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It never ends.

I just. Even listing it all doesn't help to calm me down. Assigning days to work on things and knowing that it's technically possible does not help.

The second set of words out of my mother's mouth today were, "You look half-dead." This does not at all surprise me.

I now have a printed schedule for the next... 55 days, plus exam block. I am going to highlight the important bits of it and then restructure this essay, since rewriting it on this level of headache/brainhurt seems like a bad idea. was necessary to stave off panic-induced nausea, all right? Organising things is how I relax. This is why I enjoy filing.


Apr. 18th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Right, so, now I am exhausted.

Saturday night is babysitting while Kyla and Dad are at Uncle Craig's wedding. Sunday morning is wandering aimlessly with Wyrren. Sunday night is........... I don't know. There may have been something important, there. I really don't remember. Monday is Japanese in the morning and MATCHBOX TWENTY IN THE EVENING BOYS AND GIRLS. :DDDDD And then, back to the grind. |D;

This week I have to:
- start actually studying for Japanese, plz; those kanji will not learn themselves
- read the rest of Oscar and Lucinda
- critique the million billion people that need critiquing for novel
- read up on proposal requirements
- start dot-pointing half-jack proposal
- write moar conductor
- write and become comfortable with Japanese oral/introduction
- start collecting novel tasks for folio submission
- do writing exercise for digimed (invisible cities)
- comment on three other people's writing exercises

God, was that week eight? That was week eight. No, wait, that was week seven. That's all right, then.

Well, not really. God. Week eight is my calm, zen week of nothing doing. Why is there still so much? D:
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I'm so over assignments. |D; My hands hurt, my neck hurts, my head aches and my eyes are blurry. None of these things are conducive to being coherent.

[EDIT] I'm glad I got in before Permanent Accounts went up to $60 (not that that's really expensive) but HOLY SHIT FIVE THOUSAND USERPICS FOR $175 FOREVER. I would never use that many. There is never a need to have that many. But. HOLY SHIT. XD
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Assignment = handed in! FOR THE WIN. Now I'm going to outline what I've gotta get done for next week (which is nearly but not quite as terrifying as this week has been), and then I'm going to either read Sherlock Holmes or Tanglewreck or 150 Years of British Rail or The Man Who Was Thursday or I'm going to watch Howl's Moving Castle and make icons because I've been in the mood for Miyazaki colour schemes of late.

Then I'm hopefully going to come back to the internet and a list of prompts for [ profile] no_true_pair since I am a masochist apparently.

asdhfkasdhfkas I cannot believe that this is done. THANK GOD. There is still a metric fuckton to go but the fact that I have about a month and a half to sit down and work out Conductor properly? That is an excellent thing. Particularly since I intend to actually do that.


I have written my list. :D Now I am going to strenuously NOT THINK ABOUT THIS AT ALL until at least tomorrow morning.

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Japanese this morning was really fun. ^^ We were just learning nationality and language, but I think we're really starting to gel as a learning group. It's much easier to get along with everyone when you're all flailing together about how to distinguish tsu/n/so/shi/no in katakana and inadvertantly omitting important particles. ("Of course I can speak Germany!") I have got to lose that habit. XD We also started learning kanji today, which made me crack up laughing not because there was despair in the room but because I just kept thinking, "I AM IN DESPAIR. THE FIRST TEN KANJI HAVE LEFT ME IN DESPAIR." I blame fandomsecrets since, you know, I still haven't watched Sayounara Zetsubou-sensei. >_>;

Anyway! This is what I plan to do this afternoon. It will be epic, and full of sugar. (I mean that. I bought coke and starburst and pizza pockets, because despite my current enthusiasm, I'm expecting to have to stay up all night.)

  • write the next scene of conductor draft well, no. think about that a little more, plz.
  • post conductor draft on blackboard
  • critique: brooke, zoe, sam, jasmina.
  • correct lines on frames: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8.
  • colour at least frames: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • print Melusine excerpt for DigiMed
  • write rationale for InterWri

MY MUSIC IS TOO SLOW FOR THE LEVEL OF ENTHUSIASM I HAVE TO MAINTAIN. SEND ME HIGH-PITCHED THINGS, O FLIST. (What a time for Shini to be on LJ. D:) Things on par with Kodocha music and "Motteke! Seiraafuku" would be much appreciated. :D "Yura Yura" is too slow! THIS IS TRAGICAL. WHERE IS AN MP3 OF THE CARAMEL DANCE WHEN YOU NEED IT. (Oh god, Ash is going to be so OOC. XD)
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I think my most hated panel just resolved itself. Fuck yes! Three more and then I can go wash my hair in peace. I suspect these will take approximately forever to add colour to, but that is a problem for... uh... *checks assessment schedule* ...Thursday. Or at least Wednesday night.

If I finish these tonight, that leaves me... all of Sunday, most of Monday, and most of Tuesday to work on my Novel draft and figure out what I want to do for the DigiMed presentation. Then I can spend Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon, and possibly some of Friday speed-painting and printing/arranging the rest of Half Jack before I deal with the rationale. Then I can hopefully spend that whole week working on my DigiMed presentation and code/write my portfolio, and if I'm lucky work in some time to actually memorise the appearance and stroke order of the katakana 'ne', which appropriately I can never remember. =_= Then... then I have nothing! Nothing until the Japanese oral on April 21! ...and then the story for InterWri the following Wednesday... but at least that's mostly plotted in my head... and...

........sometimes it occurs to me that driving buses could well be a fun and rewarding career. Especially when I consider the 2.5k word proposal due for InterWri in week fourteen... along with a 3k opening chapter, the other half of my writing portfolio, the critical folio for Novel and another speaking exam. How do I do this to myself?

[EDIT] ...oh. Right. Girlfriend coming over in the morning. Should possibly make a move on revealing a few spare inches of floor in my room.

I never really think I'll say this, but: I have too many books.
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Okay, so it's all well and good to do roadwork with a jackhammer until midnight. I don't often sleep before midnight, anyway, and there's a lot of traffic in the area, so, y'know, it's fine. It's also fine to whippersnipper and shovel out the block next door at the ass crack of dawn. It is not okay to do both these things within a seven hour period. It is especially not okay to do them when I have an exam that day.

Admittedly the exam will be a cakewalk, but the principle still stands. =_= Needs moar sleeeeeeep.

[EDIT] And yet, on the other hand, I'm glad I got up so early because now I can read Tsubasa 186 and HOLiC 154 raws without fearing for getting to uni on time. *_*

Tsubasa first; then HOLiC. )


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