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My stomach was actually really good today! A little iffy in the morning, but it cleared up quite nicely by the time I went home.

So naturally when mum brought home coke from McDonald's, I had totally forgotten about the no-caffeine rule and got halfway through my postmix before I remembered. |D; FAIL.

Still, it was delicious. Tipping the rest of it down the sink probably shouldn't have been as difficult as it was.

Today was still not very productive because I kept getting distracted by eight million other things, and tomorrow is going to be worse because I have to sit in on an interview and read up on stuff for the meetings on Thursday and Friday. So, y'know. Totally writing off the rest of the week. Sigh.

Anyway, I was basically sent home to do home and writey things tonight, so I am going to go do some writey things - specifically with AtM - and then read a little more of the book David lent me. It is very interesting and from about the same era as Lord of the Rings, but from an engineer's perspective - so very interesting for a fantasy novel.
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Current results show that my mother is FULL OF CRAP.

Her: So, how'd you sleep?
Me: Well, it still took me hours to fall asleep. And I woke up a lot. And I was still awake when my alarm went off, so... exactly the same.
Her: Oh. Well, maybe it's something else then.

We have a good relationship.

I was planning to get to work early today, but y'know, fuck it. I'm spending quality time with my mug.
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Oh, yeah, Rave. Stop drinking tea when you're at your most hormonal. That's a really great idea.

[EDIT] Now with diagrams.
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Today was draining, particularly since I decided to kick my mother's hypothesis re. tea and have not had any since just after lunch. Not that it's really fair to test any sleep-related hypothesis when I've not slept properly for three nights, because the results are bound to be biased toward sleep, but whatever.

Really, really fucking want some fucking tea right now. Just saying.

I may swear at you and not mean it later this evening, purely because I want tea.

I realise this is an addiction on par with smoking and that it is probably unhealthy, but dying of tea poisoning sounds pretty okay to me, so shut your faces.
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Well, no one could rightly call that sleep. I think I lost consciousness a few times - mostly because I don't remember hearing the dryer stop - but I know I spent a decent portion of the night switching position irritably and swearing because it couldn't be time for the crows to start, not yet, not yet...!

So of course the first thing I get out of mum is, "So when are you giving up tea?"

Here is a hint: NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrjaflsdfajs.

Alternatively, OVER MY DEAD BODY.

I had five cups yesterday, which is not that excessive. I think it was the coke that pushed me over, and coke I can certainly go without. But tea? You are walking on thin ice with golf shoes. Seriously. You're bugfuck. Go away.

Hope Isaac is in today, or I'm going to have to pick up his projects. T_T; Meep.
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I hate chamomile tea so much guys, seriously. :( All I want to do is shift some goddamn phlegm and make it so my body temperature is high, but I'm too scared to have real tea in case I can't sleep. And I hate chamomile. Bawwwwwwwww. I should have made peppermint instead. Peppermint is good for nausea. But I didn't think of that ten minutes ago, and tea should never be wasted, even if you hate it.



May. 11th, 2009 07:40 pm
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If you're tired of tea, you're tired of life.

Also, guys, you sass what's happening on May 25? Here's a hint: I know where my towel is.

Yeah, do you see me writing yet? No, you do not. I am about to start, though, I promise. (Still not sure what, though.)
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My Traditional Afternoon tastes all. fruity. and wrong. and. raaaaaape T___T
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Mum constantly dismisses my insomnia as too much tea. Well, today I got about 1.75 cups, all before 6pm, and I just want to say that a) today was longer than most days, and b) I AM NOT TIRED WAHEY. I'd still be reading if I could hold the sodding book.
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And I didn't notice my tea was English Breakfast until I sat down to drink it.

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I think the reason living with parents eventually becomes so unbearable is that while you are attempting to have respect for them as a parent and a person, they fail to understand that yes, you do count as a separate entity now, and therefore new rules need to be negotiated.

In short, the rule I wish to instate is: do not bitch to me about anything until my walking in the door after work is at least thirty minutes ago, because when I just walk in the door? I do not, in fact, give a flying fuck about your opinion on how my room should be.

Yeah, and every time I try to bring this to her attention she treats me like I'm an oh-so-cute five year old trying to be a big girl. Fuck. Off. I am this close to calling my mother a cunt to her face and I do not like that word.

So in short, [ profile] alleyne, yeah, that email/note re. figures would be lovely.

[EDIT] aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuugheryeayrgehfjagsdfjagsdfksdfgsafhjasfgshdjfgs *just fucking screams into her pillow*

So, okay, you have a full time job. At the moment? SO DO I. And I'm still trying to catch up with family whom I HAVEN'T SEEN FOR MORE THAN THREE HOURS AT A TIME IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS, IF NOT LONGER. And you know what? I do not stop at the full time job. I am trying to be productive on OTHER SHIT and TAKE A GUESS HOW MANY HOURS OF SLEEP I HAVE HAD IN THE LAST MONTH with which to do that on. Guess how many WORKING HANDS I have to try to not get myself fucking fired on three fucking hours of fucking sleep when I am having great difficulty standing upright and keeping myself mobile and cheerful so that people will fucking buy from me.

But of course, you don't shut your FUCKING MOUTH for thirty seconds to listen to any kind of fucking reason - and it's never a 'reason' it's always an 'excuse'. Yeah, because that's what mature adults do - deny every fucking thing that anyone else tries to say.
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We should have this $398 promotion all the time. Also, I should get to work with Cathy for ever and ever she is like my favourite work person in the world aside from [ profile] alleyne, who doesn't really count as a work person.

Today was actually really good. I was kind of surprised when I walked in the door, actually, because mum took one look at me and went, "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO TIRED." Which, um, is not exactly news. :| And I'm wearing makeup today and everything. Ah well. *glances in mirror* ...yeah, whatever, I look relatively chipper today, she's kind of crazy. o.0;

Picked up a CSS manual from the library and a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's so I am all prepared for bookclubbing with the uni peeps - assuming I can escape and actually make it to the time/place involved.

Um, so... I'm going to go forth and be productive now, because today's the first day in a while where I've felt like I was capable.

- wash clothes
- dry clothes
- draw sketch 6
- write stuff/plan writing stuff
- tell yourself over and over that you do not require this book
- or this book
- and that this book is as yours as it is going to get until its release in April
- and that you are weak, weak, weak if you give in and you should not read all the one kind of thing and that just because it is all your guilty pleasure does not mean you have to read it

Also for the record, this Autumn Blend is delicious. Smells sharper than it tastes, though, which could be a shame.
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Oh, god, tea.

Oh, god, yes, tea.

*weeps happily over her mug*

[ profile] narnizzle, you may be interested to know that you just made me link "Mambo No. 5" to Rook from Havemercy and I am either going to die laughing or kill you with fire oh dear god why.

Or go fuck my hands with Rock Band before I go to dinner, man, because like I need my hands to eat wi-- wait.


Oct. 6th, 2008 10:13 pm
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This is my first cup of tea for the day, and I have one thing to say:

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, yes, please.

*nuzzles cup*

This is what I have wanted all day. Oh, tea. Oh, oh, tea.
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Nghhhhhghfghfhfgfhgh fuck me sideways fucking work in the fucking morning fuck grhshgfsdfhgadhga.


It's not that it's bad.

It's just that I'm fucking tired and I'd like five minutes to relax properly at some point in the next, oh, decade.
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Today I:
- organised to have two days a week at HN, which is a great relief
- had lunch with Rage
- splurged at The Tea Centre ($17 is totally reasonable)
- made an executive decision not to attend Japanese
- realised just how much I have to do over the next fortnight

Seriously, the tea smells amazing. Even [ profile] alleyne thought so, and she doesn't drink tea. I picked up fifty grams each of Stockholm Blend (black tea w/ orange, vanilla, apricot, rose, safflowers and calendula), Japanese Lime Green (green tea w/ daisies, lemon and lime peel), and Apple Pie (black tea w/ caramel, almond, cinnamon and apple). The Stockholm Blend in particular smells fucking amazing; I passed it around class this afternoon and we all moaned happily at it. XD

Tonight I Must:
- clean my desk
- vacuum

- write a good 2k of AtM, if not 6k PFFFYEAH TRY 1k o-or 200...
- print drafts for critique tomorrow morning PFFFYEAH
- go to bed by 10pm PFFFYEAH
- do not spend all night brewing your new tea
- do not spend all night playing keyboard


Stockholm Blend may actually be Jesus. I think I brewed this particular cup a little weak, but holy shit. <3 Sweet and fruity and delicious and interesting and fadsnxjvhfdlvdfjhhgsdjfg. ♥ ♥ ♥ Can I have a Bachelor of Tea? Is that possible? Because, seriously. (I should start looking for jobs in the tea industry. It would be awesome.)
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WTF, Twinings tea generator, you know nothing about me. Do I look like a Rooibos person? Stop trying to sell me the bizarre products through your tea selector. XD SOME HELP YOU ARE.

(Although, on that note, have remembered that I ought to try Prince of Wales tea for Ash's sake, even if its flavour rating is about three leaves lower than I like to go. XD Traditional Afternoon really is my one true tea. The things I do for you, Ashley.

Nearly finished Companion to Wolves, and I've gotta say: simultaneously awesome and terrifying, which is basically everything I need out of a book. I want to draw Isolfr except that I am pants at wolves and also at manly men, which I know because I have tried to draw Fitzyfitz before and failed dramatically. I will probably have more to say once I stop giggling shamefully at words like 'Wolfmaegthing' - because until it looked like the Scandinavian version of 'Sakura-nantoka' I was totally and completely absorbed, and after that I just wondered if Ms Bear and Ms Monette had gotten tired of working out their shared language and run out of sensible endings.

(I am sure this is not the case, but I still can't stop snorting in amusement every time I come across the word.)
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Today I made a startling discovery: I use certain kinds of tea to write certain characters. The problem is that Sticks has not yet been assigned a tea; Ashley is Irish Breakfast for the time being, but if I discover some kind of Welsh tea that I particularly enjoy this could change. Thank all the little gods for Project class. We may fuck around a lot, but we make important discoveries about our writing process in the meantime!

Staff meeting was fun. There was beer! There was Azra! ([ profile] alleyne I am in love with your bosslady and I have spoken to her fewer than five times. I feel that you should know so you can save me from embarrassing myself in front of her. She is just That Awesome. And understands POS's little idiosyncrasies, and apologises for saying 'bullshit'.) Everyone is very fun and awesome, at least to your face, and we are doing stocktake all weekend, and also possibly on Tuesday for a little while, which I will see what I can do about.

Went to Emporium for food and was essentially puppy-eyed and told at great length about how short-staffed they were. See what happens when you fuck over your most loyal and tolerant staff member, guys? Yeah. ♥ Have fun with that.

In other news, my internet has been a bitch ALL DAY. I am now going to go and attempt to write Sticks, or scour the internet for a tea involving pomegranate. (Which I promise to share with Atychos, should I locate it.)


ALSO MY SHEIK STATUE SHIPPED TODAYADJKFSHDLJKFH DSFLSDVDNFJKLVFSBKVFS I CAN HAS SHEEEEEEIK. <333333 SHEIK! Kyahsahahfajhsdfajsgdfj asgfhasf <3 <3 <# <3 3,zjflahdf asfa ^_________________^

(Twenty-first birthday presents are AWESOME.)
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But Tired Rave also wants to read more Havemercy, so we shall see how long she can keep her wee eyes open before sleep claims her thoroughly with the assistance of a metaphorical club.

Spent the night in the fridge throwing out out-of-date shit. Am now coming down with a worse cold. If I am ill on Tuesday I shall be very displeased. Very displeased. Now is the time for a Full Cure, Leviathan. *pointed squint at the clouds*
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STEVEN: Oh, and the cold room is full of boxes, so that really needs looking at.
ME: Oh, I know all about the fucking cold room.

After a FULL DAY during which they had SIX OTHER PEOPLE who could have looked at the motherfucking cold room. I swear I am going to take one of those machetes in F&V and just slit all their fucking throats.


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