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Today I've gone through most of the garage and gotten rid of most of the rubbish in it, where rubbish is things that we don't want to keep and can therefore a) sell, b) give away, or c) bin.

I think we've already filled our actual bin, and I have something like nine boxes of books waiting to go to Lifeline. Probably a box and a bit that can go to Cash Converters or EB Games, and another box or so of things that I'm better off selling through eBay or similar (rare fandom items mostly), or passing on to relatives and internet friends. Not bad for half a Saturday's work after an hour of sleep last night!

I still need to go through the garage and pack up the things we actually do want to keep, photograph the furniture we're happy to sell, pack a suitcase with a fortnight's clothing and shoes, but we will be well and truly ready for this move by the time it happens, and we've cut down on so much CRAP that we would otherwise have to cart with us, I think it's going to be cheaper to move this time than it was when we moved 2-3h north of where we last lived. Even though we're potentially moving state this time. Yes, we are uncluttering champions, thankyou.

Seeing lots of Alyce, James, and Dominic lately, which has been awesome. <3 Still haven't seen Mum properly, except when she dropped in last weekend to criticise my cleaning and drop off baby photos. Attempting to arrange the opportunity to see Dad and immediate family without seeing the whole goddamn extended family as well, because I never get the chance to talk to him or play with the kids if the whole family is involved.

Have not been sleeping very well, or writing very much, probably because I am anticipating a fair amount of change in my immediate future, and while it's not exactly freaking me out, it's sending me into uber-planning mode. Which is not the most relaxing of modes.

Still, it's raining this afternoon, and my engagement ring should be ready within the next week or so. :) Which I am very much looking forward to.
Good news: Darrin said yes! Well, Darrin squeaked, "Okay!" which is just as good if not better. XD

Unsurprising news: My mother did not respond to my first SMS, and responded to my second SMS with, "Doesn't this rate a phone call?"

Subsequent conversation did not involve the word "congratulations" until about four fifths of the way through, but managed to cover:
- how inconsiderate this was she was meant to pay for a wedding
- shouldn't you have some assets before taking this step
- whether I was pregnant
- since when do you ask your boyfriend
- other stupid inconsequential crap that oh my god why do I even bother communicating with this woman, this is why I SMS'd you instead of calling you. *headdesk*

Seriously. I mean, aside from anything else: do I strike you as the kind of person who would marry someone just because she was pregnant? How far from my mental standpoint could you *possibly be*? I was too unsurprised to even get mad at her in person, and now I just don't want to have any further conversations on the matter. Thanks for your support, as usual, Mum.


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