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*facemash* Okay. If you cannot distinguish between 'bare' and 'bear'? You do not get to keep a blog on writing. Just saying. jhgfgas. Also, the possessive apostrophe is not optional. Not even in hypertext. ajsdfhsdfjs.

(wanna draw wanna draw wanna draw wanna draw ;_;)

Derrida makes me weep and tear at my hair and demand that obfuscation be punishable by death, or at least whipping. High school essays are all very well; lengthy published treatises are not.

On the other hand, I am a genius. Malouf is a genius for giving [character in a post-colonial novel who goes native] a stutter. My presentation tomorrow is going to rock, and it actually will be like a class discussion because I am just that awesome. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love understanding things.

Vivienne's going to have great fun with my notes, I think. :3 I can has be lit. tutor nao? OH GOD I DIDN'T MEAN IT, I DON'T REALLY WANT TO DO THAT AT ALL BUT STILL.

Seriously. So happy with this. I'm awesome. Why can't all assignments be this easy/fun? XD Oh, literary analysis. I like you when I don't have to try to explain what deconstruction/modernism/structuralism is...


PFFHAHAHAHA ♥ ♥ ♥ Felix and Mildmay: A Character Study in 4COMA Format. Only it's actually 5COMA.

I just love how HAPPY Felix looks while he is snarking. XD XD XDDDDD
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Why? Why these differences between written language and spoken language? What looks perfect on the page sounds like wanky tripe off of it. This is why I hate presentations. I can deal with the people these days, mostly, it's just the godforsaken tone translation that kills me. AUGH.

On the bright side: I ate an orange. It was delicious and sweet and I have no idea why I don't eat them more often. ♥


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For a presentation that I wrote yesterday and largely ignored while I was talking, I think that went rather well. Craig was smiling all the way through it, but I'm not sure if that was at my boundless enthusiasm for worldbuilding or the nervous smile he gets when he's trying to let you down gently. XD I think it may have been at the enthusiasm, though? I got a class discussion going, sort of? XD; It may not have been analytical, but it was... oh, god, I don't know. XD I tried and I had fun, apart from the blinding panic and muscle spasms.

Coding the site and writing the rationale only took an hour, and [ profile] kessira very helpfully gave me her spare CD to burn my assignment on so I wouldn't have to go and buy one and then come back to the computer room. :D [ profile] kessira is awesome! I should write her fic sometime. ♥

The next thing I have to worry about is the Japanese oral on the 28th of April. This is... really weird, guys. XD

From [ profile] howl_for_words:
I love how Darwin has a list of reasons why one should & should not marry.

And how he lists this as a reason why one shouldn't marry: "Less money for books."

It is terrible how much sense this makes to me. XD

In any case, aside from an impromptu drenching (while wearing a white shirt and carrying a freshly-printed assignment with CD to the submission centre) today has been marvellous fun, so I think I'll round that off by actually going and doing what I have been trying to do for probably a month now and watch Howl's Moving Castle again. Or at very least reread it. If it starts raining again, it will be perfect reading weather. DO WANT.


Okay, now, I'm all for pro-choice but this is just ridiculous.


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