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Finished Scion and am taking Legacy with me to Dad's for the weekend, so in all likelihood you will not see much of me.

Started flipping through Corambis while I waited for my alarm to go off (because even though I went to bed about an hour and a half later than I should have, I also woke up way early) and... oh, Felix.

Felix: We, ah, have other books.
Mildmay: We do?
Felix: There are bookstores. >>;
Mildmay: :| What have you done.
Felix: I only bought three! >>;;;

Oh, oh, Felix. There were so many scenes like this that just made me so. stupidly. happy. because it was normal interaction and it wasn't going horribly, horribly wrong. And I discovered yesterday that, fuck, I really do miss Gideon, and that I had a strong mental picture of him after all.

He's like a scholarly Josip.

And fuck if that didn't stab me in the eye halfway down George St yesterday.
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These books are worth it for Imriel. XD I just hit Joscelin's fish, and that boy is SO ADORABLE.

Left hand painful; right hand numb.

Going to have to return clothes to Esprit today. -_- This is why my mother should never shop for me. It only leads to me ruining my days off with unwanted clothes shopping.

But seriously, Imriel. Hiru has shut up for the time being to read about Imriel with me. (For the record, this usually takes an act of god, to be amiable.)

[EDIT] Oh god, I don't WANT to go clothes shopping. -_-

oh lol

Mar. 9th, 2009 09:49 pm
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ME: *doing nothing at work* I feel like I'm forgetting something...
ME: *on the internet at work* Boy, I am sure there is something I'm meant to be checking today.
ME: *gets home and checks LJ flist* Oh, the Less-Than-Epic books are up for... sale........ ...sold out.
ME: ...... *cries*

Choir today was great but my lungs hurt. Also, do not forget your music. :D; FAIL.

[EDIT] Leslie Rudd has a harem, and I want into it. That is all.

[EDIT] Oh. XD And this afternoon I hijacked Charlotte and forced her to teach me Irish. XD So now I know how to say the rough equivalents of g'day, are you well, and may I go to the bathroom. XD If Phédre has done nothing else, she has reminded me of how much I love languages.
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1) Oh for fuck's sake here comes the hostage situation. It's not often that I see a map at the beginning of a book and am hit with dread rather than glee, but this one keeps getting larger, which is no longer what I want at this point. XD; I KNOW WHAT MAPS MEAN.

2) Lol, the place is called Darsanga.

(page 283/750 ....which looked a lot better when I was looking at the book rather than the numbers)
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I am only reading this stupid book to have it done with and meet Imriel, HURRY THE FUCK UPPPPP, PHEDREEE. :|

[EDIT] My god, how many times can they have this EXACT SAME CONVERSATION.

PHEDRE: Hey, remember that time?
JOSCELIN: With the this and the that? Oh, how young and foolhardy we were!
PHEDRE: Lol, you thought I was such a h0r.
JOSCELIN: You were! Only now I like it. Also, you're totally into Melisande.
PHEDRE: Yes. :(


If she gets kidnapped and separated from Joscelin again, I am actually going to throw the book. Imriel's kidnapping is already too close to the IDENTICAL PLOTLINE game for my liking, and if Phedre gets kidnapped or held hostage by some other fucking leader of a country, I am just. going. to shoot something. Possibly myself.

Because yes, there are probably only like seven kinds of plot in the world, BUT THERE ARE SEVEN, AND THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE THE THIRD TIME YOU USE THE SAME ONE, MS CAREY.

[EDIT] .........can I stop being wide awake yet? :(
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yesterday was, in general, a bad move. left hand is excruciating, right arm is merely painfully numb along the under-outside of my hand/wrist. this is why i am not answering all the comments on my last post.

going to go in the shower and read now. not in the shower. afterward. the sooner i finish this book, the sooner i can read dol proper.

also, luc verreuil!!!
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Weird to realise that while you've been going mad, not writng prose for the sake of your hands, your mind has still been percolating away, and so when you finally sit down with a piece of paper, seven totally unrelated points come to light about the workings of the 'verse and relationships within, despite the fact that you would normally forget all this information within ten minutes.

(This was exactly like walking into the office on a Monday morning and being trailed down the corridor being handed pieces of paper in order of urgency, and reassured that there was tea waiting on my desk and he would be screening my calls.)


[EDIT] HAH. I am FINISHED THE DAMN BOOK. And before midnight, too. One more to go, and then I can move on to rereading the Doctrine of Labyrinths. Thankfully they seem to get slimmer as they go on.


Mar. 4th, 2009 04:53 pm
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The interview was fine; five people, two and a half hours, and many repeated questions. It was all very casual and friendly and I have reserved high hopes. (If nothing else, I have recommended Sarah Monette to someone else. XD)

I am reading Kushiel's Chosen and far too tired for the usual fantasy nonsense. (In my head I am composing a letter that goes, Dear Fantasy Author, if I wanted a travel book I would buy one from Lonely Planet.) Really, really love the book. Do not love Phédre's propensity for being kidnapped and taken to exotic places because it is all too much to concentrate on and this is why I like Doctrine of Labyrinths: because the journey is coherent and purposed and there are dull, unimportant bits that Mildmay very helpfully skips over.

And... yeah. Tired. Tomorrow goes like this:
- fire door check
- nothing
- staff meeting
- drinks

and thank all the small gods for that.




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"...and I think, in his quiet Cruithne way, he is very madly in love with you."

Oh, Joscelin. You have such a way with words.

*resists the urge to ruffle his hair and giggle stupidly*

[EDIT] Well, that's that, and far more enjoyable for seven years spent dithering and refusing to read it. (I AM NOT KIDDING.)

Why do I get hungry in the middle of the night? T_T;;;

[EDIT] djfdshfdj my cousin has eight week old puppies and they are painfully adorable hfdjfa
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Telling myself that I knew it was coming is NO HELP AT ALL.

[EDIT] ..............Joscelin. is such. a DORK. XDDD ♥
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I got paired with Garry for stocktake, which was awesome. Less awesome was my right hand conking out about ten minutes after we finished. |D;; Rage and I didn't have lunch today but we're going to have lunch tomorrow, and apparently I have Thursday off this week, too, so, uh. W00t?

Then I got home and mum had sent me an email about the QPAC Choir, which, um... I'd really like to audition for, actually. :D Give me a chance to work on my singing somewhere they won't yell at me for being a foghorn. Rehearsals are Mondays after work, so I can fit it in without many problems, and auditioning pretty much consists of a singing exercise and half a song, so, uh, suggestions? XD My range is pretty shitty at the moment, so I don't want to do anything too hideous, but enh. It's pretty much showing that you have the ability to sing without accompaniment, which, uh, yes. I certainly have. Also, anyone want to join with me, lololol???

[EDIT] Yyyyyeah, Rage? Joscelin is hawt. Just sayin'.


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