requires and where it requires that improvement... and you still love it and want to work on it more than you want to do pretty much anything else. Hee. ♥
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Can has speak to Craig. I no can has consult. Saturday can has.

hhrrrghfdghf, I think this shows you where my brain is at.


I think I am going to vomit when I have to speak to John about quitting. I wish that I didn't care so much about contractual commitments. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it. I've known the man four, five weeks? Maybe six if you include the interview? Causing him the inconvenience of having to find a new staff member should not be enough to have me nauseous and in tears at the thought.

I am clearly hormonal, and so this is probably an exaggerated reaction, but for the love of fuck. This shouldn't happen.
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Craig lost my draft.


My, it's been a long time since I put all of iTunes on shuffle. It's amazing how much good music I forget I own.

Also, I think IJ spontaneously removed about 150 of my icons. :|
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I am too slow for structural edits. I don't understand the point of some scenes until years after I read them, and that's when the works are published and I'm sure they have a point and I am completely obsessed with the character in question. (See: Papa D.)

jdhasjdhfjs, this is never going to make sense by the time I have to get a bus. :(
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Today is apparently a day for indiscriminate panic and gibbering. I am worried about Jim Frenkel coming to talk to us and me not necessarily having anything specfic enough to talk to him - because I know Tor does do my sort of thing, it's just that Frenkel himself is more in the SciFi side of things and apparently my natural urge is to run rather than possibly waste his time.

Going to pester Craig today. See if it calms me down. (Hah.)

OzLit will be fine. Jap may be less-so. Not looking forward to my consult purely because, well, this semester has been a really fucking terrible semester for writing for me, and I know it, and Craig knows I can write better than I have been, so it embarrasses me to submit this crap to him because I've run out of time to make it better.

And then, of course, I'm going to have to explain that, actually, one of my protagonists has just decided that this first half constitutes backstory rather than an actual section of the book.

Possibly that whole thing is something I should discuss with him. At least we mightn't get on to fucking Firefly and Dead Like Me that way.


Anyway. University. Go!
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It's not possible to catch the flu inside two hours. It's not. It's not. it's just that I went to bed late last night. That's all it is. I'm feeling nauseous because I haven't eaten for a while. That's all. That's everything. I am not getting sick. I am definitely not getting sick. sjfaksdhsdas.

Assignment draft handed in. Craig says to leave it alone for a while; I think I'm going to work harder on plotting the rest of AtM and scene-structure it, because I have another draft to hand in in week eleven. *adds to to-do list*

Tonight, pizza and Japanese oral-writing, and possibly Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, because I feel like it.
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Should have set my alarm for earlier, but there you are. I feel stupid even submitting this, because there's still so much that is horribly horribly wrong with it. I haven't even written the final thousand words yet. I think I'm going to submit the list of things that I want to correct in it, so that next week - because we have more private consultations, haha, woo hoo, just what I need, another conversation about Firefly and Dead Like Me, those are really helpful - he can focus on things that I, um, don't already know about.

Which will be precious little, as my list at the moment is pretty exhaustive. XD

Anyway. 1k to write, then class, then home and cooking, and then printing for excessive structural revision on my own part.

And then, uh, that literature subject and the presentation/essay that's due for that next week and the week after, and my Japanese oral. Fuck me sideways. |D;
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I have 1k to go, and I just hit a certain level of awakeness, but I'm going the fuck to bed now. Still have to write some kind of Skeff reunion and the jewellery/knife swap, and I may not actually have time for Scene By A Brook until next draft but I am going better and Auberon is consistently LOLtastic. By which I mean he is a total fucking jerk but at least he sounds sensible this draft and not just mwa-hah-hah-I-am-a-token-nasty-person.

How the hell can it be harder to write six thousand words over fourteen weeks than to write fifty thousand words over four? The math there is ludicrous.
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This .gif made me laugh so hard that stabbing pains happened in my internals, which is as good a reason as any to share. :D

Also, Lauren Cooper and the Queen is about the only clip of this girl that I find amusing.

Photos or it didn't happen? )


I cannot wait until this semester is over, seriously. All I want to do is write without the impending doom of absolute failure.
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Sleeping on a tennis ball = awesome. Now I just have to try to make sure that the knot doesn't come back. :D Since I have no idea what I did to know it in the first place, that could be tricky, but, eh heh, not the point.

Also, note to self: This is a really sweet student/teacher manga. [ profile] leviathanmirror, you might enjoy it, too. ♥

Man, I cannot type today. XD So many typos already in such a short post! Both forearms are sore/numb, which isn't grand, but at least my hands aren't in too much actual pain (yet).

To Do:
- shower
- breakfast

- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- wash load

- dry load
- clean kitchen
- make massive stir-fry

- clean kitchen again
- write: ban is crazy grumpy in the morning
- write: hiru knows twin centaur guards 8D
- write: auberon is creepy and likes little boys
- write: all your court are belong to aundin
- write: jewellery swap~! 8DDD
- write: scene by a brook
- write: ban is really grumpy in the morning
- celebrate!
- print for structural edit/revision
- draw for the remainder of the day

And yes, dividing a chapter up into components and calling them by retardalicious names really does help the writing process. XD I should sit down and do this with the whole novel some time. (Some time. XD)


Oh, and since it occurred to me yesterday - MEAT BAMBOO! Tell me what your characters smell like. 8D It occurred to me on the bus - there was a guy who smelled the way you smell when you clean enamel paint off yourself with turps and I thought it was an interesting character smell - that I rarely actually associate smells with my characters right off the bat. So, tell me what your people smell like! :D

[EDIT] I guess I should actually tell you what my people smell like, too, huh. )
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My mother is out of the country.

I can use her water quota to have baths.



2031 words down, 3969 words to go. The good thing is that I'm already 1000 words behind my last draft, which takes the total for this piece down to about 8.5k, and probably fewer, which means that I should - should, mind you - be able to fit in the scene by the brook.

In any case, that was an hour and a half longer than I wanted to spend on this tonight, so I think it's time for bed. So I don't want to kill myself in the morning. Ngh.

Also, talking to Tina is both productive and not: she solves epic plot problems, and yet makes new characters wander into my head. Two this evening, in fact.

At least one of them now has a pretty major part in Book!verse. As opposed to the legion of fae who will never be appearing in, uh, anything. Ever. XD;
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Hiru is so wonderful to write. ♥ I am going to bed now, and working all day tomorrow and the next day and the day after, but I hope to gods this sticks around. ♥ Hiru is my baby. He should never go away.
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  • Craig didn't turn up for class.
  • Have been paid a little over half of what I should be getting in one week... despite the fact that this was meant to be a fortnight's worth of pay.
  • Mum gets back from Canada on the day my holidays begin. Do you know what this means? This means that while I have free reign of the house for three weeks, I still don't have enough time to see my girlfriend, so free reign of the house is utterly useless to me. AUGH.
  • When I have to draw, I feel like writing. When I have to write, I feel like drawing. When I have to do anything important, I feel like playing video games! I WANT TO DIE.

    • On the bright side, only fifteen pieces of assessment to go!



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Pfffyeah, writing schedule works really well. Seriously, Ash, what the fuck.


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