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Throat doesn't feel any better today, but I think it looks a little less angry, which is a relief. (What is not a relief is that Darrin had a headache when he left, so I hope he isn't coming down with this. *frets*)

Spent last night fiddling with trigonometry and chatting; most of today was spent on Assassin's Creed II. I've just gotten to the end of Memory Sequence 11, so... now I need to go find all the codex pages I'm missing. XD I have 16/30. (I follow the story first, and my OCD second, okay?)

James spent most of this morning wandering in, making fun of my button mashing, and wandering out again. I probably wouldn't be annoyed by this except that he made several value judgements based on Darrin being male and an XBox owner in the process; I freely admit that I'm not great at video games, but it's not because I'm female or because I own a PS3. Daft little fucker.

Fiddled about in Photoshop this afternoon. Tah-dah~! )

Trying to work out what to do with my evening. I don't really feel like writing, but I sort of feel that I should. Will probably watch the rest of Being Human and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. (Yes, at last!) Then I can get back to New Amsterdam. :D
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I am still really, really enjoying this game. Like, a lot. I only just arrived in Venice, so I've not really explored it much, but I suspect this puts me about a third of the way through the plot? Roughly. I have no honest idea. I'm just hoping to finish the game before the downloadable content comes out in Jan/Feb. (BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES HERE I COME.)

Also, I did not miss the hugging quicktime event. I MAY HAVE MASHED THE ENTIRE CONTROLLER WITH BOTH HANDS, but I hit the goddamn button. *coughs* >_>;

In any case, expecting Wyrren in about half an hour, because we are going to go see her dad's band play at some club in the Valley. :D This may involve another shower because fuckdamn it is warm and disgusting, ugh.

By which I mean I will be over here resisting the urge to turn my PS3 back on.


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