Apr. 1st, 2009 11:33 am
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So apparently when I said to myself, I'll just lie down for a couple of hours, the light will wake me around nine-thirty anyway, uhhh, 'a couple' translated to 'six'. I still woke up a lot, but my body wasn't having none of that getting-up crap. XD

The Elbow concert really was amazing. They played everything I could have asked them to play, except maybe 'Coming Second', and god, the power of their music with full backing when I was about six feet from the band and three feet from their amplifiers? AWESOME.

My non-spoilery thoughts on Corambis are that it was beautifully emotionally charged, a good round-off for the series, and I feel just... achingly, weepingly happy about where the series ended up, but this book didn't actually feel as if its plot was that imperative. Which is not to say that I was not stressed for large portions of the book. XD I was swearing and pacing the footpath outside the Tivoli last night because I met [insanejournal.com profile] kessira just after I hit a REALLY BAD PATCH and kept thinking things to death and swearing back and forth over things I couldn't quite remember. And I still think I need to read it about five more times, although possibly not straight away, because I will do my book-spiral thing and that is bad. Um. I had a point. ...oh, yes: that if the plot had been at its usual level of imperative for a larger portion of the book, I probably would have started actually pulling at my hair and gnawing at my fingers.

Which I have been known to do, but is not necessarily healthy. >>; The level of distraught Fool's Fate put me at is not a good one to maintain.

Spoiler-post to come. Possibly after I've read it again. Because, honestly, this is going to take me some mulling-over. But Felix has a quote in, like, the end of the second-to-last chapter that just sums up his entire unique existence, and I just had to bury my face in the book and weep with laughter. Because it's so true. Only Felix. XD

[EDIT] Oh, and I'll probably be away from the net for the day while I rearrange my room to my satisfaction.

- shower
- breakfast
- make television
- figure out where things are going
- pack away things that need packing away
- wait for your mother's kind assistance and do not go trying to move bookcases on your own, you idiot, because pretending like you're not a crip is a bad move, in case you never learned a thing from Mildmay
>>; *whistles innocently*
- draw stuff
- figure out what it is you need to be looking for in town tomorrow
- stop talking like Mildmay sometime this decad. oh wait.
- hang washing
- make bed
- clean bathroom
- take down rubbish
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Elbow was AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and as you may have expected made me CRY and now I am going to do my utmost to stay up all night and finish Corambis, because it, too, is beautiful, amazing, and making me cry.

[EDIT] And a nonspoilery paragraph or four from Corambis because I couldn't NOT share the fucking thing. )

[EDIT] And then it was four-thirty in the morning and I was ten pages away from the end of the book and this scene happened and I nearly yelped aloud. )

And since it's twenty to five, it hardly seems worth going to sleep NOW... *ponders* I think I'll start figuring out where to put shit in my room.


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