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In which Rave cries at Hoshi no Yakata, which is probably a new low. )

James: All right! I'm totally prepared for my exam. Mum, come and test me!
Mum: *looks at textbook* What does the term 'anatomy' refer to?
James: .............. :D;
Mum: Go back and start again.
Me: ♥ ♥ ♥

She's excellent because she's evil.


Also, [ profile] squeakelala, it is ALL YOUR FAULT that all I can think right now is,"BALLIN'!"
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Hoshi no Yakata: I found a plot! Or something like one, anyway. Notes as I read. )

I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. XD; And today is not a violin-playing day, apparently. And I'm hungry for pasta and mum is making pork and I love pork but I want pasta and she would be mortally offended if I made some. |D;;;;; Maybe tomorrow. In any case, I'm hungry and they're late and god dammit, guys. Not like I wait around all day to eat with you or anything!

Lunch with Rage tomorrow followed by studying and pajama shopping and then THE LAST EXAMMMMMMM WOOO HOOOOOOOOO JSHdjfas.

Didn't call Jeff today out of fear that he would say HEY WANT TO WORK TONIGHT and I would be unable to say, "No, but hey, can you write me a reference, please?" |D;;;;
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Just got up. Exhausted. Whyyyyyyy. What happened to the sleeping? The sleeping was good. It lasted like two whole days...

On the bright side, I did have a dream about being Papa D. That was kind of awesome. And by 'kind of awesome' I mean 'I was living with Count D and he was not deathly afraid of me so it was wildly AU and we wandered around the house together and it was FUCKING AWESOME YO.' I/He got a hug. It was kind of epic. As in, in the back of my head I could hear myself going OH MY GOD THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AND YET YOU/WE ARE ACTING LIKE THIS IS NORMAL, THIS AU IS SO. COOL. :'D I have no idea where Sofu was and at this point I DON'T CARE because Leon was in the house and I/Papa wasn't trying to kill him and it was lame and AWESOME.

C-can we tell PSOH is sort of on my mind at this point? :3 I am waiting eagerly for my email. Even though it's definitely not in until Thursday, like Crisis Core. Eee hee hee hee hee hee hee. ♥ Although I'm actually having difficulty deciding which I should tackle first (PSOH is the logical answer, but hear me out) purely because I am going to spend a lot of time yelling at both of them. PSOH is guaranteed to be a shorter stab of pain, but I think I can safely say that for the last year or so I've been more into PSOH, so I will probably rant for comparatively longer. XD Although since I definitely won't be finishing Crisis Core inside a day, I suppose I'll be breaking it up into short, manageable chunks of impotent rage.

Anyway. Fandom talk having woken me up a little more, I'm going to shower and then go study in the living room or something. Somewhere I am far away from Hoshi no Yakata because otherwise I will download and read it all today and that would be bad.

For the record, Hoshi no Yakata is a gay BDSM manga, which I discovered through... hmm... fandom secrets, I think. There is a character who is the most smoking male I think I have ever seen and is essentially D only more muscular and in leather. Do not ask me why I find this attractive. Not my thing at all. But this character? Is the only character that I have ever stopped and gone WHOA HOT at based on image alone. XD So naturally I had to research the fandom! Find the series! It has taken me months, but I got it. 8DDD And since I started reading it I have actually begun to flail a little over the rest of the characters, too. Sumiya = ♥. Angry, sadistic ♥. :3

In any case, you can download it from Game Over or Continue? if you are interested. :D It's under Projects > Completed > Hoshi no Yakata.

[EDIT] *criiiiiiiies* Barbara-senseeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisjjhfakjfhsj

;_______; Sh-she allocated me to the Tuesday class.

So now I have one thing really early Monday morning....... and then nothing for the rest of the day. Wryyyyyyyyyyysa,mdfhadfasdjfsdfkasldf. T_T;;;; I knew I should have sent a specific request email.
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So, guess who just found Hoshi no Yakata scanlations.



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