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Dear Queensland,


No love,

[EDIT] Flood QOTD:

A: anyone know if J is ok?
R: I'm guessing he is. That's based on no actual facts though
R: he's in an apartment so....
A: nothing wrong with psychic feelings, R :)
A: he's pretty much a ninja with a wii mote... sure he could use them to swish incoming water away ;)
D: he's probably playing guild wars and hasn't realised anything is happening
R: exactly. He could just get angry at the water and force it to retreat
A: there's a chuck norris joke in that ;
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Photographs from the floods so far. And still more photos.

The short version is, we're 77m above sea level here, and nowhere near any creeks, so we'll be fine. It pretty much can't touch us until the city is a good way underwater. The problem is friends and family living in less secure areas.

Having said that? Working from home for the foreseeable future, as an area the size of Texas is underwater in my state.

I'll attempt to keep y'all posted, but I'm certainly in no immediate danger where I am.

(Unless D gives in to the damn fool notion to go to work to get our computers because they are turning off the power in there tomorrow at 7am.)


Jan. 11th, 2011 10:19 am
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So, for my friends on the other side of the country (and the world): so far we are just fine, so stop worrying so much. <3

Brisbane expects to see flooding this afternoon and tomorrow, which given that the rain is slated to last until some time in March is not likely to abate for a while, imo.

D and I are safe where we are, on reasonably high ground with no large creeks around, although we probably won't be able to get to work during the flooding, as work is right next to the river. We're working from home today, and can pretty much continue to do so, except that the work network and our internet are not playing nicely together.

Will keep you all posted as best I can, but I'm assuming we will see some power and internet outages over the next week as things happen. I'm not in a very risky suburb, though, so we should be fine.


Jan. 31st, 2010 09:00 am
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Throat actually looks relatively normal today! Is less painful! Slept like a dream! Well, I did wake up and take painkillers but I'm pretty sure I woke up because of the rain, not because I was hurting. :D

And speaking of rain: RAIN! :D It is exciting by itself.

I have to go figure out what I can do with myself today. I could stand to put some study time in, I think, and to make sure mod_cluster is still on-target, but I suspect I will devote the day to drawing and video games instead.
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Well, I was already satisfied when I left work, so when I walked out the door to see that it had been raining, I basically whisper-shrieked, "RAIN!" (terrifying the suit four feet to my right) and dashed out to stand in the hot damp evening. That probably should have made the fact that it had been raining less exciting, but I still walked all the way to the bus stop trying not to sing "Raining Like Magic" from Fern Gully aloud.

...a perfectly sane response, I tell you, and anyway, it was either that or be grumpy that it was so goddamn hot today. It's still winter, okay, Brisbane? Winter. And then it is only Spring. None of this high-heat, high-humidity nonsense until at least November, if you please.

I was trying to line that Ash and Chaz pic from the other day, but then Ash started looking like Leslie from Friendly Hostility and I fled like a fleet and fleeing thing. XD

And now, to complete the weather's schizophrenia, a gale has blown up. Brisbane, you are getting as bad as Melbourne about this; I'm sure you can remember the season for a few hours if you try really hard.
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Arms are a total bitch today. At least it's raining. (AND BOY IS IT RAINING.) But I got a 'get out of work early' card and I got me some in-trays, so now I have designated space on my desk for 'VERSE NOTES and STUFF TO DO. Also picked up a blouse from Sussans, which was a pretty find.

Of course, it rained on the way home, but thanks to my cunning and quick thinking with what comes to hand, my purchases are damp-free!

I was not so lucky. My ninja skills can only go so far. So, shower. And then birthday party! :D
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*would totally have sex with this rain right now*

I love Bellbowrie. <3 <3 <3 All the big storms come through here on their way to circling around Brisbane. It is love.

[EDIT] dsjhfjdshfdsj I HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED FOR TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW WITH RED HAT YESSSSS thankyou [ profile] kessira!!!!!!


Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:37 am
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Official day off without mother being home = official sleep in until whenever the fuck you like day.

Arms are better; fingers are not, particularly on the left, which is unsurprising - I'd have compensated a lot yesterday and it's not used to the workload. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on here today but I can see people on Skype in about an hour - after I'm showered and all, you know. XD Buzz me if I'm not online.

Other than that, these are the goals:
- breakfast
- shower

- clean bathroom
- wash sheets + towels
- dry sheets + towels
- wash white load

- dust bookcase
- vacuum room
- vacuum HOUSE because the floor out there is HIDEOUS
- go to post office for passport forms
- tidy room

- tidy desk (yes, this is a separate task)
- find out how many people you may need to make dinner for
- stop wanting to curl into a ball and die, okay, ovaries, I mean it
- bed by eleven

It was raining the first time I woke up today. I'm kind of sad that I went back to sleep. :(

[EDIT] Never mind, it is raining again. :DDDDDD
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I smell the rain I smell the rain I smell the rain jfajsfhasjhshdjfh I can has rain nao plz ?????
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That storm was a fucking cocktease.

I think I have a sore throat. I may be coming down with something, as it has been about for a few days now.

Also, my awesome black dragon is female, but I've already called a black Aundin. D: Life is cruel! I'm going to have to call it Liquor or something, except that's taken. Sigh.

Also, I suspect these festive eggs are all going to hatch on New Year's Eve.

[EDIT] Also wow am I tired or what ow neck ow what stop that. :( Period + sore throat + work + lack of aircon = nuuuuuuu but in a very lazy way because I'm too tired to be distraught over it.

[EDIT] ..... *snffl*


Nov. 20th, 2008 06:51 pm
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Okayyyy, so now we have reasonably large hailstones hitting brisbane city; so far no real damage and it's not half as wild as the one from a few days ago but it's not exactly calm. We half golfball hail but nothing's come through the windows or anything. Shall report in later; for the time being I will pack clothes.

[EDIT] Still alive and using my wireless so obviously really worried about electrocution.


If this were a WW2 comic though, America would totally be like the person from school who makes Australia and NZ do everything on the group project and then takes all the credit for it in front of the teachers.

YES. *stamps foot and shrieks dementedly* I JUST. I HAVE TO READ THIS.

[EDIT] The sad part is when I only get this comic because I sell Roombas. :(


Nov. 19th, 2008 09:17 am
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This is what that storm looked like. This is in The Gap, which was the worst-hit region. Just wait until about two minutes in. XD; Hoooooly. No wonder my old house lost all its windows.

The hilarious thing about all this "no warning" stuff is that there were warnings available online... but I don't think many radio stations were broadcasting.
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In which those storms yesterday were freakin' AWESOME. Some of those lightning strikes held position for upward of five seconds, too. No wonder we have so much damage. XD

[EDIT] I went to primary school twenty metres to the right of this photograph. XD I guess their oval is pretty well fucked at the moment, but that's what happens when you have a creek there, eh? Gawd, I wonder if the school flooded, they have more buildings down there now. :| My brother lives in our old house just over the hill (about five hundred metres to the left) and they lost all their windows. We'll be getting more photos as people get power back, I imagine, but wowwww. <3

[EDIT] Pfffhahahahahaha this is pretty hilarious given the statement on the sign. ;3
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It is possibly retarded that storms make me this happy, like there is a dragon made of thunder uncurling in my chest, but fuck damn, this storm is shaking the building, and it's awesome.

Dear storm,

You are not quite so awesome when you take out part of the roof in my girlfriend's bedroom.

Don't be doing that shit again,

Got onto mum before she drove right into the middle of it, at least, and Dad lost power but the worst he got was slight hail and heavy rain. I still adore storms, but would prefer all the damage happened to me and not to other people, kthx, Leviathan, if it is all the same.

[EDIT] So a tree fell on Wyrren's house, which caused the hole in the roof, and they've lost power and power lines.

Tree's place is trashed and flooded but otherwise okay.

James' place at the Gap is flooded and has no windows, so he's not coming over tomorrow night because he'll be helping with the cleanup. He didn't mention the dogs but presumably they are okay, and he was fine despite clearly being freaked out about the whole experience.

Um. I don't think anyone else should be too badly affected by all this, but stay safe anyway, Brisbanites. :\

[EDIT] And Grandma is fine, too, which pretty much covers all the immediate bases. Phew.
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Don't forget to vote today if you haven't already, folks.

(It's infectious. I don't think I've ever seen my flist so excited over an election, and I don't know if it's because I wasn't paying attention last time or because everyone is just this excited over Barack Obama. For my part, I want him to win the election because his opposition says, relatively seriously, that he eats babies, and any man who has to put up with that shit during his election campaign clearly deserves the job so that he can at least beat the stupid out of a few states during his run.)

Although that said, I'm not sure why people are complaining about using paper ballots. :D; We use paper ballots every year, guys, it's not that hard.

*resisting the urge to refresh election coverage until she knows what's happening*

Plans for the day:
- breakfast
- shower

- read Lilian's Story
- structure essay
- lunch with Rage
- read Of a Boy
- structure essay

(I love that two books in a day does not actually seem like an impossible plan right now. Also: I want to draw I want to draw I want to draw. There, I said it. Also: shit, I totally forgot that Luke wants to collaborate on that comic next year, so I should probably factor that into NaNoMangO plans rather than, uh, preparing to draw a thirty page comic about Xolotl retardery. Although since it is merely pencilling, I can probably do that as well... on real manga paper.... >:D Huh.)

[EDIT] I have 'Don't Rock the Vote Boat' in my head.


Well, showers. Little misting spitting showers developing into rain tonight and thunderstorms tomorrow, apparently. X3 Oh, I am so excited.

[EDIT] One day I will learn that no matter my will in the matter, banana makes me very, very ill. -_-
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Boy, I really need to lay off the crack, my nose is killing me.


Epic sarcasm aside, no idea why that is happening. About 500 words into the essay and having fits over its structure or lack thereof. There is really no sensible way for me to essay when my thought process is typically a fluid and meandering squiggle. I think sideways. Therefore my essays? Totally useless to everyone but me.

Anyway. Not really tired, so I should keep going. But kind of bleh, obviously, and rather warm, because it is in no way breezy this evening. Or this morning. Whatever.

....yyyyyeah, don't care about this subject. >_> Do care about my GPA, but... less and less. XD;;; Dear apathy, please GTFO.

[EDIT] It would be bad to hand in a page of notes, wouldn't it.

[EDIT] Ahhhhh, that's why it's been so muggy all night. *listens to the rain* I can handle that.
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Bureau promised me a thunderstorm.


*sits staring at the sky and waiting*

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain.
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Okay so IT'S RAINING and this is awesome because IT'S RAINING and I slept really well last night because IT WAS RAINING despite waking up like fifty million times it was all very restful because IT WAS RAINING and it's all overcast and grey and drizzly and I LOVE YOU, LEVIATHAN, NEVER STOP. :D

I woke up at 7.30 this morning and just sort of lay there listening to the rain FOR THREE HOURS. I am not joking. ♥ It was awesome. It continues to be awesome. Today is awesome.

Except that I am still mibbling over which bag/s to take to Melbourne and staring mournfully at my closet. Because surely one should wear something vaguely impressive to a musical. Or something. I don't even know. :(

And then I discovered that HOLiC 159 and 160 were up at OneManga. )

Anyway, I am meeting Rage for lunch and to hand over my resume and ingratiate myself with the manager/s, so I should probably scoot. Or at least straighten my hair or something.

[EDIT] And of course, Luke just called to ask if I wanted to work tonight. |D; Oh, well. I am losing a shift this week; I may as well.
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An SMS from [ profile] ignite, received while I was at work:
Tornado just tore through. Street away totally trashed and power out, probably not on for days. [!]Suburb pretty much a disaster zone! We're safe. <3

So, Squeaks, if you didn't get this message, they're not going to be online, but don't panic because as far as I know they're all right. I'll be out of SMS range from Saturday night until about Wednesday, but I should have the internet and I've given Rynryn the home number at Dad's place in case other freaky shit occurs.

I'm glad they're both okay. ._. What the hell is it with our weather lately? It's crazy. I mean, tornadoes never happen in this country. XD We've had, like, two in the last fifty years, including this one. |D; We are not equipped for this! We had an earthquake a few years back, too. Stange stuff.

Work was fine, and lunch with Rage tomorrow. :DDD I can use my free coffee vouchery thing from where those two surveyers attacked Wyrr and I in Queens Plaza today. XD;

Mum is oddly enthusiastic about Wii!Fit and Wii!Sports and stuff, as am I, which is neat. Boxing is not exactly fun as a game, but I can see it providing a pretty good workout. (I should probably just get a light punching bag, though, and strengthen my fucking wrists. XD)

I think I'm really going to need to look into a new computer soon, because Tetsu is fucking up more and more. *strokes him gently* My poor baby.

Finally, [ profile] squeakelala, I am almost finished Lotion. XD It was one in the morning when I turned Tetsu off last night and I think I was at three thousand words then. XD I have an inability to leap straight into anything resembling porn, clearly. ♥ In any case, if we are really lucky I will finish it tonight and can post it for you tomorrow so that I am not posting porn from my father's sparkling new computer and internet connection, because this could be Awkward, given that the computer is in the kitchen.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:02 am
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omfg awesome weather is awesome.

♥ ♥ ♥

[EDIT] No, seriously. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to make out with the sky in sheer gratitude because it is raining, it's pouring and it's not looking likely to stop. ^____________^ I need to move to the UK.

[EDIT] The street is flooding, yuisdjfahdiadsnvsdfyhdsc. ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE IT BUT I AM GOING TO ARRIVE AT UNIVERSITY SOPPING WET. XD XD XD


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