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So, things I have done recently:

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to see QI live in Brisbane in October (*shriek*);

  • booked tickets for myself and Darrin to visit [personal profile] ignite and [profile] howl_for_words for [personal profile] ignite's birthday in December (*SHRIEK*);

  • watched the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic;

  • seriously considered ficcing for same, because the fandom is Doing It Wrong;

  • had every Pinkie Pie song stuck in my head at least twice;

  • joined the Splat On! blog at [personal profile] alleyne's command;

  • started jotting down topics that I might care to post there;

  • found myself in the same week as the birth of my godson (*hyperventilation* FIVE DAYS);

  • had cuddles from Scruff during daylight hours with no prompting;

  • gotten sick, but only a little bit sick;

  • finally had movement on a thing that was behind at work;

  • written bits and pieces of F&F; and

  • thought a lot about why I'm so dissatisfied with AtM the way it is.

So I guess I'll get back to you when I'm finished with F&F and have moved on to the lesbian pony fic. |D; It's good to be having ideas again, but honestly? Arrrhajsdfjshfkyou step your left hoof in / you pull it right back out / you step your left hoof in and you shake it all about / you do the pony pokey meeting lots of folks with clout / that's what I'm singing about
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I've been reading The Lives of Christopher Chant in drips and drabs on buses and things for about a week and a half. I am only now getting up to Flavian, and he's sort of incredibly adorable. I wish Christopher would stop being sarcastic at him and his enthusiasm in Considering the Laurels. :(

Ashley Martin Vaughn, you are a bloody traitor. How can you even think of pretending to be a journalist? D:< You fill me with disgust!

Yay! We finally have the Hugo Boss ads featuring Mathias Lauridsen in Australia. :3 Now I can see Hiru wherever I go.

Or at least, wherever I go that has Hugo Boss billboards.

I have the first five scenes of Conductor pretty well-plotted, but I am a little worried about it being a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be. Well, the base plot is, anyway. I suppose there's nothing for it but to interweave subplots up the wazoo. Pity I only really have, uh, one of those on standby. >_>; Time to invent things with Wikipedia! >_>; Or, you know. Slightly more reliable resources. (Hey, Atychoobacca, feel like a cameo? :D?)

Continuing my total retardedness re. webcomics: omg, is he seriously scratching the back of his neck? Is he seriously making an obvious physical reference to the untruth of Red Mage's words? (I know I grasp at shadows, but seriously. XD They're awesome. You know it. I know it. Also, Thief knows it, and although I can't remember Red Mage's drag alias, she knows it, too, baby. Oh, yeah.)

Do you know the saddest thing about all these assignments? My hands will be dead when I'm done with them. But I'm still going to spend as much time as possible after everything's in writing fic for [ profile] no_true_pair. :| Pointless masochism, Y/Y.
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I suspect you can all tell when I've been swallowed by a book, because when I'm reading I don't waste time online as much (although, when over-excited, I may log in purely to have an outlet for my hysteria). In any case, I am now done with the Doctrine of Labyrinths series, as far as it has been written, and have just spent half an hour writhing in mortal agony that there is not another awaiting my consumption. Not until 2009. I don't have the strength for this. D:

I think I enjoyed Mélusine best out of the three of them, but I fully expect that the next one will be full of everything I want out of the series, given the end of The Mirador, so I'm on tenterhooks. Mehitabel's voice messed me up a lot in The Mirador and I spent the first half of the book annoyed at her because I liked her better when I wasn't hearing from her, but she is awesome in her own way and I hope to see her again in the next book, although not necessarily as a narrator. I really missed Felix in this book. I spent large chunks of it thrashing and demanding that the book tell me where he was and what he was doing, particularly toward the end, because we just weren't hearing anything from him. Not really.

Things I consider spoiler-worthy. )

No, wait, let's get into that again: BITCHKITTY. A great word or the greatest word?

Anyway. Now I need to go back and read them more slowly and assemble, I don't know, a DoL lexicon. Or at least expand the Wiki for it a little, because the world is fucking amazing, yo. ♥

But not until I've done some actual work on this proposal, I think. At least my hands are better today.

[EDIT] Well, after visiting Sarah Monette's LJ, anyway. I just had to come back and mention this, because it happens to me all the time. XD I love stories.

[EDIT] ...all right, and also this. Which also happens to me all the time, although it is largely crushed under the weight of university at present.

(Although not entirely, because Sanga is incorrigible, and Hiru has the greatest puppy eyes in the world. Take, for instance, Friday night at work. I was working. I was thinking about Mildmay. Then I became aware that Hiru was sulking about that.
Me: Hiru. Darling. I love you. I really do. I wish I had more time to work with you, but--
Hiru: You seem to have plenty of time to flutter around after Mildmay.
Me: I-- That's-- He's Mildmay.
Hiru: *sniff*
Me: You cannot possibly tell me that you don't like him.
Hiru: I most certainly can.
Me: Pfffft. Not without lying like a lying liar who lies.
Hiru: ...........
Me: Not even a little bit? *appalled*
Hiru: *cautiously* He is very sweet.
Me: AH HAH--!
Hiru: Butthatdoesn'tmeanhegetsyoutohimself!
And with that, he stomped off into a corner of my head until I coddled and reassured him that Mildmay could never replace him in my heart or head, because, c'mon, lovely character who is not mine, or lovely character who is mine and talks to me all the time and makes me want to pick him up and carry him about and is small enough to allow me to do so? No contest.

Besides, I would look an absolute tit trying to carry Mildmay.)
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A water sprite who eats people is not a great thing to carry around in your head. Just saying.

Uni this morning was fun. Work this afternoon probably won't be, so much. >_>; I have an hour or so before I'm due there, so... ugh. I don't know. I think I'll just save the assignment work for the weekend. At the moment, I'm just kind of wondering whether I could get away with playing Elbow in the store. It's very bland and inoffensive, despite being awesome, so I'm sure no one would mind. >_>; Except, you know, the rest of the staff.

(Also, I am doing stock today. With the new owner in the store. Shriek. At least [ profile] narnizzle has taken care of all the out of date stuff; that's exciting in itself.)

([ profile] kessira, seriously, how can you possibly find this interesting? XD XD XD I AM APPALLED, OR SOMETHING.)
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Because I'm not going to be able to write it on the CD, and I don't really have a proper case for you just yet, here's the tracklist (as burned) for the Cloud Cult album.

Feel Good Ghosts )

As for the rest of you, is it time for a one-line meme yet? >_>; My only other recourse is to rave incoherently and at great length about how fabulous Mildmay is in all ways, and I get the feeling some of you may soon be sick of hearing me go on about Mélusine. XD;;;

Comment with a character/pairing and a 1-5 word prompt and I will write you at least a one-sentence drabble. As soon as I've answered one prompt, you are free to leave another, but no more than three active prompts at a time, plz. XD

AtM!verse, Conductor!verse and a very hypothetical and fiddly CC!verse only, plz. (Eh heh. These character lists seem to get bigger and bigger every time...) )
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Okay, Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Was kind of awesome, you guys. :D There was a Dracula musical! He didn't have a moustache but it was epic! I really actually kind of liked the story arc! IT IS AMAZING TO FIND CHICK FLICKS THAT I LIKE. Also boyfriendman reminded me of someone and I can't think who but he made me laugh pretty much every time he opened his mouth, not even counting my hysteria when he spoke of rimming waiters for tips. YES. GO SEE IT NOW. So, yeah, KIND OF AWESOME. I had a great time with [ profile] narnizzle, even though we were both too broke to actually have dinner together afterward. XD

I spent the bus trip home thinking happily of Sanga and writing and porn but then I got home and I sat down in front of the TV to eat dinner and they played a Powderfinger song and now I am reliving Odyssey Number Five instead of doing anything productive. I'm not even sure what I was thinking on the b-- NO WAIT THERE IT IS. *lunges for notebook*

Okay, so now apparently it is porn-writing tiems. Whatever you say, Sanga. XD; Lightswitch that you are.

[ profile] ignite:
My feet are cold, Raven T_T
[ profile] cheloya:
Awwww, Rynryn. D:
*rubs them and gets you socks*
[ profile] ignite:
I have socks and ugg boots on
[ profile] cheloya:
Th-then I cannot help you.
*sends you Landre to sit your feet on
[ profile] ignite:
wiggles them underneath you
[ profile] cheloya:
XD I can has be blanket?
[ profile] ignite:
XDXD Landre. Reduce to a hot water bottles
[ profile] cheloya:
XD XD XD She's good at it, though!
just had a mental image of Kir happily snuggling into her chest in winter
[ profile] ignite: too?
[ profile] cheloya:
kadshfsad XD XD XD
Mindtwins strike again!
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Oh, man. Hiru? Kondekir? BFF. Seriously. I'm still not sure how this got to where it is with the prompt I used, but hell, it's nice to be talking to the kids again. XD Especially since Kondekir is now well-settled in his sekshi ribrarian persona. Plot? What plot?

I think this is my favourite review for F&F, ever. )

Doesn't that just make you warm and fuzzy? She looked at my profile and didn't make pointless complaints! Sometimes people really are worthwhile. :'D

I guess I should have breakfast before I head to uni, but... really I just want to sit here and draw Hiruface. XD This should not be my one true goal in life.

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I'm so over assignments. |D; My hands hurt, my neck hurts, my head aches and my eyes are blurry. None of these things are conducive to being coherent.

[EDIT] I'm glad I got in before Permanent Accounts went up to $60 (not that that's really expensive) but HOLY SHIT FIVE THOUSAND USERPICS FOR $175 FOREVER. I would never use that many. There is never a need to have that many. But. HOLY SHIT. XD

ER. >_>;

Apr. 14th, 2008 01:22 pm
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This is a very small image of movie!Narcissa and it still makes me wtf all over the place. D: I hope she pulls off the character, because she's really not the Narcissa in my head at all. T_T

The Drabble Meme that I can never do again because of the whole 'extended metaphor' fiasco. )


Japanese this morning was pretty good. Did another writing task, which probably made less sense than the last one but here it is anyway. ) I probably used too many kanji, but I think I can write all of those.

Anyway, this afternoon is a day for... more writing. :D Writing exercises and writing presentations, neither of which should be odorous. ^^ Fiddling with words and analysing fun books in order to fangirl about them to the class? Yesplz. More assignments should be like this, yo.

[EDIT] A series of SMSs, because Wyrren + Puns = Love. )

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:3 Okay, so apparently having a header with the kids on it? Works wonders for my inspiration. :3 :3 :3

I THINK THIS CALLS FOR AN ART MEME. :D [ profile] ignite, [ profile] howl_for_words, [ profile] squeakelala! PROMPT ME. GO.

Other people are welcome to as well, of course - here is a crash course in Against the Moon. :B )




(Damn enthusiasm making me not-tired. XD)


Apr. 12th, 2008 10:58 pm
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For a reasonably normal colour scheme, the palette I just made for Hiru has about twice as many colours as everyone else. XD You just have to be shinier than everyone, don't you, flyboy? In any case, I have the lineart for the header and the finished version should be uploaded by the end of tonight. X3 Eee!

Work was decent, except that I had to tell James twice to take out his earphones. He's been asked before. Also, I am tired of him acting as though he's better than the rest of us. He has a John temperament. This is pretty much all that ever needs be said.

Mmmmm, I'm sleepy now.

Things I now know about Crystal Coast (Lapis') 'verse. )

[EDIT] Whoa, or I could only CG Aundin, Sanga and Hiru. *rubs at eyes* That... isn't meant to hurt as much as it does. XD Wow.

[EDIT] Bleach 318 = ajdshfasdhf. Not only for Urahara foreshadowing like a demon. Like a demon. Also, wow. Wow. The Gotei 13 is a shitty, shitty place to be. BUT WHO CARES. I GOT WHAT I CAME FOR. ♥ ♥ ♥ MAYU-TAN IS HOT STUFF, Y/Y. (What a face. *___* Mayuri, you were beautiful. Why'd you gotta change yourself up like that? I would be so far beyond interested in knowing what you looked like before you'd done anything to yourself. *____* Uwaa~!)
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There is a dragonfly in my room, beating its brittle wings against my blinds in loud and very irritating death throes. EITHER DIE OR GET OUT OF MY BEDROOM.

I've been going through that prompt list in slightly more detail and a few of the ideas I have are actually technically part of other people's ficverses... so Tami and Glass are going to have to forgive me for those, I'm afraid. The rest should be a ball. Especially Malus/Auberon. XD XD XD That will literally never stop being funny. I want to make that the official crackpairing of AtM, now. XD No fic will ever be so cracky. Auberon discovers he likes little boys more than he thought, or something, I don't know, oh god. XD XD XDDDDDDD;;;; THE HILARITY NEVER ENDS.

I am sleeping until whenever the fuck I feel like tomorrow and it will be Wondrous. *_*

[EDIT] If, you know, this dragonfly ever shuts up.
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Tsubasa 187. )

I think Jack and Jill may be Kondekir's progeny. Either that or I just really like drawing blonds in robes and scarves.

8BT continues to make me happy because I am a sad panda who ships Red Mage/Thief. :( You do not know what I would give for fic to exist. Seriously. Today's LFG is also pretty fucking awesome, and made me howl with laughter (but I am mildly hysterical at the moment and I was never very good at withstanding puns).

I am still trying to decide whether I should spring an excerpt from Mélusine on the class first thing tomorrow morning. Being that it involves magic, magical abuse and gay all at once in the first two pages, it is essentially all I ever wanted from a book. That said, I don't particularly want the whole class dot-dot-dotting at me when I get up to give a presentation on voice next Friday. ...still, it's a presentation on voice, not a presentation on why the inclusion of gay in a novel is totally awesome. And since Mildmay's voice is one of those rare voices that actually sounds aloud in my head, I'm pretty sure I can wrangle a presentation out of the introduction.

(Hurry up and arrive, books! D: I want to reeeeeeead you.)

Progress on Half Jack has stalled. Mostly because I am tired, cold and hungry, and this makes my hands hurt worse.

[EDIT] ...hmmmm. If I stay up all night, I will be incoherent tomorrow, but I will probably finish this storyboard. If I finish the storyboard tonight, I won't have to come home and then go back to uni to hand the assignment in, and I can have the afternoon to zone out and/or sleep.



First. Five. Frames. =. GET.

Now for the panels with the lineart that I actually like. >:3

[EDIT] Awesome Berserk MMV.
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a lot of guts, a little vision
to wave your worries, your cares

I'm sick and tired of Maggie's farm! She's a bitch with broken arms-- god, this song really does work for Hiru. XD; You could have mentioned that two years ago, you silly little bug. ♥
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Discovery! Watching/playing things makes me want to draw; reading things makes me want to write.

I should make use of this discovery, except that I'm currently too hyper over having won a free sketch from Iruka-Loves-Kakashi. *_________* OMG. ♥ I... I guess I pay more attention to her Beast Hunt images than I thought. :3 I am fascinated by her characters, s-so I guess that's not so surprising, but still. :3 Kyaa~! I... I wonder if she'd draw me Hiru and Sanga...? OhgodIfeelstupideventhinkingthatbutjakdhfsjkahdsf. Okay, yes, I want that. *sends references and feels like a fool* O-omgomgomg, srsly, having other people draw your characters is apparently the best/worst thing in the world. K-k-kyaaaaa~!

(Well, no. Other people drawing them? Best thing ever. Trying to find references that don't make you cringe? LESS SO. Still, oh my god. :'D I love ILK's art. X3 I can't wait to see what she makes of Hiru or Sanga. X3)

More things to look forward to. X3 Yay!

And now I should really get some actual work done, as opposed to faffing about and fangirling like a moron. XD Ahahaha, except I feel like drawing now! Maybe I'll work on Half Jack after all.

Endeavouring to stop thinking about someone else drawing Hiru and Sanga is sort of HILARIOUSLY DIFFICULT, WRYYYY.

- lineart for frame seven
- lineart for frame eight
- lineart for frame nine
- lineart for frame ten
- digimed: revealing backstory exercise (chaz's room)
- novel: first thousand words of Conductor
- interwri: rationale for half jack


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