Feb. 13th, 2012 10:49 pm
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41689 / 100000 words. 42% done!

Date of deathmarch commencement: Monday 30 January, 10.10pm
Words at death march commencement: 39083
Writing hours since deathmarch commencement: 7
Current wordcount: 41689
Words since deathmarch commencement: 2606

The last week has been a fog of exhaustion. I've been reading rather than writing, and waking up at 11am instead of 7am, despite alarms.

I'm really enjoying A Song of Ice and Fire, though. Characters of interest include Sansa, Arya, Sandor Clegane, and Tyrion Lannister. I would like to personally take the eyelids off a number of characters, but I suppose that would be unsporting.
Haven't gotten a lot done this week, either at work or at home. At work, I've actually done a decent amount but didn't feel like I was, because I was waiting for people to send me information. At home, I've chosen to spend my evenings absorbing instead of creating -- which is sometimes necessary, but it isn't helping me finish F&F before NaNo.

I'm now about halfway through half a dozen separate novels:
1) In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
2) The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
3) Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
4) The Tempering of Men by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette
5) Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

Okay, only five, but I want to make the point that I haven't read like that for years. o.0 Like... probably since early high school. Nice that I have the capacity for that many stories again, but really, augh.

Also considering drawing more seriously. Mostly because of things Chira has said and I realised were not true of my characters right now. Even though most of them will be written rather than read, I'd like to have them visually different as well.

I'd like to take up life drawing classes but I still have no idea where to do that.

I'd also like if I could exercise without my body trying to fracture underneath me, but today is not that day. Headache the size of the country, abdomen not much better than that -- but at least it's better than yesterday.
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Our internet has finally been connected, which means I will shortly be back to my slovenly internet-sloth ways. I have been reading a lot in the interim, alternating between new things, and things that have been gathering dust on my shelves.

This weekend I am off to Melbourne to see the amazing Amanda Palmer with the equally amazing [personal profile] kuchibue, and hopefully [personal profile] alleyne if she stops feeling awful in time. I am ridiculously excited and have no idea what to wear.

Also I will be dyeing my hair tomorrow night, so anything could happen. I cold need a new wardrobe just to deal with it. Who knows? All I know is, I need to buy pills tomorrow on the way to work so I am not a mess later.

It's bedtime, but despite being, well, female this week I am somehow buzzing with mental energy despite being in pain and exhausted. wtf, self.
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Had a dream last night that I was being held captive by two men, in a place of rolling green hills and what I am going to call sumps, except that instead of being actual sumps, when I leapt into one to escape, it ended up being just a long low room partially underground, but normally ceilinged in places. So I managed to escape (briefly anyway) by hiding in the low ceiling behind a bunch of crap that had been piled in a corner.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure I also had a dream about being an Angry Bird and flying all over a racetrack design I have dreamed of previously in order to find golden eggs, so what does that say, exactly?

More alarm shenanigans today - I wasn't dreaming that our alarm went off an hour early yesterday, as it went off an hour early today, too. Stupid fucking smartphone.

Nearly finished reading Neuromancer. Interesting read, but I'm not sure I understand it.

Off to work soon. Two things to do today. Well, three, including the meeting, so probably I have to leave off writing my Belgium proposal until tomorrow, as I managed to be under the impression that tomorrow was the fourth rather than yesterday. This does not help me have docs plans done on time.
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Didn't make it to Dad's on Friday night because I forgot a few things that were rather necessary. Headed out at about one yesterday to grab a train and prepare for a bush dance at Gina's school. It was okay! I was not forced to Heel-and-Toe Polka! The Nutbush only came on as we were leaving, so I was not forced to embarrass myself.

Finished Dragon Haven today, and it is excellent. I am waiting eagerly for the third book. :3 :3 :3 I don't know how I could ever have doubted Hobb... although my opinion remains. Greater skill in story-weaving, less magic in the tale itself. (Although even that was minimal by the end.) Very much enjoyed this one and am looking forward to the resolutions in the next.

No idea what to do with myself this evening, since I won't be keeping the net for long, and even so there is limited excitement in the internet these days. Oh well!
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Throat doesn't feel any better today, but I think it looks a little less angry, which is a relief. (What is not a relief is that Darrin had a headache when he left, so I hope he isn't coming down with this. *frets*)

Spent last night fiddling with trigonometry and chatting; most of today was spent on Assassin's Creed II. I've just gotten to the end of Memory Sequence 11, so... now I need to go find all the codex pages I'm missing. XD I have 16/30. (I follow the story first, and my OCD second, okay?)

James spent most of this morning wandering in, making fun of my button mashing, and wandering out again. I probably wouldn't be annoyed by this except that he made several value judgements based on Darrin being male and an XBox owner in the process; I freely admit that I'm not great at video games, but it's not because I'm female or because I own a PS3. Daft little fucker.

Fiddled about in Photoshop this afternoon. Tah-dah~! )

Trying to work out what to do with my evening. I don't really feel like writing, but I sort of feel that I should. Will probably watch the rest of Being Human and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. (Yes, at last!) Then I can get back to New Amsterdam. :D
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Pretty sure I spent my whole day on todo lists, plans and schedules, except for a lunch break and a Mario Kart break. My brain is ready to do some actual work now. Except by 'actual work' I mean 'reading and possibly video games'.

It's very still tonight. Not quite uncomfortably warm, so I'm going to leave the air con off for the time being. Gotta finish Three Hearts and Three Lions, and then start Heart's Blood so that [personal profile] alleyne doesn't try to kill me tomorrow. >_>; Then, possibly, AC2. Because I am at the beginning of an assassin's tomb and I would like to find out who this one is.

Also I would like for mosquitos to quit biting my feet. *shakes fist*
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Really tired today for unknown reasons - actually, probably because I didn't wear my glasses this afternoon, so my eyes are getting ready to pack it in. My mind is still pretty awake. (Chyeah, what else is new?) Spent most of the day in meetings, and the rest of it getting annoyed at how my todo list never gets any shorter. Oh well. The minute you finish all your work is the minute you can be fired, I guess. (PROTIP: I will never be fired.)

Going to do some writing tonight, and try to finish Three Hearts and Three Lions. I'm bored of it and I don't care about any of the characters, but I think it's important to finish, since it's different? Something like that, anyway.

Mood is really suspiciously good, and has been for about three weeks. I think I know who to blame for this, but that makes me feel kind of retardedly clingy, so, uh. Yes. Anyway, three weeks is about as long as it's been able to hold out over the past few years, so statistically something has to cause a moodcrash soon, but I remain hopeful that moodcrashiness can just generally bugger off.

(tbh, it is probably because I have been too distracted to be properly guilty about not doing things. But that is another story.)

Anyway. Off to do chores and sing to Tori Amos; will return to write to Tori Amos later. Because apparently tonight is Tori Amos night.
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So AFP and Gneil are getting married and I probably shouldn't care this much but I totally do. X3 Eeeee. That is one celebrity relationship I can see working wonderfully forever. Kind of irrationally happy for them both.

We got out of the off-site meeting a little early yesterday, so Darrin and I went to grab something to eat and then caught the first half of Batman. The original. With C is for Catwoman. :') It was awesome. Came home, played Rock Band, utterly failed to sleep, and headed off to the book fair today~! Books purchased:

- Battle Axe by Sara Douglass
- Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, v1-3
- Five Plays by Anton Chekhov
- Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
- The Father Brown Stories by G K Chesterton
- The Thousand and One Nights, trans. E W Lane
- The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas
- Folklore and Fable, a compilation of Aesop, Grimm and Andersen
- English Critical Essays from C16-18, ed. Edmund D Jones
- The Approach to Latin Writing by Paterson & MacNaughton
- The Birthday of the World by Ursula Le Guin
- Foundation by Isaac Asimov
- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

Played a little more Assassin's Creed II with Darrin this afternoon, and now I'm just about ready to go to sleep again. Should put these books in some kind of order before I do, though, or I am going to be sorry later.
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My stomach was actually really good today! A little iffy in the morning, but it cleared up quite nicely by the time I went home.

So naturally when mum brought home coke from McDonald's, I had totally forgotten about the no-caffeine rule and got halfway through my postmix before I remembered. |D; FAIL.

Still, it was delicious. Tipping the rest of it down the sink probably shouldn't have been as difficult as it was.

Today was still not very productive because I kept getting distracted by eight million other things, and tomorrow is going to be worse because I have to sit in on an interview and read up on stuff for the meetings on Thursday and Friday. So, y'know. Totally writing off the rest of the week. Sigh.

Anyway, I was basically sent home to do home and writey things tonight, so I am going to go do some writey things - specifically with AtM - and then read a little more of the book David lent me. It is very interesting and from about the same era as Lord of the Rings, but from an engineer's perspective - so very interesting for a fantasy novel.
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More books arrived for me today! Thankfully my mother does not get the mail.
- The Elements of Style, original edition, by William Strunk, Jr. (IT WAS THREE DOLLARS. THREE. DOLLARS. :D!)
- The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan (aka mistful@LJ aka She of the LOLarious Book Reviews)
- Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner (which promises to be excellent)
- Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow (which promises to be trashy and hilarious)
- Travels with a Tangerine by Tim Mackintosh-Smith (which promises to be full of the adventures of Ibn Battutah for whom I may or may not profess true love across time)

The Granada Holmes OST also arrived, and I am enjoying the Wren Orchestra of London and the Gabrieli String Quartet (and occasionally the St Paul's Cathedral Choir) as I type.

And now I should really stop buying books, or I will need more than one new bookshelf before the end of the year, and there is no room for a second, let alone a third.

Felt much better today, until about 12.30, when I took more paracetamol and perked up again with lunch for a few hours, and then went steadily downhill again from about 3pm. Still feeling queasy, but will go to bed as soon as I work out where my mother is and whether she wants anything done about dinner. Got a fair bit done today, anyway, which is good.

Tomorrow, work, lunch for Dani who is leaving us (T_T), and shopping after work for a dress for the wedding. I hope that Cue dress suits, but it more than likely won't, and this will mean hunting, and you know how I hate it when I can't just walk in, buy something, and run immediately back to a crowd-free zone. Perhaps if I frequently warn people I am feeling ill they will give me a wide berth. (HAH.)

[EDIT] [personal profile] ignite, I cannot believe I just read that book before midnight. What utter trash. And not even trash with payoff for all its bloody setting up! Two kisses?! What faggotry is this?!


Sep. 8th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I know sleeping know would be a monumentally bad move, but that doesn't make the bed look any less inviting. To stave that off, to do list:

- finish Wicked Gentlemen
- sketch Gaura of Gaura Vani and As Kindred Spirits
- list BPAL imps for Sonya
- take mum BPAL shopping, yay, yay, perfume

- write something, preferably coherently

[EDIT] So, I'm not finished Wicked Gentlemen yet, but I have to say - it's good, right, but it seems to suffer a persistent case of not quite rightness. As in, none of the phrases are quite as beautiful as they could be. The rhythm is off, the word isn't as precise as it should be... whatever, there's just this niggling sense that it needs to be rewritten and resoldered and given another six months in the bottom drawer. It's frustrating, because otherwise I'm really enjoying it, but I guess reading Sarah Monette almost exclusively for eighteen months has left me spoilt for gorgeous phrases.

[EDIT] Yeah, no, that book was little more than mush. Next!
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Coming down with something, as is my wont when I have been around the children. Glands are up, tonsils aching faintly, but with any luck the multi-vitamin and a decent night's sleep will see me at work tomorrow. Tonsilitis is not something I care to have in my adult life, do you hear me, little fleshsacs. My ears are iffy, too, but that's possibly just a sign I ought not to spend so much time with headphones in.

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale arrived this morning. Well, technically Friday. It's decent so far, and not as trashy as I was expecting, which is a relief.

I am, of course, supposed to be writing in order to fulfill my self-set fic-finishing deadlines so that I can clear out the fic list and write Real Things but to be honest at the moment I feel like sentences are falling out the back of my nose.

I was talking to Tina last night about methods of novel writing and how, in particular, Book!verse, CC!verse and Rocfall seem to like me to ricochet wildly between them. Conductor is also pretty sharing and caring, although shyer about it than the rest, which just figures, given its protagonists. AtM seems to be the live-in, since it coexists peacefully right up until the wild fits of novel jealousy that involve flinging fistfuls of the story on the floor and making sure it all goes back in upside-down.

Yeah, so maybe I should go to bed. >_>; Yeesh.
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I need a shoulder/neck massage more than I have ever needed anything in my life. Ow. Alternatively, to work out where in hell my tennis balls are, because how can I work knots out of my own shoulders without tennis balls to lie on? Grr, argh.

Reading Dragon Keeper is really weird. Hobb's improved again, for one thing. Greft is like a cleverer, more controlled version of my stepfather. Rapskal is ADORABLE DKFJHDS but you all knew I was going to say that. All of the characters are really fascinating and brilliantly assembled, and they are all unlikeable in some way. As in, Rapskal is probably the only person I would even try to associate with IRL. Everyone is selfish in different ways, and it's... it's really good. I just feel like this has all been a lead-up book.

Also, [personal profile] alleyne, Sessurea is totally the big placid blue dragon whose name I cannot remember because it's come up all of once, but also started with an 's'.

Loads to do today, but I'm going to wallow in the sadness of my spine a little longer before I actually start. By which I mean 'limber the fuck up for a day of sitting'.
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It occurred to me today that, fuck, I have a lot of books. (The above is a photograph of all the notebooks I own that I have not yet written in.)

This is what happened when I tried to photograph all the books I own that I have not yet read. )

So now I'm making a list. Or rather, remaking a list. Properly, this time, with the intent to deal with the items on it. So, without further ado:


Bryson, B — A Brief History of Nearly Everything
Carey, J — Kushiel's Mercy
McFarland, D S — CSS: The Missing Manual
Prata, S — C Primer Plus

Things I own and have not read. )

Only 66! I'm doing quite well. XD (Or I have missed a box somewhere.) I missed a few. XD Also, have marked rereads with asterisks.

READ: 0/71
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I did do things today, and I did them pretty quickly, but really, I was distracted for a lot of it. XD There were a lot of interesting conversations! Also, there was MarioKart. (I did not win, but nor did the NPCs beat me, which is always good when you are playing without feeling in half your hand.)

Picked up my mattress protector, ate dinner with Rage, and bought four books for the price of three! They were even books I have really wanted for a long time. (I AM GETTING BETTER.)
- The Dark Lord of Derkholme by Diana Wynne Jones
- Christopher Chant III & IV by Diana Wynne Jones (they are on my shelves already and I cannot be bothered remembering their titles just now I am tired and my train of thought may not arrive again for hours)
- The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner

I am not allowed into a bookstore again for at least a month, mind you, because four-technically-five novels in a week is a bit ridiculous when one actually intends to SAVE one's money. *facemash*

Anyway, now I am going to bed, because my bed! It will be here in twelve hours or fewer! I am very excited about this!
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Elbow was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and as you may have expected made me CRY and now I am going to do my utmost to stay up all night and finish Corambis, because it, too, is beautiful, amazing, and making me cry.

[EDIT] And a nonspoilery paragraph or four from Corambis because I couldn't NOT share the fucking thing. )

[EDIT] And then it was four-thirty in the morning and I was ten pages away from the end of the book and this scene happened and I nearly yelped aloud. )

And since it's twenty to five, it hardly seems worth going to sleep NOW... *ponders* I think I'll start figuring out where to put shit in my room.
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I couldn't NOT read this review of the ARC of Corambis. But it does have minor spoilers. And I think I am going to cry with happiness whenever this story arc completes itself, and there are only twenty-three days to go and I should finish everything just in time, judging by my current reading speed.

....or I could just cry at the thought of it all being resolved! Either way! Oh, I am a sap.

Going to see Watchmen with James again this morning. XD But we have to clean a lot before we can leave or mum will eat us. So! Off I go.
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Books I Have Read So Far This Year:
- Wicked, by Gregory Macguire
- Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey
- Kushiel's Chosen, by Jacqueline Carey
- Kushiel's Avatar, by Jacqueline Carey
- Quid Pro Quo, by Manna Francis
- Games and Players, by Manna Francis
- Blood and Iron, by Elizabeth Bear
- Swordspoint, by Ellen Kushner

Which is still pretty sad since I used to finish books like that within three days, but whatever. That's more than I read for probably the entirety of last year, which is both horrifying and something I am glad to have rectified, even if I've really only been reading to save myself from death by boredom while I can't write.

Like it says, over the next twenty-seven days (TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS!!!) I will be rereading Mélusine, The Virtu, and The Mirador, and will likely rave about Mildmay the whole while. (This has been your warning to evacuate.)


Mar. 4th, 2009 04:53 pm
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The interview was fine; five people, two and a half hours, and many repeated questions. It was all very casual and friendly and I have reserved high hopes. (If nothing else, I have recommended Sarah Monette to someone else. XD)

I am reading Kushiel's Chosen and far too tired for the usual fantasy nonsense. (In my head I am composing a letter that goes, Dear Fantasy Author, if I wanted a travel book I would buy one from Lonely Planet.) Really, really love the book. Do not love Phédre's propensity for being kidnapped and taken to exotic places because it is all too much to concentrate on and this is why I like Doctrine of Labyrinths: because the journey is coherent and purposed and there are dull, unimportant bits that Mildmay very helpfully skips over.

And... yeah. Tired. Tomorrow goes like this:
- fire door check
- nothing
- staff meeting
- drinks

and thank all the small gods for that.






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