Haven't gotten a lot done this week, either at work or at home. At work, I've actually done a decent amount but didn't feel like I was, because I was waiting for people to send me information. At home, I've chosen to spend my evenings absorbing instead of creating -- which is sometimes necessary, but it isn't helping me finish F&F before NaNo.

I'm now about halfway through half a dozen separate novels:
1) In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
2) The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
3) Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
4) The Tempering of Men by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette
5) Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb

Okay, only five, but I want to make the point that I haven't read like that for years. o.0 Like... probably since early high school. Nice that I have the capacity for that many stories again, but really, augh.

Also considering drawing more seriously. Mostly because of things Chira has said and I realised were not true of my characters right now. Even though most of them will be written rather than read, I'd like to have them visually different as well.

I'd like to take up life drawing classes but I still have no idea where to do that.

I'd also like if I could exercise without my body trying to fracture underneath me, but today is not that day. Headache the size of the country, abdomen not much better than that -- but at least it's better than yesterday.
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Dear Diary,

Today I couldn't commit my work back to the Subversion repository because there was no more space on the server.

That's all.
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Finished all tasks for today, plus others, except those that are NEEDINFO.

Just nearly broke my right pinky on the kitchen counter trying to catch my weight on it when I took a crazy impossible step trying to avoid the carving knife I dropped directly over my feet.

Things even out.

Although not really, because most of work was pretty asdfasdfsdf, too. Although slightly less immediately painful. Hope my finger feels better tomorrow, or using a tablet/mouse/keyboard is going to be problematic.
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Isaac got Arkham Asylum today, and so this afternoon it occurred to me that it would probably be really easy to connect Papa D and Pamela Isley. I can't help but wonder where and when she earned her (presumed) botany degree/s. I don't imagine she'd have been anywhere around.....


I can't remember Vesca's university.



Um, anyway. [profile] teacupscientist, any ideas for Ivy?

No, seriously, this shouldn't happen. I know the year that side-story was in, I know there is a street out the front of it called Fuller Blvd. for fuck's sake, what is the university, ffffffff. And I can't just check, either, this is a matter of pride. Gah.


Apr. 27th, 2009 10:19 pm
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So... who do you think I have to plead with to get another letter about my payroll number and password? |D;;;;;;;; Four days, and I've lost it. Bravo, Rave, bravo.


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