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We are expecting a storm, which means my mood is also up. I have a breakfast milkshake because the bananas were about to go to the big compost heap in the sky. I let myself sleep in, because basically the only thing I am doing today is studying for my Jap exam and line-editing drafts between breaking my head on unfamiliar verb formations.

Being an absolute dorktard, I kind of... want to write that Iron Man/FFVII crossover. >_> Obviously this is going to be put on the backburner for some time, but it's... there. XD

Since I want to return these CDs to Mel tomorrow, someone needs to remind me to copy Torchwood S2 onto my computer at some point this afternoon. ([ profile] teacupscientist, I'm going to wait to watch them with you on the holidays, but until I can afford to buy both the box sets this will allow for easier rewatching later. XD)

Oh. And I should probably warn the people on the NaNo Filter - being on said filter will inevitably involve some spoilery information for the ending of the fic. There are a number of details changing - well, there were when last I was writing it. WE SHALL SEE IF I REMEMBER THEM CORRECTLY. God, I need more time. XD Friday week is going to involve twelve hours of work, then coming home to.... well.

See, this is the problem with having uni friends.

I can go to Bel's party, and David's birthday after that.

Or I can spend the two hours between work and midnight rereading the 22k of F&F that I have rewritten, noting down the information that I have to get across, the wheres and the whens, and start writing at 00.00 Nov 01 2008.

*tears quietly at hair*

(Oh, who am I kidding. I might skip Belinda's thing, because it is late and a party-party and I will be tired after that shift, but I cannot possibly skip David's unless I, like, break both my legs. Maybe not even then.

Still trying to decide how to costume myself, though. It is a Day of the Dead thing. Xolotl is still clearing his throat well, croak-trilling pointedly in my direction, but since he is not actually Mexican or some kind of blood god as far as anyone has told me, although with the elemental affinities in this 'verse it's not unlikely and he certainly has the ego of a blood god. Well, before Ciorrnaich brought out the bridle, anyway.)

Fa Li continues to sit and be demure in the back of my head. I, like Xolotl, think she's up to something. She has to be. My characters are never this sweet and gentle. *eyes her* Well, except for maybe August. But he can get angry. Can't see Fa Li angry. Ngrgh. Listen. Stop fucking with my head.

Fa Li: *just looks vaguely worried and slightly hurt*

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No, seriously, I think I actually love this man. Heeeeeeeeeee.


"Just, put that over there, that is--" *little fingerflail* "--irrelevant."

Oh, Jarvis. Jarvis, Jarvis, JARVIS. HOW COULD I FORGET YOU, BABY. YOU. YOU. Oh, god, I don't even like Paul Bettany, but I am mentally replacing him with David Gareth-Lloyd Gareth David-Lloyd and mdfhajdjdjhd my happy place, let me show you it.

"Oh, yeah? What's your social security number?"
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Tony Stark is Reeve Tuesti, if Reeve lived in a superhero-friendly universe and were not into obscure folklore. Discuss.

(I bought Iron Man today and I am going to watch it now and NO MAN OR WOMAN, NO FAE OR ASSIGNMENT, IS GOING TO STOP ME.

Uni was one class in the morning, one class in the night, and a gatecrashing of [ profile] kessira's Jap class in the middle. Also, I love Derringer/Leslie, and believe Leslie should carry through on his gag threats. I also very much love Richard and Cale. In fact, I probably shouldn't be allowed to read webcomics, because look at me babbling like this when I could be watching Iron Man.

Also, I got that Project extension. Thank fuck.)


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