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I have spent more time working from home in underwear and a sarong this month than I have spent in a sarong at any other point in my existence. It's just more comfortable. True, I can't answer the door, but at least I'm nice and cool when I'm sprawling on the couch.

I am a little behind on NaNoWriMo, but I have finished the opening at approx. 11k on Saturday or Sunday night (I forget), so presumably all the things that make it a zombie novel are about to happen. Some day this week, I probably ought to write a bit more of it. So far, Our Heroine has met:
- the cute Asian DJ,
- the slightly pathetic groomsman her mother is trying to set her up with, and
- the Islander dude who is probably going to save them all if he ever makes it back into the story.

In other news, this is probably the most racially diverse thing I have written so far that does not involve races that do not actually exist. Hurrah!

I have spent probably the last week procrastinating on drawing, which may be one reason NaNo was progressing so well. I am still procrastinating on drawing as I type. On the bright side, if Harriet Potter and Ronalda Weasley were not the best thing about the internet this last week, it is only because this afternoon I discovered both Verka Serduchka and genderswapped Weasley Twins, Frida and Georgia, who are perhaps the hottest thing ever in the world.

My anxiety is higher than it was a few months ago. It seems like I am anxious with my pills, and sad without them. I can't say I approve, but I'm going to chat with the doctor about it next week, so we'll see how we go. I've also been sleeping worse as the weather warms up, which kinda sucks. Mum has suggested dark cellophane on the windows. I am seriously considering it, but I think I just need to get used to sleeping with a mask on.
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I have to update this more. I've actually had a really good few days. A few minor moodcrashes - though nothing looks like a serious moodcrash when you're not in the middle of one, I have to say. But I have to update this more often, even when I don't feel like it, so that I have a clearer picture of what my days are doing. My memory is really terrible for this sort of thing, and I know that the moods never seem as severe when I'm not in them, so it'll be best to get it all down while I'm feeling it, so to speak.

Spent Boxing Day shopping with Wyrren and then came home and played Mario Kart, all of which was good fun except that my shoes were full of pain. |D; Stupid flats. I did find a lovely bright watermelon pink handbag, which was good, although we did not have much luck with the rest of my list. Wyrren found what she was looking for, I believe, which is a nice change for us both. XD Hurrah, shopping win! I was in a really good mood for most of the day, with a few hours of coming down on the end of it, which was disappointing but not unexpected.

Yesterday was a day of cleaning and putting in my new light fitting and working on this consistency exercise, which I finished off tonight. Yesterday I started going downhill at about two, and picked up again in the evening, which was when I started work on the exercise.

Neither Saturday's nor Sunday's moods really got into misery, just apathy, which is... good? I'm going with good. :S Is a frequent relief to be out of them, anyway, and I've definitely been doing better for the past few weeks, though I had a brief nosedive week before last - hence the utter lack of entries.

Today was pretty good, though not exactly on the high side of up. I did some cleaning, and Wyrr came over for 32-track Mario Kart tournament, which was good fun. My new controller apparently does not like being used as a wheel, though, as it would not let me turn when I tried to use it as such. XD Much hilarity ensued as I drove into walls and lava over and over again, and Wyrren tried to line me up so that she could ram me in the right direction, to little avail.

Have spent the evening finishing the exercise, as linked above, and musing over partitions. In a pretty good mood, but still pretty... floaty. My mind just feels like it's skating over the top of things lately, which is not great. I suspect I need to read more, but I haven't been reading very well, either. Just. Bleh. Maybe I need to eat better. There's not really a reason for this, and it frustrates me. Particularly since it means I can't freaking focus on anything long enough to do anything constructive. It's a miracle I managed to finish that exercise at all.
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So today I was introduced to Posemaniac, a site which randomly generates poses for the purpose of thirty, forty-five, ninety second sketches. It's great for getting more comfortable with drawing quick, clean lines!

Here are today's results. )
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H-holy hell, mum's Thai Green is more like Sol Black in spice rating this evening. Yowza.

I got to do actual work today - by which I mean writing and inserting and editing things in actual books - and it was quite marvellous. I'd missed it. Unfortunately, what I was editing... er, was not grand in quality, and is rather longer than I have time to fix at present. But that is what all the other versions of this product are for.

I still don't know what I'm drawing tomorrow! This is a problem! I know what I want to draw/am meant to be drawing, but I can't really draw it while Vinseth is not... actually... Vinseth in my head. An illustration of my quandary. The one on the left doesn't even look like Arjun Rampal!

Well, neither does the one on the right. But it's closer to the Vinseth in my head. T_T

orz orz orz /wrists

So, yes, I don't, sakjdfjsadj. That's all.
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So today I found out that my supervisor is going to work on something else. And I am going to be in charge of the people who start in one and two weeks respectively. ;A; C-can I cry now? So, um, kind of... worried about that. But I'm sure it will all be fine. Or at least, I will continue to tell myself this until I make it so. Ahaha. D:

In other news, my boss was serious about the commission, so I'll start work on that tonight. I'm doing a t-shirt design for a band he's friends with. Their music is actually really nice, so this is quite awesome, and the photos I was given of the band are so FULL OF ENERGY that it's destined to be a really fun design. :D I may be distracted into drawing Ciorrnaich approximately five million times, but that's what happens when you put him in the same headspace as awesome music.

On the subject of which: I love apparently random dances more than anyone reasonably should.

Oh, and I got a free t-shirt today. It is immense and tent-like and this is okay. :D Free pajamas!
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So because it was Tuesday, I was a zombie for the first half of the day. XD I just don't deal with them, even when they can be misconstrued as Fridays. One day I'll work out why that is. Got a fair bit done today despite obvious handicap of Tuesdayitis, and came home this evening inspired to draw like a demon because Chira was on Ustream all day. (Seriously, the woman is a MACHINE. ♥)

So I came home and figured out Ustream properly, and my 'show' such as it will be will be here. You just missed about three hours of me drawing the base composition for a massive fuckoff huge wallpaper for my work monitors, since their powers combined make it kind of hard to wallpaper with my normal video game/anime fare.

Tomorrow I'm either visiting the grandparents again (because Oopee can leave hospital soon!) or sitting around drawing, writing, and watching Sherlock Holmes. I could kind of keep going right now, but it's probably not a good idea to set myself up for staying awake working on stuff all night. XD My hands need a rest, if nothing else.


Aug. 5th, 2009 08:52 pm
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This is not meant to happen when I try to draw Auberon.

Oh, and apparently the Reeve in my head drinks frilly cocktails for the hell of it. (Possibly he let Cait place his order.)
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Dear Tina,

Because I love you.

Dear Everyone Else,

Eyeball warning.


P.S. - Yes, Sanga means it when he says he loves your eyes. Yes, this is the other way Sanga could have chosen to express his love for Hiru. And yes, there is a reason that eye is green. ;)

And no, Hiru is not sure whether that is hot or alarming. XD

(And no, I'm probably not finishing this.)
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Because apparently I paint when I'm watching Supernatural.

Also, I would give people money to convince Hiru to wear pants at this point. :| WHAT IS UP, PRETTYWINGS.
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I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome Israel Folau is. :'D

[EDIT] Not worth devARTing, so here's the spoils of the game: first half yielded Kir and Landre; second half, Rook, Balfour and Adamo... but Kir and Adamo looked like crap! So, here: Have the other three. )
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ME: I understand why I can't draw Dee.
ME: I have been drawing Xolotl too much and they have very similar hairstyles.
KATY: Huh. Xolotl cosplaying Dee would be epic.
ME: ...YES.

This can only end in tears. (Xolotl's.)

Typically, Dee actually looks more like himself when reverse-cosplaying Xolotl. XD Bastard.


And then, three seconds after it occurred to me that both Tetsu and Auberon had horns, Aundin pounced on fluffy!Tetsu and refused to let go.

.......... *leaves her head to its own devices*
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Like the idiot child, idiot parent relationship in Japan, there is also the idiot sibling relationship, which is what I have with Gina and Connor.

Today we did French knitting, and went to the park, and this, guys, is Gina copying what I drew:

She is like Kate Beaton meets Picasso, at five. )
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These are the first two images of Xolotl that ever there were: the one that makes my icon, and the fullbody I sketched to get the idea down, which later morphed to something altogether more froggeraptor.

This is the colour study I just did for him, probably no more than a year later. And admittedly the first two were more concept sketches than anything, but, well, so is this. And I can't shake a feeling of smug satisfaction.

Or the urge to pet Xolotl's inner thighs.

But that is neither here nor there. >_>;

i swear

Apr. 8th, 2009 06:51 am
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The people in this suburb and their fucking car alarms. *puts head in hands*

Woke up a lot last night. Once, my hands were curled around a dreamed N64 controller. I do remember a Zelda dream in which I was in the castle for its collapse, but sdfjdhjafsd.

[EDIT] Mmmnsfjsdhf, must win this contesttttstastsaetsdf. Will need to recruit folk to click &stars;+ though. |D; Alas.
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This game looks AWESOME. I'm totally d/ling a demo. 8D

I thought I'd set my alarm to half eight, but after I'd turned it off and lazed around for an indeterminate length of time it was only twenty-five past, so. Uh. No idea.

I know I have to do things today but I don't really feel like moving, let alone being productive. Also, I'm ... well, not scared of starting work tomorrow, but aware that it's there and determinedly not thinking too hard about it.

In other news, I have... well, five days, actually, to hit 105 on [ profile] stepstepjump. I am currently at 73. The math here is not good. Which means I should try to draw a fuckload today, but I kind of want to write. Then again, every time I sit down to do so I feel paralysed and have to go do something else, so I suspect it is one of those things that I have to sidle up to, write down a sentence as if it has no connection to anything else, and then come back ten minutes later and write a different one. Because apparently I can't take the pressure of putting these things together any more. What if they do not fit. Etc. The only way to fix this is by drabbling with greater frequency, but my hands aren't really strong enough and I'm sodding useless with prompts at the moment, although Swinburne is slowly helping me with that. I really liked the one I gave to [ profile] ignite last night.

For the time being, I should decide on clothes, I suppose. And have a shower. Meh.

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It's probably a sign of true OCD that I just spend forty-five minutes combing through Bear's twitter feed and trying to connect her twitterings to the conversations she was having with other authors. |D; Whoops.

I think when I get my hands back I need to put in some serious time on my touch-typing. I'm typing at a decent speed now until I get lazy, and if I don't think about it too hard I don't have to look at the keyboard, but I'm certainly not at my 80-90 WPM just yet. :< Which is probably just as well, but it's still annoying to have to slows your thoughts to your typing/handwriting speed.

I've pulled the keyboard stay off my desk so I can swap my keyboard and tablet over depending on which I'm using the most - saves me from straining forward to reach Soel, and this way I'll be forced to sit straight. I'll need a foot rest and a slightly higher chair before it's perfect but these things can be arranged.r

Of course, now that I'm comfy with my drawing set-up I can't work out what I want to draw, but oh well.

Having decided to work on my DoL header... if you're standing in green light, are your shadows red? Where are Tina and Lauryn when I need them. XD; Seriously, guys, I need a better painting education. (Not that I'm anywhere near painting it, really, but fsahjskd. I'm still tweaking Mildmay's face; this is just post flip-and-discover-all-your-lines-are-tilting-wildly.)


Feb. 6th, 2009 07:08 pm
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Apparently I like G&T. Who knew.

[EDIT] Fuck horses, I say. Fuck them. Also fuck: centaurs, fauns, horns, torsos, and trying to link the hips of a human to the collarbone of a horse. Fuck it all. D:<

(Ciorrnaich, mummy loves you very much, except when she is trying to draw you, especially at strange angles, and especially dancing, which is a shame as you do a lot of it.)


All I can do is lie here in mild hysteria over my love for Papa D. T____T <3


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