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Some days it's just not worth gnawing through the straps.

My head hurts, and both work and friends are full of drama, which makes me want to throw my hands up at them both sometimes. Hopefully better tomorrow.
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I have spent more time working from home in underwear and a sarong this month than I have spent in a sarong at any other point in my existence. It's just more comfortable. True, I can't answer the door, but at least I'm nice and cool when I'm sprawling on the couch.

I am a little behind on NaNoWriMo, but I have finished the opening at approx. 11k on Saturday or Sunday night (I forget), so presumably all the things that make it a zombie novel are about to happen. Some day this week, I probably ought to write a bit more of it. So far, Our Heroine has met:
- the cute Asian DJ,
- the slightly pathetic groomsman her mother is trying to set her up with, and
- the Islander dude who is probably going to save them all if he ever makes it back into the story.

In other news, this is probably the most racially diverse thing I have written so far that does not involve races that do not actually exist. Hurrah!

I have spent probably the last week procrastinating on drawing, which may be one reason NaNo was progressing so well. I am still procrastinating on drawing as I type. On the bright side, if Harriet Potter and Ronalda Weasley were not the best thing about the internet this last week, it is only because this afternoon I discovered both Verka Serduchka and genderswapped Weasley Twins, Frida and Georgia, who are perhaps the hottest thing ever in the world.

My anxiety is higher than it was a few months ago. It seems like I am anxious with my pills, and sad without them. I can't say I approve, but I'm going to chat with the doctor about it next week, so we'll see how we go. I've also been sleeping worse as the weather warms up, which kinda sucks. Mum has suggested dark cellophane on the windows. I am seriously considering it, but I think I just need to get used to sleeping with a mask on.
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I failed the exam again by ONE QUESTION. AUGH. And I probably can't take it again until July, which sucks. Because I'm pretty sure I can pass it this time, because I actually know exactly what I failed to do.

Today I may have gotten fed up with work, left early, and gone to buy pretty underwear and boots instead. Watch me be responsible. I hate my current position so much.

I am kinda exhausted so I think it is time for bed.
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Just finished putting a self-test together on a number of topics for my exam tomorrow. One thing about constantly learning at work is that I know much better than I used to what helps me to learn, and I make a point of doing it sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, even sooner is kinda later at this point. I'm kinda buggered. So within an hour or so, I'm just going to go read a book and settle down to sleeping, because after a certain point there is nothing to be done.

I am marginally more prepared this time. Let's see how much of the exam I can manage this time. *rolls sleeves*
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Sick of getting to 4pm desperate to be anywhere else, doing anything else other than the work I am doing. I am not used to this. Generally if I want to get out of somewhere, I want to be doing something specific. Just wanting out is... not usual. Particularly for work. It's bothering me.

Like Balmung, I has a borken. We'll see how that goes.

This weekend is for study. Suspect it will also be for finishing The Waste Lands, seeing X-Men: First Class, and job hunting. But we'll see.
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I have been so intent on sleeping for twelve hours lately it's a little alarming. Particularly since I do not wake up rested in any way, shape, or form. I think I need to reset myself to seven and a half hours, but it's so hard to get up at that time of day because it's c-c-c-c-COLD.

Work's okay, I guess. Not too exciting, not too boring, kinda a lot to do before the middle of August, and no one to give me information - business as usual, ish.

The most prominent thing is probably the re-take of that exam I failed in May, which I'm typing up notes for at the moment. Not the most exciting thing. I need to make time to do study at work, but I don't think I'll have too many issues this time around.

Spent about two hundred bucks getting the furkids sorted for Round Two with our real estate agent, who was apparently disgusted by the idea that cats have bodily functions. They now have covered litter boxes and mats to catch litter from their feet when they exit said boxes. Scruff made his opinion of these quite clear by urinating on said mat almost as soon as Darrin had set it up... I can't say I blame him.

We still need to find sandpaper and a shade of white that matches our walls so that we can fix the scratches in the stairwell before the agent has a hissy fit, but we'll see how that goes.

Haven't gotten a lot of writing done this week, but I'm hoping the enforced discipline of studying will give rise to a new discipline in getting words down. And if all else fails, there's always Camp NaNoWriMo, of which I am now a founding donor.
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My winning ways (read: loss of patience) have finally come through, so today we are heading down to Sydney to spend the week on a course to become Red Hat Certified System Administrators. \o/

I am going to miss my kitty cuddles. :<

That is all. ^^
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Exercise and calorie counting plans fell through pretty much as soon as I got bored, but oh well. I'm not particularly worried about this except that I would like to keep excising, so I'll be working on that, but not too strenuously. I think a little exercise every day will help me sleep. It's just hard to fit in when it's so damn cold in the morning. :|

Course is all booked, so bith D and I are heading to Sydney in two weeks to see if we can pass the exam and get promoted and to work from home, because that would help our finances SO MUCH, srsly. We spend easily $110 a week on public transport between us. This is not awesome when the travel is so unnecessary to fulfilling my end of the bargain. We should both be able to wfh 3 days a week if we pass. Here's hoping.

So at the moment F&F is still my focus, although I lost focus a bit over the last week. Tom gave me a deadline of October 31, which is doable but consirably later than I wanted. I'll see how I go. I think I just need to sit down and write every day regardless of how I feel about it, because I generally pick up eventually. Hoping that a week in a hotel room in Sydney with nothing but my work laptop will help on that score, because I can't really do much else with it.
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It is really annoying to have a kitten who KEEPS EATING YOUR CAT'S FOOD while you are on the phone with the bank and expecting a grocery delivery I AM JUST SAYING. I must have been flagged as insane by the insurance guy; there is no way he thought I was normal.

In other news, it's been a really long time since I updated this so I thought I should sit down and write a damn journal entry like an adult.

The last two weeks have been pretty good because a) I have had something to do every day when I came into the office and b) most days I wasn't actually in the office because we had public holidays everywhere and it was glorious. :D

Darrin and I spent most of Easter weekend playing (and by playing, I of course really mean watching) the Portal 2 single-player campaign, which was really awesome. The new A.I. makes me happy in my heart place, especially when it attempts to be GLaDOS (FATTY FATTY NO-PARENTS). Then last weekend we snaffled an extra PS3 controller off a bloke at work (PSN issues and credit card fraud make Raven something something) and sat down to play the co-op missions, which was just as awesome. We saved science! Gave the controller back today, but I might try to play through the single-player myself. Great game. Well worth it. <3

I've also spent the last few weeks rereading the Animorphs series by K A Applegate, which did not end as badly as I was told it did, although I am still kinda sad at it. Ax is still awesome, although kinda a douche. Tobias is still a sweetheart. Rachel was Rachel, through and through, and I like that she never tried to pull any punches keeping with that.

Work on F&F has resumed, although admittedly it's coming along very slowly. This is what happens when you simultaneously vow to exercise and write and cook better and raise a kitten. I should know better, but work is so slow and boring at the moment I am making my real life more hectic just to wake myself up in the morning. Surely a happy medium exists...
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not my problem not my problem not my problem lalalalalalaaaaaa la


Apr. 9th, 2011 11:59 am
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I love handing something off to someone and having them completely ignore all the research and feedback I'd done on the subject and therefore potentially screwing up the results! That's just fucking awesome! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING AUUUUUGH.
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About to find out what the Beta1 version of AS7 looks like. :D! This will determine what I do until Beta2 or whatever the next milestone is, is ready.

Had a chat with the replacement boss today about what our problems are and why I should always bring those problems straight to him instead of sharing discontent around the group like some kind of dissenter. Good luck with that, bossman, but it is nice to have another assurance of support.

Also I have his credit card at the moment. Uh.

Butter chicken for dinner tonight! Looking forward to it, and another episode of Fringe.

But first, geekery. There are 24 seconds remaining on my AS7.Beta1 download.


[EDIT] Yeah, apparently :D! is code for "the downhill slide starts in 3, 2, 1....." Just feeling kinda miserable now.
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So I think most of the issues are now sorted out at work. It is going to be one hell of a year. I can now capture pretty much any writer that I want for my product, because my product is the most important in the department apparently. About fucking time someone decided that. Pity it took "the docs are crap" anecdotes going three quarters of the way up the ladder to do it. Pity it wasn't dealt with six months, hell, six years ago. Pity people agreed to my plan without reading what they were agreeing to provide. Pity engineering doesn't appear to be getting so much as a stern frown over this.

My boss sent me an email on Thursday reassuring me that none of this was even close to being my fault. I had to laugh, because it couldn't be further from my fault if it had a spaceship. Not even I am deluded enough to believe that. I knew it was going to happen; I warned people it would happen, and why; and I wrote my plan to protect my department and myself from the fallout of that. I know what my company is like.

So, personally and professionally, this is actually more success than failure. And I am fortunate to work for a company that does not try to blame me for not telling them hard enough after I have finally thrown down my megaphone and started trying to work around the problems myself.

It was also very nice to be told a) how amazing my planning was, b) that anyone saying the docs were bad was lying, and had no evidence to support that bar the anecdotal, and c) I was not going to be managing or co-managing my department.

Although since I am still docs lead as far as I'm aware, and I will have to shanghai most of the team, I may as well be. :|

I don't know what I'm going to do today, apart from "the washing" and "some baking" and "some writing". But presumably I will stop being residually irate at some point.
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It is very hard to be positive-neutral about a company that so often seems to insist on doing things in the most broken, retarded way imaginable.

It is very difficult not to headdesk at the suggestion that, when asked to make a cake and unable to obtain ingredients, we are told to make the ingredients.

Because obviously that is a completely acceptable and logical solution to the problem.

This year is shaping up to be even more ridiculous than last year, and I honestly don't know if I can deal with that.

Is anyone hiring technical writers?

[EDIT] And now that I have had a response from my boss, it would be really nice if these things didn't come up, stress the fuck out of me, and then have a conclusion of, "... so I don't even need to consider how this will affect me for another month at least, if ever."
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I sat on the bus home today realising that actually, I actively hate a significant part of my job. Specifically the bullshit that gets in the way of good writing.

So I guess that's a good thing, of a sort.

Need to care less, though. A lot less.

Starting to get hungry. Salt and pepper chicken and veggies tonight. I want to make hash browns, but I have leftover wedges in the freezer to use up. >_> Might do a bit of both, but I think a small mountain of greens may be closer to what I am craving, here.

Going to move the junk we're getting removed out the front tonight, and put on a load of washing. Tomorrow is for all the other things that we have to do, including said junk's removal, and the linoleum guy coming around to measure the floor.
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Had a very productive day today. Something something empty office, what? Finished most of the style guide I'm meant to be writing for the new community documentation system (essentially a wiki), and tomorrow am going to do a brief run down of how not to write like a complete robotard, and edit one of Tom's books because his product sucks and there is only him.

Oh, and work from home in the stinking heat while I wait for the Samsung guy. That, too. When I go down to work from the McCafe, you'll know why.

Feeling remarkably on fire today, so I might try to wrap the evening up with some baking and some writi-- oh. Or some packing, I guess. :
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There were some issues with the application that essentially mean I have to apply for the house I am currently living in before I am eligible to apply for the other place. It appears to be mostly sorted, but we won't be able to do anything else until Tuesday and there is another set of inspections on Sunday, so. I'm willing people to feel the aura of DON'T TOUCH IT hanging over number twelve.

Not doing too badly now, but... bad things continue to happen to people and animals that don't deserve it, and overall I am unimpressed with 2011 so far.
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Got home today to a highly agitated Scruff; he was watching the gate when we walked in, and as soon as we got home he went back to eyeballing the hell out of the back yard and the car park over the fence. I left him there and coaxed him down after a while, and he's lying on a box in the kitchen right now, but man, he was WORRIED about that car park.

Today was pretty good; got a style guide outline and its first section hacked out, and worked on editing the Weld docs when I stopped being able to brain that appropriately. Also had a small lunch of curried vegetables and rice from Box 'n' Bowl on George St, and did not feel awful and tired afterward, so that was nice. I'll have to remember this as it gets warmer again.

In other news, I'm really interested in all these instances of mass animal deaths. That it's primarily birds and fish doesn't worry me too much, because they are affected by a wide variety of factors, and are generally the first to fail in any ecosystem. Like I said today, I'll start really worrying when we start finding mass insect and rodent deaths. I am really interested in what the media is distracting us from by focusing our attention on this. And I am really interested in whether this is natural or man-made. For my money, it's weather-related, and also possibly algae-related for some fish and crab instances. It's still highly interesting to me, and I'm looking forward to more details, although not more occurrences. Your thoughts appreciated.

Going to go cook dinner now... it's chilly and rainy and I'm really looking forward to the hot peppery goodness of "Eat Your @#$% Veggies" Pasta Sauce.
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Because that song is the most awesome thing ever. Remember to buy it through bandcamp to support Amanda; it is super easy.

Speaking of whom, Rage is booking our tickets to see her in Melbourne in February tomorrow. :3 Am more and more excited about this, and I was already pretty excited about seeing Tina.

Having decided that the exercise regime needed to change if I was ever going to follow it, I have moved exercise bike time to shortly after we get home of an evening. Did 25min this evening, alternating between high and low incline - so we'll see how much my legs torture me tomorrow. I'm going to make my exercise in the evening for a few weeks, at east until I pick up enough energy to drag my lazy arse out of bed in the morning and get to it then. Hopefully it stays pretty cool while I'm trying to do that.

Three more days of work this week, and they are already all booked up. |D; I really need to start taking my notebook for next year to work with me, so I can transfer things in enough detail that I won't have no idea what to do when I get back to work in a week and a half.

It's 9.30. I'm going to go take a quick shower and then hit the sack with a book. Last night this involved crawling into bed, squinting sleepily at the book, and then waking up a few hours later when D came to bed. |D; The same thing may occur today.


Dec. 17th, 2010 07:13 am
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Last night's time-sensitive dream theatre involved a scavenger hunt in a dollar store for bricks. Part of this hunt involved figuring out where the switch that controlled the ceiling mechanics was. Which I did not locate, because I was not observant enough of detail, but I did work out how we should use the switch in order to win the hunt, I think. So that's all right.

I have no flipping idea what that was about, though. Only that I found about three bricks, one of which was hidden in the big flat drawers underneath a card stand.

... yeah.

Tron: Legacy was pretty good - worth seeing but not omgomgomg.

Yesterday was... less productive than I'd have liked, I guess, because halfway through I realised there was a much better way to do what I'd spent most of the morning doing. But given how important my duh moment was to saving time in the long run, I'm okay with that. I spent the afternoon finishing that off, and then got pinged by my engineering manager, who wanted to discuss timeframes and handoff dates with me.

Him: When do you want to receive this information?
Me: Well, they're your resources. I was thinking a staggered submission process would work best.
Him: Excellent! I agree.
Me: Cool. Do you have a schedule for the people responsible, so I can work around that?
Him: Not yet.
Me: Hmm. Okay. .... shall I just plug in terrifying dates to scare people into offering compromises?
Him: Yes. :) I'll work out my schedule when they come to me to complain.

I think I am going to get along very well with this one.


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