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Surprised? Anyone? Bueller?

Spent most of the morning catching up on sleep after my charming neighbours nattered away on their phones into the wee hours, and the rest of the morning cleaning the bathroom before I headed over to Neek's place to try to rescue her ancient 40GB/500MB laptop from the clutches of an "unrecoverable boot error".

I've never really had to do much of that before, so I'm pleased by how well it went. Took a while, but we got her Windows partition mounted so we could rescue her files, and managed to get everything installed and more or less working. \o/ Wasn't expecting it to work so well, tbh, but I'm glad it did. ^^

I seem to be coming down with another cold... not sure how. :( It's been really warm this week! My body totally sucks. :((((
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So I downloaded the Smule Ocarina application onto mum's iPhone, right?

Fifteen minutes later, she's still playing with it. :) And I downloaded that for me. XD <3 <3 <3 She is so cute. (This gives me time to study the finger chart, which is only really useful if you know what the hell note you want to play, which I never do. But still!)

Am so exhausted, seriously, but have to stay up for State of Origin. And look at Chris's Physics homework. NGhfjgfjghjfhg.

[EDIT] I appreciate this. Some of the beginning sounds a good deal like dramallamaing, but stick around. Found in this article, and, really, found through Sarah Monette's entry on the subject.

Fucking... I'm too disgusted to talk about it.

So, guys

May. 21st, 2009 08:05 pm
Is there a reason I didn't know about WriteMonkey until v0.9? SERIOUSLY. This thing is perfect for NaNo. I only cry that it doesn't exist for Mac, but that can be fixed since apparently I'm fixing to become a programmer now. >_> I want to do too much in too vague a way. It's annoying.

Work was good. Rewrote about 35 pages of stuff, which brought me to about 98/650. So, really, I should be able to finish this in the six weeks I allotted. Woo!

Not really tired, but feeling kind of meh. I'm not sure why. I'm actually going to do some writing before bed, now, though - this program is totally awesome.

[EDIT] Yeah, I think I'm irrevocably a Mac and Linux girl now. Crowley is making me want to stab myself. Maybe I'll strip his hard drive and install Damn Tiny Linux or similar... although I'm all used to Fedora, now. :\ Hrmmm.



Apr. 8th, 2009 10:26 pm
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So, like, I actually started work today. :D And by work I mean installing Linux on my work laptop and playing chicken with Terminal while I tried to get everything installed. Loads of stuff was missing. I get so many more XKCD jokes now. XD And seriously, when I first got back from orientation and went to talk to the main guy?

HIM: Now, lots of people here write other stuff, too, so if you're one of them? You need to learn how to turn all of this off when you walk out the door, or your novel will suffer for it.
ME: ...... ♥
HIM: Also, most of the people on this floor? EXTREME INTROVERTS. IRC is your friend.
ME: I love this place already.
HIM: :D Good.

Ran into Meg on the way to dinner at my uncle's place; she's looking SO MUCH BETTER after her time off. ♥ So much happier. Seriously. It's amazing.

Dinner itself was, enh. Good, but then I got a little worked up over a variety of things and I think the manic sort of hit its peak and I fell off a cliff down into crying at the table, which, um, I'll probably worry about when I've stopped feeling embarrassed. But seriously: I cannot help the sleep I'm getting, and I'm sick of talking about my weight problems. Fuck. Off.

.....yeah, I really need a sudo make me a sandwich shirt, now that I actually know how to code that.


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