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My mother added a handful of blueberries to my cereal this morning, perfectly innocently, as I have blueberries all the time. ... WITH VITABRITS.

Thus through the house there did echo:
"Blueberries go with everything!"

And this is why you shouldn't add things to my food before I have consumed tea: impromptu Gollum impressions.
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[profile] tainted4life: Fuck writing porn
[profile] tainted4life: I could be playing pokemans


Aug. 18th, 2009 06:05 pm
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ME: Tadaimaaadnfdhasjkdf.
MUM: Oh, there you are. Home early!
ME: Home on time. :) I sleep nao.
MUM: You need to stop playing games at midnight.
ME: What?
MUM: I could hear you in there on your controller.
ME: Uh. Okay.
MUM: Blah blah sleep tea blah exercise hands blah blah boob reduction.
ME: Mmhmm. I'll be asleep on my desk.

And that, dear readers, is where I'll be. Long day was long.
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Mum has spent the afternoon organising old photographs upstairs.

MUM: [opens my door] Hello?
ME: Uh-- [pauses Holmes] Hi.
MUM: I just found-- oh, who are you talking to?
ME: Tina. And that's a freeze-frame from Sherlock Holmes, not a person.
MUM: Oh. Well, Tina, listen to what I just found--
ME: Oh god, you're going to embarrass me, aren't you.
MUM: [reading from her own note] 'Laura, after failing to pick up her toys, looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, "Mummy, that's just what kids do, all right? You're just going to have to accept it!"' [to Tina] 'You're just going to have to accept it!' In grade one.
ME: God.
TINA: D'awwww.
MUM: Grade one!
ME: ...and you still haven't accepted it!
MUM: I refuse to accept it!

[EDIT] <-- I... actually quite like this. Have I become immune to memeage? D:
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Work was pretty good today; got a lot of proofreading done. Like, probably in excess of 100 pages, which is nice. Still have no idea whether my document builds in their build system but y'know, whatever, unsupported. (Yes, this is going to be my answer to everything from now on — I'm taking a lesson from some of our more helpful engineers. XD)

The Hangover was actually reasonably entertaining! Well-written, I think, because I don't remember rolling my eyes at the writing, just at the stupidity. And even then, not a lot. There was some stuff that just... wasn't funny. Because, y'know. I don't get some kinds of humour. But a lot of it was. :D And Wyrr and I went shopping and although Daily Planet did not yet have Shin Petshop v5 (CRY) I did buy Lucifer v1-2, so I guess I'll be rereading Sandman at some point soon to prep myself for reading them.

Quote of the Day:
"You could not possibling be comprehensive of my– *giving up* –AWESOME."
~ [profile] teacupscientist

Now I have to somehow clean the house and pack for Dad's and stuff and... fffffffuuuuckthatshit. I'm goin' to bed. =_= 'm buggered.

Oh, right, and the reason for the icon: HP6 shinies came out today and Snape's bookshelves are my hot hot sex, just sayin', so this time, I mean this weekend, I'm rereading HBP. Because why read something new and exciting, or write?

[EDIT] Oh, and Megan (from HN) wants me to move in with her. This could actually be pretty okay. Cheap, safe, and close to the city — and her wage is lower than mine at the moment, so, uh, if she can do it, I can do it. Or something. XD I don't know! Thoughts? I'm still paying off surge-- FUCK, I FORGOT TO CALL PEOPLE. Monday. Monday. Fuck, someone remind me on Monday to call people with my credit card details. *facemash*

[EDIT] Dear Rave,
What the fuck sort of thought process is actual delighted relief at the thought, "I still have most of my money and I got paid today!"???? D: THAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE BRAINING. GO TO BED.
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ME: I understand why I can't draw Dee.
ME: I have been drawing Xolotl too much and they have very similar hairstyles.
KATY: Huh. Xolotl cosplaying Dee would be epic.
ME: ...YES.

This can only end in tears. (Xolotl's.)

Typically, Dee actually looks more like himself when reverse-cosplaying Xolotl. XD Bastard.


And then, three seconds after it occurred to me that both Tetsu and Auberon had horns, Aundin pounced on fluffy!Tetsu and refused to let go.

.......... *leaves her head to its own devices*
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"Giving the reader a sex scene which is only half right is like giving her half of a kitten. It is not half as cute as a whole kitten: it is a bloody, godawful mess."

That quote is totally irrelevant except in terms of sheer pedantic detail. This cut is more about WHY I HATE WRITING F&F. Or rather, why I hate myself. )


And then I say to myself, while rubbing my eyes and squinting over scene breaks, "So, for this bit, I really need to feel more like... America."
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HIRU: .......they're scrolls.


Apr. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm
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So, like, I actually started work today. :D And by work I mean installing Linux on my work laptop and playing chicken with Terminal while I tried to get everything installed. Loads of stuff was missing. I get so many more XKCD jokes now. XD And seriously, when I first got back from orientation and went to talk to the main guy?

HIM: Now, lots of people here write other stuff, too, so if you're one of them? You need to learn how to turn all of this off when you walk out the door, or your novel will suffer for it.
ME: ...... ♥
HIM: Also, most of the people on this floor? EXTREME INTROVERTS. IRC is your friend.
ME: I love this place already.
HIM: :D Good.

Ran into Meg on the way to dinner at my uncle's place; she's looking SO MUCH BETTER after her time off. ♥ So much happier. Seriously. It's amazing.

Dinner itself was, enh. Good, but then I got a little worked up over a variety of things and I think the manic sort of hit its peak and I fell off a cliff down into crying at the table, which, um, I'll probably worry about when I've stopped feeling embarrassed. But seriously: I cannot help the sleep I'm getting, and I'm sick of talking about my weight problems. Fuck. Off.

.....yeah, I really need a sudo make me a sandwich shirt, now that I actually know how to code that.
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ME: Hello?
OOPI: Laura~! What do you call it, in a limestone cave, going down?
ME: ...buh?
OOPI: You know, the things in limestone caves! ...have you been in a limestone cave?
ME: Yes. What, like the spikes?
OOPI: Yes!
ME: Oh. Stalactites going down, stalagmites going up. o.0

So, surgery it is, apparently. Ultrasounding right wrist on Thursday to check for tenosynowhatever and/or ganglion there, and then to a hand specialist for cutting since apparently draining isn't an option. I am devastated to find that it is, in fact, too deep within my wrist to beat it with Swinburne until it submits. DEVASTATED. Only because, come on, HEALING BY THE BOOK. GEDDIT?

Yeah, mood dropped to about a -1 on the bus trip home but I think it will repair.
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Tonight, we watched The Italian Job on TV. Well, mum and Chris watched it.

ME: God, I hate my characters. Why don't you make me design SIMPLE things?
MUM: All right, let me see.
ME: :| *hands over sketchbook*
MUM: Who's the guy with the horns?
ME: Auberon. And I don't know who the guy in the top left is yet, really.
MUM: Looks gay to me.
ME: ... Just him? I think he's the jester.
CHRIS: :3 I like their ears.

MUM: I love that movie. C'mon, bed time.
ME: But I'm drawing Hiru. D:
MUM: You have work in the morning.
ME: Hiru is more important than work.

Weirdly it is my left wrist that feels clunky. |D;
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Either I am accidentally failing to have a tone of voice, or my mother has no tone sensitivity and thinks that everything is a VIOLENT ARGUMENT. We were chatting about bus routes and the possibility of seeing my grandmother.

ME: We could go to Chermside so it's completely air-conditioned.
MUM: You don't want to be too far from home if your hands start hurting.
ME: Hmm, and I'm not sure the Great Circle runs on Saturdays...
ME: ...I know. I was referring to the bus that Grandma has to catch. o.0
ME: Yes, but it would be less hassle for her if the-- o.0;
ME: I'm not arguing, I'm just discussing alou-- djhfh-- dsjhfd-- GAH! *throws up hands and goes back to Swordspoint*

I'm honestly not sure she even understands the distinction.

In other news, Swordspoint? Amazing book. I keep having to pause to rave about it because I get overexcited about it. I'm failing to keep the politics straight but that is just a me thing, I think, and will improve with rereads and obsessive note-taking.
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MUM: Want some vodka?
ME: *shrug* All right.
MUM: One shot or two?
ME: Uhhhh--
MUM: Two it is!

And of course I forgot to eat before I started drinking. So if I miss letters you know why.

Also, Swordspoint is utterly fascinating. I hate comedies of manners usually but this is, how you say, intriguing. I am already driven mad with wanting to know what in hell Alec's deal is, and want to know the full arc of Michael Godwin.

Someone needs to remind me that finishing drinks to get them over with is a bad approach where alcohol is involved. Off to lie down now and possibly to brave the kitchen for toast.

The amusing part about using a tablet as your primary mouse is using the stylus on your keyboard.

[EDIT] lol i can't tell if this numbness is alcohol induced or from my arms XD
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MUM: How are you holding up?
ME: Just bored out my my EVERLOVING MIND.
MUM: :( Can't you read a book?
ME: Holding it open hurts my hands. |D;
MUM: :| Can't you prop it open against... something?
ME: I'm about to sit down and watch Star Wars. :|
MUM: Well, good. I'm going to yoga.
ME: Okay. Don't worry. I'll still be going when you get here.
MUM: And then we can start on Pride and Prejudice. :)
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ME: Here is all your menu stuff back and by the way I sent Robin that invoice in digital form so you could not tell me you lost it.
ROSIE: Hey, we went online the other night and couldn't see it! :}
ME: ...........
ME: ...........
ME: Do you know how to spell your own surname?


Anyway, I have lasagna, I have ice cream, and I have the house to myself for the night. I'm going to do my requisite cleanup of stuff that needs no cleaning for the sake of proving to my mother that she's being a dipshit, and then I'm going to... read, probably. It's pretty warm today, so that's about all I'm prepared to commit to prior to killing today's bee visitors.
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ME: *lies down and turns light off* Ahhhh.
SANGA: So, the Sa Miu Kei.
ME: Argh.
SANGA: It's not actually dead metal. It's alive.
ME: Yes?
SANGA: And they used it in the war to siphon power from captives, which is how the moth fae got to be so frightening, so you know.
TOL: Live metal? Really? And it feeds and grows and... wow.
ME: djfjdfd it is the symbolic difference between faerie forges and human forges! Of course! I knew it was there for a reason other than putting you in a tight spot!
SANGA: Of course it was. When am I not helpful? *smug*
ME: Never, darling, never. Oh, I could kiss you.
SANGA: Good luck getting to sleep, by the way.
ME: .....argh.
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I think from now on when I wake up for the seventh time at half past five I'll actually get up and get on with my day. I can write and plot before I go to work, tea and breakfast willing, and start getting ready when my alarm goes off. It's too damn sunny to sleep past five or so these days, especially without the air-conditioning, because my room gets too damn hot.

Alone with Alan today. D: Which reminds me of a Monday exerpt.

ALEX: Where's Alan today?
MEGAN: Day off.
ALEX: Oh. :) I miss him when he's not here.
ME: Uh.
MEGAN: Miss making fun of him, you mean?
ALEX: :| No, I just miss him.
(3, 2, 1...)
ALL: *cracks up laughing*
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[ profile] howl_for_words: I went to play some wii!!!
[ profile] howl_for_words: ...while making lauryn some tea :S
[ profile] cheloya: and then you rhymed at me. :D
[ profile] howl_for_words: XD!
[ profile] howl_for_words: I DID!
[ profile] howl_for_words: and you rhymed back with me!
[ profile] howl_for_words: ^__________^!!!
[ profile] cheloya: and now we're a rhyming we!
[ profile] howl_for_words: and we achieve that amazingly
[ profile] cheloya: with great longevity!
[ profile] cheloya: but now unfortunately
[ profile] cheloya: I have to go to slee...........p.
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I pretty much hate wasted days. Not wasted as in 'nothing has been accomplished' but wasted as in 'nothing has been accomplished through no faffing about of my own'. All day I've been resisting the urge to sit down with a notebook and just plot the living hell out of AtM because I know it will be awful for my hands; now I just feel miserable that I'm saving my hands for retail work instead of a 'verse I love. Bawww, cry moar.

Vaguely annoyed at several people, too, but tired of dealing with and thinking about drama, so have pretty much given up hope and/or desire for resolution and have resigned myself to whatever.

Also, now, every time I fail to play Vagrant Story I am going to think, you have not lost us, I said. We have not lost. I think that's how the quote goes, anyway, and the important bit was in the ravek, so who cares, right? Right.

Alternatively I am going to replace Rushton and Elspeth with Hardin and Sydney and Obernewtyn is going to be hilarious.

Hands still weak and kittenish. Aching up both sides of both wrists and into the tendons of my fingers, and to the muscle along my forearm approaching my elbow. Shoulders feel as if they're not quite there.

I feel like today should be purged from the Matrix.

[EDIT] Also, mum asked how I felt about Chris moving in this afternoon.
ME: Does this mean I can wear my pajamas in the living room again?
MUM: :(((( If you must.
ME: Sweet. Sure. :D
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TINA: *types a passage from Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner*
TINA: *types another passage*
TINA: *and another*
ME: Oh god, Alec, you are so-- NO. NO, I SHALL PREVAIL.
TINA: *drops character details knowingly*
ME: I AM SLAINNNNNNNNNNN I... I must... read... Swordspoint..... DAMMIT.

So if I never do anything ever again YOU ALL KNOW WHY.


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