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Feeling a little better this morning, and determined to have a better day. I have cold medication now, which proclaims an ability to shorten my cold. I really hope so, because the depth of colour to this mucus is truly alarming.

The outcome of yesterday's fiasco is, I've emailed the real estate agent and told him we can't take the place until the end of August, since D has tooth work to pay for anyway, but we're still interested. (Even though in all likelihood we are not for the time being.)

Mum has suggested that we all go in for a multilevel place next year some time. I'm... not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it's a really sensible idea, especially in today's climate. On the other hand, living in the same building as my mother until a loan is paid off.

Anyway. The cold medication appears to do buggerall, so I need to rearrange my hair into some semblance of order and get some warmer clothes on and... get back into bed, probably. Sigh.

Plans for today include:
1) read The White Road
2) play some ACII
3) scene some F&F

One of those will do.
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Not in a perfect mood but doing pretty well today. Saw the house I like in Virginia, and will submit an application tomorrow or Monday I think. I have left the hundred points of ID I require at home. Sigh.

Found Darrin shirt and pants for my cousin's wedding, which look verrrrry nice. <3 Very fine green, blue, white and amber striped shirt that really sets off his eyes. (This is why colour theory is important.)

Currently watching him play a Prince of Persia game with ifrit and djinn and laughing a lot at the mythology. Tomorrow will be about planning fundsnand organizing the next few chapters of F&F.
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By which I mean, Darrin and I are looking at a house on Saturday morning and Dad sounded like he was having a ;_; moment on the other end of the phone when I mentioned that as part of my weekend schedule. XD He is a dork.

Got my release notes done today, except for whatever comes in tomorrow, which is awesome. What is not awesome is that I may have to get them out on Monday, which is a public holiday... but hey, it's not like I haven't been working my last three weekends!

Weekend plan is to go see this house bright and early in the morning, hunt for clothing for my cousin's wedding for Darrin (and possibly new boots for me), then head to Dad's place for dinner on Saturday night, since I haven't seen him in approximately eighteen billion years. The rest of the long weekend is entirely up to the gods, and my product manager, although I'll probably spend some time getting some more of the repos back where they belong.

Booked in for an appointment with a cognitive therapist in a week or so to help me get sort the depression/stress (so naturally I've been doing pretty well for a few days). I've been doing a lot better since my work life stopped looking like such a shitfight. Haven't really spoken to the boss about this that much, so I should probably do that when I get back from my holidays and am feeling in a better frame of mind. At present all he really knows is that sometimes I will need to work from home purely to let myself overcome anxiety attacks. (Aaand there I go again. Yay, problems I can't solve!) Mum suggests I start from the very beginning with the cognitive therapist and work out all the kinks in my entire life. My answer to that is simultaneously, that seems a little childish, and, you honestly think I can remember? o_o But whatever. We'll see how that goes.

I'm actually kind of enthusiastic to start planning the next product to come out, but I think if I start doing that at home someone will actually cut off my hands to stop me working. XD Off to play video games! Or something! My right wrist hurts already so that might not be the best plan ever.

(Also: boyfriend possibly interested in borrowing saucy novels = best idea or worst idea? XD I really cannot tell. ♥)
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Not quite so bad now that I've sat and done quiet work by myself for a little while. )

Other than the issue of being unable to stop. fucking. crying. things are quite all right. Still a little worried about the interviewing thing, but I think that's mostly because of this what-the-fuckever hormone deal, since the more I think about it the more I realise how utterly ridiculous it is to be weeping over seven minutes in a room with practically a script and a notebook. This is not a problem compared to ANYTHING in retail! What the fuck, self!

But, yes. Things are going well. Darrin and I are thinking about renting together when his lease runs out, which will be convenient and also awesome. Dad's birthday is next weekend, although I hear his Bond costume party is fizzling out and am disappointed by this. Bec-from-Uni is starting work at Red Hat next Tuesday, on my team, which will be fantastic, although I may be a gibbering wreck at that stage (hopefully not so much after the long weekend, but there you are).

Turns out I am also unable to construct coherent sentences at the moment so it's probably about time I went to bed. Night, intertubes.
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Today can be summed up by the following direct quote:

"It's a configurable talking cow!"

I love my workplace. XD I really, really do. Even when it takes up my whole Tuesday with meetings, at least one of those meetings was two hours long and about verbs. XD It was awesome.

Spent half of Valentine's Day with Dad and Grandma and Connor, and the rest of it with Darrin. It was rather hot as hell, so my left arm is sun-burned from sticking out the side of the ute, and riding with Connor in front of the gear stick is... harrowing. But I made bolognaise and trifle and we watched the first half of the new Day of the Triffids, and then Dr Strangelove, which was full of hilarity. |D;

Work is getting to the point where I think I need to just spend a day rewriting my todo lists and reorganising myself. I started on the HornetQ docs today, at least, but I'm still waiting on a heap of information, so it's hard to move forward with the things that I... actually want to move forward with. But hopefully things will start to move soon.

Speaking of which, I have a release to check up on.
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Throat doesn't feel any better today, but I think it looks a little less angry, which is a relief. (What is not a relief is that Darrin had a headache when he left, so I hope he isn't coming down with this. *frets*)

Spent last night fiddling with trigonometry and chatting; most of today was spent on Assassin's Creed II. I've just gotten to the end of Memory Sequence 11, so... now I need to go find all the codex pages I'm missing. XD I have 16/30. (I follow the story first, and my OCD second, okay?)

James spent most of this morning wandering in, making fun of my button mashing, and wandering out again. I probably wouldn't be annoyed by this except that he made several value judgements based on Darrin being male and an XBox owner in the process; I freely admit that I'm not great at video games, but it's not because I'm female or because I own a PS3. Daft little fucker.

Fiddled about in Photoshop this afternoon. Tah-dah~! )

Trying to work out what to do with my evening. I don't really feel like writing, but I sort of feel that I should. Will probably watch the rest of Being Human and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. (Yes, at last!) Then I can get back to New Amsterdam. :D
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Was held against my will and forced to watch Romancing the Stone this morning, which is all I deserved, having held Darrin against his will and forced him to buy a container with which he could cook. (When the answer to, "Could you cook pasta if you wanted to?" is "Er...", it is time to take drastic measures, okay?) In this case, the drastic measures were the siren lure of pancakes, and the movie was actually kind of excellent. Yes, I am a dork. You knew this.

Headed to Maddie's new place to warm it, though it was plenty warm already, and met Blake, who is lovely. I am very relieved to find her surrounded by people who think she is amazing. ^^

Kind of want a cuddle right now, but that is because I get upset when other people lose or are in danger of losing their cats. Utmost empathy for Gneil and Miss Olga and everyone else loved by Zoe right now. Have lost far too many cats, and it only takes one.
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Today was good. Didn't get a lot of material work done, but did solve all the problems I had, and dealt with two of the small niggly issues that were driving me nuts. Also discovered an unfortunately large bramble in terms of getting my next project out on time, but there you are.

Took Tom and Darrin to Java Coast for lunch with Rage today, too. :) They talked WoW. Or ex-WoW, I guess. XD It was entertaining. I just made rather a mess of my steak sandwich. I am such a lady.

Really, really tired right now. |D; Time for bed before I collapse. Will be offline for most of the weekend, so SMS is the way to go if you need me.
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Today was a Monday. I'm sure part of it was frustrating or something, but I can't remember anything of the sort right now. Mum has been grumpy all evening, but that is her problem up until she makes it mine.

Bed time. ♥ Night, world.
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So AFP and Gneil are getting married and I probably shouldn't care this much but I totally do. X3 Eeeee. That is one celebrity relationship I can see working wonderfully forever. Kind of irrationally happy for them both.

We got out of the off-site meeting a little early yesterday, so Darrin and I went to grab something to eat and then caught the first half of Batman. The original. With C is for Catwoman. :') It was awesome. Came home, played Rock Band, utterly failed to sleep, and headed off to the book fair today~! Books purchased:

- Battle Axe by Sara Douglass
- Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, v1-3
- Five Plays by Anton Chekhov
- Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
- The Father Brown Stories by G K Chesterton
- The Thousand and One Nights, trans. E W Lane
- The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas
- Folklore and Fable, a compilation of Aesop, Grimm and Andersen
- English Critical Essays from C16-18, ed. Edmund D Jones
- The Approach to Latin Writing by Paterson & MacNaughton
- The Birthday of the World by Ursula Le Guin
- Foundation by Isaac Asimov
- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

Played a little more Assassin's Creed II with Darrin this afternoon, and now I'm just about ready to go to sleep again. Should put these books in some kind of order before I do, though, or I am going to be sorry later.
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Was going to try to write an entry but I'm going to bed to wallow in my stomach acid.

This weekend was, honestly, fantastic. I could do it every weekend.

Just maybe without the stomach acid bit.


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