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Had the most amazing dream last night; a fully-formed world that I can no longer completely remember, which is unfortunate.

There were demon artefacts, witches and wolves - I remember a witch attacking a demon because he thought the demon was another witch; he burned half her face off, and I got the hell out of there before I saw what she would do to him in return.

The was a segregation between normal humans and, I think, the wolves. Or perhaps between wolves and mages. What I remember of the wolves' "vengeance" doesn't make any sense, because as a group we ran through setting the houses in the woods on fire, which is presumably where the wolves would live... but perhaps it's not. Perhaps the wolves are in the cities, since they are pack animals, and it's the witches who lived in the forest.

In any case, I was a wolf, and the alpha - no, he wasn't alpha, he was just the guardian of a demon artefact. I saw three demon artefacts, but I only remember this one: it was a large pair of glasses, with cracks in the right lens as if they had belonged to someone who got an arrow through the eye. If you looked through them, they showed you gorgeous places far away. The guardian had never found a use for them, apart from the beauty they showed him, but I suspect they may have been a spyglass for the locations of the other demn artefacts once upon a time.

He kept saying something all through the dream, something about him being the most fortunate of the guardians, although I know that didn't make sense until I got to look through the glasses. I suspect they were the only demon artefact that appeared innocuous, almost benign. And I suppose the other guardians of the artefacts must have been in positions of greater power, or better respected or better loved or something, because before I saw the artefact, I thought he was being sarcastic when he said he was the most fortunate.

... and that's all I remember right now. It was fascinating. I hope it comes back.


Dec. 17th, 2010 07:13 am
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Last night's time-sensitive dream theatre involved a scavenger hunt in a dollar store for bricks. Part of this hunt involved figuring out where the switch that controlled the ceiling mechanics was. Which I did not locate, because I was not observant enough of detail, but I did work out how we should use the switch in order to win the hunt, I think. So that's all right.

I have no flipping idea what that was about, though. Only that I found about three bricks, one of which was hidden in the big flat drawers underneath a card stand.

... yeah.

Tron: Legacy was pretty good - worth seeing but not omgomgomg.

Yesterday was... less productive than I'd have liked, I guess, because halfway through I realised there was a much better way to do what I'd spent most of the morning doing. But given how important my duh moment was to saving time in the long run, I'm okay with that. I spent the afternoon finishing that off, and then got pinged by my engineering manager, who wanted to discuss timeframes and handoff dates with me.

Him: When do you want to receive this information?
Me: Well, they're your resources. I was thinking a staggered submission process would work best.
Him: Excellent! I agree.
Me: Cool. Do you have a schedule for the people responsible, so I can work around that?
Him: Not yet.
Me: Hmm. Okay. .... shall I just plug in terrifying dates to scare people into offering compromises?
Him: Yes. :) I'll work out my schedule when they come to me to complain.

I think I am going to get along very well with this one.
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Last night I had a number of highly stressful dreams. I can't remember what the first one was - the one that woke me up at three in the morning - but the second sort of blended into the third, and I still remember part of it.

The second dream started in a manor of some kind, a large social gathering taking place in the main rooms. Everyone was there, except one guy who seemed angrily opposed to the whole thing. He didn't communicate with anyone, and everyone who went near him seemed to expect violence to be done on their person. He was played by the brother of the crazy hick in The Walking Dead, for reference, and may have been further linked to one of the kids I went to school with - Mitch Eddington - who had a similar unpredictable reputation.

At some point he decided that I could help him with something, called me over, and we went about the mansion on a mission - which I don't remember. Related to that, we ended up at some kind of fair. I remember two rides - the one we could afford to go on, and the one that was $23 a head, and the woman who took tickets was always bitching about how little money she made and leaving early. For some reason there was a grocery store at this fair, about to close, and we had to go in and get some stuff.

At which point I lost him completely and it transitioned into a combined Christmas shopping panic and help the customers panic and help the lone shopgirl close the store panic and--

--will I never escape that fucking grocery store?!
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More great dreams last night, but I've left them too long and now I can't remember them. I think there was me and three other people trying to do something... possibly to do with a shopping centre. I know it was really interesting, but, damn me, I cannot remember why. AUGH.

Going to check out a house on my lonesome tomorrow afternoon, since D has loads of work to do at the last minute because of a change of plans. These people, they would not know a plan if it danced butt-naked in front of them with "PLAN!" tattooed on each arse cheek.

Cat is glaring moodily because we dared to bathe him. He is nearly done licking himself dry, however, so soon he will be allowed to roam free with a collar on again.

Trying to work out what I will do for the rest of the afternoon and not having much luck. I think I should plot things, but today is a drawing day. Except that the paper I have is sheer unbridled hell to draw on, and I don't feel like being on the computer for my creative work. SIGH.

I do however have to do a grocery order. So that's the first thing on my agenda.


I had to defeat a great big sea monster (Leviathan) with a kirin (also Leviathan) that I had to spend a good deal of time locating or taming or something or the sort. I CANNOT EVEN. The temple that the monster was being held in was purely gorgeous, though - like the Colosseum if its center were a round shallow(ish) pool of water.

In other news, I think work is stressing me out again and I'm not sure why. I really am enjoying the planning work, but I guess it's not what I am supposed to be doing. When I say "enjoying" I mean it is giving me a sense of great productivity... but that is not the same as it feeling like something I am supposed to be doing.
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Had a dream last night that I was being held captive by two men, in a place of rolling green hills and what I am going to call sumps, except that instead of being actual sumps, when I leapt into one to escape, it ended up being just a long low room partially underground, but normally ceilinged in places. So I managed to escape (briefly anyway) by hiding in the low ceiling behind a bunch of crap that had been piled in a corner.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure I also had a dream about being an Angry Bird and flying all over a racetrack design I have dreamed of previously in order to find golden eggs, so what does that say, exactly?

More alarm shenanigans today - I wasn't dreaming that our alarm went off an hour early yesterday, as it went off an hour early today, too. Stupid fucking smartphone.

Nearly finished reading Neuromancer. Interesting read, but I'm not sure I understand it.

Off to work soon. Two things to do today. Well, three, including the meeting, so probably I have to leave off writing my Belgium proposal until tomorrow, as I managed to be under the impression that tomorrow was the fourth rather than yesterday. This does not help me have docs plans done on time.
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Stayed at home today so as not to deal with the stress of being actually at work, and got a lot done in the process, which is great. I'm still not as, uh, ahead as I want to be, but that's not the point. I did awesome. I did not kill anyone in the passion of a grammar argument, but it was a near thing.

I had really stressful dreams last night. The first one was about being at, like, Seaworld. Or near the ocean. With a group of four people including Tina and I. Maybe one of Tina's cousins? And having giant killer whales trying to eat us all. They were practically beaching themselves to do so. It was kind of alarming. Those things are big and dangerous.

The second one was about being at Dad's old place and Connor discovering a big bright-pastels beetle. Only it wasn't a beetle, it was like an armoured spider. About the size of a half tennis ball. With little legs and nom nom mandibles in the front (upon consideration, a lot like a hermit crab). It could squirt venom three feet from its mouth. I caught it under a glass and tried to slide a book under to take it outside, and it started eating through the book. And when I tried to re-capture it under the glass, I pressed down on its side accidentally, poison gas exploded sideways out of the thing.

So, uh. Grenade spiders will probably be appearing in a novel at some point. I'm thinking Machi!verse. Either that or CC!verse. They're really the only 'verses in which such a thing would fit.

...well, unless the Thief creates one. Hmmm.
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Last night I dreamt about:
- Amanda Palmer staying with us at the Ashgrove house while she acquainted herself with a new double bass
- shopping in the massive dream!shopping centre that I've dreamed about before (the one with David Jones) and Wyrr found an impossible-to-find favourite chocolate
- being rejected in my attempt to assist a person with a broken leg, and being told I'd done all I could by my old art teacher

The Ashgrove house never has a deck when I dream about it; it's always half-built at best. Amanda was playing double bass on the barely-in-place planking and asking whether I knew how double basses were tuned. I have no fucking idea how double basses are tuned and now I have to find out on the off chance that I am ever asked this question.

(Ooh, are they really tuned in fourths?)

Everyone was wrong in the dream anyway because it was essentially violin tuning octaves below for the first three strings... and then a violin's E. Er.

But yes. Really detailed dreams, the 'plot points' of which were pulled from random bits of conversation at the housewarming. Usually my dreams are faintly foggy or have a sort of light swirl filter over the top that makes them a little unreal - these were just incredibly detailed. Or the Amanda Palmer dream was, anyway. XD If I had to pick one of them, that'd have been it!

- clean bathroom
- vacuum

- pack things in hall into boxes cancelled on account of sudden shelving advice
- look at Transactions documentation and see how community books can be combined reliably every version (NB. Branding? ODT-->PDF atm.); get a TOC together
- read more Heart's Blood
- write
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Dreamed I was Harry Potter collecting magical crickets from a pond with Professor Slughorn, followed by ninja-stalking through Voldemort's large and suspiciously mediterranean house. I think I was someone else, somewhere else, earlier in the dream, but that's gone now. There was a massive shrieking eel-style water worm in the pond, which at first was terrifying and then just looked (and giggled) like something from The Muppets. Voldemort as Oscar the Grouch? IDK.
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Had a dream last night that I was discovered by the publishing equivalent of Miranda Priestly, played by some strange and wonderful mishmash of Sigourney Weaver and Meryl Streep. I was trying to choose between four short stories for a publication I'd never heard of and trying not to admit that I knew precisely buggerall about whatever she was talking about regarding the submissions.

I believe her sullen assistant was played by Neil Patrick Harris, and he was very sullen.

She was operating out of Dad's old house at Ashgrove, and apparently couldn't stand insects, so instead of selecting a story I spent the dream chasing a fly and a mosquito out of the room.

I only got to look at the first three short stories because she whacked the fourth down on her desk and then got distracted by the fly, but they looked to be about twenty to thirty pages each, and none of them were anything I recognised - which is obvious enough, since I've never managed to write more than three short stories of any quality ever.

Perhaps this is a good sign. XD
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So I woke up at 3am from a dream about a Velociraptor Rodeo. Hence the subject. I don't think very much actually went wrong in the dream itself — I think eventually it just got too much for my rational mind to handle. XD There can be pools that are secretly blenders, there can be flying and running like I am moving through syrup, there can be lagoons made of Moose Magic Sand, but riding velociraptors? My brain wants out. XD It knows what a bad idea that is.

Didn't manage to get much more sleep than that, so I look like a bit of a wreck this morning, but I dozed in and out once it started getting light and had nightmarish dreams about trying to get to a holiday with [profile] meatbamboo, with my brother in tow. Through Melbourne. Trying to get to Cairns. By train. I think my brother is my mental symbol for everything is wrong forever.

Anyway, off to see The Princess and the Frog today with Rage, Wyrren and Cathy. ^___^ I absolutely cannot wait. Seriously. But I do need to remember to take Rage's present with me or I will try to impale myself on something pointy when I get back home. XD

Should probably eat something before I go, but do you think I can work out what that something should be? Tea will do for the time being, I suppose.

Also, my mother doubted my colour selection when I went for a green waffle blanket instead of a white one yesterday. Just gotta say: mwahahahaha, my colour selection never fails! Green goes excellently with burgundy and dark wood. Makes it all look very rich and sumptuous. ...the green is mostly covered up by my quilt, mind, but the point stands.
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I appear to be losing weight. I don't know what's going on. I assume it's just the more or less regular sleep. I am okay with this. I should start walking home of an evening, too, and kick it up a notch with small, regular snacks so my metabolism picks up a little.

I won't, but I should.

Friday night with Rage = I feel like I've had a full weekend already. ♥ We went out to James' golf club last night for dinner while he had a meeting, and came home and watched movies... which pretty much carried over into late afternoon today, actually, because it was way too hot to do anything else. XD Met her new kitten, who is very much a young lady cat at this point, and all soft and lanky. Imriel still loves me. (He knows who skritches best.) And solved a few of the cryptography puzzles in her copy of the XKCD book, although I didn't get all of the dancing men out before I left, which makes me sad. "Started with four letters _ut ..." blah blah. I'll get the rest eventually. I know I've combined 'f' with something else, though, because otherwise the last word makes no sense. Damn eyesight failing me deep in the night...

Had a dream that... I think started out as a zombie dream, and became a sort of spy road trip (I blame Die Hard 4.0), and then became an Elbow concert. I think I was with Tree and Rage during the road trip, but I remember some people from work around the fringes of the concert, too. No idea. XD Great car chases, though.

And now I must endeavour to do all the cleaning and washing while also writing 18455 words before 2pm tomorrow. HAH.
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Epic zombie apocalypse dream for the win. It went on forever. I was myself for a while, and then I swapped between a dude, and his brother who'd been turned into a zombie. It was a heart-warming tale of little brother smacking big brother around until big brother didn't eat things like the dog or little brother. So essentially, pet zombie in the safehouse. And then we had to steal cars (which were like... goo capsules?) to get something with which to travel down a hidden tunnel that little brother had restored. But to steal the cars we had to enter a race. Which was something like pod racing. And. Fwahhh, what have I been eating, can I have more?

Also: Ponyo to the tune of 'I'm on a Boat' may be the greatest thing ever.

And now I am going to try to get some writing done and not to play video games. And then probably to start on a few release notes just in case I have more to do tomorrow than I thought.


Oct. 12th, 2009 06:43 am
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Went to bed at about 8.30 last night and started trying to sleep by about nine.

Had a dream combining uni friends, Animorphs, Jurassic Park, a little big of Kingdom Hearts and FFVII, and Pokémon.

By which I mean, the island was tropical but had Disneyland/Traverse Town architecture; Meowth was responsible for most of the plotting that put me in danger, I could transform into ...damn, I forget what my bird was. I wasn't Tobias, anyway, because I hung around with him a lot. Some sort of raptor, anyway, which-- surprise! There were raptors on the island. Only, you know, velociraptors. Who could swim. And we had to swim to get off the island. (Or at least, those suckers who couldn't transform into seagulls had to. But since this included Marlene, I was loath to actually let the raptors get to people. So.)

So it was really bloody epic and complicated and actually I vaguely remember being Dr Grant. Hurrah? He would have made a deliriously happy Animorph.
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So having made it to sleep about five hours ago... I'm glad to be awake again, as it's far more relaxing than the dream I just had, which combined FF8, Jurassic Park, Avatar, and a typical day of my mother getting angry at me for things that had not happened.

I can guess it was related to house-hunting versus mother's birthday, and most of the symbolism I attach to the characters involved, and I'm not sure I liked it. On the other hand, I got to be Iroh, so I kind of want to go back to sleep.

But! Instead I shall make pancakes, because tomorrow it is mum's birthday, and we will not have the time.
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This was fun. And some of these are really nice.

This is a shitty thing for anyone, and you can help them here.

Had so many weird dreams lately. Two nights ago, I was with Felix and Mildmay on a dock, and Felix was watching them load cargo. Last night I dreamed I was a fox running from a bear and trying to squeeze myself under cars, which now that I think of it could also have been DoL-related, haha.

Both of my hands are about equally painful right now, by which I mean ow, so I'll stay off the computer after the doctor's I think. Wish me luck! I still don't know how I'm getting there and I have to leave in half an hour. XD
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Just woke up from like a thirty second dream snippet about Felix and Mildmay battling three ravens who could mentally project ifrit in some kind of sideshow! Felix saw and was all, "It's just mental projection, look, it's like this" and mentally projected KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES.

Then he passed out from imagining too hard.


I was dreaming in prose-and-pictures, too, so I still have some random sentences in my head. :'D Oh man. Let's do that more often, brain, okay?


May. 7th, 2009 07:38 am
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Last night I slept for maybe six hours, which is okay. What proves it was okay is that I dreamed, which doesn't usually happen if I sleep badly. The hilarious thing was that I dreamed I was Skeff moving furniture for people, and now Tol won't shut up about it. XD I think he thinks he's found his place in the Office AU. Or he's found Skeff's place, at least.

Lunch with Rage at the secret cafe today! It has a shopfront about six feet wide that's black and looks old and terrible, and then a side-alley to a garden you can juuust glimpse from the street. I'll tell you what it's like when I get home. I'm fascinated. It's like little alleyways in Melbourne. Secret cafes!

Also, I started reading a Scorpius/Albus Severus fic last night. I couldn't help it. And the Scorpius voice is just enchanting. It could be wildly inaccurate and it would still be this beautiful, disjointed and hollow and mmph. <3 Also, this fic involves Percy. I swoon in its general direction.

It is like a special kind of madness. There is Percy/Snape and it is bizarrely wonderful. Read the first chapter for me. The first bit I was dubious about, and then I fell into the voice and became hopelessly and happily mired.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:52 am
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I just woke up from a nightmare in which I couldn't remember any of my passwords. ANY of them. I HAVE A LOT OF PASSWORDS. sajdfhsjd. *breathes*

[EDIT] Before I dash:
1) Sarah Monette is going to be posting sections that had to be cut from Corambis for space!
3) I can believe in the sincerity of Hell, but not in the sincerity of the Bush administration. I'm not sure how worried to be about this.
4) Bohemian Rhapsody played on old computer bits and pieces.

i swear

Apr. 8th, 2009 06:51 am
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The people in this suburb and their fucking car alarms. *puts head in hands*

Woke up a lot last night. Once, my hands were curled around a dreamed N64 controller. I do remember a Zelda dream in which I was in the castle for its collapse, but sdfjdhjafsd.

[EDIT] Mmmnsfjsdhf, must win this contesttttstastsaetsdf. Will need to recruit folk to click &stars;+ though. |D; Alas.


Mar. 27th, 2009 07:17 am
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I think I just had a dream where I was Seeker and Felix was the Merlin. Except for part of it I was Felix and he thought he was doing the rescuing, too. But it was Felix with short hair, and... I don't know. There was some kind of power transference thing when some guy tried to take one of us away and then we swapped bodies and I think Zazu was one of my familiars.

I was Felix at that point, though, because my wolf familiar turned into a fox, and I also had a swan, and I was chatting with the Zazu familiar while the fox and the swan chased down the bad guy.

.......... *realises how apt a representation of Gideon Zazu is, and that Mehitabel was a swan-daughter for half of Mirador* So I might have been thinking about these books too much. I think my brain just gave Felix Summons.

Of course, I cannot move my right arm, let alone my right hand, but I think I just slept on it funny.

[EDIT] Oh, and last night just as I was drifting off I started hearing Mildmay in the back of my head and he wouldn't shut up, so I wrote down what he was saying and now I have the opening paragraph to a fic which is going to end in Felix/Mildmay. That's... never happened quite like that before.

[EDIT] XD And Josh just called to ask if I could bring Royal Assassin to work.


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