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So, the verdict is: I am very bad at mingling, but I am queen of the Saeco, and I really think I like this place a lot. Also everyone took pity on me for being the actual n00b at the n00b party, so that was nice, if slightly alarming. It looks interesting, but I wrote myself a few notes I feel compelled to pass on to you all, and they go like this:

- attempt to hire thine brother-in-law
- accept expensive gifts or whores unless you are sharing
- talk about the fight club

So for the record you agree in advance to be bound by a policy of non-disclosure, dear readers. Also, some of those rules might have been paraphrased.

Ash spent the entire day simultaneously hoping I would get an awesome fedora, and dreading contact with anything red.

Also, one of the guys is giving me a .PDF of Linux for Dummies. Oh, open source community. ♥

Choir performance was awwwright although I was wearing the most godawful shoes for the experience. NEXT TIME I WILL REMEMBER. Also I hope to Christ we are not singing such high songs next semester. Term! Term. >_>;

I'd write you more drabbles, my darlings, but I have to draw a metric fuckload before the end of the week or Tina isn't making me a sculpture of my boys, so off I go! ♥ Thankyou for all the well-wishes today! ^_^
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No, no, no! Basses, you're singing, *simpers* dooo you love meee? And SOPRANOS. You're singing, Nooo, we dooon't.... *brightens* But your moooother doooes!
ENTIRE CHOIR: *pisses self laughing*

The actual lyrics there are 'occuli omnium (inte sperant)' for the record. XD And for the rest of the song I started associating the Bass/Tenor with Felix and the Alto/Soprano with Mildmay and fuck me sideways this will NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY.

Today was actually pretty hideous. I royally fucked my arm trying to climb shelving to pull down a box, which you would think I'd have learned not to do by now, and spent about half an hour fighting the urge to curl up and cry at my own stupidity, but the show did eventually go on, in a wobbly and fake way.

I really need to stop just smiling harder whenever I'm in any kind of pain. It's probably not a good habit.

In other news, I bought a 32" LCD television today. I have yet to name it, but rest assured: it will be awesome. ...I have no idea where to put it.
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fuuuuck my voice. singing for 2.5h straight = bad move.

so tired.

uhhh.... yeah.

good night everyone.





[EDIT] oh god and i still have to do [ profile] stepstepjump sob

oh lol

Mar. 9th, 2009 09:49 pm
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ME: *doing nothing at work* I feel like I'm forgetting something...
ME: *on the internet at work* Boy, I am sure there is something I'm meant to be checking today.
ME: *gets home and checks LJ flist* Oh, the Less-Than-Epic books are up for... sale........ ...sold out.
ME: ...... *cries*

Choir today was great but my lungs hurt. Also, do not forget your music. :D; FAIL.

[EDIT] Leslie Rudd has a harem, and I want into it. That is all.

[EDIT] Oh. XD And this afternoon I hijacked Charlotte and forced her to teach me Irish. XD So now I know how to say the rough equivalents of g'day, are you well, and may I go to the bathroom. XD If Phédre has done nothing else, she has reminded me of how much I love languages.
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Here is something you may or may not know about me: I INHERITED EVERYTHING FROM MY FATHER BUT THE Y CHROMOSOME. What this means is MY FEET STINK. At all times. Everywhere. No matter what I do. LIKE VINEGAR MOST FOUL, etc. SOMETIMES THIS DISTRESSES ME.

The peeps at work are doing this Biggest Loser thing starting tomorrow and, uh, I am totally in. EVERYONE ELSE IS ABANDONING ME BUT WHATEVER. I am totally kicking the guys in Computers' asses at this. I TOTALLY HAVE TWENTY LOSABLE KILOS ON ME AND I CAN ABSOLUTELY DO IT IN EIGHT WEEKS. My lack of sleep has to help with something, okay, so it might as well be unhealthily fast weight loss.

I guess this means I should stop eating crap, huh.

Choir is still really really high. BUT AT LEAST I CAN WORK OUT WHEN TO GO UP AND WHEN TO GO DOWN. (Some second-sop developed this week. THANK GOD. NO HIGH G OR HIGH A FOR ME!)

In webcomic news, how in fuck did Erik get UNDERNEATH the table???

Yeah, feeling pretty good at the mo. Notice how this coincides with singing and with getting out of the house...?


Feb. 18th, 2009 01:48 pm
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Oh my god, seriously, fuck notes above High D.


Also this keyboard is beautiful and gentle and will from here on out be referred to as Mildmay.
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Work was boring. Choir was entirely too high. I remember why I was iffy about Alison: because she just says GO! and expects it to be done. XD Meanwhile I am like UH CAN I HAVE A HINT AS TO THE FIRST NOTE PLZ? But she is a lot of fun, even if I am entirely too uncoordinated for her teaching methods.


Fuck I am exhausted good night everyone.
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So, uh, the audition was about two minutes long and consisted of singing about thirty seconds of scales and thirty seconds of "Shine" from Hellsing. I have a lot of power and she wants to put me in soprano, to which I say djfhsdjfs NO D: and also ALL THE BETTER TO DEAFEN YOU WITH MY DEAR. (I love that this is everyone's first comment, lololol. Human Foghorn FTW.)

In other news, OH MY GOD X'DDDD

And now I am off to dad's to babysit my siblings. XD
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I was planning to draw our favourite mopey Valentine for the occasion but, well, hands. So just pretend you have a set of smouldering red eyes, or whatever it is Vincent's eyes do aside from apathetically cataloguing his surroundings out of habit, and go from there.

Wherever that might be. :| That sentence got long.

Still haven't decided what to sing for the audition. James is still asleep so I can't actually warm up at all. Scream. Yes, I know there are six hours before I even have to leave, but whatever, who asked you, djfh.

I have forgotten when and how to breathe and my posture is hideous and I vaguely recall Alison Rogers as a terrifying figure, although this could be because Ursula Hurworth fainted and split her lip the last time we worked with her.

If I admitted to doing this on the off chance they have nice uniforms, would I be shot?

[EDIT] Proof I should talk to Tom more often: The Real Folk Blues, you idiot. It is the perfect demonstration of my comfortable range and my singing strengths, even if it is all more or less in the one rhythm.

[EDIT] For [ profile] tainted4life (and hypothetically [ profile] leviathanmirror: Alanis Morissette's "Hand In My Pocket", which is SO MUCH A YUFFIE SONG I cannot believe Katie hadn't heard in much, dhfjhd, American Radio Fail.
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Alan and Josh both talk to me a lot when I don't have a girlfriend. :| I am considering making one up. I am pretty sure Alan made an I'm Single You're Single joke today and, uh, HELP. RAPE. FIRE.

Also, I cannot work out what to sing for this audition. I have to sing 12-16 bars, preferably those that demonstrate a decent range and a decent sense of rhythm, which is like... half a verse and a chorus. HERE ARE SOME OPTIONS; PLEASE VOTE IN THE COMMENTS, I AM AS INDECISIVE AS MY MOTHER. )

And now my hands are dead. Thankyou and goodnight.
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I got paired with Garry for stocktake, which was awesome. Less awesome was my right hand conking out about ten minutes after we finished. |D;; Rage and I didn't have lunch today but we're going to have lunch tomorrow, and apparently I have Thursday off this week, too, so, uh. W00t?

Then I got home and mum had sent me an email about the QPAC Choir, which, um... I'd really like to audition for, actually. :D Give me a chance to work on my singing somewhere they won't yell at me for being a foghorn. Rehearsals are Mondays after work, so I can fit it in without many problems, and auditioning pretty much consists of a singing exercise and half a song, so, uh, suggestions? XD My range is pretty shitty at the moment, so I don't want to do anything too hideous, but enh. It's pretty much showing that you have the ability to sing without accompaniment, which, uh, yes. I certainly have. Also, anyone want to join with me, lololol???

[EDIT] Yyyyyeah, Rage? Joscelin is hawt. Just sayin'.


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