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I have had puppies sprawled lazily at my feet, elbow, or on my bed, all day. I am quite comfortable with this, and, as such, have accomplished nothing worth mentioning.

To Do:
- up before midday, kthx JUST A BIT BEFORE, MIND. :|
- figure out if Hiru is going to hijack NaNo
- tell Hiru sternly not to hijack NaNo unless he can convince Tol it's a good idea
- watch Merlin S02E04
- consider tidying desk
- handwave all desk-tidying

- read
- Book!verse playlist
- Book!verse worldbuilding
- Book!verse bare bones plot
- Book!verse working title at least, c'mon


Yeah, so, back to sleeping terribly. Woo. Would have gotten up at about three had Tom not given me a look of such pained longsuffering for my crazy that I took pity on him and went back to tossing and turning. I'm going to choose to look upon this as a good sign - that I'm going to be productive, and not blankly miserable - rather than oh god here we go again with the not-sleeping. At the moment, I confess, I am tempted to curl up with a book - but this is because it's early and quiet and chilly. So I think I'll add some actual process goals to that list.
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By which I mean, I am home, and my dogs are here, and you will be lucky if I do not spend my weekend rolling on the floor with them.

Also, we had a good turnout at Mario Kart today! ...okay, by which I mean we prised Darrin away from his desk and forced him to come play for the full hour. XD Sooner or later, the entire floor will succumb! This is my plan, anyway. Today, we all traded controllers pretty regularly, which is a surefire way of confusing the hell out of me... so I did pretty terribly, actually, all things considered. XD I need to practice more or I'll lose my edge!

This is just fucking gorgeous. That really is all there is to it.

- up before 9am plz!
- clean shower
- eat breakfast
- find shoes
- stop mooning over dogs for five seconds, seriously
- vacuum
- ...stuff...
- yes, okay, you can go back to the dogs now


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