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Well, by a lake, actually, but anyway -- today was my little oddson Dominic's name day celebration. :) He was six months old today, and I am now an officially named oddmother. It was a really lovely day, a little windy on the lake, but the perfect temperature, and not too bright or too grey. We had one two minute squall just before we left and that was it, it was awesome. Feeling pleasantly relaxed this evening, and going to try to write a little tonight and tomorrow morning before I leave for work.

Tomorrow is one last day of Virt frenzy, and then back to my regularly scheduled other frenzies. It's still going to be complicated until the end of March, but I think I'm over the crest of this metaphorical hill.

I hope. *raps smartly on the bench to her right*

Starting to get super drowsy, so it's time to start writing, and maybe to eat something light later on. Lunch on the lake and soaking up some sunlight has apparently been good for me.
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A year ago I would have spent the night in tears because I hadn't:
- put on more than one load of washing
- exercised
- written at least 2000 words
- drawn all your christmas commissions
- cooked dinner

Today, I put on one load of washing, did not write or exercise, drew the base for one icon, lay down on the couch when I started to feel headachey, and ordered pizza instead of cooking.

And I am proud of me for that.
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...from debt!

In honour of the occasion, five things that made me happy today:

1) BEING TWO GRAND UP ON MY UNI BILL FUCK YEAHHHHHH. It is now paid and printed and I never have to look at it again except maybe on my tax return.

2) Getting a tea stalk floating upright in my first cup of tea at Valley Corner tonight. (This is good luck in Japan shut up I know I was in a Chinese restaurant.)

3) Sleeping so deeply last night that I woke up this morning wondering what that annoying sound was, instead of jerking upright and slapping at my alarm instantaneously. My new doona is awesome.

4) Big cuddles with Darrin when everyone from work came to meet me for lunch. ♥ ^^ It was cold, and hugs were therefore lovely.

5) Making plans to draw tonight with [personal profile] kuchibue. ([personal profile] eclectify, you should join us if you are up to it!)

Because I am having a Good Night, dammit, and hell if I am not going to take gleeful advantage of that.


Jun. 1st, 2010 06:29 pm
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Had a major win at work today. :D Essentially, for the last forever we have been doing our work in about twenty different places and then having to cobble them all together to make the docs suite for one product. Naturally this results in books sometimes being forgotten come release day. Well, no more. We are moving, ladies and gentlemen. All the books for 5.x? Will be in ONE 5.x DIRECTORY.

I am not kidding, I just about broke into dance.

So for the first time in about a month I have not come home from work completely disheartened and ready to crawl into bed and never move again. I made Progress today, ladies and gentlemen, and I am delighted about it.

I have to work all weekend to make this happen, again, but I am still delighted.

Don't quite know what to do with myself this evening but I suspect it involves AC2 since that was what I intended to do last night instead of wretched email. But first, delicious subsidised Powerlink canteen food. <3 Thankyou mum.
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I'm not sure why! I should do something since I'm not feeling like a giant ball of sad! Maybe cook dinner or something idk. >>

Today my PM informed me that a product previously slated to go out on June 14 was going out tomorrow.

I just. I do not even. Can you believe this? |D;
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Did get a little wobbly this morning just before I arrived, and was extremely lethargic/apathetic (I don't really know how to describe this feeling, but I feel heavy in my head) for a lot of the day, but I haven't burst into tears so far, which makes the first day since Saturday March 27 that I have not sat choking and sobbing, or about to begin choking and sobbing, for a significant portion of the day, except for most of Sunday 4 April. So that's a plus.

I think I was so good today primarily because I got a lot done. Or at least, I got the chance to think about how I wanted to get things done, and wrote a few lists I needed to write, and can shortly begin completing those lists mechanically while I think of other things that need thinking about. Sadly those lists make about 130 issues that need release notes, and I have that to do before April 26 and another book to edit and have QE'd before mid-May, bu y'know. We'll get there. It's all coming along.

My newest n00b, Bec from uni, is picking up very quickly, although I fear she may have been fast-tracked through information that might help her later. She can go back to it then, though, which is a good thing. In the meantime, she's figuring out XML and SVN and putting most of a book skeleton together, and we can take her through the whole QE process in a few weeks when she's done with the basics.

I'm still pretty heavy/lethargic/apathetic at present, but there's a glimmer of optimism in here, which hasn't really been around for the last few weeks. Here's hoping it sticks around. Also that I don't get ill, because my throat started getting sore at about 2pm today and I am feeling another head cold coming on. Me and the rest of the building, I assure you.
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The weekend has been really relaxing. ^^ I think it helps that I've been starting my weekends on Friday nights instead of halfway through Saturday after the cleaning. Finally saw The Long Kiss Goodnight (which was AWESOME by the way) and thought thinky thoughts about AtM on Saturday morning.

I think it's actually time I set AtM aside and worked on stuff that actually... y'know... has a point. The characters are still my babies, obviously, but I feel like they need to have more to them, or something. Might be a 'verse morph, might be a shift in focus, but something's niggling and unsatisfactory at the moment and until I'm sure what it is, there's really nothing for it but to let the whole thing stew. I think it's to do with pacing. The whole thing is too slow. I need more subplots. *rattles her character bag* C'mon, guys; if that's not asking for trouble, I don't know what is.

In the meantime, I'll catch up on my novel reading and cram on research material for Conductor, which has been popping up in my head reasonably frequently of late. I saw folk on the bus platform on Saturday who looked exactly like Owen and Yuuri, I swear. It was weird as hell. XD

Shopped for fabric with Rage and Xanthe today; didn't find what we were after, but found a few half-options, I guess. Will be hunting further in the coming weeks.

Anyway, have just been informed that Darrin's mum is coming to Brisbane in a few weeks, so I have to go over here and hyperventilate a little bit and then go to bed because goddamn I am beat.
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I'm buggered, mind, but it was a good day. ^^ Rage's dress is going to be lovely.

Hopefully I get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow is going to be a right doozy. I don't want to check my emails tonight because I don't want to lie awake stressing, but I fear it may be damned if I do, damned if I don't. Bless you, Tuesday release schedule, you screw up my sleep schedule like horrible, horrible clockwork.
cheloya: (XKCD >> protest all you like) <-- TINA I HAD TO ACTUALLY CHECK THAT THIS WAS NOT FROM YOU. Oh internets. You are so entitled. And yet I am still more inclined to listen to this person than to any of the people demanding that I finish F&F. I WONDER WHY THAT IS.

So I guess I'm painting while I watch District 9, then.

I'm oddly contented this evening. I'm okay with not finishing NaNo. I'm really looking forward to getting back to work on AtM and F&F. My clockwork earrings continue to be awesome. I'm... just really satisfied and enthusiastic. I wasn't expecting to be at all. ^___^ Yay for Mondays that improve as they go.

(Not that this morning was bad, either. XD Forgotten fire alarms ftw?)
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I'm actually really happy today. Quite satisfied.

Part of that is because of this man, who is sane and reasonable about the Roman Polanski thing. I cannot even believe the people on that petition. I mean-- I cannot believe them. I can't believe I respected them for a long time. What the fuck, people?

No luck with shoe shopping this evening because apparently Paddington is special, but I had a good day, all in all. Picked up the latest Paramore album (at least, I assume it's the latest one) and I'm enjoying it. I keep feeling like I ought to post some reviews of the stuff I've been reading lately, since I've been reading more than writing for about six months, but where do I start? I should probably start with a massive pimp post for the Doctrine of Labyrinths quartet, because despite all my flailing, I never quite sat down and talked out exactly what made them awesome.

Having cod for dinner. :D Fish is one of those things I'd have to give up if we implemented the eat-what-you-kill rule; I cannot bear scaling. I can butcher things pretty happily, but scaling is one of those things that makes me go eurgh.
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...I love my job.

That's. That's really it. I love my job. I love my job. I love the fact that I can say, "I love my job," and mean it. I guess I'm not technically doing my job yet, but you know what? I love my workplace. THIS IS A HEADY AND UNFAMILIAR THING.

It also means that when I get home? I get home full of HAPPY and CONTENT and READY TO WORK ON THINGS, although my hands may have something to say about the latter one.

I cannot actually imagine a better workplace. I feel like if by chance one did exist, the world might actually implode.

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Welllll, I made the Dean's List for last semester. :3 This is an ideal time to receive this proof that, yes, I am occasionally smrt enough to warrant a semester GPA of 6.5 or higher. (I liked last semester. I really should have quit while I was ahead. XD)

Anyway, that's work over with. It was a fun time. By which I mean today was the SLOWEST DAY EVARRRRR OMGGGGgggggfjdhgsjd. *flop* It wasn't too bad, though, considering.

Anne Hathaway looks really hot with chin length hair. >_>; I'm not sure if it's the length or that it's messy enough to pass as normal.

Also, I love medleys way too much. Also theme songs. So a TV opening medley a-capella? Wins at pretty much everything but Rabindranath in song. ...and thanks to Chira, I have that, too. XD I will now direct you to her and avoid uploading anything myself.


(I am a sad, but very happy panda.)


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