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And that, my dears, is that.

- clean bathroom
- retidy room
- set up WiiFit, AV switcher, and HDMI cable
- fold clothing
- make bed

- figure out whether you have ANY POSSIBILITY of writing for the yuri special before April 17
- figure out whether you just dreamed resolving the structural issues for "Standards"
- write some Standards
- draw stuff

In other news, GO IOWA!

And... yeah, I was buggered yesterday and I'm buggered today. When my alarm went off this morning I crawled back into bed to be warm while I woke myself up properly, so I wouldn't, you know, stagger into a door-- and woke up forty minutes later. Not quite that tired now, but certainly getting there. Ugh.
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Work today was pretty good! Sold one of the new Nespressos to a guy who was still slightly drunk and asked, while looking at the black one, if we sold the black ones.

ME: is the black one. o.o;

Most hilarious customer ever. XD It was great. Also sold a breadmaker today, which was nice. And made another fuckload of signs. And didn't screw anything up on registers! Huzzah!

(I like being there on my own.)

Three more days of Harvey Norman, hurrah! (And [ profile] alleyne? I do get hour lunch breaks. :D We'll have to start meeting at the top of the mall, though. XD)

And...... I bought a WiiFit. And my hands hurt. XD; And now I really need that television, because there's no way I'm doing this out there where people can SEE me.
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And the theme of the day is: Make Laura and Megan Cry! I did not actually cry. Meg may have. Many things went wrong with one customer which caused me to swear imaginatively for most of the day. Also there is a really big sale tomorrow so all the time I did not spend swearing, I spent sign-writing.

And I dropped in my Red Hat paperwork.

And I want to write but I'm too shitted off to do anything productive, and also I'm tired but not sleepy.

Here is the paragraph Mildmay wrote last night when I was not paying attention:

I know it's stupid, but I really thought things would go back to normal once we hit a real town again - if Felix had ever had passing acquaintance with normal to begin with, which some folks might take leave to doubt. He whipped out that smile the minute we hit Viatha, the cult set to work, and I thought, here we go, and tried to look like I didn't mind being ignored for the next decad or so.

But Felix didn't seem fixed on having me ignored. He was paying me too much attention, almost, and even as I was thinking it was stupid and fucking dangerous besides, as far north as we were, it was about as easy to sit on how nice it was, being listened to and looked at like a real person, as it would've been to sit on a five-arm cactus.

And I don't know where that came from or even that it's in a decent Mildmay voice, but, uh, I just. I really don't know. All I've been thinking about for the past few days is the possibility of canon reading lessons.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 09:56 pm
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fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuck todayyyyyyy with a rusty nailbaaaat.

- I FOUND THE MISSING OTANIUS (311) No sign of rubies, though.

...yes, that really was the only worthwhile thing I remember about today.

[EDIT] In the interests of typing it just the once: was on register most of the day, which I have never been trained for, and then there was much fuckery, and people had the gall to get snippy with me for doing a job I have not been trained for with less than sparkling efficiency and perfection, and then I went to choir and had to talk to some fucking guy who did not seem to realise that I wanted to skulk and eat my dinner and read my fucking book in fucking PEACE, and then when I got back from choir I discovered that Red Hat had called my home number in the middle of the day on a monday rather than sending me an email as is their usual wont or calling on my work number (WHICH THEY HAVE) and since John signed me on to work on Wednesday without any fucking warning, as of Wednesday I am working eight days in a row, and I was ready to kill someone on the second day of work this week, and my hands feel like someone said, "Think quick!" and tossed me a Mac truck.

.......that's what happened. Sorry for the rarwrafsdjfs. Good night.
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Despite missing the bus this morning, I was still the first one at work. XD; And Watchmen (specifically Rorschach) gets better and better the more times I see it. long as I tune out to Dr. Manhattan, anyway. I know what his purpose is, but fffff.

(Helped along by the fact that every time he comes on-screen, Hiru is weirded out by blue freckles. Don't ask.)

Work was fine, I guess. Josh took my address for an invite to his engagement party, which I hope [ profile] alleyne is attending or I'm going to be very nervous and alone. XD;

...and it looks like I've missed a sketch night! D: That's all right. I'll do some of these tomorrow or the next day when my hands have recovered a little.

Oh, and I finally figured out what was nagging me about Nite Owl... he has Mehitabel's mouth! Talk about confusing. XD
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Dear Pope: Shut Yo' Hell Up. I know why you're saying about half of what you're saying, but the other half is TOTALLY CRAZY.


ME: Harvey Norman Electrical, Laura speaking. ^^
WOMAN: I want to speak to a salesman about a fridge, a rangehood and an oven.
ME: Sure thing. Were there any particular models you were interested in?
WOMAN: .....I said I want to speak to a salesman. I want to speak to a guy, because it's better to speak to men about these things.
ME: ..............uh, sure. They're pretty busy down there, but just hang on a tic and I'll grab someone for you. Just popping you on hold for a moment, won't be long.
ME: What the fuck.
ME: Antonio, this stupid bitch... *explains* is that for status quo! D:
ANTONIO: ....what the fuck? I don't know about fuckin' rangehoods! I'll tell her to talk to you!

Then I went to transfer her down, and she'd hung up.

This was the kind of fucking day it was. I was shaking all through lunch with Rage because I was stressed out my eyeballs and angry to boot. I had to use a fork on Japanese food, guys, this is how distressed I was. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

So basically, tired as fuck. But the boss noticed I've been being underpaid for, uh, the whole time I've been working there. And apparently Azra is sorting out the backpay tomorrow. Which is sort of incredibly sweet. :D

And mum got her stimulus package letter today. :D So she was all, "MASSAGE! FUCK YEAH!" and I agree - great plan. XD


TINA: Oh god, that woman...
TINA: You should have told her you were all man.

I love her so much.


Mar. 18th, 2009 05:48 pm
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Today I went to work, and left work early, and got my hair cut. Photos to come, but it's nothing super-exciting. :| One day I'll care about my haircuts.

Work was..... pretty good, I guess. Full of signs. Sold my first Morphy Richards steamer and realised that I really need to cram on them again because I cannot remember a single reason as to why they should cost $299, except I think that it will finish all your dish components at the same time.

The day was also full of minor annoyances, such as hello when I say good morning to you, I don't care if you're hungover to shit, you WILL acknowledge that I have fucking said good morning to you. Even if you do so with an AGONISED GROAN, you rude shithead browns salesmen. >:\ Chris and sometimes Alex and Leo are the only people who ever fucking respond and treat me like I am THERE. I KNOW YOU ARE ALL MANLY MEN WITH ENORMOUS PENISES OR WHATEVER BUT HEY, I'M BEATING HALF OF YOU IN GP AND COMMISSION AND I DO IT WITHOUT SELLING GIANT WANKER TELEVISIONS, OKAY. ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE.

...okay, so minor annoyances that made me angry every time Luke walked past. That fucker needs to be kicked in the head.

Tonight I might actually get around to scanning all the sketches that I've done in the last few days. Alternatively I might spend the whole night doing washing. Sigh.

[EDIT] And for the record it's only as irritating as it is because three steps later every fucking one of them will wave to John and greet him with enthusiasm. WTFever, guys, I will be over here selling videos of your circle-jerking, I guess.

[EDIT] Haircut! )


Mar. 17th, 2009 06:58 pm
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St. Pat's was significantly lower in cheer than it has been for the last few years. :( My workplace is boring. The boss made his wife cry this morning; I don't know how she stands him, and I don't know why he gave her the job in the first place because mostly she drifts listlessly from the office to the reserve. I do this, too, but at least I have the excuse of useless hands. Didn't sell much today, but did sort out my deliveries and the mystery of the fucking Vax heads. (Hint: My Vax rep is a USELESS BASTARD.)

Unfortunately one of my customers has a vacuum out the back, half-paid, and she has changed ALL HER PHONE NUMBERS. Sigh. I still have her father's credit card number, so it is a good thing I am honest.

Feeling pretty good, and going to hang out with James when he's done with his homework because mum is heading out to my cousin's new wife's birthday dinner. (Jamie married Vanessa last September, and I only met her last week because they were in Canadia. Vanessa has since become Vee to everybody, and she is sweet and gentle and has a gorgeous accent. God knows how Jamie ever hooked her; last time I saw him he was still rough and tumble and just out of his teens. XD I haven't seen him for EVER, clearly.)

I need to do six sketches tonight to be on-target for [ profile] stepstepjump and I'm going to try for ten! If you get in fast, you can influence what I draw by commenting! FLY, MY PRETTIES! FLYYY.
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Work was pretty good, actually; I like short shifts. It was busy. Just got in from Watchmen with [ profile] teacupscientist, which is a lot less depressing the second time around. Still have "Augustine" in my head, and have had all day since I got to cover Alan's lunch and play my own music on register.

Unfortunately I've passed the tiredness fulcrum, so I have no choice but to read or stare at the ceiling until I collapse. |D; [ profile] meatbamboo, I will be online as promised, I swear. Just.... later than I would have been.

[EDIT] I'm not sure if I've forgotten how this works or what, but you know what would be retarded and awesome? If Ulquiorra were Inoue Sora.



Mar. 8th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Why didn't I know SaiMono and KKM had image songs? I WAS MISSING OUT! Mostly because fffffffffff, Gwendal, your MANLY BALLAD OF MANLINESS. One day I must watch the rest of that series. :|

In other news, Namikawa Daisuke is a vocal genius.

Today was tolerable, I guess, but probably only because [ profile] narnizzle came to lunch. XD And because I got to talk to Tina after work, and booked in for Avenue Q down in Melbourne. :D!

Going to go try to get a little more KA out of the way; I really need to finish it this week so I can possibly squeeze in Mind Fuck (WHICH FINALLY ARRIVED!!!) before I start rereading DoL, because ajskdfhasjdkfhjsd, THIRTY DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one!

[EDIT] One of Conrart's songs is Love Me Tender. I MAY DIE.
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Bleach 348: *faps to Ulquiorra*

Tsubasa 215: jdsfhasdkfjsdfhjasdhfjashjsd OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING OH GOD

Mélusine: Oh, Mildmay. Oh, god, Mildmay, I love you so much, oh, oh, Mildmay.
(HIRU: Here we go again.)

Khaos: Oh god, Jamie. DDD: I. I. Oh god. You. *sobs and hugs him* I KNEW YOU HAD A REASON FOR BEING A DICK.

Uhhh, work was okay except for the five million products we got in at seven o' clock this evening!
ME AND ANTONIO: *stare at the boxes*
ME: ...those kettles are the perfect size for ramparts; we could make a fort.
ANTONIO: And a car! :D

I am starting to get the feeling Charlotte dislikes my music. The feeling is sadly mutual. +_+
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There is just something about people named Sam and being incredibly affectionate drunks, apparently. Alyce and I were both seized, and dipped, while in the background Megan shrieked, "NO TONGUE, SAM. NO. TONGUE." a la Mr Bennett. XD I managed to fend him off; Alyce was not quite so lucky.

I have had:
- one beer of questionable origin
- one lemon lime and bitters
- one gin and tonic
- two cokes
- one cowboy


(I am joking, darling, it was really fun. XD I am glad I was there for Sam's bean lecture.)

[EDIT] Sam's Bean Lecture:

SAM: You know what your problem is, right, it's the same as Megan, you read three pages--
ME: I read seventy pages and it's not that it's bad it's that I demand other things from my fantasy novels now--
SAM: And you go, "I don't like this!" It's like beans.
ME: --like gay por-- what? Beans?
SAM: You try ONE BEAN by itself, uncooked, and then you go, "Nope, I don't like beans. I don't like them! I don't want to try them hot, with butter, with toast, with ham, with pepper, with salt, with tomato, with pasta, in a bowl, with egg, with ....
ME: *in awe*
SAM: ......with sausage, with porridge, with any of that," you just decide you don't like it and that's all you can say!
ME: ..... *still awed, but going to make the best of this* .... I DO NOT LIKE IT, SAM I AM.

That rant was EPIC. XDDDD

Also, Alex and his English Friend Paul were quite obviously destined to be Alex and his English Husband Paul, and I will accept no other opinion on the matter.
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Because apparently being the mum means you can organise anything you want with absolutely no notice and chuck the shits about it when your adult daughter mentions that actually she has had something else planned for that day for more than a fortnight. -_-;;;; AUGH.

Had dinner with James and Alyce in the mall before choir, and then went and proceeded to... listen to the basses and tenors all night! Awesome! We did have a five minute run-through of a very fast, high song in Latin, a Laudate Dominum that pretty much sounds like gossip over the back fence a la Rome. XD It was awesome. Also HILARIOUS because two-thirds of it are lalalas. XD

Uhhh. Work was. Alan. Yeah. Someone needs to tell him to stop talking to me before I accidentally force his glasses past his tonsils with my fist.

And. ....suddenly my mind doesn't work want... want to work. Yeah. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, grammar is for cocksuckers. YEAH.
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Today was full of small ridiculous things that, combined, threatened to make me sit down in a corner and laugh hysterically/cry.

WOMAN: I had an ironing board on order and the girl promised it was over a metre high, but it's only 96cm.
ME: PHONE BOOKS. HAVE YOU GOT SOME? I'm so sorry. I'll try to find a different one for you.
SUNBEAM: Chyeah, good luck with that.
TEFAL: Uhhh, no.
HILLS: Not a chance.
ME: Well, shit. books?

MAN: I want these fridges, but I need them to open from the right.
ME: No worries. Let me find out how much the kits are. Guys, how much are the kits?
GUYS: What? Does it look like we're in that section?
ME: are in there every other day. I have a customer on the phone who wants TWO fridges. How much are the kits?
GUYS: I'unno.
ME: .........................sir, my coworkers are unhelpful shits. I will just call my rep and get back to you in ten minutes.
MAN: You are a goddess and I will not even hassle you about free delivery.
ME: Aww, shucks.

MAN: I need a new one of these. It's all CLOGGED.
ME: *stares at filthy group head filter* ...yyyes, you do, but you'll have to get in touch with the manufacturer.
MAN: What? You don't sell them here?
ME: Well, no, because you see, if you CLEAN them, you don't NEED to replace them. Er, no. But because clearly you are ready to be an asshole about this I am calling them for you right now! See! No hassle!
SUNBEAM: He wants a what?
ME: I know.
SUNBEAM: It will take a week if you order it right now.
ME: So if you'd like to order one, sir--
ME: Well, have fun on your endless and impossible quest, sir, and have a very nice day.

CHARLOTTE: Er, do you know the litre capacity of this microwave.
ME: Is it not in the system? Not on the box? Let's call Sharp!
SHARP: Hello?
ME: Hello, it is me, listen, this R350LS - what's the litrage, there?
SHARP: Well, we don't measure in litres because if you fill a microwave with water it will all run out the holes.


On the bright side, new U2 album. But seriously, after that last phone call, I shrieked. I just. Shrieked. At my boss's wife. "WHO FILLS A MICROWAVE WITH WATER???????????" *thrash* *flail* *collapse*

Also I left The Bone Key in my drawer. That about sums up the day.
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Here is something you may or may not know about me: I INHERITED EVERYTHING FROM MY FATHER BUT THE Y CHROMOSOME. What this means is MY FEET STINK. At all times. Everywhere. No matter what I do. LIKE VINEGAR MOST FOUL, etc. SOMETIMES THIS DISTRESSES ME.

The peeps at work are doing this Biggest Loser thing starting tomorrow and, uh, I am totally in. EVERYONE ELSE IS ABANDONING ME BUT WHATEVER. I am totally kicking the guys in Computers' asses at this. I TOTALLY HAVE TWENTY LOSABLE KILOS ON ME AND I CAN ABSOLUTELY DO IT IN EIGHT WEEKS. My lack of sleep has to help with something, okay, so it might as well be unhealthily fast weight loss.

I guess this means I should stop eating crap, huh.

Choir is still really really high. BUT AT LEAST I CAN WORK OUT WHEN TO GO UP AND WHEN TO GO DOWN. (Some second-sop developed this week. THANK GOD. NO HIGH G OR HIGH A FOR ME!)

In webcomic news, how in fuck did Erik get UNDERNEATH the table???

Yeah, feeling pretty good at the mo. Notice how this coincides with singing and with getting out of the house...?
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My Kinesis arrived! It is so beautiful, and I think shall be called Larg, since my wee tablet is Soel. I MAY BE UNABLE TO TYPE COHERENTLY FOR A FEW MONTHS, BUT AT LEAST I WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE.

I had two whole sentences of polite conversation with Jason today, after which he made a face like, "What just happened? Why was I... what?" It was very Arthur-like and he was lucky I did not just crack the fuck up laughing. He's kind of a surly jerk, but I have always liked harmlessly moody assholes. You know, in books and stuff. XD; Not so much in the workplace.

Also, d'awww, Cain likes it when Abel makes him bleed.

[EDIT] Re. Khaos: I distinctly remember playing that game with Barbies. With that exact scenario. Uh.


oh, sunday

Feb. 15th, 2009 07:23 pm
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Despite being exhausted, hardly slept, so spent the day looking and acting something like a zombie. But I got to see Sheree the Jura girl again! ^___^ I like her a lot. (She keeps us caffeinated. :D!)

Also, [ profile] teacupscientist, my boss wants a saxophone. He looked at me blankly when I asked whether he wanted a tenor or an alto, so you are free to take a wild guess with that. XD He just wants to fiddle around? Rough price range? ♥?

Got home and discovered that Mum and James had rented Wall-E, so I glee'd over that like the idiot I am, and lol'd at the references all over again. Once again, at the official theme of science fiction movies everywhere, I cracked up laughing and could not stop for love nor money.

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Alan and Josh both talk to me a lot when I don't have a girlfriend. :| I am considering making one up. I am pretty sure Alan made an I'm Single You're Single joke today and, uh, HELP. RAPE. FIRE.

Also, I cannot work out what to sing for this audition. I have to sing 12-16 bars, preferably those that demonstrate a decent range and a decent sense of rhythm, which is like... half a verse and a chorus. HERE ARE SOME OPTIONS; PLEASE VOTE IN THE COMMENTS, I AM AS INDECISIVE AS MY MOTHER. )

And now my hands are dead. Thankyou and goodnight.
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I got paired with Garry for stocktake, which was awesome. Less awesome was my right hand conking out about ten minutes after we finished. |D;; Rage and I didn't have lunch today but we're going to have lunch tomorrow, and apparently I have Thursday off this week, too, so, uh. W00t?

Then I got home and mum had sent me an email about the QPAC Choir, which, um... I'd really like to audition for, actually. :D Give me a chance to work on my singing somewhere they won't yell at me for being a foghorn. Rehearsals are Mondays after work, so I can fit it in without many problems, and auditioning pretty much consists of a singing exercise and half a song, so, uh, suggestions? XD My range is pretty shitty at the moment, so I don't want to do anything too hideous, but enh. It's pretty much showing that you have the ability to sing without accompaniment, which, uh, yes. I certainly have. Also, anyone want to join with me, lololol???

[EDIT] Yyyyyeah, Rage? Joscelin is hawt. Just sayin'.
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New girl started today. Probably did not make a wonderful impression due to being DEAD FUCKING TIRED. Did sticker a lot and will stop typing shortly.

And Circe is making me want to watch Yamada Tarou Monogatari, which after My*Boss My*Hero does not strike me as the BEST plan, buuuuut.... you know me and my stupid fluffy crap. XD; I like it.


Wed: -
Thu: Breakfast at Tiffany's @ New Farm Park
Fri: Movie with Neek.
Sat: -
Sun: Stuff with [ profile] teacupscientist and/or [ profile] dairysorbet.
Mon: -


[EDIT] Graduation: booked! Yeehaw!


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