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I'm actually really happy today. Quite satisfied.

Part of that is because of this man, who is sane and reasonable about the Roman Polanski thing. I cannot even believe the people on that petition. I mean-- I cannot believe them. I can't believe I respected them for a long time. What the fuck, people?

No luck with shoe shopping this evening because apparently Paddington is special, but I had a good day, all in all. Picked up the latest Paramore album (at least, I assume it's the latest one) and I'm enjoying it. I keep feeling like I ought to post some reviews of the stuff I've been reading lately, since I've been reading more than writing for about six months, but where do I start? I should probably start with a massive pimp post for the Doctrine of Labyrinths quartet, because despite all my flailing, I never quite sat down and talked out exactly what made them awesome.

Having cod for dinner. :D Fish is one of those things I'd have to give up if we implemented the eat-what-you-kill rule; I cannot bear scaling. I can butcher things pretty happily, but scaling is one of those things that makes me go eurgh.
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Dude Looks Like a Lady, an article about how Sheik made Princess Zelda awesome, and transgenderism.

I still feel mildly guilty for disliking OoT!Zelda and liking Sheik. But I do like pretty much every other female character (hell, every other character) in the goddamn games. I think I just hate wise, sage types - I hate Rauru, too. XD; Stop telling me what to do, dammit! Don't you understand I want to be a Gerudo!

But seriously. 'What fun is a princess who saves herself?'? A WHOLE LOT MORE FUN THAN A PRINCESS WHO IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE, KTHX.

Although given my love for Princess Toadstool, too, perhaps I am not the person to say this.

Today was... arse, in a word. I'm so sick of just not knowing things, but there's not time to rectify my lack of knowledge in any structured way, so I'm left running around begging answers of people when all I want to do is sit down and work my way through a syllabus. |D; Bah, humbug. I can has checkout chick position nao?
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Today was good, although not as productive as I wanted it to be. Managed to sort out a few issues with my system and get everything (I hope) ready for a tutorial tomorrow. Once again have something like a full day's overtime... I really don't know how this keeps happening. Perhaps I should just work longer hours and take long weekends. It seems to be my default state.

More excitingly, Sarah Monette has another Booth story out and free for the reading! You can read White Charles here, and you damn well better, because Kyle Murchison Booth is one of the most endearing characters I've ever come across. ♥ Also, the politics of the museum are hilariously catty.

Had a bloody dream about kittens last night, and this is not fair when I cannot have a cat, brain, do you hear.
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I'm tired. I hurt. I'm trying to convince myself drawing is a good plan by means of what may constitute Depeche Mode abuse. Or I was until I found more Dissidia clips.

Dave Wittenberg does a damn fine Kefka in Dissidia. Although I have to say, I actually really like this version of Kuja's Trance. :3

Right. Okay. Uhhhh. Seriously, I cannot brain today. I have been having serious trouble, for obvious reasons that I... may or may not have explained. 2.5h sleep is not good for you! Neither is pain you cannot get rid of! Just in case you wondered.

Drawing. Right. Okay.


Jul. 25th, 2009 10:02 am
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I'm sorry, but this is awesome. Now I have to go watch Where the Hell is Matt? again. :'D

...yeah. :3 Still my happy place. Seriously, people dancing and/or singing together gets to me. Shut up, I am a child of Disney.

Slept in! Haven't managed to do anything just yet! Will probably start... soonish. idk. :D Kind of enjoying a Saturday morning without mum trying to get me to Do Things all the time.
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Lt. Dan Choi will shortly be on trial for being gay in the military. Sign the petition, please.

In other, less-infuriating news, I has a bed!

I am resisting the urge to just collapse into it for the whole weekend. <3 I was wrong last night: I do have self-control, just not over books.

The rest of the day will be spent cleaning and rearranging things such that I can fit all this stuff in my room in a convenient manner. Alas, I will not have a bedside table for a while. :
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Firstly: This kid who has his WoW account cancelled and proceeds to shriek like a pony about it, who is really going to hate his brother when he finds out about this. XD

Secondly: Work today was pretty good, except for discovering that there is a MarioKart contest on Friday afternoon which I clearly cannot kick ass in because I lack the correct opposable thumb. ;A; HOW WILL I PROVE MY SUPREMACY NOW.

Thirdly: YESSSSS FF7 AVAILABLE FOR PSP DOWNLOADDDDDDDDFUCKYEAHHHHHH guess what I am doing for the rest of the night, guys. GUESS.
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Several things were sorted out this weekend, all of which pretty desperately required sorting.

Wyrren and I talked, and we're trying out a happy medium. Which may just default back to what we had yesterday, but, well, we couldn't think of a more satisfactory solution. We'll see how this goes.

I also bought a bed and mattress today~! (Tra-la!) I am very excited about being able to sleep properly again. XD It'll arrive on Saturday, so before then I have to, um, get rid of my other bed somehow, and vacuum like a demon. WE SHALL SEE. Also need to work on getting my physical activity back up this week so I stop feeling like I need to hibernate after two hours out on the town.

[profile] teacupscientist - and those of you who do not follow me on Twitter - may wish to watch this awesome Buffy/Twilight combination video as a fan-fucking-tastic example of transformative storytelling. *grin* I LOL'D.
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This was fun. And some of these are really nice.

This is a shitty thing for anyone, and you can help them here.

Had so many weird dreams lately. Two nights ago, I was with Felix and Mildmay on a dock, and Felix was watching them load cargo. Last night I dreamed I was a fox running from a bear and trying to squeeze myself under cars, which now that I think of it could also have been DoL-related, haha.

Both of my hands are about equally painful right now, by which I mean ow, so I'll stay off the computer after the doctor's I think. Wish me luck! I still don't know how I'm getting there and I have to leave in half an hour. XD
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You heard me! :D Frost on my window! How exciting!

This is more face-mashy than exciting, but y'know. Kind of nice that they want to burn the book for its derogatory content rather than its homosexual content, I guess.

This would be one reason to actually have a child of my own. Not that I am the best rhetorical role model, since I frequently resort to jgdhfshjg and YOUR FACE when I can no longer be bothered arguing properly, but whatever. XD

Less groggy today, but not much more sleep. Wondering whether to just take the bandages off and have done with it. Don't want to hurt myself with enthusiasm, though.

Actually have no real idea what to do today. :\ Don't want to read the last Imriel book. (That thing where I stop reading and forget I care? Yeah.) Did plan a Balfour/Adamo thing last night, but enh.
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Well, despite my hair looking rather like a woolly mammoth that had an unfortunate encounter with a swamp, and the fact that I did not sleep for more than maybe two hours, and the fact that I just rearranged all the fluids in my head and now feel dizzy from blowing my nose... I think I feel okay. We might have this op yet, though I shalt not prematurely celebrate — I am not out of bed yet.

I do wish to link you to the following, also linked by Sarah Monette, because I have been reading Good Omens and accompanying fic, and because this is just great anyway:
The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the shower at the worst possible moment: one hand placed upon thy right buttock and the other bearing soap, radio blaring, humming a heathen song of sin.
~ The Parable of the Shower, Leah Bobet
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Today I did two whole subjects at RHU, and discovered a cafe that sells Stockholme Blend in town. *_* My life, it is awesome.

Echoing E.K. here - YouTube just justified its existence. :D

Tonight I'ma finish plot-snaking, and then I'ma write something. Or I want to, anyway. XD I'm probably going to feel like flomping after I finish the plot snake.

Aaaaaand, for [ profile] howl_for_words's sake, I decided (ironically) that I Can't Decide by The Scissor Sisters belonged on the Xolotl FST. So there it is for download. ^_^ Totally a Xolotl song. (Yes, Wyrren, this makes Xolotl the Master. QUIVER WITH FEAR.)

Mmm, mummy brought me ice cream and fruit salad. :D!

[EDIT] I love Kate Beaton so much. I get a BOOK of this soon. In the mail. And everything. TESLAAAAAAAAAAAA.


May. 11th, 2009 07:40 pm
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If you're tired of tea, you're tired of life.

Also, guys, you sass what's happening on May 25? Here's a hint: I know where my towel is.

Yeah, do you see me writing yet? No, you do not. I am about to start, though, I promise. (Still not sure what, though.)
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strip bed
wash sheets
set up raph-is again
crank music
vacuum bathroom
clean shower
clean sink
clean toilet
tidy room
dry sheets
vacuum room
tidy desk

organise shelves
buy mothers' day gift
plot snake OR f&f timeline (to thinner south OR end, respectively)
-----> note scenes requiring major time changes in the latter
make bed
make dinner
lineart - at least one full body
sketch - border plan
plot and speedwrite one NTP fic
resist the urge to write essays about consistent tense on facebook
schedule your weeks - drawing and planning on w/e, exercising and writing during week?
give in to temptation and bloody reread good omens already you are killing yourself jeez

'Eat breakfast' should probably be on there somewhere, but wtfever.

I blame the total lack of hips in the photograph that has me picturing Hiru wearing these. XD They're kind of cute in their shamelessness. I think this is my trainwreck syndrome talking, though - I sure as fuck wouldn't want to wear them.

And yeah, sorry for the confusion with the last post - was so damn tired out from all our concentrated awesome that I just could not have typed out everything that was awesome about the Star Trek movie. I still probably can't. It was awesome, though, and really well-cast, like folk have been saying, and... yeah, I'd see it again. Just maybe not this week, guys, I am so fucking sick of going to the movies, omg. |D;

Also, one day I will be the kind of person who sees things like Mothers' Day coming, I swear. I knew it was soon. I just, you know, my chronology is funny. And by funny I mean broken. And also, I need my six extra hours per day, or I need to lay out a schedule for the next, you know, YEAR. I don't watch enough television for ads to remind me about this shit. :\
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Extras for Corambis! The first one you may've read; the second and third you will not have, and dear lord, I am happy with the third for no other reason than it's Murtagh, you guys - MURTAGH. ♥

Also, "No, sir." :'DDDD

Got my new laptop at work today, and utterly failed to finish that erratum I was trying to finish. Sigh. I didn't do badly, though, given that my skull was an impenetrable fog for most of the afternoon. And the laptop is called Havelock. :D

ksdfaksldfjaslkdjfklasdjflsjkdsTINA HAS DESTROYED ME IN MY MIND. T_______T


Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:52 am
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I just woke up from a nightmare in which I couldn't remember any of my passwords. ANY of them. I HAVE A LOT OF PASSWORDS. sajdfhsjd. *breathes*

[EDIT] Before I dash:
1) Sarah Monette is going to be posting sections that had to be cut from Corambis for space!
3) I can believe in the sincerity of Hell, but not in the sincerity of the Bush administration. I'm not sure how worried to be about this.
4) Bohemian Rhapsody played on old computer bits and pieces.


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