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So today I devised, with prompting from Tom, the best Linux prank ever.

The only problem is that I'm probably never going to be able to execute it.

It's totally the best hypothetical Linux prank ever, though.

I slept really, really terribly last night. To the point where I'm surprised at how well I stayed awake today. ...but then again, I also hardly paused to listen to Aurelien instead of working through the material on my own, so it's not so surprising. More mental effort = less desire to nap in class.

Anyway. I have to write tonight, or I will probably want to slap myself. I think I want to be at 35k by the end of this weekend, which shouldn't be too big an ask (and let's face it, if it is, I'll just insert random non-canonical porn).

...but I'm watching the second episode of V first. Because Morena Baccarin should be lure enough for anyone. )

...and after the writing, I'm playing Castlevania. I know exactly what I need to do, I'm just having handfail doing it.

[EDIT] It should never take three days' play to finish the Forest of Silence. This is something I know, deep in my soul. And yet, look at this. I only just hit the Castle Wall. */wrists* I should hand in my gaming license. ;A;

On the bright side, yay jumping all the time in random directions while holding down the 'charge magic' button strategy.

I know the Villa is probably a fortnight away at this rate, but still. I AM EXCITED FOR THE VILLA. Although I think I was Reinhardt last time I made it that far so I'll probably get there and be horribly confused. :\
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There is something wrong with me: an HTML tutorial. )

And if that pre element doesn't work in IJ/DW, I will be Angry.



Um, yes, and aside from getting carried away with teaching a client's new website maintainer how to code (*facemash*) today was pretty awesome. Rage bought me XKCD t-shirts, which I am struggling not to wear until Monday. I am really damn tired. I didn't get to finish everything today because I discovered that I was being asked for things that I didn't have and have to ask Isaac about on Monday before the training course. Sigh. So much for a late start. Oh well. Still going pretty well. And rediscovering a love for this song that... okay, never really went away. But anyway.


Nov. 4th, 2009 08:54 pm
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So I had to upgrade to Fedora 11 today to support Publican 1.0. T_T MORE TEARS WERE NEVER SHED OVER AN OPERATING SYSTEM. I am very sad. And probably destined to hate Fedora until another version hits.

Would just like to tell you all that Glee can suck my nonexistent cock. You call that Defying Gravity? PFFFHAH. I laugh in your general direction and mock your lack of diaphragmatic power. And your harmonies. What the fuck were those chords? Way to fucking baby down the song. And remove the climax. What were you thinking, Glee producers? Guys? No, it's a serious question - what the fuck?

Yeah. This would be 'annoy the neighbours' mode. Sorry for the loud night in, folks, but you do this to me Friday through Sunday, so I think you can bite me. :)
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Let me take you back, dear readers, to my eleventh year of schooling. It was glorious. I was doing IPT. I was top of IPT, which right now seems pretty sad, but at the time got me book vouchers. We did databases, oh, so many databases, and forms, and SQL. And we did Visual Basic, which scarred us all. Not because it was difficult, either. (Quiet, [profile] teacupscientist, it had nothing to do with my beating the teacher in a mousefight.) No, VB scarred us because it was broken.

We had this thing, see, this environment, with a little pixellated triangle pretending to be a robot. A robot which had a limited set of functions, such as only being able to move a certain distance and only being able to turn left. This meant we got to make methods like Turn_Right out of three Turn_Lefts, and coax dear little Robo to While Clear_In_Front Walk and If On_A_Marker Then Pick_Up_Marker.

Except sometimes, for no known reason, Robo would twirl.

Not consistently, either. We could have the exact same code, and only one of the Robos would twirl. But twirl it would. Forever. Just like this icon. And no one could ever figure out why.

Trying to publish French docs with the new server today was a bit like that. It only took about twenty minutes before Darrin turned to me and said, wonderingly, "Maybe it is just you." Hint: this is not a good sign.

On the bright side, I am now their insurance against SkyNet.

Also, my boss visited this blog today, and I sincerely hope he is not traumatised by the experience (but it would not surprise me). He's considering commissioning an album cover from me! Abject terror does not begin to describe it! But this is what Big Scary Things are about, and if I can pull it off? Awesome.

Now: I am going to watch some goddamn Sherlock Holmes and I am not going to install Fedora on a VM because I am not that kind of geek. Really. I. Oh, hell.


Feb. 18th, 2009 01:48 pm
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Oh my god, seriously, fuck notes above High D.


Also this keyboard is beautiful and gentle and will from here on out be referred to as Mildmay.
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I have a good feeling about this keyboard.

If you were here with me, you could tell from the way I am interacting with the manual.

MANUAL: The function keys comprise two elevated, tilted rows of soft, tactile keys...
ME: *stroking thoughtfully* Ooh, they are soft and tactile! I guess what I'm trying to say is, I have a good feeling about this keyboard, hurr hurr hurr.

[EDIT] But Renji seemed perturbed by the jade cock ring. )
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My Kinesis arrived! It is so beautiful, and I think shall be called Larg, since my wee tablet is Soel. I MAY BE UNABLE TO TYPE COHERENTLY FOR A FEW MONTHS, BUT AT LEAST I WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE.

I had two whole sentences of polite conversation with Jason today, after which he made a face like, "What just happened? Why was I... what?" It was very Arthur-like and he was lucky I did not just crack the fuck up laughing. He's kind of a surly jerk, but I have always liked harmlessly moody assholes. You know, in books and stuff. XD; Not so much in the workplace.

Also, d'awww, Cain likes it when Abel makes him bleed.

[EDIT] Re. Khaos: I distinctly remember playing that game with Barbies. With that exact scenario. Uh.

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I don't know who the fuck designed this keyboard, but they decided the most logical place for the apostrophe was right down the bottom near the space bar, because clearly the colon/semi-colon keys are more important to everyday writing. WHAT.

Otherwise, Crowley is shaping up nicely. I may be writing NaNo entirely in Notepad, but this may in fact add to the purity of the exercise. Lack of wordcount function = lack of stress, amirite?

We'll see how I go setting up a wireless network for him and go from there. All this may simply amount to typing practice on the little baby keyboard. (There is a camera, though, and now that I have Firefox, all things will be well.)

He's very lightweight. Perhaps I should have called him Sable.

[EDIT] Also, omg, NaNo sign-ups are go! X3 Have updated my info. <3 This is so exciting. X3333 Fifth year of NaNo! Wooo!
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I should really know better than to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey. It really is an excellent movie, once you get into its sense of timing.

I wish I could remember how the fuck I got Sophos Antivirus installed on Tetsu. I can't find my disc at all, and I have no idea where I'd have put it if not the places I've already looked. :|
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Was talking with Karen and Lauryn last week while I wrote my essay, and I just have to repost this little gem, extrapolated by [ profile] howl_for_words from the title of one of my resources:

"Lessons in becoming a straight man: do not wear pink, and do not put your penis in a boy."

I know I'd publish that thesis. XD ♥ ILU, Karen. <3 <3 <3

And since we are after class now, you are looking at me on a newly set up wireless network! 8D This is particularly hilarious because I can see all the other wireless networks in the building, and they are called, like, GAYBOY_MANSION, and such. :'D Oh, Valley.

Of course, the signal is not exactly grand, but this is not the point. >_>;

[EDIT] Also, this afternoon I offered my website-construction skills to Jim Frenkel. Life is hereby awesome, and full of what-the-fuck.


Sep. 20th, 2008 05:05 pm
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My mummy is at home again. :3 I am home from work again. :3 Work was quite all right. I sold things, anyway. Not a lot - a coupla vacuums and other bits and pieces - but it was slow, and I was the only salesperson for most of it, so it's not like I could have done any more.


Chris has come over to cook dinner because he loooooves her. XD Seriously, they are way too cute.

This would all be far more adorable if I did not have the biggest headache ever in the world. It may be from a lack of tea. It may be because of my fuckdamn shoulder. It may be from lack of sleep. It may be from stress. Gods only know, but it's annoying.

I told mum about the new laptop. XD;

MUM: What do you need a laptop for? D: You have a computer!
ME: Because I find it hard to write on that one and it's making a mess of things. Also, you said I couldn't give Tetsu to James and then take it to Perth with me.
MUM: Yes, but--
ME: Also, it comes with XP and not Vista.
MUM: ...point.

Of course, now I have to think of a name for the bloody thing. I'm thinking Crowley, myself. XD NO. NOT CROWLEY. IT SHALL BE CALLED "THE BENTLEY" AND I SHALL CONFUSE EVERYONE FOR EVER.


Sep. 19th, 2008 07:18 pm
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So I went to get fish and chips. The Sirianni website situation came up.

ROSIE: So, what, you actually did the website?
ME: Uh, yeah.
ROSIE: The whole website?
ME: ...yes.
ROSIE: Want to do mine?
ME: Um.
ROSIE: Because my DAMN NIECE--
ME: Alessandra?
ROSIE: How cheap?
ME: Twenty bucks an hour!
ROSIE: How many hours?
ME: If you've got all the material and don't change your mind? Twelve to fifteen.
ME: I guess this means I need an ABN.
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Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes,
don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture
with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

Yes, it is six o' clock at night and I still have not made my bed. I am as ashamed as you think I ought to be, I assure you.

As it turns out, Dell is even more fabulous than I had previously suspected, and their laptop is more or less identical with the added bonus of having Win XP and not Win Motherfucking Vista, for $50 cheaper than I can get the laptop at cost price at HN. So I'm going to look into that again over the weekend and see whether it'd be worth it to go with Vista aside from the obvious which is that sooner or later programs will no longer run on XP.

Dad's looking for his customer number, anyway.

.......also, is it me or is Cale exceptionally hot in the third-to-last panel of today's Looking for Group? Because I can smell an icon coming on. That boy should kill people more often. I hope Richard noticed. :3

Finally had my consult with Craig today. Our conclusions were:
1) Aundin is awesome. (Seriously, this is the only conclusion to be drawn from AtM. XD Blah blah faeries blah blah men blah blah OH MY GOD THE FAERIE QUEEN IS AWESOME. XD He also seemed to like that I'm going back to the roots of the Faerie consort problem, and that I'm thinking about fiddling with fae and space/time a la Torchwood, only not like Torchwood at all.)
2) The twins, while interesting, are unimportant to the plot. Their presence is especially useless if you cannot work in a mention of a stepladder. (Okay, so that was my conclusion.)
3) I can start from the beginning of Faerie rather than the beginning of Tol's story, and I probably don't need a Hiru!prologue. (Although I personally suspect it will help to have a Hiru!prologue. We shall see. I guess you'll get enough of an impression as to the anger of Auberon through Hiru while he's in Faerie, esp. since he's really trying not to step on anyone's toes.)

And now, cooking and cleaning in preparation for sitting down and essay-churning. Because I feel a lot like working on AtM after the babble that went on this afternoon. XD Ultimate proof that your novel is your baby? It gets slammed, and you can see what's wrong with it, and you understand how much improvement it requires and where it requires that improvement... and you still love it and want to work on it more than you want to do pretty much anything else. Hee. ♥
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I think my printer just shat itself. ;_; It printed two pages, and then printed only the lines associated with track-changes. There is nothing wrong with his ink cartridges. Oh, my baby, I have owned you so long. Don't make me go on to those other printers.

I guess this is the part where I write everything out by hand. ;_; Sigh.
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Today I'm going to sort out all my files, put them all in the right folder, the right place, and make stacks on my Dock so that AtM and the like are easy to grab. If there is a god, I will be able to give the stack its own icon, which will be awesome.

Today we're trying to sort out the entire dead pixel problem.



..........okay, so today I am copying all my data off the hard drive again, and taking the damn thing back and swapping it over for another one because of that damn pixel.

And I'm working tonight from 5-10 because I am a sucker.

It had better not be in the fucking deli, that is all I am saying.

I wholeheartedly approve of Luke firing people when they do things wrong repeatedly, but I wish he'd actually just hire decent people so that I didn't have to fill holes.

I am hormonal. )
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Well, I think I'm getting the hang of all this. I'm still fucking up keyboard shortcuts left, right and center, but with a whole new button to contend with, I think that's understandable. And I'm getting into the hang of installing things and dropping them on the... dock? New terminology. Eek.

Altogether, I still feel that everything could be a lot less goddamn shiny and a little more functional for the helpless n00b, but I'm sure I'll manage.
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I am here! I am slightly confused, but I am here. I, um. :"3 It is all so shiny and beautiful and I will probably go blind from using a screen this large, but, oh, how dazzled I will be while that is happening. Gotta go download, you know, Firefox and everything else important for a growing girl, and work out why my modem won't work with USB but will work with ethernet, but aside from these small things and the fact that my keyboard is made of, like, tinfoil (there is NOTHING THERE I am practically typing onto my DESK) there have been no problems and the future is looking... glowy... and very, very bright.

(And full of photographs, because apparently this thing comes complete with webcam. WHAT. WHAT.)

His name is Islington. :)

(And I must turn off the spell-check option for this damn browser before I shoot myself, but this is another very minor minor problem.)

Mum: Can we test a DVD in it?
Me: Of course. :D
Mum: Can we test out Transformers? :D?
Me: Sure! :D
Both: Ooh...
Me: that a pixel?
Mum: Is what a what?
Me: *points to tiny little blank white spot*
Mum: ........
Me: ...............
Mum: You're just going to have to retu--
Me: NO. No. It's fine. It's a pixel. It's fine.
Both: *watching the movie*
Me: ..... dammit, I can't stop looking at it, now. :(
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Me: Moshi moshi~
Me: Huh?
Mum: I am struggling to carry it. I can only go a few steps at a time.
Me: D: Do they have someone who can help you to the car? A trolley?
Mum: No. :(
Me: :( You said you wanted to go on the way home from work. It is a hard drive, you know.
Mum: I just wanted you to know that I am struggling.
Me: Th-thankyou for struggling for my sake. :( I wanted to come with you!

I did not just develop my dramatic tendencies on my own, you know.

[EDIT] Oh, and, depending on how setup goes, I may be away from the internet for a time. I'm sure I'll be fine, but just in case. ♥ I aten't dead, and all.


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