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Dear Queensland,


No love,

[EDIT] Flood QOTD:

A: anyone know if J is ok?
R: I'm guessing he is. That's based on no actual facts though
R: he's in an apartment so....
A: nothing wrong with psychic feelings, R :)
A: he's pretty much a ninja with a wii mote... sure he could use them to swish incoming water away ;)
D: he's probably playing guild wars and hasn't realised anything is happening
R: exactly. He could just get angry at the water and force it to retreat
A: there's a chuck norris joke in that ;
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Photographs from the floods so far. And still more photos.

The short version is, we're 77m above sea level here, and nowhere near any creeks, so we'll be fine. It pretty much can't touch us until the city is a good way underwater. The problem is friends and family living in less secure areas.

Having said that? Working from home for the foreseeable future, as an area the size of Texas is underwater in my state.

I'll attempt to keep y'all posted, but I'm certainly in no immediate danger where I am.

(Unless D gives in to the damn fool notion to go to work to get our computers because they are turning off the power in there tomorrow at 7am.)


Jan. 11th, 2011 10:19 am
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So, for my friends on the other side of the country (and the world): so far we are just fine, so stop worrying so much. <3

Brisbane expects to see flooding this afternoon and tomorrow, which given that the rain is slated to last until some time in March is not likely to abate for a while, imo.

D and I are safe where we are, on reasonably high ground with no large creeks around, although we probably won't be able to get to work during the flooding, as work is right next to the river. We're working from home today, and can pretty much continue to do so, except that the work network and our internet are not playing nicely together.

Will keep you all posted as best I can, but I'm assuming we will see some power and internet outages over the next week as things happen. I'm not in a very risky suburb, though, so we should be fine.
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It is probably not sensible to learn Japanese purely through references to stories, but so far it is helping my kanji, so who cares if I spend the rest of my life giggling at the number counter, right? Right.

[edited for idiocy :D;;;]

In other news, I swear to god I have another tooth coming down behind the last molar on my upper left side, but I have had all those teeth removed, so fuck knows what is going on there.

And, um, since mum has Chris over again, I think I'm gonna sit in here and fiddle with icons while I wait for all these updates to install and scribble down bits and pieces of Project work and... maybe go out and whine about dinner some time. Because this is what I do.


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