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Well, today is destined to be a long, hard slog, but I suppose breakfast would be helpful to begin with.

- controls (image)
- abilities (action sketches)
- art (vasali, temple guardians, jill, jack)
- temple guardian permutation
- interface (paragraph)
- interface (image/labels)
- interface (menu)
- enemies
- sacred items
- world map

Fifteen minute sketches, here I come! Immediately after tea and some form of food, though. Starting out groggy and empty-stomached would be a terrible idea.

God, what made me agree to work tonight? That's... at least two extra hours that could be used on this...

[EDIT] And mum is home from work with a headache, so I can't stress!sing. D: Wryyyy.


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Dear World,


Y/Y. )

Slightly embarrassed,
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Restructuring is a motherless whore, but I think I'm ready to roll on this Half Jack proposal and I ought to be able to finish it by six o' clock tonight. Novel is already done and dealt with, so all that I need to do tomorrow is draw things and make this proposal presentable, and then drop the fucking thing in to Assignment Minder.

Probably the most embarrassing thing about the frustration of this task is how much I enjoy working through my vicious annoyance and sorting everything out. I am doomed to a life of screaming and tea and pulling out my hair... and I will probably enjoy every minute of it. :( And be bored when the pain stops. What the hell, self.

Also, for those of you who do read the Anita Blake series, I just found a lovely Asher/Jean Claude piece. Set after the book where everyone forgives everything and I writhe in joy because Asher is no longer such a sad, sad, beautiful panda. (And on the note of Asher, who agrees with me when I say that this Kojima Ayami artwork is definitely based on or the base for Asher? Also, fuck, I love Kojima Ayami. ♥ Her grotesquery makes me happy in my pants. Where the hell is my Castlevania poster, anyway? That poster was hot. ♥)


And it's a damn good thing that this will be mostly finished by six, because I think that's as long as I can possibly expect my hands to last out under the assault.


Or, uh, not by six. >_>; Shhhhh.
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Well. ....that has me pretty well pegged. [EDIT] Linked like this because the buttons caused IJ to have a structural breakdown and generally tear at its hair. [/EDIT]

Now that I have... mostly stopped having a temper tantrum over a badly-explained assignment task, the goals for today are:
- rewrite InterWri assignment
- figure out which pictures must be drawn
- draw some/all of them
- rewrite Conductor chapter
- rewrite synopsis
- edit interview

I'm more or less set for Novel (aside from a massive logic error in the middle of Chaz's section which had me laughing myself sick last night because no one else noticed it), but I'm still trying to work Chaz's character development into the synopsis, and fix up the... uh... slightly rambling tone that comes in toward the end. XD You can tell I was just brainfarting, that's for sure. Now to write it properly.

So, in essence... about 6.5k words to rewrite and generally fiddle with today, since most of Conductor won't be changing.

But today I am making my own fucking structure, because the ones the lecturer linked us to? They make no fucking sense in light of the assessment requirements, and the woman can fucking bite me.

(I did say 'mostly stopped having a temper tantrum,' after all.)
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So I'm at 1800 words on this assignment when I realise that all my careful planning about affinities and methods for defeating enemies is not actually necessary because that's somehow not a part of this game proposal document and WHO IN FUCK'S NAME LEAVES OUT THE ENEMIES AND THE STRATEGY IN A GAME PROPOSAL I'D LIKE TO KNOW and oh god I am going to just breathe very carefully for a while until I stop feeling like I am going to explode because affinities do my head in and they all made SENSE and my physics were PERFECT and SO YOU'LL TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT MY PHYSICS, NOW, WILL YOU, WELL--


This game design proposal outline is retarded.

*abandons ship*


No, seriously.

I have no choice but to murder this woman.

1) She doesn't like words.
2) She has very vague assignment guidelines.
3) The example proposal documents she has linked us to do not FOLLOW the assignment guidelines.

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Actually got some sleep last night! It was glorious. I also had a dream about my stepfather being eaten by a shark, so that was pleasing, too. XD

Half Jack proposal is taking absolutely forever to word. I want to sketch it all, dammit. XD; And I think that will help my marks. But it is meant to be 2-2.5k, so, uh, that's not really possible. Also, the story for this 'verse is fucking epic. I want to make it, and then I want to write dystopian sequels where Jack's conglomeration of essences is the only thing keeping the bad shit out of the city. Because we all know that an undead protectorate is the best kind of protectorate, right?

I really like Jill's character design. |D; Really, really. It's kind of sad.
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Okay, seriously. My jaw. It hurts me.

Also, I totally don't feel like writing today, but I really need to start. I'm going to work on Half Jack instead of Conductor, but it's pissing me off that Truna still hasn't uploaded any examples of the proper 2.5-3k proposals, particularly since the example she did give us was great as far as concept went but really shitty when it came to the writing and the actual presentation of what that concept was.

In any case, I think I'm going to need a lot more paper than I have at present. And a good whack more artistic skill.
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>:3 Ufufufu, I guessed right as far as my jury duty hours go! ...of course, now I've already taken the kanji exam that everyone's doing in Japanese tomorrow, so there's not much point in my going, anyway... >_>; I'll drop in my InterWri assignment, I guess, and spend the rest of the day writing.

One screenshot is partly done; one more and a boss battle concept to go. And really, this is all entirely unnecessary anyway. But I guess anything that gets stuff for the final assessment out of the way is a good thing.


Oooookay, my eyes are killing me. XD That's enough CGing for today. I have one screenshot, and I think I should go do something else for a little while until my eyes stop stabbing me in the... well... eye.


Okay, maybe I'm immature. But I'm not the only one sniggering at the title of this article, right? >_>; Right?
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I was going very well today until one of the girls in my Interative Writing class was talking to the teacher, and said this:

"I can't spell 'literature' - this doesn't have spell-check!"

This is the point at which I stare, briefly, and then have to leave the classroom. Because, oh, god. How do you make it to university without being able to spell 'literature'? It's practically phonetic!

On the bright side, I'd already spoken to the lecturer about my assignment, and although she seemed to be trying quite hard to find a hole in it, she didn't end up saying much. XD This is nice, I suppose. She did tell me to make sure I wasn't writing it as a story, to which my only possible response can be duh. :\ It's a proposal. I'm a creative writer, not an idiot.

Anyway, gonna tidy up my room, then work on Half Jack concept art and HUD design and stuff. I don't think there's actually much I'll need to fit onto the screen - pop-up information about essence fragments collected, and a pop-up dungeon map, maybe, but I think the weapons are limited enough that they can be attached to different buttons without the need for any kind of equipment screen. After that, I should probably start working on Conductor again, since I gotta have that, a synopsis, and an interview with myself drafted for submission next Friday. :\ And I should do the Digital Media homework, too, since that's kind of due today... hmm...

There's always so much to do! And I really want to reread Mélusine, but I've been feeling like I want to write for a few days and totally ignoring it, so I think it's about time I sat back with the keyboard and just churned words. It always makes me feel good. ^_^ Regardless of the writing quality. XD


May. 5th, 2008 03:50 pm
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I don't like the example proposal the lecturer gave us. And she only gave the one. :| It is ridiculously informal and its grammar is appalling. Also, the structure is weird and not what I instinctively feel that a proposal should be. :\ In the immortal words of Capt. Jack Sparrow: You Smell Funny.

Then again, it is always only about finding the perfect opening line, and I think I have it (although if the word 'zany' enters the proposal at any point, I wish to be filleted and given to stray cats).

Gods help me, but I have "Candy Girl" in my head.

The song that Serendipity pole-dances to in Dogma.

...yeah. :(

It is very hard to write anything when you are concentrating on the Undercity music to try to discern this creepy laughter that [ profile] tainted4life was talking about a little while ago.
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If I turn into a mad, obsessive level-designer, I want you all to shoot me. I mean that. I do not want to spend the rest of my life developing temples that will never be put into play. No matter how awesome this game seems in my head, it's not particularly original (even though I think the gameplay itself might be interesting, if potentially a programming nightmare) and I rather doubt that anyone will want to buy it, although that might be a lark one day, I suppose. In any case: designing puzzles = massively fun, I'm sure, but not when I rather want to be doing something else.

Also, never let me assemble a playlist for a potentially doomed character set when I'm at this level of hormonal again, please. I just spent the better part of an hour weeping while I sang melancholy songs.

Also, my hands hurt rather a lot, and it's probably a good thing that I won't be able to do much with them if I'm on jury duty all week. :\
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This may be the most hilarious thing I have ever read. And now I want to write about a character who a) experiences a penile fracture or b) is too terrified of it happening to actually have sex. (C'mon, that's a great premise for YA fiction. :D)

I can't stop coughing, and this is a pain.

My period has been rather sluggish lately - I've been twenty-four days like clockwork since I was twelve, but the last few months that's been spacing out to twenty-eight, twenty-nine. Which is frustrating, because I use all the appropriate products anyway on the off chance that it is actually on time, and they are too bloody expensive to waste like that. >:\ Damn body. Do what I expect you to! (Except the pain. That, you can desist with.)

Anyway. Moving on from affinity to, uh, parallel plotting today. I want to make it possible for players to do things in any order, rather than having a set narrative path like in the Zelda games. I think I know how I'm going to increase the difficulty level while still letting the player gain skills from each 'stage', but I'll only know if it will work once I get it down in more detail. I'm not really looking forward to condensing this into eight hundred words. Nor am I looking forward to working out the play and puzzle mechanics, because as much fun as Shar's War was, that was a card game, and regardless of how well card games on consoles have actually worked, the very idea actually makes me a little bit nauseous. XD Consoles are not for cards. The idea does not excite me at all, although perhaps I can appropriate Shar's War for some other purpose, like a mini-game.

Off I go.
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...okay, so it didn't even take four hours. XD; I've got both the play realms sorted out, but there's a third realm that has developed entirely at the behest of Sanga, because (paraphrased) "If Kondekir has a realm and Landre has a realm then it's not fair if I don't, too, wah, wah, but mummy please can I-- do it or I'll eat you." So now there is a third realm. Just in case, you know, Half Jack ever needs a sequel, or whatever. On reflection, I'm pretty sure that the third realm operates on a similar level to the Spectral Realm in Soul Reaver, what with water being a non-entity (YES IN THE REALM THAT IT RULES; DO NOT ASK OR I WILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT ALL IN GREAT DETAIL), so at least that is a reference to one of the influences for the game, or something - I don't know.

Also, I made the mistake of reading the sample chapter of The Virtu that's in the end of Mélusine, and now I am a) viciously angry at Felix and b) wanting to take Mildmay away from all these people who do things that are bad for him because they are selfish pricks. Because there are a lot of them. And nothing should hurt Mildmay. EVER. D:< RAWR!
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I LOVE IT WHEN MY WORLDBUILDING MAKES SENSE. happens so rarely.... >_> ) So, yeah, I'm basically gonna spend the weekend working out world details for Half Jack, I think, with bits and pieces of other assessment thrown in. that kanji I keep determinedly ignoring... But, yeah, right now I gotta email Barbara-sensei so that I don't forget. :|

Also? Anyone who isn't reading Lackadaisy Speakeasy? NEEDS TO BE. ;_; O-oh my god, Viktor and Ivy are, like, oh god. SO FAR BEYOND AWESOME. ([ profile] leviathanmirror, I think you'll really like Ivy, too? She is something like Yuzuriha. This is probably why I pair her with Viktor automatically.)


:3 I'm only patriotic when dead folks are involved. Also, I love our national anthem. Even if I am fond of Waltzing Matilda, I really very much like Advance Australia Fair. I missed singing it every week when I left primary school. (I mean, come on, guys. We have the word 'girt' in our anthem. This alone is awesome sauce.)

.......the very next thought to cross my mind after bawling along to the national anthem should not be, "You know, Kio should photograph the Zero some time." |D; Patriotism of a sort?
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So, despite my having made an appointment specifically to get these shots, the nurse was not doing shots after three-thirty. Which was when my appointment was. The receptionist could have, you know, mentioned this. Grrr. So now I have to haul my ass to KG tomorrow instead of just having a relaxing time with... I don't know... homework. At home.

On the bright side: Conductor got critiqued today, which was... good? XD Most people didn't understand that the token was important, which is understandable. Uh, less understandable is missing the implication that Sticks is a serial killer at the end, there. :D; I am just too subtle for my own good/my classes are always retarded? Your choice, there. (One of the girls was confused that I had a boy named Ashley. :( She did not seem to understand that this was half the point. Also? Ashley is a unisex name. So there. >_>)

Also on bright side: Half Jack? Was apparently the assessors' favourite assignment for InterWri. :'D U-um. Words kind of do not describe the asdfghjkl;. (Mostly because this is the career path I dropped.) But, no, I was, um. I am still quite tickled by that. Tutorlady was very enthusiastic when she gave it back to me, and, um, that was nice after she'd spent the semester nitpicking my lineart. XD

S-so. :3 Um. Wh-why didn't I stick that course out? Oh, wait, because code makes me crazy. ........STILL. *headdesk* D-do you think my mother would kill me if I went back to that video game course after this? >_>; A-at least it would get me a job? I... I could... make websites, I don't know. :( Wryyyyy.

In any case, I'm kind of psyched about writing The Conductor again, so since mum's at her course this evening and there's no one else about, I'm thinking I'll go sit in the living room, read about trains more, and just hang out with Ash and Charlie for a while. Those guys are all right. ^_^
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Tsubasa 187. )

I think Jack and Jill may be Kondekir's progeny. Either that or I just really like drawing blonds in robes and scarves.

8BT continues to make me happy because I am a sad panda who ships Red Mage/Thief. :( You do not know what I would give for fic to exist. Seriously. Today's LFG is also pretty fucking awesome, and made me howl with laughter (but I am mildly hysterical at the moment and I was never very good at withstanding puns).

I am still trying to decide whether I should spring an excerpt from Mélusine on the class first thing tomorrow morning. Being that it involves magic, magical abuse and gay all at once in the first two pages, it is essentially all I ever wanted from a book. That said, I don't particularly want the whole class dot-dot-dotting at me when I get up to give a presentation on voice next Friday. ...still, it's a presentation on voice, not a presentation on why the inclusion of gay in a novel is totally awesome. And since Mildmay's voice is one of those rare voices that actually sounds aloud in my head, I'm pretty sure I can wrangle a presentation out of the introduction.

(Hurry up and arrive, books! D: I want to reeeeeeead you.)

Progress on Half Jack has stalled. Mostly because I am tired, cold and hungry, and this makes my hands hurt worse.

[EDIT] ...hmmmm. If I stay up all night, I will be incoherent tomorrow, but I will probably finish this storyboard. If I finish the storyboard tonight, I won't have to come home and then go back to uni to hand the assignment in, and I can have the afternoon to zone out and/or sleep.



First. Five. Frames. =. GET.

Now for the panels with the lineart that I actually like. >:3

[EDIT] Awesome Berserk MMV.
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So does anyone know of a good cheap ADSL provider?

- digimed: revealing backstory exercise
- novel: first thousand words of Conductor
- novel: read + crit draft (Brooke)
- novel: read + crit draft (Zoe)
- novel: read + crit draft (Samantha)
- novel: read + crit draft (Jasmina)
- interwri: colour for frame 01
- interwri: colour for frame 02
- interwri: colour for frame 03
- interwri: colour for frame 04
- interwri: colour for frame 05
- interwri: colour for frame 06
- interwri: colour for frame 07
- interwri: colour for frame 08
- interwri: colour for frame 09
- interwri: colour for frame 10
- interwri: rationale for Half Jack

Not all on the agenda for today, obviously, but necessary so that my brain comprehends just how much I have on my plate and therefore that procrastinating further is a bad idea. This would be a lot easier if my hands were not both dying/dead and my ovaries were not exerting their powers of pain over the rest of my abdomen.

On the bright side, had lunch with Rage and scared other food court patrons by flailing about Alec/Seregil. (Do not tell me it's not hilarious to chat about gay sex next to businesspeople. It will never stop being hilarious.)

[EDIT] The eternal question: How many Yuffie figures do you need?
And the answer: As many as they give you, baby.

I am a whore. I am a shameless, shameless whore and I should never be responsible for my own money, ever. (No, I haven't bought it. Yet. She's so fucking THIN, look at her! MY POOR LITTLE GIRL OFF STARVING IN THE WILDERNESS. T_T Yuffie is nobody's poor little girl. It's nice to know she's still in my head enough to pop me one for even thinking it. XD)
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All right, kids. Half Jack Lineart. Go!


Please comment! Specifically on whether you think the seventh panel gets to count as one panel only. >_> I am cheating a little there.


If I never know what happened here, that will be okay. As long as it vanishes when Firefox restarts, this is fine.

(I just scared myself by typoing 'is' into 'si' and going IT'S HAPPENING AGAINNNNNnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. XD No, that one was my fault.)
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[ profile] dairysorbet, that tea you bought me is apparently umekobucha, or pickled plum and kelp tea, and... tastes more like soup stock than tea, actually. You can tell it's made on kelp, because it's quite salty and tastes a little like the ocean, but on top of that there's a slightly sweeter fragrance from the plum, I'm assuming. Not what I usually think of when I think of tea, but certainly an interesting blend of flavours. Definitely gets across the Japanese belief in things having aroma, anyway. XD

There's a guy out on the balcony below us, laughing and chatting away into a mobile phone. Normally this would annoy me a little when I'm trying to concentrate, but he's had such an honestly happy tone throughout the conversation that it hasn't bothered me at all, especially since he hasn't been obnoxiously loud, like some of his room mates. He just hung up with a very honest have a good day; I love you, and I am full of warm fuzzies because I know so few people, let alone guys, who can say that so truthfully, so warmly, and with so little embarrassment. It was just a nice moment to be privy to, even if I now feel sort of creepy for being so happy in overhearing it. XD Just one of those adorable moments that I suspect are better shared with Tina, who understands that I am in no way being creepy when I vicariously enjoy moments like this. XD

Remember that ridiculous militant feminist assessment of Firefly? An hilarious rebuttal. I am laughing my ass off because it's so freaking true - no one ever thinks about these things with a sensible, balanced mind. XD It's always with the intent to reveal one kind of message behind something, and as this well proves, you can ascribe any bias if you're looking hard enough. XD Mad props.

In other news, I think my most hated frame is going to end up the one I like best. It's kind of awesome now. XD

I don't have nearly enough icons to go with the tone of this song, and that is a great tragedy. I like this tone.


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