Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:16 am
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So as you may or may not have guessed, I am on holiday! For another week or so! I already think this time is far too short, but am trying to ignore that. Also to persuade myself out of bed so I can actually do things with my holidays.

Spent the last week and a bit in Perth with Lauryn, Karen, and Tina, and got back on Monday night. Naturally I was ill for about 80% of the week, but perked up in time for birthday and zoo outings, so that was all right, and got to spend time with my girls besides. <3 Need to do this more often.

I'd really like to reorganise the house while I have the time to, but that would involve getting out of bed, and honestly, I can't see it happening until I have run out of internet.
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So aside from the fact that I'm sick again (god dammit body I thought we were past this) and work is about to drop something on me that I really could not want less, I'm doing pretty well at the moment!

Spending the weekend with Tina in Melbourne was excellent, and Amanda Palmer was amazing. She really had room to shine at the Forum; I'm so glad I went, and so very sad that [personal profile] alleyne didn't make it. We need to have another girls weekend soon - maybe at O'Reilley's, guys? Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots! And all the driving. >_> Okay, maybe not. BUT STILL.

It has occurred to me a few times in the last week that I wanted to finish writing F&F and start posting it by April 1.


About that.

As great a joke as it'd be to start posting it on April Fool's, though, like hell I am waiting another year. I will not wait another year. So it is now my goal to get it done, no matter when. And the first step is figuring out how to fix those goddamn Reeve scenes. Because they are AWFUL.

Monique is coming over this weekend, and Wicked is next Friday. I'm so looking forward to seeing it again!

And now, if I can stop clearing my goddamn throat, I'm getting started identifying the problem with those Reeve scenes so I can forget about them and WRITE, DAMMIT.
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Our internet has finally been connected, which means I will shortly be back to my slovenly internet-sloth ways. I have been reading a lot in the interim, alternating between new things, and things that have been gathering dust on my shelves.

This weekend I am off to Melbourne to see the amazing Amanda Palmer with the equally amazing [personal profile] kuchibue, and hopefully [personal profile] alleyne if she stops feeling awful in time. I am ridiculously excited and have no idea what to wear.

Also I will be dyeing my hair tomorrow night, so anything could happen. I cold need a new wardrobe just to deal with it. Who knows? All I know is, I need to buy pills tomorrow on the way to work so I am not a mess later.

It's bedtime, but despite being, well, female this week I am somehow buzzing with mental energy despite being in pain and exhausted. wtf, self.


Jun. 7th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Was excellent! I mean, things could have been better, i.e. Miss Tina could not have been feeling so awful all the time, but I had a ball. XD And slept! Which was a nice change!

My plane was delayed by an hour and a half on Friday night, so by the time I got to the hotel I was ready to drop. Took my bags up, met Tina on the street, cuddled briefly, and then collapsed the fuck into bed. XD I was really. really. tired. And plane trips are never kind to my head - the changes in pressure always make me feel hideous.


Saturday was excellent. Er, despite poor Tina not having slept at all. |D; We are constantly at opposite ends of the awesome spectrum, I swear. Anyway! We went for breakfast, and food shopping, and then we went to Minotaur, which is always a mistake. $160 later, I was the proud owner of both Death comics, a new Amano artbook, a full set of FF7 weapons including DEATH PENALTY AND CONFORMER DESU YO, and Gankutsuou v2. I am still so excited about the Conformer. :'D Eeeeee.

Then we sat around drawing and gaming for a while, and then we went to Avenue Q, which, omg. So much fun. XD So many little touches I didn't realise were coming. Nicky was FREAKING AWESOME, just sayin' - he and Trekkie Monster are the only two-person puppets, y'see, and he was just so amazingly expressive because of it. XDDD It was really fun - and a nice little intimate theatre, too, which I appreciated. ^^ Things got changed a little in terms of lyrics and in-jokes from the Broadway version, but Christmas Eve was amazing, and I bought a real copy of the sound track, which makes me happy. ^^

Then back to the apartment for further lazing (and feeling awful, on Tina's part, the poor thing T_T) and then out for Wicked! Which, lacking the original wizard, and being bizarrely fast — I assume to compensate for an understudy's lungs or people with flu or something — was not quite as awesome as it was the first time I saw it. (Which is to say, I was still crying in songs that needed no crying to. XDDD It is very sad at random moments when you know the whole story already, okay!) Glinda was, er, rather frazzled, actually. SPEEDING through everything. It was rather bizarre. Still great, though, and Elphaba's understudy does a fantastic job. Speaking of which, [profile] teacupscientist, the cast list wasas follows. ) Also, I got another flask! :D My life is complete.

Crashed and burned pretty soon after we got back, though there was some drawing because we were both so gleeful after Wicked, and then this morning... hmm, we pretty much packed up and rocked out into the streets and markets of Melbourne, to eat and draw and make merry until I had to get to the airport. We went to the art gallery, or an art gallery, anyway, since Melbourne probably has like 19324763 of them, and I had poffertjes for second-breakfast. :D I miss poffertjes. <3 Also I bought earrings made of WATCH INNARDS. THEY HAVE GEARS THAT TURN AND EVERYTHING. Tol is still geeking the fuck out in the back of my head. Also, a keychain and a pendant. (I spent so. much. money. omfg. *cry*)

Tina's dad picked us up from town and we made it in absolute record time, and the flight back was kind of hideous, and I miss Tina already. T_T SHE IS LITTLER THAN ME, YOU GUYS. LITTLER AND ADORABLE. I DID NOT REALISE THIS OVER SKYPE, DHFDJFD. She is not that much littler than me but littler ENOUGH, OKAY TINA, STOP GLARING AT ME LIKE THAT.

Anyway, now I have to wash clothes and hang clothes and somehow go to sleep in time to not be a zombie at work tomorrow and oh, god, I have to get buses on a public holiday. T_T;;; Can I just work from home...?

Also, this Corambis Q&A just about made me piss myself laughing. I mean, can you imagine Mildmay using those exclamation marks? CAN YOU? PFFFHASHDASJHDAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. Reminds me of this.
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Page count was higher today, but still not enough, sdjfhdsfsjd. I am going to work on the plane to and from Melbourne, I think. It is not that this needs to be done by the time I go into surgery, it is just that it would be nice not to have to think about it while I convalesce. XD

Half-packing and half-cleaning this evening. (Translation: I have no idea what I'm doing. Nothing, mostly.)

I am fully prepared to have a weekend tomorrow. Oh, wait. Tuesdays are the worst. :( Worse than Thursdays. I want more tea but I had coffee this afternoon to force myself to think and now I am afraid to ingest more caffeine because I do believe in sleeping eight hours, I do, I do.
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I'm back from the holiday early for reasons best left undisclosed, so if you know, you're a rarity, and I'd appreciate a clipped lip. The rest of you, I'm not interested. Nothing personal. Sorry.

Was mildly productive in both writing and drawing, but am probably not going to be able to write a number of my more recent interests for a while. My mind refuses to connect, strangely enough. I will, however, have a completed [ profile] no_true_pair prompt (Mildmay/Sephiroth) posted later in the day.

I made a Sanga in the sand at the beach yesterday. Well, his face and neck and the first part of his shoulders while Chris and James braved the bluebottles. His jaw is a Bastard, and you have never hated sand properly until you have tried to sculpt gills with it.

This afternoon I have to draw, although I can't say I feel like it. [ profile] stepstepjump's challenge ends tomorrow, though, and I have a feeling I'm going to feel even less like drawing then.
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I fretted all day about doing basically nothing, and then had two lovely conversations with my manager and one of the office ladies.

BOSS: Oh, we don't expect you to be productive for at least three months. Maybe even six.
ME: .........what. WHAT. .......SWEET.

OFFICE LADY: Oh! You're the girl with the writing test!
ME: Er.
OFFICE LADY: Joshua showed it to us and we all just leapt on him. "GET HER. GET HER NOW." It was wonderful!
ME: :3 ♥ That's. Awww. ♥

Also, I lunched with Rage today for the first time this week. T_T I AM GOING TO DIE WITHOUT REGULAR LUNCH APPOINTMENTS, SERIOUSLY.

We're off to Peregian Beach (sp?) tomorrow morning, and I think I finally have an idea for the next issue of SSBB, so my tasks for the weekend are:
- reread Corambis
- reread Havemercy
- Standards
- SSBB plotting & scening
- chill-fuckin-axin' yo

Because seriously. Needs moar holidays. My spine is knotted. Literally and figuratively.
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So, for the record, Wicked is amazing. I cried for at least forty-five minutes, not all of them consecutive, and glee'd at real live Wizard of Oz references, and Elphaba was amazing - her character and the woman who played her - and Glinda, while apparently receiving the short end of the characterisation stick, made me happy. :D

...and the rest. )

...goddammit, you go away for two days and they change devART on you. o.0; I don't really like this version, either, but oh well.

Character Meme stolen from Flamika. )

And there's a new HOLiC chapter~! *_* 161. )
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Whyyyy. Why do I wake up before my alarm. Why does my internet refuse to work. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

(Restarted. Working now. Instead of relaxing, have decided to take F&F plotline so I can scene on the plane and at the airport, since Wyrr and I spent all last night finishing Crisis Core (LAME. I didn't even cry. HOW CAN YOU FUCK UP THAT SCENE SO THAT I DON'T CRY.), watching Last Order, and rewatching Advent Children with Beeblebabe's 'Lies' subtitles. Lemon squares will never stop being funny, and neither will knitting, or Rufus talking in lyrics, or (It was Reno.), or the bumblebee thing. Because the bumblebee thing is fucking awesome.)

In any case, off to Melbourne (Mell-bnn, for the non-Australians on my flist, not actually Mell-born), where it is cold! Very cold! All the time! But this is fine, because I have gloves, scarf and jumper easily accessible in the top of my bag. I AM ORGANISED. I have put Tina's map on my iPod and I can read it okay no matter what Wyrren says. XD Have fun without me, guys!
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Dear new!fan: Sors immanis et inanis. Et. Because conjunctions help you to not sound like some kind of bizarro creature! :D

On a similar fangirly note: one day to go one day to go one day to go asdjhfjasdfhasdjfasdufhjsd VESCA DEE JSKDHFYSDFJSDFM DEE VESCA JKSDHF VESCA :D :D :DDDDDDDD

Of course, it would be kind of ridiculously optimistic to rock up early morning on Thursday. What am I going to do if they aren't unpacked yet? "It's cool; I'll wait"? Nnnnnno. I cannot fangirl in front of Matt (I KNOW HIS NAME NOW; NO LONGER MUST I REFER TO HIM SIMPLY AS "FAVOURITE CUSTOMER NUMBER THREE") this way, despite the fact that he knows I read terrible, trashy yaoi manga quite regularly. Sigh.

.....who am I kidding. If I thought I could get it in the morning, I would be there in the morning. With bells on, if bells were required.

In any case... I suppose tomorrow is a day of sitting my ass down with F&F again, working out where in hell I was up to, and - as Neil Gaiman requires - writing the next bit.

Also, blah blah, this is a meme that helps you keep in touch by listing basic, important information, rah rah, here, have a cut.

Cut. )

And now I think I really have to go to bed (in my HOT NEW PAJAMAS, YO) because I am beginning to be fuzzy and I haven't slept right in three days, so I'm back to my usual state of grfyhadsbg.


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