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Long story short: officially single. Work was decent, but not great. I am sick of being sick and tired of being tired, and would like to actually throw up if I'm going to feel nauseated all day, kthx. I have Lush and a new fan and ice cream and I am going to have a long hot bath, because naturally this is what you do after work on a 34 degree day, shut up it is so.

On the other bright side, Terry Pratchett is now Sir Terry Pratchett, and well done him. This calls for celebratory rereadings. Perhaps when I have more time.
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I love spending time with Wyrren. I do not love swallowing so much phlegm that I feel nauseous. This is the one year where my dagwood dog did not immediately make me wish to vomit, and I feel that the cold spoiled my triumph. D: We wandered and secured a seat on Machinery Hill and watched Ford/Holden ute battles and a monster truck and a confusing game of polo that just made me think of the twins. It was very cold. We bought showbags and wandered, but there's not a great deal going on at night.

I was calculating, and I now have 52 hours a week for transport, eating, showering, assignments, and sanity!writing. I am going to be very, very dead come November.

I had a consultation with Craig today about the writing sample of Conductor.

CRAIG: It's, um. I'm a little concerned.
ME: It was awful, wasn't it? I was coming down with something. It came out stilted and horrible.
CRAIG: It really did. But I read your stuff from last semester, so I know you can do better than this.
ME: Yes. That is also my most fervent hope.
CRAIG: Incidentally, you should watch Dead Like Me.
ME: Um. Sure. I'll get on to that.

In other news, I am going to a) sleep, or b) study Japanese now. I am hoping for the latter, but I'm still fairly goddamn fuzzy, so we'll see how that works out.

[EDIT] Since Squeaker posted this, I have to say it's pretty much the greatest Link skit ever. Also very nice flute.

Pachelbel Rant. So. Fucking. True. XD Those poor, poor cellists. Pachelbel's Canon is pretty fucking boring even for violinists, but for cellists? Fuck me blind. XD XD XD I sympathise entirely with this man. XD XD XD I am way too amused at, "Even the second violins got nice melodies, WHICH JUST SHOULDN'T HAPPEN."

(It is not entirely true. We get the same notes for half of it and then it doubles. But we still get more than the cellists.)
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Subtitle: Grr. Argh. Augh. Ugh.

Wyrr and I wandered happily around town and went warm clothing shopping for her, since she and her Daddy are going to the snowwwwwwwwww from tomorrow until Thursday, which I forgot about or I would have mentioned it earlier. XD God, it was good to see her. Seriously. ♥ ♥ ♥ And we went to see the new X-Files movie later in the afternoon, which was UM. INTERESTING.* Or, as Wyrren later put it: GAY RUSSIAN CYLON. (Some BG guy was in it. Callum Blah Blah. I was only kind of paying attention because, when his name came up, I was still shrieking a certain someone's name to the ceiling. Here is a hint: IT WAS SKINNER. :DDDDDDDDDDDD) He came on screen and I actually convulsed. Worse than I usually convulse. Usually it is controlled convulsing. THIS WAS NOT CONTROLLED. :D


Okay, and mum just informed me that our rates? Which are currently sitting a little over 1k? Are jumping up to over 4k. All at once.

Thanks, Campbell Newman. YOU WANKER. Because we can TOTALLY afford that kind of thing. Us and all the other poor schmucks this applies to. Motherfucker.

* It was. Uh. It was like Chris Carter had decided, instead of writing anything particularly paranormal or out there, he'd just throw in every taboo he could think of, and try to turn people's minds. Here are a few things the film covered: paedophilia, organ harvesting, stem cell research, homosexuality, psychic powers, religion, and palliative care. That said, Scully with long hair! Scully with long hair in a bikini! SKINNER. SKINNERSKINNERSKINNER, I want to rewatch the whole damn series for Mitch Pileggi because that man is awesome. And also awesome. And also? AWESOME.


Also, Wyrren has a credit card now, which reminded me that it was about time I applied for one for the sake of having a decent credit rating at some point in my life. And has absolutely nothing to do with my desire for more Sarah Monette books at all. At. All. Also, it will probably be of assistance when it comes to purchasing plane tickets to see my girls in Perth in Nov/Dec. :3 Which I should start organising pretty soon.
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(Wyrren, wasting her opportunity to post on my account.)

*ahem* Something stuck in my throat. This is the Voice of Rave. Voice with a capital V. Because then it's kiNd of Awesome. WyrreN owNz everythiNg, which I admit iN all my ungrammatimacle lurve. But there are No lemoN squares. =(

(This has been a joint post during which Rave did little more than cry with laughter.)

((RussiaN Mail Order Bride for the Sixth time explaiNs everythiNg.))

(((Six <3 <3 <3 <3 )))
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I am going to do that reading meme as soon as I stop being too retarded to follow the directions. XD FAIL.

Today was massive fun! Wyrren and I went shopping to get another Wii nunchuk so that Ve Could Brawl, and Gentlemen, I Like Brawl. I played Sheik...most of the time. I think I changed once to Marth but I came crawling back, and there are COLOURS and this is excellent, and also I am kind of awful at Mario Kart, although slightly better with a real controller on my side. XD;;; In any case, I'm due at work pretty soon so I'm gonna hop-skip it, but I have had a cramp in my hip/thigh/ass/SOMEWHERE THERE GOD KNOWS for the last... probably twenty-four hours and I just thought I'd fucked my hip over, but no, it is a cramp, so I am going to be worse than useless at work tonight. XD *hobbles*

I also bought another copy of Good Omens today. :D One more and I have a complete set! :DDDDD

(ALSO, LAURYN AND KAREN, HAVE YOU MADE BRAWL PORN OUT OF THE SOUND EFFECTS SECTION YET? SRSLY, GO MAKE PORN. Some of the sound effects are hilarious. People should totally make me Sheik/Link to this. JUST SAYING.)


May. 29th, 2008 10:59 pm
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We had the worst staff lineup ever until five when Steven arrived - prior to that it was Dhirpal and Ryan. :\ Ryan stayed 'til ten with me; he was actually pretty helpful tonight, so good for him. Neek came in, despite my forgetting her books, so we chatted for a while. Then Jeff got grumpy at me as if they roster were my fault. (And then, in a conversation about how much sleep I was getting, he told me to go to bed earlier. I nearly fucking screamed. XD) Sent Wyrren an SMS that basically went AAAAAAAAUGH.

Wyrren had pretty much driven home by this point. Wyrren drove back to the Valley from her house which is fucking miles away and had dinner with me in the cafe while I was on my lunchbreak. Wyrren is pretty much the greatest person ever, and I want you all to know that, so when she dies of athsma-induced lung-collapse, you can all scowl in an appalled fashion at me because I was the reason she walked from her car to my workplace in the rain tonight (although it is not my fault that she did not choose to wear her jumper; that is her own personal madness).


And now that these things have been said, I am going right the fuck to bed because I am fucking exhausted.

(Oh, wait, no: I AM BLEEDING. REJOICE, FOR THE STRESS-BARRIER HAS BROKEN. Or something. XD I never thought I'd be so glad to get my period, wtf.)


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