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How. How do people this stupid even earn the money to get the internet to put together impeachment groups on Facebook.

Although I do love how universal healthcare is somehow unconstitutional. I lol'd.

(Then I headdesk'd. But this is not the point.)
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Here is what doesn't help:


1) It was not all the ice cream, it was half the ice cream, aka 500mL.
2) It was four days.
3) I am stressed. I have spent the last three days wanting to curl into a corner and never move again. I am allowed to eat ice cream.

In other news: still want to curl up and die. Was feeling okay for about ten minutes after dinner, there, but then I was interrupted about twelve times in ten minutes and theeeeeeere's the bad mood and block monster back with a vengeance. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
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Wait, what?

What's this mandatory internet censorship thing that the federal government is apparently considering? WE'RE DOING WHAT?

Is it sad that my first thought was, My drawing references! MY BEAUTIFUL DRAWING REFERENCES...? Because seriously. If I lose 4chan I lose more than half my ability to draw a body doing anything remotely useful, given that I'm writing stories about fae.

[EDIT] Information here. kdjfksjfkdsf, how about you and your ISP filtering Fuck Right Off, Labour?

sdkfaskdjfksdjfkdjfdj, I am establishing my own nation. Who's with me?
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Translation: Hiru! My baby! Come to me! Just as soon as I have done All These Other Things, okay? Just lie down there, have a drink, get comfortable...

(In hindsight, linking sex with writing via metaphor is not as excellent an idea when the character you're writing is your baby, and revolted by women.)

In other news, it is thirty degrees today. FUCK OFF, NOVEMBER. D:


Oct. 13th, 2008 09:03 pm
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The sad part is when you can say, "My muse needs a holiday, and NaNoWriMo is it!" and mean it.

I cannot believe how exhausting this semester has been. It's just been one massive heap of crap after another. I can write three novel thingies at the same time, but novels + essays + presentations + vocab in other languages? Fuck off.

I am going to bed now, and I'm going to leave my blinds open so that I will wake up naturally. Then I will write by hand because this is hurting me. Hopefully I will become so absorbed that I actually forget I have other things to do.

[EDIT] read a little bit of neil gaiman's graveyard book and now i am wide awake and squealing because oh, oh neil. your characters. they make me weep gleefully into my hands.

Silas. I want to cuddle him. A lot.

Oh, Neil. <3 <3 <3


Oct. 2nd, 2008 08:52 pm
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Well, I'm home now.

Mum has cleared my entire room - as in gone along and made a massive pile of whatever she thought wasn't sitting in the "right" place - so now I don't know where anything is or what order it's in, and I have to sort it all the fuck out before I'll know any of this.

I just need to go clear the bed of this pile so I can have a panic attack into my pillow over all the time seeing my father cost me out of my assignment writing schedule, and then I'll be fine. It'll be awesome.

Sometimes people need to fuck right off and realise that I'm not doing things their way because it is physically fucking impossible, rather than going ahead and breaking my fucking system and forcing me to waste more fucking time sorting everything the fuck out again.



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