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I'm really struggling to write a scene in F&F because I find it hard to write Death Gigas and Hellmasker; Galian and Chaos are both much more natural for me.

As such, I started reviving my knowledge of the visual inspirations for the demons — Jason Voorhees and Frankenstein's creature — and thought I'd share the results of my demon head canon.

In essence: the loneliest loners who every loned. )

I'd love to hear others' thoughts.


Jan. 7th, 2009 10:04 pm
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[ profile] narnizzle made me PSOH icons.

I can never have too many PSOH icons.

N-now I want to write PSOH. >_>;


CONSENSUS: PFFFFFF NOT EVEN CLOSE, BRADLEY JAMES. Let's all ignore that the goddamn show met my two true fandoms and one-upped PSOH before Neek's icons came along and that I still have icons on Crowley that I haven't uploaded yet. >_> This must be unhealthy.
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Japanese exam was fine except that I totally forgot how to say, "I like ___ because _____." FORTUNATELY THIS IS WHAT READING SUKI IS FOR: IT IS ON THE BOARD AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY CHAPTER. AHAHAHAHA.

(That said, what I wrote was probably entirely ungrammatical. XD NOT THE POINT. The point is, sometimes CLAMP saves us in addition to stabbing us in the heart.)

Lunch with Rage was fun! We found out that Crisis Core is due out June 19. I HAD A BRIEF PANIC ATTACK AND DROPPED TO MY KNEES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOODCOURT BECAUSE I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PICK IT UP, BUT IT'S OKAY, I WAS JUST BEING RETARDED AND PANICKING WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT HOW THE CALENDAR ACTUALLY WORKS. :D; This is two days after my final exam! I can see people... and then I can lock myself in my room to howl in fury at what they have done to my fandom! I CANNOT LOSE. :D


♥ ♥ ♥


Man, this is why I should not be allowed to get stressed: when I cease to be stressed I am very abruptly terrifying.
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Okay, so, IJ has been down for a while, so this post now has 80% less chit-chat and 120% more important stuff that the public needs to know.


There was also this terrible idea involving Sanga and Mudkips that should never have seen the light of day, but is made ever more hilarious that I named my trainer/rival in Pokemon Sapphire Hiru and Sanga respectively, and that Rival!Sanga owns a Mudkip. :(

Things found while trying not to think about the fact that IJ is down:
"Adam Baldwin speculated in the Firefly Official Companion Vol. 2 that Joss was trying to create Ho Yay subtext between Simon and Jayne, and it probably would have been more thoroughly explored if the show hadn't been abruptly cancelled."

(Also, because I can and because you know it to be true:
"Berserk, in both the manga and the anime adaptation. Oh my god, I don't even know where to begin with this one. Griffith's penchant for declaiming long, soulful speeches to Guts while completely naked for no real reason is probably a good place to start. Or just relies on the phrase, "Naked water fight.""

"Amazingly, you'll find this in Ocarina of Time, not with Link and Sheik like most people assume, but with Link and the Poe Collector. Seriously, read his lines sometime. Somebody seriously wants to bone Link.")

Although, that may just be a law of Hyrule: Everyone Wants to Bone Link. (Combine this with Sheik's Milkshake and my OTP is unstoppable, Y/Y.)

I am appalled that it took until week seven for Interactive Writing to even mention The Legend of Zelda, by the way. APPALLED. (And of all the bosses to screenshot, Truna screenshots Barinade. WTF. I mean, sure, I shrieked out its name from the back of the room like the OOT freak I am, but she could at least have screenshotted something awesome like Sheik like Ganondorf. Or Volvagia. Or Gohma. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN BARINADE. Although admittedly, anything is also less terrifying than Barinade, Bongo-Bongo aside, which was probably the point, since we were discussing bosses at the time, and I will admit that Barinade is an excellent boss.)

For the record, dialogue is a bitch. At least Malus is cooperative., you know, a Malus kind of way. *hopes Sanga doesn't kill the kid before he can have a passionate love affair with Auberon*

No, really. Dialogue is a bitch. ...actually, exercises focusing purely on technique are a bitch, because writing about generic people is hard and I don't need another universe, kthxCraig, so I've gotta work with what I have, and most of the conversations that my characters tend towards having are a) ridiculous, b) wayyyyy too complicated to interpret out-of-context, or c) about getting into each other's pants. ...which I guess speaks for 80% of conversations, anyway, but some inanity couldn't hurt, guys, srsly.

I could sleep for weeks. I think, when I go to dad's to babysit on Saturday, that I will go to bed at the same time as the kids do. |D; I'm so tired I can hardly type straight any more, and it continues all the way through the day. Not good at all. I have a katakana test in the morning, and with any luck I won't write things backward out of sheer exhaustion. Stupid sleep patterns. *shakes fist*

I'm pretty sure I would buy a Wii for this. :3 What an interesting concept!

I had a dream last night that Luke bought me an Asus EeePC for $220 because he knows the chick who manages the HN across the road. XD It was black and thin and shiny and I was very excited, so it's sort of disappointing to wake up and have it gone. Luke would never do this, but still. Oh, fuck, that's what I'm doing on Sunday morning. FUCK. Well, I'll just drop in on the way home from hanging out with Wyrren. I have not seen her or really spoken to her since Supanova and it is making me crazy.

HOLiC 155 has finally given us that scene we've all been waiting for. )

The exam was fine, though my stomach is being a total bitch today, and I had lunch with Rage because I thought food might help, which it did not. Still, stretching out to write this presentation can only make things better in a multitude of ways, so that is what I am going to do. I also managed to preorder both Crisis Core and Apollo Justice today, so I'm back to being excited about them both, despite my fury at the CC materia system. (Seriously, what the fuck is this FIRA MATERIA BULLSHIT, SQUARE, YOU HAD BETTER BE JOKING.)

In any case, since IJ is back up, more or less, have a small compilation of spam from the last two days and wish Squeaky luck in getting things back together; he was saying that he requires in the thousands to get everything sorted out, but given that there are already over one hundred thousand of us, I think we'll be able to provide. Right, guys?
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Alarm set for half-seven. Felt like a zombie, so went back to sleep until half-nine. Still feel like a zombie, but cannot afford to sleep any longer, so. Shower. Then... I think I'll spend the day upstairs in the television room, so I can't hear James and also cannot use the internet.

Proof that I should do this really quickly: today's PA made me shriek in wordless something about materia and now I am even less coherent than I was as a zombie. MATERIA, MATERIA, MATERIA~ :DDDDDDD I forgot all about materia as a good reason to play Crisis Core but I get to use materia again! X3333333 FAVOURITE. BATTLE SYSTEM. EVER. \o/

God, when is it being released here? *hunts* WHAT. JULYYYYYYYYYYSdhmfankjfdyufajmavcjdgfswhy do you hate ussssssssnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;A;

[EDIT] I am in despair. Reading Crisis Core's plot notes has left me in despair.

Dear Gackt/'Genesis',



No love,

There are just no words. ;A; B-but I get to go to Wutai. During the war. I get to go to Wutai during the war and meet with Yuffie. And see Sephiroth reading a newspaper. I will just ignore all hints of red in the fucking game and the world will be a happier place. Yes.
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When I get Crisis Core I am going to weep like a small, distraught child. When I've played it, I mean. I just. Oh, god. "Why" makes me cry all by itself, and has for months. The base melody of these tracks is really, really lovely.

That was the entire point of this post until I read today's Looking for Group and was forced to make this icon.

There is also the still version:

I love Richard. I love Richard a lot. What is it with me and cheerful psychopaths?


(My figurines fall over a lot. This particular figurine is meant to be the ultimate soldier. OH, WAIT. *headdesk*)
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I just watched Little Miss Sunshine for the first time and came away wanting to read more about Dwayne and Frank. Belated thoughts. )

I knew Yuletide wouldn't fail me, but it looks like the rest of the internet has. :( Any idea where I can find fic, guys? I know it's an atypical fandom, but they were interesting people and I liked them both a lot.


Also, thoughts on the Crisis Core soundtrack thus far are that... well, there are a lot of tracks with a nice sound to them. I adore the acoustic and slightly CW twang; it fits Zack very well. My only problem with it is that it's way, way too repetitive.

Apparently I get a little preachy about some of my favourite game music! XD )

In essence, I like the Zack twang, but I think Ishimoto-san needs to learn when less is more... and when more is needed.

[EDIT] Whoops, my bad: "The World's Enemy" is actually Toyama Kazuhiko's fault, not Ishimoto's.
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*cries* How can I possibly love [ profile] ciceqi when she saw the movie first? (Answer: Because I read the fic she wrote after she'd played the game first.) But still, crisis of morality. My snobbery cannot stand up to coherent OT3/4 fic that works. I don't need anyone to tell me how terrible I am; I am feeling the shame quite clearly on my own. [ profile] teacupscientist, you are justified in never speaking to me again. You too, [ profile] tokoyami.

Also, it is nearly midnight and someone, somewhere, is out there playing the Mexican Hat Dance. I shit you not. No wonder my mind is melting out my ears.

My arms hurt up to my neck. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I want magically animated prosthetics.

Stupid physics.

And now it is morning and I am feeling vaguely ill. Long day, get!

[EDIT] Amusing Amazon Reviews, get! XD
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I really, really do. :3 It was probably a mistake to pick up the manga during breakfast, because now I'm in the mood to watch the anime, but... oh, well. Must regain Conductor!head for the day, and then probably read and crit people's novel openings.

This can really only go ahead if someone saves me from myself by preventing me from reading all of [ profile] ciceqi's FFVII fic, since her Zack/Sephiroth for SpringKink was fucking amazing and I have found the rest of her sekrit stash. (I am in a FFVII mood again. I wonder if I can go back to F&F tonight after I finish the Novel draft? :3 That would be lovely.)

...yeah, today is a day for fandom!head, it seems. That's not going to help anyone. XD
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Sometimes I wish there were words to 'Aeris' Theme' so that I could sing along in a meaningful fashion instead of just keening. Sometimes I sit down with the FFVII soundtrack and just sniffle happily at how wonderful it is. Because it really, really is. Even that stupid trudging-around-for-hours-in-the-godforsaken-snow track that I hate more than any other piece of music in the game.

...don't ask me why, but this has made me think of that song that Pu uploaded a long time ago, the twiddly crazy brass band one that reminded us all of Shinra on crack. Three words. Something something something. Vala Lui Prada. Ala Hibi Bada. Something. It'll come to me. In any case XD [ profile] teacupscientist, do you happen to have a copy? I hope you know the one I'm talking about, because me, attempting to sing brass twiddlings? No. (God, the name of it is on the tip of my tongue, too. akjdhsf.)

[EDIT] Hora Lui Pusac??? IT'S SOMETHING LIKE THAT. *cry* I'll remember at three in the morning and be forced to restart the computer just to crow about it.


God, I hope you still have it, Wyrren. This is a lot of stuff to torrent for one ninety second track. XD
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Wow, The Difference is long. It's really, really long, guys. XD I know I realised this while I was writing it, but wow. XD Editing it, since the spaces have gone all funny, is certainly interesting. XD At least I won't spam [ profile] happenstance any more tonight? Sorry to anyone who already has it on the flist; I've probably obliterated half your page. |D;

In any case, DAMN THIS THING IS LONG. It's amazing how much of it I hardly remember writing. (Of course, it was about three years ago. This is understandable. Still. XD)

[EDIT] Wheeeeeeeeee, winter pajamas~!
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So does anyone know of a good cheap ADSL provider?

- digimed: revealing backstory exercise
- novel: first thousand words of Conductor
- novel: read + crit draft (Brooke)
- novel: read + crit draft (Zoe)
- novel: read + crit draft (Samantha)
- novel: read + crit draft (Jasmina)
- interwri: colour for frame 01
- interwri: colour for frame 02
- interwri: colour for frame 03
- interwri: colour for frame 04
- interwri: colour for frame 05
- interwri: colour for frame 06
- interwri: colour for frame 07
- interwri: colour for frame 08
- interwri: colour for frame 09
- interwri: colour for frame 10
- interwri: rationale for Half Jack

Not all on the agenda for today, obviously, but necessary so that my brain comprehends just how much I have on my plate and therefore that procrastinating further is a bad idea. This would be a lot easier if my hands were not both dying/dead and my ovaries were not exerting their powers of pain over the rest of my abdomen.

On the bright side, had lunch with Rage and scared other food court patrons by flailing about Alec/Seregil. (Do not tell me it's not hilarious to chat about gay sex next to businesspeople. It will never stop being hilarious.)

[EDIT] The eternal question: How many Yuffie figures do you need?
And the answer: As many as they give you, baby.

I am a whore. I am a shameless, shameless whore and I should never be responsible for my own money, ever. (No, I haven't bought it. Yet. She's so fucking THIN, look at her! MY POOR LITTLE GIRL OFF STARVING IN THE WILDERNESS. T_T Yuffie is nobody's poor little girl. It's nice to know she's still in my head enough to pop me one for even thinking it. XD)


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