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I got my hair cut tonight. XD It's layered around my face and shoulders, now, so it looks a little like Nico Robin from One Piece when she gets it all cut short. XD It's really weird to have it short again~! But really awesome, too, because short suits me. :3 I must collapse into bed now and sleep until it's time to go to university because I am buggered for unknown reasons, but do you know what? I will hardly have to brush this tomorrow. It's shoulder-length! You can't get tangles you have to cut out in shoulder-length hair! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH.

(That said, when Shelly cut off my pony tail this evening, we put a hair tie around it so that [ profile] teacupscientist's friend Anna could use it as extensions if she wanted to. Then when I got the go ahead to chuck it out, I tried to save my hair tie... and got it irrevocably tangled in the hair that had once been my pony tail. orz)

Just in case Tina is reading this, which she probably is not... I did start to draw you Hiru today! Here is the rough sketch and here is the beginning of the line art, which obviously I am going to be fixing up as his ass? Way too far from his shoulders. I mean, really. As usual, I like the rough version better than the lined one. Sigh.

(Yes, apparently in his true form, Hiru just lolls around without clothing. I'm not sure, either.)

Two interviews re. my coursework tomorrow, and many hours in between them. I'm pretty sure I want to hole up somewhere and write, so I might drag Tetsu in, but I probably can't be bothered. I'll probably spend the time reorganising everything I did today for the second interview, which is for InterWri.

[EDIT] Sh-should it amuse me or worry me that I mentally replaced this with Sanga and Hiru without any effort? XD


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