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Bleach 379, p22-23: MARRIED.

That is all I have to say.

They have been hanging out a LOT recently, and it's awesome. XD Bless you, odd couple metric, you make my life a place of joy. Now seriously, where is Yumichika - I need him to use kidou again where people can actually see it. Because Byakuya? Totally convincing Kenpachi of the power of kidou. And possibly of words, because of it. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POWER OF ZARAKI'S KIDOU? EXACTLY.

For a series I barely keep up with, I love the characters in it way too much.
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Seriously, where the hell did the week go? o.0

Ummm, today I... did stuff. And things. We had a presentation this evening from the bossman, which was enlightening. Most of what he mentioned was stuff that would have been really helpful two days ago. XD Still, I think I remember most of it, and it was good fun.

Went to the gym with Rage at lunchtime and spent half an hour on the treadmill. Ran for probably forty-five seconds, because I? Am a pansy. Also approximately six percent of my total body weight is strapped to my goddamn chest and hurts me when I move too enthusiastically. (Ah, the many joys of being female.)

In other news, the new Bleach chapter. On one hand, characters I love have returned. On the other hand, WHAT THE FUCK, KUBO, WHAT THE FUCK, THAT WAS SUCH A CHEAP FUCKING SHOT, YOU FUCKER. On the other, other hand, looks like Katy and I don't have to worry about that thing we were talking about since that pretty much fucked him more thoroughly than the other thing ever could! Fuck you, Kubo! Oh, god, why! D:

In other, other news, I've done my thinking for the day. SSBB ti-- wait, no. Writing a scene to get past it, then I'm on to easy stuff on the weekend, so after that scene is done: SSBB time!
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Work was pretty good, actually; I like short shifts. It was busy. Just got in from Watchmen with [ profile] teacupscientist, which is a lot less depressing the second time around. Still have "Augustine" in my head, and have had all day since I got to cover Alan's lunch and play my own music on register.

Unfortunately I've passed the tiredness fulcrum, so I have no choice but to read or stare at the ceiling until I collapse. |D; [ profile] meatbamboo, I will be online as promised, I swear. Just.... later than I would have been.

[EDIT] I'm not sure if I've forgotten how this works or what, but you know what would be retarded and awesome? If Ulquiorra were Inoue Sora.

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Bleach 348: *faps to Ulquiorra*

Tsubasa 215: jdsfhasdkfjsdfhjasdhfjashjsd OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING OH GOD

Mélusine: Oh, Mildmay. Oh, god, Mildmay, I love you so much, oh, oh, Mildmay.
(HIRU: Here we go again.)

Khaos: Oh god, Jamie. DDD: I. I. Oh god. You. *sobs and hugs him* I KNEW YOU HAD A REASON FOR BEING A DICK.

Uhhh, work was okay except for the five million products we got in at seven o' clock this evening!
ME AND ANTONIO: *stare at the boxes*
ME: ...those kettles are the perfect size for ramparts; we could make a fort.
ANTONIO: And a car! :D

I am starting to get the feeling Charlotte dislikes my music. The feeling is sadly mutual. +_+
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...also, Ulquiorra should probably stop being so awesome.
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When eating a banana, never look another man in the eyes and/or comment on the quality of the banana.

It is probably wrong to think of Byakuya while reading this.

.......but I seriously cannot help it. It's all his fault. Him and the Shinigami Women's Association.

[EDIT] Also: this youtube video? Totally Arthur. In secret. Yeah. >>



Feb. 14th, 2009 01:30 pm
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KAREN: ...banana.
ME: Banana would be Byakuya's safeword.
SQUEAKER: ...ow.

(This will only make sense to us, but it will make me laugh hysterically for EVER.)

[EDIT] Uhhh, possibly additional context is required. Like, um, when you're fighting with Byakuya in the Bleach Wii games, he says, "Ow," in this slightly surprised way that is absolutely HYSTERICAL given the violence in that game.

And a further explanatory note on Banana is:
- somehow it became the official safeword of meat bamboo (I DON'T KNOW, I WASN'T HERE)
- during one of the Shinigami Zukan, Byakuya ends up at one of the Shinigami Women's Association Meetings (I DON'T KNOW) and basically sums up the history of people thinking he is massively ridiculous by saying, "Bananas are delicious and full of vitamins."
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Twenty-five point five hours until I am leaving on a jet plane!



Oh, Jyuu-chan. Be still, my beating heart.

Also, the fight between Kyouraku and Stark? Hee. And Jyuu-chan on the sidelines oh my god. The BFFGAY between those two. It is strangling. And Jyuushirou's love of children. And. zjskdfhasjfal hjlgafskafljs f.

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For the record, when I made that last post, I was completely sober. XD Just... totally unable to think straight due to 39 hours without sleep, and about three weeks of failing to sleep properly on any regular basis.

(Also, this is just how hanging out with people makes me speak. XD In very long rambling sentences. Uni has destroyed my ability to be concise - take heed.)

I would like to reiterate when awake that Sam is the most adorable drunk in the entire world and I never thought I would see a tutor be that... cuddly. XDDD I mean, Alasdair is cuddly, but he's cuddly-looking normally. Sam does not usually look like a particularly cuddly bloke. XD HE WAS SO PAINFULLY ADORABLE. I hope he doesn't get into serious trouble with people buying him drinks because of that. He's like. He's like ZACK. It was hysterical.

Anyway, today I am apparently going shopping for clothing to wear to the engagement party, since my grandmother called last night all I HAVE THE SHIRT (being a shirt she ordered from some fucking store like months ago that they had to send up from somewhere else and it has beads on it and colour me afraid now oh god) and we all know that I do not in all probability want to wear this shirt anywhere ever in the history of the world., that was a legitimately long sentence.

Anyway. Having started the day with a nightmare about a swarm of wasps, I am off to shower and make ready for a shopping trip. Thankyou and most likely goodnight.

[EDIT] Except for a brief run back to the computer to say OH MY GOD, BLEACH 334. *flails wildly* OH MY GOD. And I thought I didn't particularly care about that person. OH MY GOD. Although it remains to be seen how exactly allegiance will shake down... holy shit.

(Also, I feel really shallow for liking so many Arrancar purely because of their designs. XD But I really like Sun-sun!)

[EDIT] And... I know I can't really afford it but I want to give EK a few commissions to work on so's she won't starve or go crazy. I am curious as to what she'd make of Ban, because... well, I have a feeling. (Apparently no one is allowed to draw Hiru but me, Tina, Wyrren, and Meat Bamboo, idk. XD Sanga is free to whore.) They're only sketches, but that's the way I like them. XD So, um. *tries to think who else she could afford to get drawn*
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ME: begin!
CARD: ...try 'the colour red'.
ME: Well, obviously, hahaha, I need more sleep. T_T

I would like to add, for the sake of my pride, that I recognise all of these in context. orz

Also, [ profile] ignite, I am blaming you for getting me into the mood for Kenpachi/Byakuya when I have read everything that exists for it about five million times.

Also, my arms hurt.


KANJI LEARNED: 142 of 174

There are only about 48 that I could use refreshing on just before the exam, and there are only about 16 in that that I really desperately need the refresher on. :) I like that just shuffling past them reminds me of them.

Except for 'week' and 'far', which I persistently write incorrectly the first time, frown at, and then replace with the correct version after a moment's glaring.

(Like I said: I know when I read it. XD It's like people spelling words to me aloud - if I can't actually visualise the word written down in my head, then chances are I am going to say 'aptitude' when you have spelled 'apparent' at me. XD)


Oct. 19th, 2008 10:20 pm
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(Thanks to [ profile] leviathanmirror, who knows just what to say. XDDDDDDDD)


Haha. *rubs fruitlessly at neck* Yes.
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Apparently Luke has booked himself into hospital and is making rather more serious funeral arrangements this time. He has also added "For Good" to his funeral playlist, which means that I, at very least, will be sobbing hopelessly into my hands. Which I would pretty much be doing anyway, because Luke is a jerk but he is a fun and loveable jerk, and I always enjoy spending time with him, even though we were always just working.

..... *has a cry*

Work today was pretty good. We had a metric fuck-tonne of stock, but we dealt with most of it. Apparently Azra is on long-service leave and no one else can pay me my god damn first week's wage, which is frustrating, but that's okay. [ profile] alleyne is gone to see Wicked again tonight. XD I wish I could afford to/take the time to go see it again.

Also, John is beginning to annoy me. "You didn't sell a Dyson today! What are you doing out there!? D:"
ME: Two guys are going to bring in their wives TOMORROW MORNING and I talked one guy up to an eight hundred dollar upright from a hundred dollar HANDHELD. :|
JOHN: Oh. ... :D Nevermind.
Yeah, buddy, that's what I thought. XD

Also I went to Suzanne Grae during my lunch hour and bought two cute little tops in different colours for summer. :D They are very nice, and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them. ^^ Good buys. Also, woo hoo, I still fit into mediums. Uber boobs are not so epically uber!

Bleach 330; HOLiC 167. )

I think I'm going to give writing a shot for the evening, possibly on paper. Since paper seems to make me slightly less concerned with... stuff. I don't know. Whenever I think about AtM I seem to think ohgodohgodohgod immediately afterward, so I'd say it's safe to assume I'm still entirely fucked.

Thankyou for all your comments today, guys. <3 <3 <3 I love you all dearly and despite the Luke thing and the persistent writer's block, I'm feeling much better now. *smooch* Have good weekends.
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Come on, internet, don't fail me now! )

I wish we had a little more concern out of Ikkaku, but y'know. I can live.


Fuck me. Looks like I've got exams right up to Nov 13. -_- Well, that puts a damper on my work plans. Does mean that I can work two fairly solid weeks before I go away, though, and then pick up that schedule again before Christmas, which will be a godsend.
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oh fuck no help i hurt with laughter god god god ow ahahahahahahahaha


Sep. 12th, 2008 10:23 pm
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Okay, so.

Because John-the-Manager is awesome, and thinks I am awesome, and is totally and utterly understaffed, he is letting me work one day a week.

In sales.

This is unheard of.

So basically all that stressing was for nothing, and work was pretty much amazing today once I got past my jittery nervousness and general groggification. I even arranged to have Friday off so that I can work on my OzLit essay! :'DDDD MEGAN IS AMAZING. (Also, she looked like she was going to fall and die when I told her I was going to talk to John about resigning in the morning, which was... not nice, but gratifying. XD)

Also, Debbie the Jura Lady came in to make demo espressos and ajsdhfjh that is the first espresso I have ever not spat. No bitterness! JURA COFFEE MACHINES ARE AMAZING.

So, yes. :3 No need to quit. :3 I feel so fortunate right now.

And you guys. You guys are amazing. Thankyou for all the wonderful comments this morning, even though I didn't get them until I got home. I love you all so much, you just have no idea. ♥ ♥ ♥ My period actually hit this morning, so the prelude of hormones has eased off, and obviously I had a good day, so I'm feeling much better. AND I LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES.

Now. I need to sort out tomorrow's schedule, because I need to take James to the movies really cheaply, which means South Bank, which means a slightly more exciting bus schedule than I had originally planned before realising that the PS3 was a bad idea, fiscally.

ANYWAY, NOW I AM GOING TO... UH... get the rest of the way into my pajamas. I sort of turned the computer on, dumped my clothing in the laundry, and was on my way back when I saw all of your comments in Firefox and so I just sort of had to sit down and ajksdhfjsh gleefully at you all. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 So, yes. Pajamas. And then perhaps food and scheduling. (Oh god I feel so much BETTER today, I cannot even tell you. <3 <3 <3 YAAAAAAY ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD AND I GET TO SEE MY BABY BROTHER TOMORROWWWWJHDJDHFjdhvjhfass. X33333)



[EDIT] should never listen to Wicked while thinking about Yumichika and Ikkaku. IT CAN ONLY END IN TEARS (OF HYSTERIA).
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Today went really quickly. I think there were a few dragging hours there in the middle, after my lunchbreak, but then I discovered that I also had a dinner break and I got back from that about an hour before close, so that was kind of fabulous. XD Didn't get to have lunch with Rage today because a) we were busy with stocktake and b) she was having her nails done, but I did get to talk to... uhhh... Some Guy, who is also studying language and hoping to teach English overseas, which was kind of lovely. He is lovely, anyway.

There is a new Bleach chapter and holy fucking shit Yumichika you are AWESOME. AWESOME. I AM JUST SAYING. ajksdhflasdkjfhasdkfjlhaskdjfh. ♥ ♥ ♥ I mean, I thought you were awesome before this. BUT, WOW. AWESOME. He's. He's just so. *_* GAH. ♥ Wow. (But, um. I thought Ikkaku knew his secret? Or have I not been paying enough attention to canon and reading too much fic?)

APPARENTLY THERE IS A NEW HOLIC CHAPTER WHAT HOW DID I MISS THIS WHY. HARUKA SPLASH PAAAAGE. HOLiC 163. ) I wish I had something to say about the new Tsubasa chapter, but I so rarely do any more. XD; I just don't care as much about that series when neither Kurogane nor Fai is in a chapter.

Anyway, I should probably start trying to wind completely down, since I have to leave for work at about eight, and therefore need to be up in a little over eight hours... which is totally not happening if I don't manage to get to sleep. I'm beginning to suspect that sleeping on a Friday night will actually be a bit of a lost cause, having been on the go all day - I should probably set myself up to stay awake all night and then just crash as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon.

That will probably kill me. Maybe I'll just stick with 'sleeping badly on a Friday night'.

[EDIT] *facemash* Oh my god, guys, seriously - you have a room, yes, but I need you to get an entirely separate APARTMENT. -_- DO NOT WANT.
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Well, the assignment still isn't done, but I had a wonderful time wandering about with Wyrren today. ^^ We saw the Indiana Jones movie, which was kind of wtf, but made sense if you thought about it - or didn't think about it too hard - and bought things and came back to my place and watched part of Doctor Who since she insisted upon my seeing the stone angels, which would have been more terrifying if I were not already absolutely aware of everything that happens in the episode. XD My favourite customer now knows I'm into yaoi manga (I picked up the first volume of Yellow today along with Bleach 23 - Yumikkakuakjdsfyadsfj yay yay yay, by the way, Yumi looks so happy about Ikkaku deciding to reveal his bankai akdsyfas ♥) but this is perfectly all right, except if he brings it up while I am at work, because I can only imagine what Luke would say.

In other news, I have a massive headache, which is why I am being so brief about all this, so I think I'm pretty much going to make tea and hit the sack. [ profile] squeakelala, you may be interested in knowing that Code Geass is now at 54.9% and I left it on all day. XD XD XD WE ARE WINNING. ......SLOWLY.


LMAO, it's definitely a mark of how little sleep I got last night that it's barely half ten and I'm ready to collapse. XD Way to fail, me. I wanted to drawwwwww; I bought an A3 and an A4 visual journal today and everything. D:


*clutches head* So naturally, ten minutes after I turn the light out, some woman starts screaming at random out the back. I can hear men's voices, but I can't fucking see anything. Sometimes I hate this suburb. I'm never sure if people are drunk or drugged out of their heads, or if they're in serious trouble.
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I really don't think my mind starts to function until at least nine on these shifts. |D; Spent the morning on registers, teaching myself kanji - and, for the record, far/near (too[i]/chika[i])? HAVE THE WEIRDEST STROKE ORDER EVER. D: On the bright side, I think that I just taught myself all the kanji that I need to know for the rest of the semester. :D; Uh. Now to go find the sentence patterns I've been totally missing out on.

It is totally hilarious to watch the Sirianni family run around like headless chickens, trying to get all their crap out of the building before the new owner (Tony Wilkes) steps in. ♥ I haven't been so entertained in a while. I'd be happier if they weren't stressing Luke right the fuck out, of course, but whatev.

Mmm. I'm not keeping up with Bleach, but these Turn Back the Pendulum chapters make me happy. (Particularly because Kensei is a spunk. Also, his shikai command is 'blow', and I am immature like that.) Also, [ profile] ignite, [ profile] howl_for_words, I think you both need to see the second-to-latest Turn Back the Pendulum if only for OMFGADORABLE!Shuuhei. (AND WE FINALLY HAVE THE MEANING OF THE 69. JSDGKFSD.) Also, oh my fucking god, Akon and Mayuri = BFF. BFF. I can't believe Mayuri said 'thankyou'. This is just. akjdsgfhajkh. Stupid Bleach. STOP MAKING ME SO HAPPY. :'DDDD

Anyway, uh, once again, my family has disappeared! So, I'm gonna... write a bit, I guess, and then head off to Dad's place for this barbecue-y thing.


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