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Watashi no daigaku no shiken ga owarimashita yo. Aisu kuriimu mo owarimashita! Dakara, ima zeruda no densetsu o shite iru yo!

(I was too fucking tired to even reread what I wrote. Who had the great idea of putting a language exam at the end of the fucking day? Nice work, asshole.)
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This is something I have wanted to point out to... well... America as a whole, I suppose, for as long as I've been on the internet.

Also, arts.

Ultimate Water OTP, plus one great thigh from Sheik.
My first drawing of Aeris in approximately four years.
Notes from Interactive Writing on dialogue so contrived it hurt me, so I drew instead. XD;
Sanga: The Worst Little Mermaid. I would like to point out that the line near his hips was meant to be sailcloth with holes for rope, and not any kind of horribly misplaced penis.

God dammit, why don't I have a Sanga icon? What's wrong with me? XD;;;
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Okay, so, sometimes I feel the need to chronicle just how much the Bottom of the Well scares the fucking shit out of me every goddamn time. It is a death trap and also a torture chamber and I don't even want to know what a Dead Hand is before it's a Dead Hand (except that I do, because that would involve some information about what a torture chamber is doing below a village ostensibly populated by Sheikah, and we all know what a whore I am for Sheikah) and also there is no reason that a floor should ever not be a floor except possibly in the twisty room in the Forest Temple. Except even that is better than the Bottom of the Well, because at least the walls/floors don't pretend.

The effort I will go to just to avoid being grabbed by the Dead Hand is truly hilarious. I carpet bomb that sucker before I will consider going anywhere near those hands, because man, fuck those hands. Fuck the creepy fucker who came up with those hands! Watanuki would agree with me, and, in fact, I think the hands in HOLiC are based on the same fucking legend as Dead Hands.

Which could bear some research, actually, but still. FUCK THEM. FUCK THAT. FUCK EVERYTHING.

In other news, it took me fifteen seconds to beat Morpha this time around, which I think is pretty fucking awesome. YouTube strategy videos do make a difference, although they kind of rob the entire ordeal of its terror. Half the fun is in the threat of being picked up and slammed into walls, dammit.

Also, will someone tell me why I don't own Oracle of Ages/Seasons, since apparently they involve, oh, the plot that I made up for my epic Zelda fic that now cannot happen? XD; DAMMIT. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING. Why do I plan things before they are actually released by the companies in question and then not write them.

............oh, hi, 10.45pm. That last hour or two? Gone into the Zelda Wiki. :D; Oh, boy.

Sorry about the spam, folks. I'm avoiding doing more Japanese study, clearly, and trying to avoid doing something epically foolish, like working out as much as possible about the history of the Sheikah.


*staaaaaares at sketchbook*

Ruto/Sanga, anyone?

Their love is so... watery? *shot*


Jun. 14th, 2008 01:55 pm
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Those of you who have never had the soaring joy of playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can at least go and read about the version of Sheik that I agree with, because the manga is up on OneManga. It's not 100% accurate, but it gets the point across.

Talking to Luke about this game today really made me want to play it again. God, it's awesome. We probably terrified all the people at the bus station, talking about races and wars and genocide the way we did, but... I would study the history of this game with more attention than I would study a lot of other things. The world is amazing. And Luke made the point today that Ocarina can actually be seen as a reaction to the prevailing belief in Japanese supremacy (in Japan, and in fangirls) - with the Hylians playing the part of Japanese, and if I have my threads right, not the nicest of folk.

Mmm. Anyway, midnight is too late for thinking about this. I'll never sleep, and I certainly won't be coherent. ♥ Good night, everyone. ^^
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I can clean my desk! ;______; A HAPPIER ME THERE NEVER WAS! Also, I bumped into Luke #1 at the bus station and we babbled about Zelda for a while and now I am flying high on lore and temples and genocide, and apparently I really need to actually finish Wind Waker because Ganon says some very interesting things that actually do not surprise me very much. *___* Heeeee.

Also, I can clean my desk! :'DDDDDDDDD

[EDIT] Re. today's Gunnerkrigg Court: asdgfjhasdjflasudfiasj X333 RENARDIIIIIIIIINE. ♥ ............are you sick? D:
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Today I drew the first even vaguely masculine Sheik I have ever drawn in my goddamn life, and my mother wrote I am very dopey!!! in a speech bubble next to him while I was at work. :( I don't think he looks dopey. Just... vaguely irritated and vaguely bored.

Work was pretty nondescript except that [ profile] narnizzle came in to talk to me for a while and I spent about two hours putting up new tickets all over fruit and veg. Also, Patrick is an excellent conversationalist, but really, really bad at facing up.

I was actually feeling so crappy when I left to go to work that I took my Hiru plushie with me. Obviously he didn't leave my bag, but it still made me feel better to have him there with me.

In any case, my neighbours are up to their usual tricks, and I doubt I'm going to get any fucking sleep unless I fall asleep with my headphones in, in which case I will spend the night drooling onto the keyboard and in danger of being electrocuted, which would be kind of hilarious, actually. Primarily because, with luck, it would blow the electricity for the entire building, so after the sirens died down the rest of my suburb might be able to get some fucking shut-eye.

This song is bizarrely relaxing.

I miss [ profile] howl_for_words and [ profile] ignite. :( I hope you get the internet back soon, guys. [ profile] squeakelala, are you going to be online this weekend? I sort of just want to flop at the other end of an IM program with you guys. I am missing out on my RDI of Meat Bamboo.

Iiiiiiiiiii just want to fly draw / put your arms around me, baby, put your arms around me, baby.
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Okay, so, IJ has been down for a while, so this post now has 80% less chit-chat and 120% more important stuff that the public needs to know.


There was also this terrible idea involving Sanga and Mudkips that should never have seen the light of day, but is made ever more hilarious that I named my trainer/rival in Pokemon Sapphire Hiru and Sanga respectively, and that Rival!Sanga owns a Mudkip. :(

Things found while trying not to think about the fact that IJ is down:
"Adam Baldwin speculated in the Firefly Official Companion Vol. 2 that Joss was trying to create Ho Yay subtext between Simon and Jayne, and it probably would have been more thoroughly explored if the show hadn't been abruptly cancelled."

(Also, because I can and because you know it to be true:
"Berserk, in both the manga and the anime adaptation. Oh my god, I don't even know where to begin with this one. Griffith's penchant for declaiming long, soulful speeches to Guts while completely naked for no real reason is probably a good place to start. Or just relies on the phrase, "Naked water fight.""

"Amazingly, you'll find this in Ocarina of Time, not with Link and Sheik like most people assume, but with Link and the Poe Collector. Seriously, read his lines sometime. Somebody seriously wants to bone Link.")

Although, that may just be a law of Hyrule: Everyone Wants to Bone Link. (Combine this with Sheik's Milkshake and my OTP is unstoppable, Y/Y.)

I am appalled that it took until week seven for Interactive Writing to even mention The Legend of Zelda, by the way. APPALLED. (And of all the bosses to screenshot, Truna screenshots Barinade. WTF. I mean, sure, I shrieked out its name from the back of the room like the OOT freak I am, but she could at least have screenshotted something awesome like Sheik like Ganondorf. Or Volvagia. Or Gohma. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN BARINADE. Although admittedly, anything is also less terrifying than Barinade, Bongo-Bongo aside, which was probably the point, since we were discussing bosses at the time, and I will admit that Barinade is an excellent boss.)

For the record, dialogue is a bitch. At least Malus is cooperative., you know, a Malus kind of way. *hopes Sanga doesn't kill the kid before he can have a passionate love affair with Auberon*

No, really. Dialogue is a bitch. ...actually, exercises focusing purely on technique are a bitch, because writing about generic people is hard and I don't need another universe, kthxCraig, so I've gotta work with what I have, and most of the conversations that my characters tend towards having are a) ridiculous, b) wayyyyy too complicated to interpret out-of-context, or c) about getting into each other's pants. ...which I guess speaks for 80% of conversations, anyway, but some inanity couldn't hurt, guys, srsly.

I could sleep for weeks. I think, when I go to dad's to babysit on Saturday, that I will go to bed at the same time as the kids do. |D; I'm so tired I can hardly type straight any more, and it continues all the way through the day. Not good at all. I have a katakana test in the morning, and with any luck I won't write things backward out of sheer exhaustion. Stupid sleep patterns. *shakes fist*

I'm pretty sure I would buy a Wii for this. :3 What an interesting concept!

I had a dream last night that Luke bought me an Asus EeePC for $220 because he knows the chick who manages the HN across the road. XD It was black and thin and shiny and I was very excited, so it's sort of disappointing to wake up and have it gone. Luke would never do this, but still. Oh, fuck, that's what I'm doing on Sunday morning. FUCK. Well, I'll just drop in on the way home from hanging out with Wyrren. I have not seen her or really spoken to her since Supanova and it is making me crazy.

HOLiC 155 has finally given us that scene we've all been waiting for. )

The exam was fine, though my stomach is being a total bitch today, and I had lunch with Rage because I thought food might help, which it did not. Still, stretching out to write this presentation can only make things better in a multitude of ways, so that is what I am going to do. I also managed to preorder both Crisis Core and Apollo Justice today, so I'm back to being excited about them both, despite my fury at the CC materia system. (Seriously, what the fuck is this FIRA MATERIA BULLSHIT, SQUARE, YOU HAD BETTER BE JOKING.)

In any case, since IJ is back up, more or less, have a small compilation of spam from the last two days and wish Squeaky luck in getting things back together; he was saying that he requires in the thousands to get everything sorted out, but given that there are already over one hundred thousand of us, I think we'll be able to provide. Right, guys?


Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:56 am
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Kudos to, but really, did you have to make me a) laugh so hard and b) want a real movie so badly? :( I want a real Sheik.
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God damn I am exhausted. XD It wasn't so much the family as the 'hauling extra clothing plus all the books on trains that Brisbane has to offer plus Japanese textbooks' that has killed me dead. |D; Oh, my shoulder. Oh, the pain in my shoulder. But I am home now and I have tea to put in my sugar and--

....that sentence was actually meant to run: 'sugar to put in my tea, so everything is okay now,' but clearly I should go and have some of that tea so that I don't accidentally reverse the order of my words again. >_>;

We had our first Japanese 'test' today, which involved writing a paragraph about ourselves and our schedules in katakana and submitting it to Mayumi-sensei. This took a surprisingly long time, mostly because trying to describe my schedule to anyone is kind of impossible. XD I don't have a schedule. Also, Mayumi-sensei did not recognise 'ZELDA no Densetsu', which just made me cry moar. :( And now of course I have that ridiculously awesome Super Famicom dance!Link ad in my head. XD Deru, deru~ ZERUDA no densetsu. Deru, deru, deru, deru, tsui~ ni deru~! That ad was the greatest. ♥

What I wrote, mostly because I want to see if I can actually post in hiragana here. :3 )

Not sure what I want to work on this afternoon, but as I told [ profile] alleyne at lunch, the siren call of Torchwood is strong. >_>; I think I'll try to read more of The Tailor of Panama and work out which book I want to do my presentation on before I let myself do anything TW-related, though, or I could just churn through the whole lot this afternoon. |D; Maybe I'll work on one storyboard frame every day? I'll have to show Emma on Wednesday and see what she thinks... but I'll have to memstick it because my freaking internet quota at uni still hasn't respawned. =_=; It's pathetic.

Apparently the new Hellsing OVA has finally deigned to include Enrico. I'm trying to care, but it's been so long. |D; I love him, and I love Iscariot, but Hellsing itself persists in hurting me, so not sure what I should do, there, exactly. XD; Maybe when Blockbuster gets it in.

Anyway. Off I go. Things to do, etc. >_>; Yeah.


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