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Spent a little time painting, then and today, so I count myself satisfied with events. Also finished reading A Clash of Kings, so now I get to start on A Storm of Swords, in which I imagine I will continue to be sad that Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane have not made any babies.

39083 / 100000 words. 39% done!

I am now at the end of my detailed notes and need to begin re-structuring on the fly again. Drat, drat, and double-drat.

Non-F&F writing things discovered today: Signourney is basically a giant spider with a human torso as a hat. That is all.
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Still upsets me to think about it all, but she was really good today. She laughed and everything. (Mostly at Mum telling Oopee to do something rude in Dutch. XD) Oopee insisted I take the photo of Mum's wedding dress, so I need to find somewhere to, er, actually put it so it comes to no harm. I don't really have much to do with photos. I need some kind of special box.

This afternoon:
- write down the brainwave I just had thirty seconds ago about summer/winter politics aaaaarhghjsdhf
- finish Scrivener tutorial
- drag one of Mum's sidetables downstairs to see how it looks
- dry sheets
- put on dark load
- go to Howard's Storage about a bedside table (before 4pm)
- if it will not suit, head to Urban Sofa for same (before 4pm)
- put dinner in the oven
- hang dark load
- play some video games

My god, AtM is so heavily environmentalist it is sometimes alarming. I didn't actually intend this to be so. I guess that's just a product of what an enviro kid I was, though - I was up there with Fern Gully and Croc Hunter and David Attenborough. My agenda is so sekrit sometimes I don't even realise what it is.
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The weekend has been really relaxing. ^^ I think it helps that I've been starting my weekends on Friday nights instead of halfway through Saturday after the cleaning. Finally saw The Long Kiss Goodnight (which was AWESOME by the way) and thought thinky thoughts about AtM on Saturday morning.

I think it's actually time I set AtM aside and worked on stuff that actually... y'know... has a point. The characters are still my babies, obviously, but I feel like they need to have more to them, or something. Might be a 'verse morph, might be a shift in focus, but something's niggling and unsatisfactory at the moment and until I'm sure what it is, there's really nothing for it but to let the whole thing stew. I think it's to do with pacing. The whole thing is too slow. I need more subplots. *rattles her character bag* C'mon, guys; if that's not asking for trouble, I don't know what is.

In the meantime, I'll catch up on my novel reading and cram on research material for Conductor, which has been popping up in my head reasonably frequently of late. I saw folk on the bus platform on Saturday who looked exactly like Owen and Yuuri, I swear. It was weird as hell. XD

Shopped for fabric with Rage and Xanthe today; didn't find what we were after, but found a few half-options, I guess. Will be hunting further in the coming weeks.

Anyway, have just been informed that Darrin's mum is coming to Brisbane in a few weeks, so I have to go over here and hyperventilate a little bit and then go to bed because goddamn I am beat.
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So, that movie was great fun. GREAT FUN. Nice blend of art styles, fabulous jazz, and utter, utter dorks. Naveen is such a ridiculous, adorable 'tard. His completely inadvertent bopping to the music? Ffffffnsdfhsdfjdhj. Tiana was wonderful, and her voice was so rich and lovely and sjdfhdj. X3 Not the most fantastic score a Disney film ever had, but still beautiful. Will probably see again, and will definitely purchase.

Mood-wise, today has been pretty high all 'round. I did start feeling acidic in the early afternoon, which I am tempted to blame on the bread I bought from Brumbies. Realised I was completely exhausted as soon as I sat down in Wyrr's car later on, but we'd been wandering in the heat for a little bit at that stage, which could pretty easily account for it atop last night's sleep, which wasn't fabulous.

Picked up the Da Vinci notebooks, Mother Tongue, the Koran, and All the Windwracked Stars from Borders, mostly with my Christmas vouchers. Should probably add those to my reading list before I forget, actually.

Have done a little weeny bit of work on AtM, but I mean it when I say weeny. Oh well. It's work. That's what counts.
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I have to update this more. I've actually had a really good few days. A few minor moodcrashes - though nothing looks like a serious moodcrash when you're not in the middle of one, I have to say. But I have to update this more often, even when I don't feel like it, so that I have a clearer picture of what my days are doing. My memory is really terrible for this sort of thing, and I know that the moods never seem as severe when I'm not in them, so it'll be best to get it all down while I'm feeling it, so to speak.

Spent Boxing Day shopping with Wyrren and then came home and played Mario Kart, all of which was good fun except that my shoes were full of pain. |D; Stupid flats. I did find a lovely bright watermelon pink handbag, which was good, although we did not have much luck with the rest of my list. Wyrren found what she was looking for, I believe, which is a nice change for us both. XD Hurrah, shopping win! I was in a really good mood for most of the day, with a few hours of coming down on the end of it, which was disappointing but not unexpected.

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and putting in my new light fitting and working on this consistency exercise, which I finished off tonight. Yesterday I started going downhill at about two, and picked up again in the evening, which was when I started work on the exercise.

Neither Saturday's nor Sunday's moods really got into misery, just apathy, which is... good? I'm going with good. :S Is a frequent relief to be out of them, anyway, and I've definitely been doing better for the past few weeks, though I had a brief nosedive week before last - hence the utter lack of entries.

Today was pretty good, though not exactly on the high side of up. I did some cleaning, and Wyrr came over for 32-track Mario Kart tournament, which was good fun. My new controller apparently does not like being used as a wheel, though, as it would not let me turn when I tried to use it as such. XD Much hilarity ensued as I drove into walls and lava over and over again, and Wyrren tried to line me up so that she could ram me in the right direction, to little avail.

Have spent the evening finishing the exercise, as linked above, and musing over partitions. In a pretty good mood, but still pretty... floaty. My mind just feels like it's skating over the top of things lately, which is not great. I suspect I need to read more, but I haven't been reading very well, either. Just. Bleh. Maybe I need to eat better. There's not really a reason for this, and it frustrates me. Particularly since it means I can't freaking focus on anything long enough to do anything constructive. It's a miracle I managed to finish that exercise at all.
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Feeling significantly less than overwhelmed this morning, which perhaps just makes me whelmed. Slept like the dead, which was a great relief.

An easily-accomplished list of tasks for the day:
- get dressed (yes, this is a goal)
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- tidy room
- tidy desk
- tidy bathroom
- vacuum downstairs
- scene the rest of the first section of AtM
- chair hunt on the interwebs
- clean the bathroom
- train to Oxley by 5pm

After that, any and all hope of completing goals will be obliterated by the presence of children, so you know, I'm not even going to bother. I do want to try to write things this weekend, though.

In slightly different news, I am out of milk for my tea, and I think I need to complicate the fae side of the plot in AtM so Hiru doesn't show up at the beginning and then just... vanish for a few chapters. This could just involve little snapshots of his mother, hearing that Auberon has a new pet, working in the wards, but I'm not sure how to make that exciting and important other than, well, HIRU IS ON THE PAGE, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS VITAL STUFF. Well, I mean, it is important and exciting. But. Oh, I don't know what I mean. XD; Fail.
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So because it was Tuesday, I was a zombie for the first half of the day. XD I just don't deal with them, even when they can be misconstrued as Fridays. One day I'll work out why that is. Got a fair bit done today despite obvious handicap of Tuesdayitis, and came home this evening inspired to draw like a demon because Chira was on Ustream all day. (Seriously, the woman is a MACHINE. ♥)

So I came home and figured out Ustream properly, and my 'show' such as it will be will be here. You just missed about three hours of me drawing the base composition for a massive fuckoff huge wallpaper for my work monitors, since their powers combined make it kind of hard to wallpaper with my normal video game/anime fare.

Tomorrow I'm either visiting the grandparents again (because Oopee can leave hospital soon!) or sitting around drawing, writing, and watching Sherlock Holmes. I could kind of keep going right now, but it's probably not a good idea to set myself up for staying awake working on stuff all night. XD My hands need a rest, if nothing else.
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Okay so I am holding off on the Holmes for a little while. Because I was on the bus, reading Kushiel's Mercy and, well, I got to a significant bit and Hiru regressed about 230 years in a heartbeat and started screaming and, uh, hasn't stopped yet. This icon is the sparkling pretty version. What is going on in my head is not.

So I think I oughta spend some time pulling my baby back into this century before he tries to introduce himself to a firepit.
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Dear Tina,

Because I love you.

Dear Everyone Else,

Eyeball warning.


P.S. - Yes, Sanga means it when he says he loves your eyes. Yes, this is the other way Sanga could have chosen to express his love for Hiru. And yes, there is a reason that eye is green. ;)

And no, Hiru is not sure whether that is hot or alarming. XD

(And no, I'm probably not finishing this.)
I had no option but to make this icon. I wanted to make an icon of Richard's kidney hat today, too, but I'm lazy, and I probably love Thief and Red Mage more. :'D

[EDIT] Holy shi--

Two things.

1) Apparently Liquor's eyes are just crusted over with blood, which is not surprising.
2) Apparently Liquor tries to give Hiru motherly cuddles because he qualifies as a lost child or something, which... is. And that sounds lovely and sweet until you realise that this is a woman made of blood who cries and cares and steals all the unloved unborn unsaved children of the world.

Suffice to say, Hiru just bolted the fuck out the side of my skull and he may not be back for a while. At least until he finds a safe corner to huddle in.
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Because apparently I paint when I'm watching Supernatural.

Also, I would give people money to convince Hiru to wear pants at this point. :| WHAT IS UP, PRETTYWINGS.
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- waited forever (and I mean forever) at the cultural center to get a bus out to Bellbowrie
- played FFVII on the bus and accidentally dropped a correct barrel, as usual. BLOODY AERIS, WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO NOT-SAVE. D:
- got off at the wrong STOP dslkjfas
- spent like five hours doing a puzzle with Kyla and telling the children to go away and play quietly mummy and Laura were busy DON'TTOUCHTHAT
- became addicted to new game called Dynamic Systems on T_T damn you, physics, why must you lure me?
- read very little of HBP because of aforementioned puzzle and game. :(
- argued with Dad over Gneil's (and fantasy's) literary merit

[EDIT] Also, Hiru has been walking around naked in my head for several hours now, possibly in an attempt to remedy that last point. He should not do this while I am trying to read HBP, because holy god, what the HELL, mixed messages.
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I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome Israel Folau is. :'D

[EDIT] Not worth devARTing, so here's the spoils of the game: first half yielded Kir and Landre; second half, Rook, Balfour and Adamo... but Kir and Adamo looked like crap! So, here: Have the other three. )
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ME: I understand why I can't draw Dee.
ME: I have been drawing Xolotl too much and they have very similar hairstyles.
KATY: Huh. Xolotl cosplaying Dee would be epic.
ME: ...YES.

This can only end in tears. (Xolotl's.)

Typically, Dee actually looks more like himself when reverse-cosplaying Xolotl. XD Bastard.


And then, three seconds after it occurred to me that both Tetsu and Auberon had horns, Aundin pounced on fluffy!Tetsu and refused to let go.

.......... *leaves her head to its own devices*
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Today's theme seems to be racism; I sort of woke up with it in my head, and have encountered it several times this morning in my travails of the intertubes. And what it is making me think is, I have so much work to do on AtM. AtM has so much work to do on itself. I mean, just about every race in my novel despises or discounts others entirely whether out of fear or the extremely simple belief that the other race is meant to be food. I need to do more about working that into the novel and working that into the structure of the world. I have all these places with people that interact with each other in certain ways, but don't really have a set way that these places interact with each other yet, and I should.

Or I could find out as I go along.

But I think five drafts into the novel is probably too late for that. XD

Less woozy this morning, but not much - using on-screen keyboard not helping much. Pretty sure it is having to watch the one-handed typing dance that is making me so dizzy here, so may go off and read awhile.
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So far today I have slept, and read. Apparently it was raining this morning. I had no idea because I was sleeping. But I was still awake when it started to rain this morning, so I feel that I have an excuse. James is still sleeping, anyway, and he went to bed long before I did.

Today I have to:
- read all my surgery info, and then
- call Medibank before 12pm,
- call the Ruddbucks hotline to work out what the shit is going on,
<-- Curses, I didn't pay tax last year... but I paid tax the year before, typically, and I'll pay this year. You would pick the year I cut my work hours to give free money to taxpayers, Rudd. Oh, well. I guess I got more than the Ruddbucks back, anyway, but... mrrrr.
- see if my anaesthetist is available on a Saturday, which she probably won't be,
- work out how to pay for all of this,
- clean my room,
- wash my sheets,
- dry my sheets,
- clean the bathroom,
- decide what to wear to the engagement party,
- pack bag for Rage's place,

- go to the bloody engagement party,
- go back to Rage's place,
- read more Kushiel's Scion, and
- write more AtM

I keep thinking I need to sit down and define Hiru's voice more, but Hiru's voice while he lolls in agony (and shortly horror) should probably not be counted as indicative. Also, shit can be added and rearranged and made more suspenseful later. I need someone sitting behind me and telling me this. Possibly by belting me with things every time I stop typing for too long. (Maybe I should get that Write or Die program after all...)

[EDIT] Basically I am fucked at both ends as far as paying for things goes. Thank all gods I've been saving.

Also, will not be allowed tea the morning of the surgery. Cue tears.
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Hiru has decided the first line of AtM is now, His thighs were sticky with blood.

ME: Are you sure you want to get into this so early?
HIRU: Yes.
ME: It'll save me setup later, but are you sure? Really? You're okay with this?
HIRU: *eyeroll*
HIRU: It Is What Must Be Done.
ME: ... ♥ ♥ Can you write the story all the time?
HIRU: Don't be stupid. I'm doing my nails.
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WHY DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS. ...I mean, obviously there are several things to go um over but uh I don't care enough about that because RDJ is Holmes? Even though I now see Holmes as Felix with a wig on, which I blame entirely upon Sarah Monette?

Damn movies, forcing me to rearrange my reading schedule around them...!

[EDIT] Things discovered in the shower:
1) The crocodile fae is a goddess of commerce in modern Azra, to whom Youta cleaves as much as Youta cleaves to anything. There are temples filled with crocodiles, the business moral of which is 'Choose your risks'. I wish I could see Youta with an actual plotline, sdhjfsh.
2) CHAZ: At least you have the opportunity to make something of yourself. I am whatever people believe me to be.
ASH: Bollocks. You only kiss me because I believe you want to? Bollocks.
ASH: *bright red and sullen*
CHAZ: *sputter spaz flail cannot deny*
ASH: *leaves*

And now Chaz seems to be sitting by himself trying to stop himself pulling out his hair and Ash is... no, wait, there he is, he's gone home and he's glaring at things.



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