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So, that massive Tsubasa/Earthian crossover I was fiddling with? Just grew further relevance to Doctrine of Labyrinths. Which is great, and all, it's just way too unnecessarily complicated. I need to install another brain to run parallel to my own so that I can think about this without getting head-hurty. ;_;

On the bright side, Felix and Mildmay have purposes now! And I get to include Kakyou, and he has a purpose, too. And I think Seishirou and Thamuris get to participate, also. And Lucifel is part of the solution as well as part of the problem, which just figures, and Chihaya/the feather is the foundation of this world's equivalent of the Khloidanikos, and I am resisting the urge to throw in characters from Saiunkoku Monogatari for the hell of it, because while Ryuuki/Seien and Reishou/Kouyuu might be fun to fiddle with, I'm not sure how far they go toward proving a point (other than that Reishou is awesome, but who's going to argue that?)

Which means that this fic will involve the following characters/fandoms. )

At least Eodranaich and Loganaich have respectfully declined to appear, because that is a whole other bucket of beads with no application to real human interaction whatsoever, because faerie, and oh god no. (Translation: Rave is way too lazy to invent them human forms, despite the fact that they started out humanoid in the first draft, and no, brain, no. Bad ponies.)

................ there is a kookaburra on my balcony! :D :D :DDDDD

(Oh, yes. I have the attention span of a really, really sedate two year old.)

And now that I've fiddled a little more, Ryuuki and Seien have points! Principally in that they are not magical. :D Life is sweet! Except, you know, for the rest of this fic and the terror it will wreak upon my mind. Here's a question, though: do we classify Syaoran as a magical being? As a being who possesses magic? In the same way that Fai and Sakura and Subaru and Felix possess magic? Comments would be helpful, here. It will have bearing on the conclusion of the fic.

Work was an exciting place to be this evening! On Wednesday, four bags were stolen from out the back by two guys who'd obviously cased us pretty thoroughly - they got all the way into the butchery, even, to check things out. Tonight, they came back and went again - they got into the back without anyone seeing them, but Steven and I saw them coming out, and stopped them going out the Gambaro door. Steven paged Luke to registers, I called Luke's mobile on the way to registers in case he'd left the store, and Luke got their rego, so we think all will soon be well. I still cannot believe the cheeky little fuckers. They shop here regularly, too! Fuckers. They had better fucking run, because one of the guys whose bag got stolen is in graphic design, and that bag had half his sketchbooks in it, and anyone who's ever drawn or written seriously knows about the importance of your fucking books. And we're all up in arms enough about it to murder them on sight. It is one thing to steal from the store; it is quite another to steal from the staff members.


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