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I know it is not yet your birthday in your time zone, but HAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRRRRTHDAYYY TO YOUUUUUU <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you have a wonderful day and are spoiled absolutely rotten. Leave me prompts for fic, icons, or drawings - whatever you most desire. ♥
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Last night was good. Not as many people as I expected, which was a good thing given the vast horde that replied with I'LL BE THERE :D. ._. I'd have had a job and a half keeping up with them. Ended up with the better part of a dozen people, including Erin, whom it was very good to see again, and I think everyone now understands that my workmates are awesome based on only two examples. XD Let's not pretend I didn't tell you so.

Then again, the return of the creepy ex-coworker. :| Why do I attract these men? Is it my hobo-radar working overtime, or what? Can I turn it off now? Well, yes, by being less polite, but we all know I have difficulty with that.

Spending the vast majority of this weekend shepherding documentation through the final hurdles and getting it up online. A lot of the docs are still hideous, but the OCD cares as much about timing as quality, thank all gods, so is not twitching too much when we're so behind. Just don't expect to see a lot of me on the interwebs, unless it's for a repeat of Build, you fucker, build.

Incidentally, I have six days to work on the next project before the docfreeze date. :) Why would you ever do this. :) Halp.
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] feather_qwill! ♥♥♥

I hope the fact that it's your birthday counterracts the Mondayness of it all and you have a fantastic week to celebrate. ♥ Giftfic to come, hopfully not as late as the last one. >_>;
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Gorgeous notebooks, dangly earrings, bath ballistics, perfume, and buggerall to do for the day. ♥ I think I approve of this 'birthday off' business. Diane and John have called from Canada, but I haven't heard from Dad yet - I give him until at least eleven-thirty. ;) Which means plenty of time for a shower, breakfast, and deliberating over which perfume to wear first who am I kidding, Crowley, obviously.

I think I want to do some drawing today. Some actual drawing, of actual import. Possibly some profiles or something for NaNo - Lucien, the Thief, and the Golem at different ages or whatever. ...not that there's much point doing that with the Golem, but still. Will tweet if I ustream.

Right. Now that most of the phone calls are over with, back to my lazily scheduled day off. ♥

[EDIT] Did I say 11.30? I meant 9am.

And he called to ask for money, not to wish me happy birthday. You are so full of class, memory, and timing, father mine.
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There is just something about people named Sam and being incredibly affectionate drunks, apparently. Alyce and I were both seized, and dipped, while in the background Megan shrieked, "NO TONGUE, SAM. NO. TONGUE." a la Mr Bennett. XD I managed to fend him off; Alyce was not quite so lucky.

I have had:
- one beer of questionable origin
- one lemon lime and bitters
- one gin and tonic
- two cokes
- one cowboy


(I am joking, darling, it was really fun. XD I am glad I was there for Sam's bean lecture.)

[EDIT] Sam's Bean Lecture:

SAM: You know what your problem is, right, it's the same as Megan, you read three pages--
ME: I read seventy pages and it's not that it's bad it's that I demand other things from my fantasy novels now--
SAM: And you go, "I don't like this!" It's like beans.
ME: --like gay por-- what? Beans?
SAM: You try ONE BEAN by itself, uncooked, and then you go, "Nope, I don't like beans. I don't like them! I don't want to try them hot, with butter, with toast, with ham, with pepper, with salt, with tomato, with pasta, in a bowl, with egg, with ....
ME: *in awe*
SAM: ......with sausage, with porridge, with any of that," you just decide you don't like it and that's all you can say!
ME: ..... *still awed, but going to make the best of this* .... I DO NOT LIKE IT, SAM I AM.

That rant was EPIC. XDDDD

Also, Alex and his English Friend Paul were quite obviously destined to be Alex and his English Husband Paul, and I will accept no other opinion on the matter.
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Went to bed around three. Slept fine. Except of course mum chose this morning to wake me up to ask stupid questions. *facemash*

Essay too short. Need to fix. Brain = slush. Nghhfj.

Icon a little early, but so, so appropriate. ♥ Thankyou, Katy.

[EDIT] And on the bright side, I have finally been paid. :D :D

- shower
- breakfast
- paragraph on effects of non-fiction persona
- paragraph on effects of youth fiction persona

- paragraph on historical fiction persona
- paragraph on effects of historical fiction persona
- conclusion

- edit essay pfffyeah
- references
- hand essay in

- clean room
- tidy desk

[EDIT] LMAO, Katy, the door buzzed like the SECOND I had soaped myself up. XD XD XD I am assuming that will be your parcel, then. *dashes off to get it*


(Sh-she bought me BPAL. She bought me Nanny Ashtoreth and The Buggre Alle This Bible and Xiutecuhtli and Lyonesse and Mag Mell and Bengal, which I must now go and look up, asdjfashdjfahsdjf sfjahsj ahsfj hsd THANKYOU KATYYYYDKJFHSKDJFHSDJS.)

A Snippet.

Oct. 26th, 2008 10:24 pm
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It won't be done for a while, but here is a Thom/Rook snippet. And yes, those names are the right way around. )

Because surely no one can have objections to Professor Awesome being on top? I think I am in love with Thom for being a quiet, mild-mannered professor type with big manly hands, help, help.

[EDIT] sjhfhdjhdfjdjsdjhsdjhsfs IS IT NANO YET OH MY GOD WHY NOT SERIOUSLY T__________________T I want to write, like, EIGHT MILLION THINGS RIGHT NOW-- which means it really is exam time. XD This only happens when I'm working hard on things that have nothing to do with writing.

Things I Want to Write Concurrently During NaNo:
- Faith and Feather
- White!verse
- Crystal Coast
- Epic Incest Fic of Epic Incest Angst Threesome Crossover Epic Epicness Epic Epic

Which is only, what, five hundred thousand words? APPARENTLY IT IS POSSIBLE. There was that crazy woman on the interview panel a few weeks back who wrot like 425k during NaNo last year. That's, like. That's more than 16k every day. EVERY. DAY. Holy fucking shit. XD There's no chance of my doing anything like that, but holy fuck. ONE DAY? XD Am I that crazy?

(Hint: Yes.)
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Well, now I am legal in every country. Woo! Thankyou to everyone who thought of me. <3 <3 (I tried to go around and respond to you all personally, but my internet is a giant pile of fail.) And a return Happy Birthday to [ profile] feather_qwill, who shares my day of birth, although that is, in fact, in another country. Your birthday fic will probably be ready before Christmas, probably. XD

I now have a lovely little Sheik statuette sitting to my left, beneath yesterday's yellow roses. It has a registration card, and I am kind of ridiculously amused. I also got thirty dollars for Borders and for Coaldrakes, from James and Chris respectively, and a Sesshoumaru-sama bookmark from James, and three shiny new moleskines from mum, despite her insistence on transferring me gift money. Which is ridiculous, because that is already, what, two hundred dollars. No one needs more on their birthday than that. XD Maybe when I'm forty.

Anyway, today is a day of making sure I know how to answer any of the questions that are likely to come my way during the oral tomorrow. This may involve recording each of the questions and setting them to shuffle in iTunes so that I have to think on my feet. XD WE SHALL SEE.

- write feasible answers to the questions on the sheet
- revise locating things in stores
- revise being a picky bastard
- record questions for task three?
- revise counting, money, and dates
- do not set the internet on fire for being a massive wankface
- send John SMS to remind him to pay you properly (...I wonder if I get a pay rise?)
- write fic in lieu of AtM


Also, the last of my eggs hatched. :3
Adopt one today!
It will be an Earth Dragon.
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Or, I Love Sarah Monette More Than It Is Actually Possible to Articulate.

On the last story of The Bone Key now and because of the nature of the story it has occurred to me that in a world without the shop, this is what Watanuki Kimihiro would be. Different, certainly, because of a few key differences in lifestyle. But rather a similar creature.

Booth makes me cry rather a lot.

Also, I am twenty-one in two hours and thirty-five minutes. :)
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It is my beloved Wyrren's birthday today and I am about to go out and get the materials for the gingerbread cookies that I promised her about five million years ago, because I cannot not give her anything on her birthday just because we're going to Wicked later. This turned up on my flist today and I thought of you, although admittedly I sort of want to kill myself whenever I see Shizuru these days. XD; VERY SOON, I PROMISE, YOU WILL HAVE MOAR GIRLPORNZ TO HIDE FROM YOUR MOTHER. J-just as soon as I can get anyone to not look like ass. ;A;
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Dinner with family for James' birthday = long. Also delicious. Also enormous. Mmm.

Managed to write a snippet for Conductor. It's not the next scene, but it is a scene, or part of one, and anyway, it's better than nothing.

Have had this song in my head for days and days. And when they burn your body, all that's left is sand crystals; two tiny handfuls; all the rest is water, water, water... All you need to know is you are born of water, you are made of water, you are living water, water, water... It's kind of awesome if you love Leviathan as I love Leviathan, but you look rather strange when you wander around whisper-wailing water, water, water to yourself on a regular basis.

So tired. =______= Sleeeeeeep.
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Me: Okay, so you know how we said it'd be around a hundred and twenty, a hundred and fifty?
Mum: Yeah... *warily*
Me: Eighty. Five. Dollars.
Mum: Wow.
Me: With an additional special disc.
Mum: WOW.
Me: Because I am fucking amazing.
Mum: I think you are.
Me: Or because she thought I'd pre-ordered or something - who knows?
Mum: So we have to tell him that you couldn't get it.
Me: Yes. I checked all the stores in town and then called you to see if you could get to Chermside during your lunchbreak.
Mum: And I'll tell him in the car, and you can wrap it and leave it in full view on the table.
Me: And you can have your phone out to get photos when he goes into paroxysms of joy.

And I wonder where Aundin, Sanga and Landre came from.

[EDIT] He nearly burst into tears in the car, and he had to go suffocate himself in his room for a few minutes when he got home and saw the present on the table. >:} We are evil, but it is a good kind, I think.
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Dear Rave,

In conversations with family members, please endeavour to remember the following:

Life is not fandom.

No love,

Had a great time at Dad's place, but got home to mum and James watching the news on the latest incestuous couple on TV. Foolishly, I mentioned that the only thing I saw as being actual issues in such relationships were a) personal development and b) the reproduction factor. Needless to say this did not go down well. |D; One day I will remember, in conversation, that just because I can suspend my own moral line in the face of rational discussion does not mean everyone else can. Also, other people have moral lines, which I don't seem to have so much. :\ Who knew?

My left hand is dead. I don't know why; it's just dead.

I am going to finish up the header, now, and then I think I'll be hitting the sack. My brain kind of hurts from trying to follow family conversations (they are madness incarnate, I swear).

[EDIT] Can has header! :DDDDD



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