Good news: Darrin said yes! Well, Darrin squeaked, "Okay!" which is just as good if not better. XD

Unsurprising news: My mother did not respond to my first SMS, and responded to my second SMS with, "Doesn't this rate a phone call?"

Subsequent conversation did not involve the word "congratulations" until about four fifths of the way through, but managed to cover:
- how inconsiderate this was she was meant to pay for a wedding
- shouldn't you have some assets before taking this step
- whether I was pregnant
- since when do you ask your boyfriend
- other stupid inconsequential crap that oh my god why do I even bother communicating with this woman, this is why I SMS'd you instead of calling you. *headdesk*

Seriously. I mean, aside from anything else: do I strike you as the kind of person who would marry someone just because she was pregnant? How far from my mental standpoint could you *possibly be*? I was too unsurprised to even get mad at her in person, and now I just don't want to have any further conversations on the matter. Thanks for your support, as usual, Mum.
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The funeral was yesterday, and it was nice enough. It was at the church next door to where Mum and her sisters went to school. Mum mentioned everything about Oomee that I thought was important, so I was satisfied. I didn't cry at the lectern doing my readings, just at every other point during proceedings, which is okay by me. Oopee seems to be doing okay, although I am about to call mum to confirm that.

I did about two thirds of a day's work today, and spent the afternoon reading On Writing and scribbling vaguely on a whiteboard until I had a vague idea of the overarching plot of Lesbian Zombie Wedding. The forecast for the next thirty or so days is 'tasteless' with the possibility of LOL.

Having called Mum, apparently my aunt was on the phone haranguing Oopee about Mum and Chris being in the front row at the funeral. Which upset Oopee all over again, because he defended mum and how much she's been doing, and how much Chris has been doing, and had to deal with the fact that his middle daughter is a stupid, selfish bitch again. He hasn't slept in weeks, is hardly eating, and has a weak heart. Let's upset the poor man further the day after his wife's funeral! Great fucking plan, Auntie Diane. You stupid, stupid bitch.
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Went to see Oomee again today; her colour was better, and the nurses are now saying she may last weeks rather than days (although how she is going to manage this without any food or water is beyond me). I spoke to Dad this morning and he said something that Oopee later echoed; you get the feeling if it were a ten year old in there dying there would be a lot more racing around. That it didn't seem like they were trying to save her. She's only on very low doses of morphine apparently, and I understand Oopee's frustration at the lack of food/water she's getting. I'd like to think they know best, but that's a hard thing to trust to complete strangers.

I've been exhausted for the last two, three weeks -- haven't been exercising because I just feel like I need to sleep whenever I get the chance to sit down, and crying over Oomee whenever I think about it hasn't helped with that.

NaNo is in a week, and F&F is nowhere near finished; not much past where it was a month ago, in fact, because I just haven't felt like it. I'm bored of it again. I want to finish it, but I'm bored. I've solved all its problems, I've figured out its plot, and now there are no enjoyable puzzles left to solve during the writing, I can't be stuffed writing it. Story of my life. Hoping that outlining and writing a bit of Lesbian Zombie Wedding will help.

Hoping I will still have something to celebrate on Wednesday, but if not, I have a date with the QI crowd on October 31 which I am very much looking forward to.
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They've taken Oomee off food and water; she is now driven entirely by morphine. I sat with her today, along with mum, my aunts, my vagrant uncle, and Oopee.

He realised that his wife of sixty plus years was dying, really dying, at about four o' clock this afternoon. I think it is appalling that adults feel the need to apologise for crying while preparing for and dealing with a loss like this, especially adults as passionate and gentle as my grandfather.

She doesn't know or even really see any of us, but she still recognises and visibly calms when she hears his voice.

I don't expect her to last more than a few days. I hope her sister makes it to her bedside in time. I'm not sure whether to hope Oopee is with her when she goes or not, but I suspect he wants to be.

How long he wants to be anywhere after that is anyone's guess.

[EDIT] Mum asked me if I wanted to sing at her funeral. I want to, but I'll shatter, but fuck anyone who thinks I shouldn't.
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Didn't make it to Dad's on Friday night because I forgot a few things that were rather necessary. Headed out at about one yesterday to grab a train and prepare for a bush dance at Gina's school. It was okay! I was not forced to Heel-and-Toe Polka! The Nutbush only came on as we were leaving, so I was not forced to embarrass myself.

Finished Dragon Haven today, and it is excellent. I am waiting eagerly for the third book. :3 :3 :3 I don't know how I could ever have doubted Hobb... although my opinion remains. Greater skill in story-weaving, less magic in the tale itself. (Although even that was minimal by the end.) Very much enjoyed this one and am looking forward to the resolutions in the next.

No idea what to do with myself this evening, since I won't be keeping the net for long, and even so there is limited excitement in the internet these days. Oh well!
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Today can be summed up by the following direct quote:

"It's a configurable talking cow!"

I love my workplace. XD I really, really do. Even when it takes up my whole Tuesday with meetings, at least one of those meetings was two hours long and about verbs. XD It was awesome.

Spent half of Valentine's Day with Dad and Grandma and Connor, and the rest of it with Darrin. It was rather hot as hell, so my left arm is sun-burned from sticking out the side of the ute, and riding with Connor in front of the gear stick is... harrowing. But I made bolognaise and trifle and we watched the first half of the new Day of the Triffids, and then Dr Strangelove, which was full of hilarity. |D;

Work is getting to the point where I think I need to just spend a day rewriting my todo lists and reorganising myself. I started on the HornetQ docs today, at least, but I'm still waiting on a heap of information, so it's hard to move forward with the things that I... actually want to move forward with. But hopefully things will start to move soon.

Speaking of which, I have a release to check up on.
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I seem to have a knack for catching The Princess Bride on Dad's cable, which is awesome, but also makes me soppy for the rest of the day. I suppose that's all right, though.

My iPod is low on batteries but Music Max is running a best-of-the-nineties marathon, so it's pretty much running through stuff I haven't heard since primary school. (...and apparently Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys contains Night on the Bald Mountain? Who knew?)

Kids and Kyla are off at a birthday party; Dad's at work; I am absently hunting tape so I can tape the French doors before they're painted. Will hopefully get a little writing done this afternoon/this evening.

Apparently we're having lunch with Grandma tomorrow, so I will presumably be finding my way to Darrin's in the early afternoon. Hopefully I will have the chance to go home and exchange a few of my belongings first because I have discovered that my Friday morning packing was somewhat less efficient/complete than usual. XD Oh well. I'll survive.

Will be on and off the internet for the afternoon - it's mine while Kyla's out, but when she gets back it will be a quiet war for dominance. ;)
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Throat doesn't feel any better today, but I think it looks a little less angry, which is a relief. (What is not a relief is that Darrin had a headache when he left, so I hope he isn't coming down with this. *frets*)

Spent last night fiddling with trigonometry and chatting; most of today was spent on Assassin's Creed II. I've just gotten to the end of Memory Sequence 11, so... now I need to go find all the codex pages I'm missing. XD I have 16/30. (I follow the story first, and my OCD second, okay?)

James spent most of this morning wandering in, making fun of my button mashing, and wandering out again. I probably wouldn't be annoyed by this except that he made several value judgements based on Darrin being male and an XBox owner in the process; I freely admit that I'm not great at video games, but it's not because I'm female or because I own a PS3. Daft little fucker.

Fiddled about in Photoshop this afternoon. Tah-dah~! )

Trying to work out what to do with my evening. I don't really feel like writing, but I sort of feel that I should. Will probably watch the rest of Being Human and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes stories. (Yes, at last!) Then I can get back to New Amsterdam. :D


Oct. 18th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Lots of things happened today:
- I went to a pot luck picnic in New Farm Park with some of the translators at Red Hat.
- My mother told me she was two feet from stepping on a taipan or eastern brown snake yesterday, prompting an immediate and reflexive, What the fuck were you doing, trying to fucking ninja through the bush or something?! jkdshfasjdf. I am a charming and sympathetic child. Bless Chris and his reflexes; also, my mother is never allowed to bushwalk alone again.
- I cleaned. \o/
- I triumphed over a moodcrash. \o/

By far the most important, though?

I spent twenty minutes away from the computer this evening and now I know how Book!verse goes.

...well, okay, that's maybe not as important as mum nearly standing on one of the top three deadliest land snakes in the entire fucking WORLD, but it is the most important AWESOME thing about today. *clutches head* Mon dieu.
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It was perfect - it really was. )

And now I have to go hunt avocados and roma tomatoes because there is not time to bake for this picnic, so I am making guacamole. Om nom nom. Not actually feeling too enthusiastic about the prospect of spending more time with a large group of people, but it's the translators, all of whom are awesome, so I'm sure it will be fine.
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No, wait, it is Thursday. How does this keep happening? :| Amazingly fast weeks are amazing. Today was all about release notes. Tomorrow will be all about release notes, and swearing while I chip more of my nail polish, assuming I can be arsed to paint them toda-- yeah, no, just release notes, and Mario Kart. Staying late so dad can pick me up straight from work, so I can afford to spend time in the Wii room. XD Despite release note flurry.

Of course, this means that at some point this evening I'm going to have to cram all the clothing I require for the wedding into a +20 Bag of Uncrushed Clothing which I... do not possess. Sigh.

For now, though, off to take care of Still More Website Problems Why Do I Do This To Myself.

[EDIT] Er, just went on a bit of a linking spree at Twitter and, um... now I really want to reread BTWIAC. But crying myself to sleep the night before the night before a wedding is probably not the best idea I ever had.


I told you both. I told you all the time. *ANGUISHED SOB*
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So today work crossed the line from hideous and stressful into so ridiculously bad it is actually hysterically funny territory. By which I mean this afternoon something went wrong which caused my boss to say, "...something's wrong," and which means that everything I did between last Wednesday and 4pm today?

Has to be started from scratch tomorrow morning.

So I basically started laughing around then and couldn't really stop. XD And since it's gone balls up this badly? I'm no longer worried about fucking all this important stuff up. Now I can just get on with doing the damn job instead of fretting about it. Hurrah!

Half of work is down with some dread flu or other, too, so it was very quiet today.

Went out to dinner for mum's birthday in China Town to a place Chris knows which is not better than Valley Corner and therefore matters not. :P

Now... well, now that I've written a little I've stopped being totally exhausted, but I should get to bed reasonably soon. They've put the meeting back by an hour so I can sleep in until 6.30 if I want, but I want to get up at 6 and be showered and awake since I'll actually have to talk. On the bright side, I can actually access work stuff from home now, so I won't have to flounder uselessly. Score!


Sep. 26th, 2009 11:07 pm
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Dear Customer,

As someone who's shown an interest in books and magazines for women, you might like to know that you can now get $5.00 off a subscription to O, the Oprah Magazine.



So my brother managed to download Windows PC Defender, which told him he had multiple Trojans and omg you should totally pay here to get rid of them. Here is a hint: DON'T.

An hour and a half later and I've called the WinVista command prompt all kinds of nasty things, and I still can't take ownership of the files to delete them. Hoping John can do something about it, but doubting it, since the last time anything like this came up I'm pretty sure he swore and gave up faster than I did. In fact, I pretty distinctly remember "[C:\] FUCK".

The point here is, people: if you don't know what it is, don't click on it. If you don't recognise it, Google it and find out what it is. This thing won't let him open Firefox or IE; the only browser working is Google Chrome. (Bless its little rainbow-coloured socks.)

Especially don't discover these things five minutes after Your Sister the Apparently-Tech-Support has gone to bed.
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My father is watching rugby. His commentary can be compared, roughly, to me trying to play a video game I dearly love, but suck at.

Translation: This shit is bananas.

It was very warm today. The train out here was filthy, as in 'coated with filth'. I like visiting Dad's place because I never expect to get anything done here, so I really can just chill out on the couch without feeling hideous about it. XD If I manage something? So much the better.

In kind of a Conductor mood, but I blame that on seeing Cillian Murphy earlier in... something. He has very blue eyes and the soft, puppyish look that I associate with Chaz when he's not around his flat.

Also: you know you have reached a decent state of finances when your father inquires about the possibility of borrowing money from you. XD


Aug. 8th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Today was pretty fucking misery inducing. Oomee is pretty much raving with occasional patches of memory. The place she is staying at the moment is pretty much a prison. At least Oopee seemed chipper enough this afternoon; he had a pacemaker put in yesterday.

We have no language for times like this. Four or five times I thought, 'It's such a pity' or 'it's such a shame', but that's crap. Being sick is not a shame, to you or to people associated with you. Illness and accident should not inspire pity, it should inspire a little more fucking love. Sometimes I am angry with English.

The first time she looked at me today, she called me skatje, just like she always has. After that, she had no idea who I was, except when she cleared up enough to ask why the hell we were leaving her in this place with these crazy fucking people.
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My stomach is really, really unhappy with me today. I probably should have listened to it at breakfast and lunch when it said, "Yeahhh, not actually hungry." Sigh.

Work was... well, we fixed things, and by 'we' I mean 'Darrin'. I just sat and :B'd like the n00b I am. Then we got to the end of the process and discovered I didn't actually have the permissions for it! Which was awesome. And by awesome I mean 'caused Darrin to headdesk and go aaaaaaargh very quietly to my left'.

Also, because I stayed later than I intended, I missed the bookshop. So Shadow Magic is about 150m away, locked in a shop I cannot get into until late tomorrow morning. This may not seem like a big deal but dammit, Caius Greylace is in that book.

But on the bright side, that's nearly sorted. XD And I did finish the Seam docs (again) in time for the second QE build. So, yay.

In the not-yay category, Oopee is still in hospital, mum keeps bursting into tears because Oomee is in a dementia ward, about four separate people died on Dad's side, and, yeah, it's been kind of a shitty week on the family front.

But it's the weekend now. I am going to install F11 and read Havemercy in preparation for Shadow Magic, and talk to mum about visiting Oopee after Chris has gotten her to calm down a little. There's only so much my cuddles and reassurances can do before I start Being Pragmatic, and that is not comforting in the least.
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Oopie's staying in the hospital for observation for 3-5 days. They think the fluid in his lungs is because his heart's not working right; they think his heart's not working right mostly because of stress and dehydration. Mum and her sisters are doing shift work with Oomie and spending time at the hospital with Oop, and we think this should all sort itself out.

This weekend today, since I'm babysitting for Dad's anniversary tomorrow XD
- tidy room
- vacuum
- dry dark load #1
- wash sheets
- dry sheets
- wash dark load #2
- dry dark load #2
- wash dark load #3
- dry dark load #3
- fold dark load #1

- fold dark load #2
- clean shower
- clean bathroom

- wash towels
- dry towels

I need another washer and dryer during winter, I swear. XD

[EDIT] Next time Cats comes to Brisbane, I will have a shirt made ready, and it will say, THIS LAP RESERVED FOR: RUM TUM TUGGER. :)


Jul. 30th, 2009 09:28 pm
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List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

Okay, then. )

In other news, Oopie is in hospital and I nearly set my computer on fire this afternoon, but I did get to have pancakes with Wyrren and Maddie, and Maddie is going to make me an icon of the face Holmes made at the end of The Golden Beeches.

Now I'm going to bed because I'm tired and it's late.
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Oh, Watanuki, please stop, you are breaking my heart it will be okay / Oh god Maru Moro come here babies I will make it better / Doumeki-kun is looking so manly this chapter!

Yes, those are all of my thoughts.

Also, Hook? Is the best movie ever. And still makes me sob. AND THE CHILDREN WERE SCREAMINGGG. THE CHILDREN... WERE SCREAMMMINNNGFGHFJH.
ME: *chokes back tears*

Other memorable moments:

And now that I'm back... well, going to try to teach myself that coding trick before Monday! Because it's only language, dammit — how hard can it be?
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- waited forever (and I mean forever) at the cultural center to get a bus out to Bellbowrie
- played FFVII on the bus and accidentally dropped a correct barrel, as usual. BLOODY AERIS, WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO NOT-SAVE. D:
- got off at the wrong STOP dslkjfas
- spent like five hours doing a puzzle with Kyla and telling the children to go away and play quietly mummy and Laura were busy DON'TTOUCHTHAT
- became addicted to new game called Dynamic Systems on T_T damn you, physics, why must you lure me?
- read very little of HBP because of aforementioned puzzle and game. :(
- argued with Dad over Gneil's (and fantasy's) literary merit

[EDIT] Also, Hiru has been walking around naked in my head for several hours now, possibly in an attempt to remedy that last point. He should not do this while I am trying to read HBP, because holy god, what the HELL, mixed messages.


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